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7 Siblings Missing In California Found In Sacramento

7 siblings missing

In California, 7 siblings reported missing have been found unharmed with their father.

The report of 7 siblings missing first began to circulate yesterday, and, from the outset, it was believed the gaggle of kids had been abducted by their non-custodial biological dad.

An earlier Inquisitr report about the 7 siblings missing in Fresno indicated that their mother, who is blind, had been taken to the store by her husband. When the pair returned home to the children, who had been in the care of the eldest child, 12, the house was empty:

“Police believe that this may be a family abduction, since the children’s father has not been reachable since the children disappeared. The children’s mother, who is allegedly blind, needed her husband to escort her to the grocery store on Saturday. The couple left the oldest child, a 12-year-old boy, to take care of his younger siblings. A spokesperson for the Fresno police department stated that police suspect the children’s biological father in the abduction.”

As we pointed out in our first article about the 7 siblings missing, it was always likely that the number of children taken meant they were at least somewhat compliant as it can be challenging to abduct 7 resisting kids.

However, the 7 siblings also might have been in some sort of danger. While familial abduction is often perceived as not “as bad” as stranger abduction, often children involved in such a situation are subject to abuse and danger.

Earlier this week, a familial abduction led to the deaths of two Connecticut kids and the subsequent suicide of their grandmother.

Florida smartphone users recieve state-wide Amber alert

Local news sources in California identified the 7 siblings missing:

“The children are: Chee Nou Yang, 12; Cha Meng Yang, 11; Zia Yang, 10; Chue Feng Yang, 8; Zang Yang, 7; Tria Yang, 6; and Tou Ger Yang, 5.”

In this instance, the 7 siblings missing in California were found unharmed at the Sacramento home of their father, who has been estranged from the family for three years.

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41 Responses to “7 Siblings Missing In California Found In Sacramento”

  1. Cheryl Forde-davis

    Is that all you 2 have to say? How about "thank God the kids were found safe?"

  2. Leslie Aselis

    so how does someone who's blind that needs to be taken to the grocery store, shop? Its hard enogh for seeing people to find stuff when they keep moving it around.

  3. George Tanyingu

    The world would be a sad place if everyone reasoned like you. You probably know a lot about welfare. It takes one (recipient) to know one

  4. Julie Hepler Miles

    Your comment is very sad… just because they have alot of children doesn't automaticaly mean they are on welfare.

  5. Julie Hepler Miles

    Why not, I am in a wheelchair and we have 8 children. Does that mean I shouldn't have my kids?

  6. Pam Weaver

    No child of 12 is responsible enough to be in charge of 6 younger children alone. Ever!

  7. Cam Mack

    that is so stupid! How do you know she did not lose her sight after she had kids? It very well could have happened that way. She could have had an accident, or an illness that caused her blindness. Ya'll kill me always thinking you know what goes on in peoples lives assuming they are lazy or on welfare or breeding out of control. Worry about your own life, quit trying to criticize everyone else. Im glad the kids were unharmed.

  8. Jinny DeBinder

    some people, Single MOMs are on welfare because some male jerk like you walked out on them. Or maybe was an abusive husband or/and father. Don't say anything until you have walked in their shoes…JERK.

  9. Jon Doe

    What a relief,,,,,,,,, I haven't slept a wink in days………..

  10. Nicole Perez

    Gee, I hope you never have to deal with a disability. Just because she is legally blind does not mean she is inferior.

  11. Nicole Perez

    Gee, I hope you never have to deal with a disability. Just because she is legally blind does not mean she is inferior.

  12. Lyndi Hensley

    Oh for crying out loud, she's Blind, which does not make her stupid, incompetant, or poor. And the kid is 12, not 2 and a half! Thank goodness the children are unharmed! Geeeeeze!

  13. Maria Garrett

    Well, Ms.Lindsey… thoughts were 1. How in the world did she find the time to even remarry with all of those kids? 2. There is no way in hell that a mother can properly provide for all of those children financially, emotionally, educationally, artistically and to just plain ole bond with each child. Can't be done….too any kids. Then to throw in a new husband in the mix??!!! Something has to suffer…..Don't even get me started as to why the eldest, 12 years old, has to bear the brunt of caretaking children when the parents have errands to run. She practically left the door open for the bio dad to abduct them….smh. On a personal note, I am a divorced mom to TWO very well taken care of, successful, highly intelligent, happy, beautiful, teenaged girls…..They are my first priority and they know it. And, trust me…..having a "REAL" man has never been an issue for me; however, once I CHOSE to have children- game over. They are my number one priority…….IF or WHEN I choose to get married is not an issue for me for frankly, I don't want ANY man living in my home with my beautiful daughters….not worth the risk. Something you probably would never understand…….

  14. Pam Drake

    That is why are husband went with her. Also, should just stay in her home and do nothing, ever?

  15. Zachary Ares

    Hmm, send my man to go shop while I stay home and make sure the children who are 12 and below don't get kidnapped….

    Or go with him to make sure he gets the right kind of potato chips.

    Decisions decisions.

  16. Lunamorte Louise

    12 is too young to watch SIX kids! kids…jeezus, people need to learn how to use birth control. Glad they were found safe..but they most likely wanted to go.

  17. Anonymous

    Maria Garrett, I would married you, U look HOT, However I don't think you're too conceivable anymore.

  18. Anonymous

    Maria Garrett, I would married you, U look HOT, However I don't think you're too conceivable anymore.

  19. Anonymous

    Apparently even a grown women like yourself can't be responsible with just 1 child let alone 2.

  20. Anonymous

    Apparently even a grown women like yourself can't be responsible with just 1 child let alone 2.

  21. Gwen Steir Natividad

    7 kids!! What… think shes not on welfare? Blhahahaha

  22. Julie Hepler Miles

    Believe it or not there ARE those that have large families that are NOT on welfare. We have real jobs and real insurance, we buy our own groceries and pay our own bills (an NO we do NOT get any kind of discount). We are also paying to put 2 of our children through college right now. What a very biased thing to say. Oh, by the way, we have 8 children ages 2-19 (and YES we do know what causes that too…)

  23. Doris Cox

    If you can get past your prejudice attitude and think for a moment, you can read, can’t you? Why would you even say something like that especially since the woman has a husband who is the children’s stepfather, and apparently they have a father also. The most important thing is that the children are ok. Why even read the story if you are not expecting things to turn out well for the family.

  24. Doris Cox

    Maria, while I see your points and you sound like you have raised some good daughters. It’s not fair of you to put others in your category, to say she can’t provide those things for her children is wrong. Women do it all the time and have done it for centuries some with that amount, or more and some with less, I know it is not ideal in the world we live in but we can’t put any judgements on someone else’s life unless it is proven that something is wrong or they cannot take care of their children. It wasn’t stated that this woman is on welfare ( I know that wasn’t in your comments, another poster said that) however, you did say the husband is new and I don’t remember the article saying that, you are probably right and he is new since she does have 7 children and she must have been with her ex-husband long term. My point is the article didn’t state that. Also you have to take into account that they are from a different couture and in some coutures this is the norm. I agree with you in priority to you your children, I have 3 boys and you have to protect them also, the boys are just as vulnerable as the girls these days. I use to get teased by my sister that I was an over protective mother, and yes I was. She is now eating her words now that she has had her first child a girl, she is worse than I am.

  25. Maria Garrett

    Even though though this article is not about incidents of abuse, let me take this opportunity to share some stats with single moms: **The safest family for a child is a home in which the biological parents are married. **Cohabitation, an increasing phenomenon, is a major factor in child abuse. **Abuse is 6x's higher in the second-safest environment: the blended family in which the divorced mother has remarried. **Abuse is 33x's higher if the child is living with a mother who is living with a man.
    ** 1,500 children die from abuse each year.
    **There are 140,000 injuries to children from abuse each year.
    **There are 1.7 million reports of child abuse each year.
    Once women know the facts, it becomes very easy to make an informed decision about their choices and lifestyles or at least it should………..

  26. Maggie Cabral

    They have to be on Welfair with a Blind woman taking care of them.
    A normal woman would find it inpossible to support that many so
    how is a blind woman going to support them who can't go to the
    store alone , They are on Welfair No Dought Should Be With
    Their Father.

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