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Military Draft Registration Could Come To An End

Military Draft Registration Could Come To An End

Military draft registration could be coming to an end as two lawmakers are on a campaign to abolish the Selective Service System.

Rep. Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Oregon, and Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican from Colorado, are the ones leading the charge to end military draft registration. They say the agency wastes millions of dollars each year preparing for the possibility of a military draft, The Associated Press noted.

The Selective Service employs 130 people and has an annual budget of $24 million. The agency keeps a database of about 17 million male draftees, and if a draft is reinstated the Selective Service could mobilize as many as 11,000 volunteers to serve on local draft boards.

DeFazio and Coffman said that’s too expensive for what is essentially an emergency clause, and they want to end military draft registration.

They noted that the measure should have the support of most members of Congress.

“There is no one who wants this except ‘chicken hawk’ members of Congress,” DeFazio says, describing members who support military action without having entered the service themselves.

At the same time, a push could be coming to expand military draft registration. A recent decision from the Obama administration to lift the ban on women in combat could open the door for a change to the law that now compels men between ages 18 and 25 to register for a military draft.

“They’re going to have to show that excluding women from the draft actually improves military readiness,” Diane Mazur, a law professor at the University of Florida and a former Air Force officer, told The Associated Press. “I just don’t see how you can make that argument.”

There is support for expanding military draft registration in Congress as well. Senator Carl Levin, a Democrat from Michigan and the chairman on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he supports women having to register for the draft.

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19 Responses to “Military Draft Registration Could Come To An End”

  1. Dudley S. Hall

    yeah they are going to get rid of it because the females who turn 18 don't have to register and since they opeand up combat arms to them it wouldn't be fair to the males if they still had to sign up for it.

  2. Tye Battle

    I say end the draft. Regardless if its a law or not, if Uncle Sam wants you then they will get you. However for right now make military enlistment completely voluntary and lets save money by getting rid of this program,

  3. Don Michael Brostek

    Leave it in and activate the draft to take a move against the unemployment rate for those under 25 – 2 years mandatory service is recommended – also will train people as to how to handle firearms properly –

  4. Gerald Joe Hall

    North Kroea , Iran, the rest of the middle east arfe building their armies while ours being torn down and money is divereted to other countries. How are they going to muster and train 5 million new solduers in an emergency without the draft pool. I was drafted in 1970 and spent 29 years in the army.

  5. Jack McDavid

    It's changing so we won't risk females having to deal with a draft and a sudden, real war. National preparedness be danged! Feminist career opportunity is what's really important. Gotta have that "combat arms" experience to get that big promotion..but a draft? Yikes! Gotta change that, and tell the country we don't need it anymore. I mean, there's no reason we would want to have system in place where the nation could tap millions of young MEN in case something huge and unexpected broke out that threatened our security and nat'l interest, right? I mean, there's no way anything like that could happen again…not with "push-button" stuff and computers and all…right?

  6. Margie Mendoza

    Yes they are building up their army with the money and weapons we supply them. Now that both sexes can serve there is no reason to have a draft. The govt could just issue an order and call for anyone who is between the ages of 18-25 to volunteer. I honestly would not want to go to war with people who do not want to be there.

  7. Margie Mendoza

    Similar to North Korea and many 3rd World countries who use what money they have to build up their armies, ignore education and infrastructure and keep unemployment high in order to have more bodies. Pretty soon we will all be unemployed training for the next War. War makes the Rich richer and the Poor dead

  8. Don Michael Brostek

    Gerald – like you many of my friends got drafted and many found a carrier – plus were very employable when released or after retriement – better than the street people we are dealing with today – I think Trade schools need to be reinstated – Govt must stop lies and BS and work on solutions – my milatory service was from early 60's to 70's – taught a lot of people disapline and understanding – nothing wrong with US Military service

  9. Charles G. High

    They need to leave it alone and actually impliment from time to time. Our armed forces are getting weaker and weaker as the government thins them out. We need to keep our forces strong and well trained. Switzerland isn't a third world nation and it has been a standard there for generation now, even for females.

  10. Anonymous

    Margie, don't forget that "third world" country called Switzerland, LOL. They have compulsory military service too.

  11. Michael Campbell

    They need to leave the draft in place for the good of this country an it's citizens. I rembered when I signup for the draft and it was the american thing to do. We have less men joining the military which means they might be activating the draft. I am all for it. If it all about saving money then why don't they take a half a pay cut the country would sure as hell save more money in 3 years and start seeing something good from that. I see congress and the senate wasting so much money they are the wasters and need to give up their comfort and join the rest of America and see what it is all about.

  12. Anonymous

    We must go back to the draft. Lack of draft and a mercenary force is Un American no skin in the game for the decision makers plus lack of it has turned us into bankrupt nation. Some fools in Washington go to the gym while American youth get killed very few being the sons and daughters of the fools in Washington.What we now have is royal society and the rest are just bill paying fools that get slaughtered financially and physically while the aristocracy plays around. This is what is killing America!

  13. Anonymous

    All who enjoy the freedoms of this country should be prepared to defend those freedoms. My own daughters included. Keep draft registration and require women to register as well.

  14. Anonymous

    I agree with your premise, but it should be noted that there are plenty of people under 25 in this country who I do NOT want trained with a firearm – unless necessitated by war – and plenty of current soldiers who have dealt with loose cannons in Iraq/Afghanistan would agree with this. No one can argue that a few weeks of basic training does not turn a bad person into a good person; it turns them into a bad person with a rifle and training.

  15. Anonymous

    I appreciate your service to our country. That said, quoting the draft policies of two of the most oppressive regimes on earth doesn't really help make a quality stated case. I hope that you realize that the morale levels within these military forces are lower than low; just read the testimonials of soldiers that have managed to defect. With due respect, quantity does not equal quality, sir.

  16. Dan Terry

    this is not a good idear…………………………….but Obama want to disarm the united states what better way to start is doing away with the draft.i like iseral draft ever man and woman must serv at least 2 yrs in the military.

  17. Don Michael Brostek

    The military was very disapline driven when I was in and talking to some relatives have been now or recently – it is still there but weak in some areas. Kids need that today cause most parents do not provide or support – 2 yrs mandaory like Isreal

  18. George E. LeFebvre

    Those who wish to end the draft are those who wish to see this country perish. Not only is the draft a necessity but should be resuscitated. I spent 20yrs in Uniform and always believed the abolishment of using the draft was a gross error on the part of the government. Using the draft insurred that even the rich spoiled kids were subject to serving their country. Service in Uniform gave many of the young men and maybe now young women a chance to learn much about life, respect , discipline and honor. Just look at the current generation they have grown up with no goals in life, many don't want to earn their keep, respect their elders, laws, and have absolutely no value of life. The Military Draft could help these young men and women to go in the right direction so they can one day be leaders of this great country like it was years ago before. By using the draft it was also a way to prevent any Military Coup , as they were temporary soldiers who kept watch to prevent such things from happening in our country.

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