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Barbara Walters Returning To ‘The View’ After Health Scare

Barbara Walters Recovering

Barbara Walters will soon be back on The View.

Walters, who has been recovering from Chicken Pox for the last month, will return to the daytime talk show on March 4. Walters called into the show today to announce her return.

Walters said:

“Hello, my darlings. I’m so glad to be talking to you. … I really miss you. Like it or not, I’m coming back on the show again … No more chicken pox. … I haven’t been contagious for a while, but they wanted me to have rest, and I’ve had enough rest and I’m ready to come back.”

Walters was hospitalized in January with a concussion after she fell at the British Ambassador’s residence during the inaugural weekend. The 83-year-old’s health problems worsened the following week when she was diagnosed with chicken pox.

Chicken Pox may be seen by many as a slightly irritating rash but it can cause severe problems in elderly people.

ABC News’ chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser said:

“However, it needs to be taken seriously since adults are at increased risk of complications, including pneumonia, brain inflammation and bacterial skin infections … If you think you never had chicken pox, regardless of your age, see your doctor to talk about whether you should get vaccinated.”

Here’s a video of Barbara Walters announcing her return to The View.

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2 Responses to “Barbara Walters Returning To ‘The View’ After Health Scare”

  1. Anonymous

    The View just hasn’t been the same without Barbara Walters, so I’m glad she’s coming back. It’s also good to hear she’s back in good health. I’m usually getting ready to go to work at DISH when this is on but I don’t miss it. I watch on my DISH Hopper so that I can start on my living room TV, pause and then continue watching on my kitchen TV. This makes getting ready much more enjoyable.

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