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Gynecologist Hid Camera, Patients Consider Lawsuits

gynecologist hid pen

A gynecologist hid a camera inside a pen and secretly recorded unimaginably invasive videos of patients, The Inquisitr reported earlier, taking his own life as investigators began to question him about the terrifying violation earlier this month.

The gynecologist who hid a camera pen during exams was Dr. Nikita Levy of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the women’s health clinician was escorted from the facility in early February after it was discovered that he may have been secreting the devices and filming patients. Levy, 54, was the gynecological care provider to nearly 1,000 patients at a community clinic local to Johns Hopkins’ main campus, several news sources have reported.

In our earlier report on the gynecologist and how he hid the camera in a pen, we noted that “police revealed [earlier in February] that at least some of the images were captured with a camera hidden in the top of a pen,” but more worryingly, “authorities were exploring whether the recordings had been distributed.” Levy was found dead after an apparent suicide last week, taking all answers with him, but police say they found an “extraordinary” amount of evidence at the doctor’s Towson, Maryland home after his death.

ABC News now reports some class action suits have been filed on behalf of patients of the gynecologist who hid a camera pen during intimate exams, and the network says:

“The employee [who suspected the gynecologist hid a camera] told hospital officials of her suspicions Feb. 4, according to a letter from the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Paul B. Rothman. The letter was dated Tuesday and sent to the law firm of Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, which is working with the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center. The law firm gave a copy of the letter to The Associated Press on Wednesday.”

pen camera

ABC adds that law enforcement officers are currently working to find out whether the gynecologist who hid a pen was working with “anyone else was involved in making the records, and whether any have been posted on the Internet or sold.”

The gynecologist who hid the camera in a pen is not the only recent such case. A prominent Manhattan urologist was recently accused of engaging in similar behavior outside the doctor patient setting on the New York City Subways.

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138 Responses to “Gynecologist Hid Camera, Patients Consider Lawsuits”

  1. Anonymous

    Not sure but I think this was a slippery slope he was traveling down.

  2. Cyndie Beam

    The author of this article needs to go back to school to learn how to write! How many times do we need to read the phrase;" The gynecologist who hid the camera in a pen".

  3. Cyndie Beam

    The author of this article needs to go back to school to learn how to write! How many times do we need to read the phrase;" The gynecologist who hid the camera in a pen".

  4. Michael Duka

    @May Mclauchlan De Posse and you obviously dont have a sense of humour, if you cant handle it get off the internet and go knit a sweater granny

  5. Hal Cook

    Has anyone considered he may have been recording to have evidence of no wrongdoing in case he was sued for malpractice?

  6. Anonymous

    What a lowlife! I suppose the 'doctor' thought he could get away with it if the patients' faces were not shown. Well, he was wrong- and he was a coward to take his own life to avoid punishment.

  7. Anonymous

    What a lowlife SOB! I suppose the 'doctor' thought he could get away with it if the patients' faces were not shown. Well, he was wrong- and he was a coward for taking his own life to avoid punishment.

  8. Lisa R Driggers

    Wonder how funny this would be if it was your mother wife or even your daughters?? Would'nt that be funny to see them on a porn site somewhere?

  9. Jeff Jaques

    ↓↓ This guy tried to open a mens only gynecology clinic. ↓↓

  10. Anonymous

    Question: If the doctor told his/her patients that they had a security camera in the examination room, for "patient/doctor safety" would that make anyone feel more comfortable? I am not trying to be sly, or disgusting here. I ask the question only to understand if the knowledge of such a device would make this situation a little bit less intrusive.

  11. Joyce Moxley

    It sounds kind of like the Dr. on "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" where he was a PIG and then took the chicken way out and killed himself when he got caught. I also won't go to a man Gyno. I think it's a wierd choice. I could just see how aweful it would be (or not) for a man to have to describe his personal ailments in detail to a woman THEN show her where it hurts!

  12. Tina L Bittner

    The security camera would not be right between your legs…it would be in a secure spot on the wall to make sure jerk doctors like him couldn't do this sort of thing…and worse. A little common sense spclednta?

  13. Tina L Bittner

    how ignorant! Does he really need the camera (disg. as a pen) in his shirt pocket with a front row view??? The camera should be on the ceiling, not pointing directly at the vagina.

  14. Anonymous

    take the perverted freak out back of the courthouse and shoot him, do this to all depraved a-holes and rid the world of brain damaged, mentally ill f-ups.

  15. Anonymous

    shoot him in the head, all brain damaged, mentally ill perverted a-holes should have the same, when we rid the world of this sickness all will be fine.

  16. GK St Paul

    And why didn't a nurse report this earlier? Doesn't a female nurse usually come in the room, so this neer happens.

  17. Anonymous

    I guess you've seen one, you've seen them all??


    I don't know what I'm talking about then.


    : (

  18. Serena Kirby

    I'm curious how he could be filming women's parts and still be examining them. not to be gross but don't they use both hands for that?

  19. Lynn Olsson

    I think it's weird to have a woman look at and up my "whoha" – if my doctor wants to take secret pix of me, well so be it; in that chair you have nothing to hide anyway. I will admit it creepy – but really, what I don't know, won't kill me.

  20. Benjamin Brooks

    @Ryan..sound there isn't anything you rather do/discuss with a man vs. a woman? I suppose you feel ladies room concept are sexist since homosexual females are able to go in, but men cant..geez

  21. Thomas Comis

    or the patient was a lesbian but had hidden desires for straights and the gyno was a homo with no interest with women but liked lesbos who talked dirty about lady parts. would that be sexist?

  22. Roger Mike Tate

    The hospital should not have to pay any money unless it can be proven that they knew this was going on and did nothing to stop it. Getting sick and tired of all these frivolous lawsuits. People wanting money for nothing. The doctor was a pervert and if you want to sue anyone, sue the doctor's estate, not the hospital.

  23. Jack Skinner

    so the women who reported this just cost the hospital a ton of money. Is she going to be the employee of the month or is she going to be fired. Where I come from she would be fired. It's a twisted society lets wait and see.

  24. Anonymous

    Wait, you think it's okay for a man to look up into your vagina, but not a woman? What in the heck is wrong with you? I would NEVER let any man down there but my HUSBAND. My husband would think it's super strange if I said I would only see a male gynecologist. Makes no sense. I go to a woman, and she understands me unlike a man, who could be getting an erection down there for all I know. GROSS.

  25. Anonymous

    Ryan Terdle there is nothing sexist about preferring to see a woman gynecologist. Would you like a woman doctor to be giving you a prostate exam? Get real, jerk.

  26. Anonymous

    He probably recorded them to "use" for his own private pleasure later. Ewwwwwww.

  27. Anonymous

    I am surprised this did not happen in Australia being land down under!

  28. Anonymous

    Older women had no choice and had to go to a man because there were no women gyno's. Then they got used to that and feel funny going to a woman. My mom thinks it's "weird" to go to a woman gynecologist, but I would ONLY go to a woman.

  29. Anonymous

    What is the world coming too. Catholic church pedophiles. The cop that wanted to kill and eat women. Mass gun shootings. Jodi Arias butcher. Cannot understand what is going on.

  30. Anonymous

    notice how only nasty old women are getting offended calling him a pig. guess they're said fishy smellers themselves. gross old ladies

  31. Fu ManChu

    If he's going to kill himself, why not just book a one way ticket to some other part of the world? What do you have to lose? You can always hang yourself in jail. Ok, well…onto go read about some lady from Vegas having sex with a pitbull. Begs the question, was this a bet that she lost? :) Just when you think you heard it all! Gotta love the net.

  32. Melissa Kaplan

    Would I take my car to a mechanic who's only ever ridden bicycles and can't drive? No. Hence: Female gynecologists for me.

  33. Pamela Vida

    Hey-'member the doc who slyly impregnated females he was treating for infertility issues? somehow, he got busy while doin "exams"………he fathered a buncha kids with patients, before he ws caught, etc…………

  34. Anonymous

    Lynn Olsson ….nothing wrong with female gynecologist–it's a choice of modesty. who wants a man, who is not your husband, gazing up your crack….EWWW!!!

  35. Marilyn Ronvik

    What do you do with someone like him? Jail just doesn't seem enough other than hoping someone will violate him as well as he did to these woman. Shame on you. Payback is a beach…..

  36. Patricia Hodge

    Don't look further if you want to see an intelligent post/comment.

  37. Anonymous


  38. Patricia Hodge

    To elaborate, most of the comments are snide and very insulting to women.

  39. J.m. Osborne

    He shot himself? What a shame. I am sure one of his patients or their husbands/boyfriends would have done that for him and saved him a bullet! What a pos. Hope Satan is vidoe taping what's happening to his ass right about now!

  40. Jerry Browne

    I am sure 80% of the tacos he recorded were less than desirable to look at. Why would you want to record that?

  41. Ryan S Markel

    Yeah my wife says she will never go to a female gyn again.. and hasn't in 20yrs.. The women Gyno's she says treat you like crap.. and are rough as crap and dig and pull and twist and just don't give a crap.

  42. Anonymous

    I'm sure he used them strictly for scientific purposes!

  43. Suzanne Zimmerly

    Yeh, platoschimp is right back in the olden days there were barely any women doctors much less specialists. My current obgyn is a male and has been for 23 years, prior to that, a male also. There were no women M.D.s Since about 1995, my oncologist, my radiation oncologist, my internists, my ophthalmologist and my otolarynologist are all women. I remember years ago even having a male mammogram tech, now that was not a happy time. Since then, all female.

  44. Kearstan Franklin

    @lynn olsen ignorance is bliss. Just take a look at
    North Korea.

  45. Kearstan Franklin

    Actually, Hal, that is why they are supposed to have assistance in there with them. Usually a nurse. Also, it is illegal to record someone nude. He was a pervert. You can't justify his actions. Hence the suicide.

  46. Dawn Johnson Parrish

    Using a male gynocologist is like hiring a plumber without his own pipes.

  47. Anonymous

    Inquisitr went a little overboard with the SEO on this article.

  48. Kearstan Franklin

    No. What about breast exams. Women still have to strip down to put a paper robe on. You're still exposed. Again, this is why doctors bring assistants into the room with them. Usually a nurse. Usually a woman. You cannot video people nude without their consent, even if for "security purposes." There are other proper measures to take. These women were violated. And I'm glad the fu*ker is dead.

  49. Anonymous

    But how will we know which patient can sue or not sue? Have they evidence?

  50. Anonymous

    I think I'd be more worried about the possibility of some electronic distribution of these photos…..not to mention the usually suspects. printed magazines! both here and abroad. I'm just saying…

  51. Anonymous

    now, if only more child predators would follow suit and off themselves…

  52. Anonymous

    Now, if only the child predators would follow his example and off themselves….

  53. Aziza Homnick

    @serena, if you don't go see a gyno, you could be endangering yourself

  54. David Levy

    Q.How is being in the mafia like eating Pus*y?
    A. One slip of the tongue & you're in deep sh*t.

  55. Anonymous

    Way to go employee for telling someone your suspicions about him.

    And to you men who joke about this, you are nasty. Would it be ok if this happened to your wife, mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother? Really, shame on you. This is another instance of man taking advantage of a woman. This is no joke! As someone else said, you are a pig!

  56. Michele Perry

    I'm wondering if the guys on here would think it was this funny if some Dr. filmed them getting a prostrate exam?

  57. Nor Hashimah Shafie

    I chose a female Gynecologist for 4 previous pregnancy……I dont feel comfortable with male gyne.

  58. Matthew Boros

    the prick can lose his licence and also go to prison. this can qualify as sexual assault and if he's dealing with minors as patients then he is really fucked. maybe his cellmate will want to play doctor (proctologist).

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