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‘The Walking Dead': What Season 4 Will Look Like

The Walking Dead season 4

The Walking Dead is currently in its third season, wrapping up its direction thus far under showrunner Glen Mazzara. Scott Gimple takes the reins for Season 4, but what will the coming season look like with new creative direction?

“I think there may be a wee bit less of the run and gun. And [we’ll] get a little more into some of our characters,” Executive Producer Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly.

“Watching the first season of Walking Dead and seeing how grounded it was, that’s really important to all of us. Andy Lincoln and I spent a lot of time going through the scripts and making sure we feel that they’re grounded. Because that’s what keeps our audience coming back. The walkers and the gore and the action and stuff, that’s fun, that’s the popcorn part of it. But if you don’t have characters that people are invested in, you lose your audience.”

Creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman is also open to fan feedback, and wants you to speak out if you’d like to see more of something and less of something else.

“We have the best fans in the world. If you go to the site, you see the message boards and can find out what they like and what they don’t like. We look at that, so we know sort of what fans want and what we don’t. They’ve given us a lot of interesting ideas. We’re ultimately going to do something that’s entirely unique and ours, but the fans are going to be very happy.”

According to SuperHeroHype, production on The Walking Dead Season 4 will begin in Atlanta, Georgia on May 6. Executive Producer Gale Ann Herd said that they’ve already mapped out the first eight episodes of the season which will air in October.

The Walking Dead has five episodes to go in the third season. It airs Sundays on AMC at 9pm EST.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? What would you like to see out of Season 4?

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5 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead': What Season 4 Will Look Like”

  1. Conrad Green

    The best place to hide is a underground military base maybe one that somewhat explains how the catasrophe got started

  2. Judy Cree

    I'd like to see the group find something like Morgan's neighorhood, where they can live safely with guard and guns as it is post-appocolypse. But perhaps start a school for any children, and a training school for fighting, a farm to grow food for all, homes for most shared meals, and keep up what standards are appropriate,

  3. Ash Miller

    Grounding the characters more is definatly a good idea. I also liked a little bit of the scientific side of the whole walker phenomenon that was lacking in season three. not that I want this to turn into a sci-fi show, but more understanding and a little more insight into the walkers. I second Conrad below on wanting more information on how it got started. The underlying mystery is important to keep unveiling little by little otherwise you just wind up with an action show that has only the quick thrills that keep you coming back. Rick also loosing his edge may be an important part of the story but it needs to resolve somtime early in season 4 if not by the end of this one. Maybe hershell needs to shake him up a bit and bring him back to the original leader of "keep your humanity during the crisis" type of guy. Leaving that poor guy to get eaten by the walkers on the road was just not cool. Another elemnt of this show that's very important is the sense of isolation and fending for yourself, too many of the prison group vs serial killer governor fights is taking away from the man alone in the world feel. One thing I really liked about season 3 was bringing back what's his name that saved rick in the first episode, please add him to the group at some point.

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