Seven Siblings Vanished From Home, No One Noticed Anything Amiss

Police are searching for seven California siblings who disappeared from their home last weekend. According to reports, the children were home alone while their stepfather and mother went to the store. When the parents returned, all seven siblings were missing.

All of the children’s clothing and luggage were gone as well.

Police believe that this may be a family abduction, since the children’s father has not been reachable since the children disappeared. The children’s mother, who is allegedly blind, needed her husband to escort her to the grocery store on Saturday. The couple left the oldest child, a 12-year-old boy, to take care of his younger siblings. A spokesperson for the Fresno police department stated that police suspect the children’s biological father in the abduction.

Spokesperson Sergeant Jaime Rios stated that Xa Yang was divorced from the children’s mother and had not seen the children for a number of years. Xa Yang is believed to be living in Sacramento, CA, but investigators allegedly have not been able to make contact with the man since the children’s disappearance.

The case calls into question the logistics of abducting seven children. Surely someone could have noticed something amiss when seven kids left the house with luggage. Even if the children went willingly, surely a neighbor or passerby would have noticed the children dragging their belongings out to the sidewalk. Sure, families go on vacation together and neighbors try not to pry into one another’s lives. But suppose the children — who it is rumored had not been in contact with their biological father — did not go willingly? Would someone have noticed them struggling against their abductor?

Currently, police in Sacramento and Fresno are working on the case.

What do you think of the case of the missing Yang children?

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