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Florida Man Shot By His Dog, Police Refuse To Arrest Pooch

A Florida man was shot by his dog on Saturday afternoon. While the man was wounded by the gunfire, the dog was not arrested, and no charges were pressed against the trigger happy pooch.

Frostproof, Florida resident Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, told police that while driving in their truck his dog (not pictured) kicked a gun that was sitting on the truck’s floor. The kick was enough to accidentally fire the weapon.

According to the Highlands Tribune, gunfire from the weapon shot into Lanier’s leg.

Lanier was not seriously injured during the accident.

In the funniest moment of the investigation, Sebring Police Commander Steve Carr said the dog was not arrested because an investigation was still pending. Apparently, the dog is not off the hook just yet.

Not surprisingly, the police department investigating the case said it was the first of its kind.

The shooting took place as Lanier was driving down State Road 17 North. According to Gregory, he believed there was an unloaded .380 pistol on the floor. After being shot, Lanier learned that the gun was actually a loaded 9mm weapon.

Apparently living in Florida over the last week drastically increased a persons chances of being shot in new and strange ways. A women in St. Petersburg was hurt after her friend’s oven fired a shot.

Do you think police should press charges against the Florida man who was shot by his dog, or should his pooch head off to prison?

Kidding aside, we are glad nobody was hurt during this strange and unfortunately accident.