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Virginia Couple Kept Their Daughter In A Cage

Virginia couple arrested for child abuse

Hayes, VA – Brian and Shannon Gore pled guilty in court on Tuesday in response to their May 2011 arrest on felony child abuse charges. Both Shannon, 26, and Brian, 31, admitted guilt to abuse and entered an Alford plea on charges of aggravated malicious wounding.

An Alford plea means the couple did not openly admit or directly accept culpability, but acknowledged there was enough evidence for a conviction.

The case was predicated on authorities discovering the couple’s 6-year-old (now 8) daughter confined in a makeshift cage inside the family home. The cell was comprised of an upside-down crib held together with boards and boxes.

Gloucester County Police had initially come to the residence on an unrelated criminal inquiry.

It was assessed the girl had spent her life up to that point encaged, though her parents’ claimed it had only been for two years. She was unable to fully extend her legs. The child was emaciated, weighing less than 16 pounds. The average healthy 6-year-old girl should weigh closer to 45 pounds.

The unidentified girl was so starved that she ate pieces of her own flaking skin, and was found naked and covered in feces.

A healthy, unharmed 1-month-old boy was also in the home.

The decomposed remains of a third child born in 2007, who had died at infancy, was found on the property. Mr. Gore disclosed not calling 911 in the child’s death for fear of officials finding the girl in the cage. He explained the dead boy had passed due to breathing issues.

The medical examiner was unable to discern the cause of death due to the advanced degree of decomposition. Therefore the couple will likely not face murder charges related to the dead infant buried under a shed behind their trailer home.

The Gore’s daughter had been born in the home, and did not have any official documentation such as a birth certificate or medical records. The child was never seen by a physician.

According to Mr. Gore, the girl had Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. No medical records were found to support his claim. Neighbors and acquaintances were questioned. All admitted to knowing of the living newborn, but had no knowledge of either the caged daughter or the dead baby. Many eluded to being told the current son had been the Gore’s first and only child.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 10.

This is not the first case of a couple trapping their child in a cage. Back in November The Inquisitr reported on the arrest of a drunken Oklahoma man who kept his 18-month-old toddler in a pet cage.

In January an 8-year-old girl was found locked in a cage at a home in New Mexico. The child’s mother and the mother’s live-in boyfriend were arrested and charged with child abuse.

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107 Responses to “Virginia Couple Kept Their Daughter In A Cage”

  1. Heidi Jones

    It Breakspear heart when patents treat one child so horribly and then treat another one with such care. Also I think they should be charged for the infants death too.

  2. Gina Marie Sancho

    cannot even imagine there are monsters like this in the world.

  3. Scott Butler

    This is a terrible story, and I am sure the writer was stunned. However, a professional journalist or any educated person should know the difference between "eluded" and "alluded".
    "Many eluded to being told….." Seriously?

  4. Kendall Emerson

    I commented on the post on FB earlier if 16 year olds were to young to have children, there really is no perfect age to have children. But there should be a preferred mindset. I find it unbelievable that two people could even think the same about a human life. This would be disgusting to treat an animal like this. To treat a person as such suggest serious mental issues. My opinion only.

  5. Johnna Douglas

    So many ppl want children and cant have them and there are ppl like thiswho blatently disregard a childs life. Such a sad story. I hope the little girl is with living ppl now. These two monsters dont ever deserve to walk free.

  6. Paula Cloat

    And they will get off with very little jail time…People that do this NEED to be STERILIZED!

  7. I'am Camino

    Get a rope! :( bless those babies hearts. RiP to the one that passed. :(

  8. Leslie Williams

    ohh gina there are monsters in this world …the bad thing is that they look like u, me, and everyone else… u cant see the monster inside the normal outer appearance but there are sick sick sick ppl out there… i blame the introduction of drugs in the 60's.. i think they damaged the gene pool and each generation who indulges get even more damaged … but dont misunderstand there have been monsters through out the ages who were in the disguise of normal healthy human beings … so open ur mind and pray alot …

  9. Jose JoVonnie

    Make both parents starve and suffer and have the same things done to them!!!!!! Poor little girl

  10. Amanda Wunsche

    Death penalty
    My tax dollars shouldn't be wasted on feeding, housing or medical treatment of societal scabs such as these two. I would happily be the one to pull the trigger on them, myself.

  11. Pam Cassidy

    Looking at their faces, I think some drug abuse was involved too. Just disgusting people that never need to be free in society ever again.

  12. Jamie Wilson

    Kill them! They don't deserve to be alive. They probably killed the baby found in the back yard and they treated this girl like garbage. No one deserves to be treated like that. 16 pounds. My newborn son almost weighed 12 pounds and 16 pounds is what this 8 year old weighed. Starve the parents to death while being kept in a cage with their feces all over them.

  13. April Wilson Norris

    I'm sorry to see that the writer of the article used the term "Parents' ". This couple are far from earning the title of PARENTS! More like breeders in a puppy mill.

  14. Solita Haines

    Oh my gosh!!!
    Its very sad
    God bless that child!
    That couple need life sentence & should punish with their inmate. Psycho!!!!

  15. Jamie Wilson

    Forgot to mention another thing. In the story above it says the father said the girl was caged for only 2 years but later in the story regarding the dead baby he says, he did not report the death of the baby that was found buried under the shed. Well, if you take the year the girl was found 2011 and minus it from the the baby died in 2007, it shows the girl was caged for 4 years. I bet the girl was caged her entire life. These animals need to really die for what they did to these innocent kids. Like I said above cage them the same way and starve them until they die.

  16. Mark Losben

    If prayer worked these parents would have been prevented by god (If there is one..which there's not) to have children. Prayer is your way of dong nothing but thinking you're doing something. Prayer is a waste of time. This is not my opinion. This is fact.

  17. Mark Losben

    They won't. They will live long happy lives. That is how the world works.

  18. Jackie Mefford

    Take these worthless no good for nothing people out in the woods, shoot them both and leave them where they fall for the animals to eat on…

  19. Inna Bangiyev

    Kill these animals in a very slow death… or better yet put them in a cage with no food and no toilets, let them eat their own feces!!!

  20. Mary Hollingsworth- Lowe

    Mark Losben – How would these parents have been prevented by GOD? That, is not a fact bc you can't prove it. No one says you have to believe in GOD but how dare you trash talk to someone who does? I'd rather believe and die and be wrong than be like you, die and be wrong. Although – it'll be interesting to watch when you find out your screwed. Seeing as how the Bible is being proven one story at a time, I'm curious as to how it's a FACT there is no GOD…let me guess, you think the aliens did it?

  21. Mary Hollingsworth- Lowe

    In the yrs they'll spend in death row can we put them in a cage like the one this poor girl was in? So sad. I do hope and PRAY this ittle girl gets the help, medically, emotionally and physically, that she needs.

  22. Nicole Jenkins

    You are wrong. Prayer does work. It has worked in my life in many different situations. And THAT is a fact. If you live life like there is no God…then you better be right. If you don't believe and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, then how would you expect prayer to work?? It won't.

  23. Gina Marie Sancho

    so so sad, and the older i get the more disgusted i become with humans, and the more i love my animals

  24. Melissa Schouten

    With so many deserving people not able to have children this jsut makes me sick. Put them in a small cage. Living in their feces. Let them feel that childs pain

  25. Shelia Richey

    I think these two people should endure the pain and suffering these children had to go through.There is people in this world that would love to have children,but can't.My husband and I can't even have children and there's people like this that can have the joy of being a father and mother that's being mistreated and killed by there parents everyday,so dear lord where does it stop.How much more can your little angels. endure in this messed up world.

  26. Pennie Cas

    People that do this. Well I have a quick solution. Castrate him. And Sew her up.

  27. Wendy Wilson

    ahhhhh I hate people like this with a passion. give me the babies I will find them a home or keep them here. I love my babies.. I have 4 beautiful babies. by the way did anyone else notice that the couple look related? look at the mouth… same shape. look at the nose… same. same eye color too.

  28. Lori G Desirey

    She needs to be sterilized, he needs to be cadtrated & for both of them they should both be caged for thier entire punishment.

  29. Ronduh Loo Hoo

    Oh a typo, that means that #1 you need to get a life, and #2 the journalist needs to proof read their stories better ! Grammar Nazi's are everywhere!

  30. Demetris Piecface Boykin

    That's just sad no child deserves to be treated as this lil girl has been there are people who loves & want to have kids but can't and these 2 monsters were given a blessing and abused it lock em up n throw away the key

  31. Jeannie Candler Cox

    It is your opinion. A fact is a proven theory. These parents are evil people . It was God's Grace that this child was finally found. Mark I feel sad for you living a life without God.

  32. Summer Fiebig-Baldivia

    Digusting people! This is horrible. This poor little girl!

  33. Deborah May Lloyd

    Is it me or does these parents look related? same mouth, same listless eyes, same stupidity….

  34. Peggy Stephanie St-Urbain

    omg those monsters should be stoned and burned alive. putting them in jail is not enough and even if they got the death penalty, that would be a too good of way for them to die… it still hurts my heart thinking about that baby girl eating her own flaking skin because she was so starving. freaking unbelievable.

  35. Deborah May Lloyd

    @Mark….pray…postive thinking…or karma….is a matter of opinion. My opinion is that shit happens and these shits have been caught in time for the girl BUT not for the other child that is buried in the back yard.

  36. Deborah May Lloyd

    Did my comment get deleted?….so much for free speech

  37. Deborah May Lloyd

    Math doesn't work for them… surprise the parents can chew gum and walk…..but,alas, they have children!

  38. Krista Castillo

    OMG HOW HORRIBLE! People like this need to face the death penalty or at least be made to live in the same conditions! instead they are going to go sit in prison cell get free meals, and hot showers.

  39. Deborah May Lloyd

    OMG!….I said the same thing…THEY do look alike!

  40. Deborah May Lloyd

    Oh dont do that…..making the poor animals eat the remains…

  41. Anonymous

    what in the hell does 'breakspear' mean? Did you mean 'it breaks your heart?' Seriously, breakspear?

  42. Teresa Sluss

    I would have given every tooth in my mouth to have had another child, I was blessed with my daughter, it was a miricel I was able to have her, as they call it a fluk of luck, but to my advantage. I so wanted a big family I would have loved to have gladly took this little girl and the other babies off their hands if they did not want them, I can not even imagine why people do such things to a perfect angel from god, They are blessings and are to be treated as such. They are born to be loved and cuddled and charished. Not the other way around, once you become a parent your wants and needs come second to your childs needs and wants. Lord please help these children and make sure they are in homes to where they will be loved so much they will grow up to become fine adults, I bet that poor girl kept in that cage, I doubt very much that she could even walk. Damn some people just need a bullet between there damn eyes. really they do, sad thing, they will probably only get about 7-10 years out of this, we all know they killed that first baby, They should be charged with first degree murder, no less. but a child has less rights then an animal , its true, you would get more time if you were to treat a dog or cat in the same way, Children have no voice, you see all kinds of actors/actress speak up for other countries, or animal rights, but where are they for a child or children , there are none, Its like they will not step up and be for childrens rights, I guess they think it is something that doesn't deserve to be put on tv and pleaded for.

  43. Teresa Sluss

    Amanda, I think a bullet between their eyes is what is called for here, We all know they killed that first baby, if not then why not call ems for a sick child, really, what were they really scared of , bet my last dollar it was being caught with drugs. they both look messed up in the police picture now. Why even waste one dollar for a trial and jail, no sense at all, one bullet per person should do the trick. its a shame that they will probably end up with a jail sentence of 7–10 years in prison.

  44. Teresa Sluss

    Mark Losben I so agree with you on the prayer and god part, if he is so all loving then this would never ever happen to another child at all, so its all bullshit, I truely believe there is no such thing as a god

  45. Teresa Sluss

    Mary Hollingsworth- Lowe I happen to agree with Mark on this, you all say that your god is an all loving and answers prayers then why was this child so horrible treated, why, If There was such a loving god, as you all say and prayers really work then this child would have never had to suffer at all, just like that dead baby would not be dead. I agree with Mark fully, there is no god , cause if there was this child would have never been put into a cage and damn near starved todeath. and that baby would still be alive, So its like how dare you put him down for his belief, you have no right as I see to tell him that just cause you belive in an all loving god, well he was not so loving when it comes to child abuse/neglect or child hood diease especially a child to suffer and die from cancer even before it had the chance to life first. YOUR belief system is so messed up. So leave Mark alone for his statement just like he let you have your say. Enough Rant over

  46. Teresa Sluss

    Hell, animals are treated better then most children in this world, you see all kinds of activist for the poor of other countries, and for animals, but where is the activist for children, there are none, no actor or sports players up front and shouting at the top of their lungs about the care of some children are in, how they are treated, being killed every day by abuse and neglect, I think it is 10 children in the USA are killed a day by abuse, and thousands more are still being beat, but just have not died yet, or neglected and no one is doing anything bout it, The only thing is when a child dies is when people get on these types of pages and write their disgust of what happend to this child, but in fact we need everyone to get proactive when it comes to the well being of children, It takes everyone of us to get involved, and keep getting involved , do not give up just cause the first time it was not found, or was looked over, but keep going , please for the love of a child keep going, keep reporting all of it. A child has no voice and when they do speak up , its like everyone either turns there ears off, or just doesn't want to get invlovled, wrong. I was an abused child for the first 16 years of my life, I told social workers, it took until I was 16 for a special lady named Dawn to believe me, I am so thankful to her,

  47. Andrea Dre

    Sounds like when Shannon Gore went in for a check up before she had her 8 year old girl, she and her husband were told by doctors that the girl had down syndrome and cerebral palsy. But they didn't want to abort her or put her up for adoption for some weird reason so they kept her in a cage. Then they tried again for another baby in 2007. But this time the poor baby died due to breathing problems. So, like they said they didn't want people to find out that the boy had died because they knew the authorities would find the girl in the cage. Then they tried yet again for another baby, and this time, the baby is healthy and "unharmed." Sounds like they were trying for the "perfect" kid (even though its every parents' duty to love and care for their child no matter what medical condition they have). This is very very sad and pathetic. Furthermore, they're so self centered that they left the remains of the decomposed baby for so long that they can't be charged with murder. I hate that this couple somehow beat the system and now will only spend a couple years behind bars. Then what? Get out and make another baby? I hope they don't get their new born back and I hope they don't reproduce again. Worthless people and a waste of perfectly good space for good humans.

  48. Tracy Stiefel Haston

    God gives us a choice. He never controls what we do. We have a choice to do good or evil. These parents chose to do evil. People quit blaming God! You choose how you are going to be. You are either going to do right or your not. I just thank God that this child won't have to live like this no longer. Now my prayers are for her to have a better healthier life. Now because I pray, God can intervene for her. It's our prayers that make it happen. When praises go up, blessings come down. Let's just praise God for her being found!

  49. Barbara Graham

    Oh yes, there is a God, Mark Losben and someday your knee will bow to Him. God allows free choice and the parents chose to treat their child this way. God hates the way she was treated. How do you know that anyone ever prayed for God to save her when no one knew about her until she was found by the Officials. If you don't want to believe in God, then don't but my friend, YOU will be the loser. I will pray that someone or something changes your mind.

  50. Deborah May Lloyd

    @Tracy….Your response is more respectful and appreciated. Pray or not pray….The point is that crap happens and action thru prayer, or karma, is the way to go. The act of getting these goons under arrest is happening and the children are saved. ( what's left of them)…@Teresa and Mark…..I get it ……@Mary and Nicole…I get it, too…..but just CHILL!……Let hope here on Earth in the state of VA that justice will prevail!…..

  51. Tasha Brienna

    Ronduh Loo Hoo , it's not hard to speak with correct grammar. Nobody's being a Nazi, they're just pointing out correct spelling 😉

  52. Susan Gorg

    They need to rot in hell-I wish they would be forced to suffer like their child did-LOW LIFE LOSER SCUMBAGS-trailer trash.

  53. Jeannine F. Valentine

    These two need to spend the rest of there pathetic lives in prison. The punishment doesn't fit the crime. I hope that the child has a full healthy recovery and it with people that treat her like a princess. The son never stood a chance. So sad they will not be prosecuted for his death. I don't understand that at all.

  54. Jerry Harmon

    The guy needs to be tied to a tree and call in Dr. Whack-it-off and leave him to bleed to death. Sorry, I don't know how to be mean to a female.

  55. Jeannine F. Valentine

    If we bought back public hangings I bet people would think twice before doing this kind of crap.

  56. Amber Nicklas

    The point of the original comment was not to make everyone instantly believe in God. It was an outpouring of emotion from someone who truly believes that God will help. It has always amazed me how those who believe there is no God are so violent in their assertions! It's ridiculous to be like that because someone said the word prayer or God! If you are so sure of your path then so be it, accept as us Christians do, that not everyone is going to believe the same as you do and more on with your life. As a person who has seen God's work done I am not angry that you may not believe and I will not be ridiculing you for it. I would just ask that you do a little research and maybe educate yourself beyond your current understanding. If you do find God then your life will make more sense and you will live a better more peaceful life through his grace. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink…consider yourselves lead to the water. God bless you all.

  57. Felicia Huff

    evil I hope to they suffer like they made her suffer and the dead child evil everyone can not be a parent they are crazy…….

  58. Candy Tanner

    There are very deranged sick people in this world and unfortunately we have no control over what goes on behind closed doors. We can however contact our congressman and demand stronger laws and make better decisions when it comes to enforcing them. Most of all we can pray for all the innocent children and animals that fall prey to these sick individuals. Father God in heaven, I beg You to stop the suffering and brutal behavior toward all the innocent children and animals in our world who cannot defend themselves. Father give us the strength we need to help put a stop to it by giving us the nerve to stand up to things we see happening around us.. I Pray that You Father will put love in the hearts of these sick individuals and not hate and discontentment. In Your name I pray, Amen.

  59. Christian Johnson

    i had to reread that and question my own intelligence for a moment.

  60. Bobbi Thacker

    well, onw would think that even if they cant be charged w the infants death they could at least be charged with other crimes pertaining to the treatment of the corpse and not reporting the childs death.

  61. Leslie Fernandes

    These breeders are disgusting humans and should be never be allowed to harm another child. What they did to their daughter and deceased baby is beyond my wildest thinking. They are the animals that need to be caged for the remainder of their lives.

  62. Kalena Kenny

    The couple are contradicting themselves, they said she had only been in the cage for 2 years, then this "The decomposed remains of a third child born in 2007", who had died at infancy, was found on the property. Mr. Gore disclosed not calling 911 in the child’s death for fear of officials finding the girl in the cage. I think 2007 was a little longer than 2 years.

  63. Amanda Allen

    They were arrested in 2011 when the girl was 6. That means she was born in the year 2005 most likely. The baby boy died in 2007, maybe 2008 if he was born late in the year and died early the next. The "parents" didn't call 911 because they were afraid the girl would be found in the cage, so she was already in there at the age of 2 and had been in there for at least 4 years when she was found; the parents claimed only 2 years. That's just something I noticed right off the bat. Other than that, this is horrendous. I can't believe anyone would do that to a child. It doesn't matter if they're male or female, down syndrome or no down syndrome, how can they be so cruel as to treat her that badly? They obviously didn't want her, why didn't they give her up for adoption? Wouldn't that be much better for everyone than slowly starving and torturing her to death? That poor baby.

  64. Vanessa Frost

    Teresa Sluss Or, if they live in North Carolina, probably about 6 months.

  65. Sohn Cotte

    look like a couple junkies if you ask me or don't ask me……

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