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Woman Admits Leaving Baby To Die On Road

Baby Crystal Mother Pleads Guilty

An Illinois woman admitted to leaving a baby to die along a rural roadside five years ago. The woman, Katie Stockton, is already under arrest in the suspected death of two infants.

The infants’ bodies were in the trunk of an impounded car that belonged to Stockton. It was sitting in an impound lot for more than a year when authorities searched it after the woman’s arrest in 2009.

ABC News reports that Stockton’s initial arrest was about Baby Crystal, the baby girl Stockton allegedly left to die in the cold. Authorities believe the baby was Stockton’s daughter.

In an agreement with prosecutors, Stockton pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the baby’s death. After doing DNA testing, authorities found that the Rockton, Illinois resident was likely the mother of the two infants in her car. She has yet to be charged in their deaths.

Stockton was questioned in connection with Baby Crystal’s death in 2004, though she wasn’t arrested at the time. The Daily Mail notes that it is unlikely the 32-year-old will face charges for the other two infants’ deaths, because detectives have not been able to prove the babies were born alive.

Despite the fact that she wasn’t initially arrested, Stockton has been a person of interest in the case since the infant’s remains were found along a dead-end road near her parents’ home. Prosecutors have said that they interviewed her hours after the discovery. After saying the baby wasn’t hers, she allegedly lifted her shirt and asked if it looked like she had recently given birth.

Despite refusing to give a DNA sample, authorities were able to gather it from a cigarette Stockton discarded. They arrested her and charged her with Baby Crystal’s death after the DNA sample was a 99.96 percent match.

When she is sentenced on April 5, Katie Stockton faced 60 years in prison.

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134 Responses to “Woman Admits Leaving Baby To Die On Road”

  1. Ellen Oakley

    If there is ever a case for the death penalty this is it. Shes an animal and should never be allowed to take another breath again.

  2. Patty Maiolo Mundy

    A Hysterectomy! Life in Prison, so she can be tortured daily, for the rest of her life!

  3. Louise Luna

    Well, she could be left to die by the side of the road, open to all the elements such as the child she left there, or she could be left in a trunk for a year or so. Prison is a cakewalk compared to what she inflicted on those innocents. Her outside reflects perfectly what must lie within. Sorry, no compassion nor caring here for that person.

  4. Melissa Lamphere

    Toss her uterus alongside some cold deserted road. Luckily she will be in prison for 60 years and if they keep her for the full sentence she will be in her 90's when she is released, if she survives that long in there. Maybe she will share a cell with karma.

  5. Teri Jo

    1. Hysterectomy
    2. Tattoos placed in visible locations on her body which tell the crimes she committed.
    When she is locked up in women's prison, there will be justice.

  6. Sandra Brown Ryan

    There are some people who "Just need killing"….and she is one of them. She is the perfect example of "WHY" we need the Death Penalty!

  7. Maggie Graham Dahms

    hiding one pregnancy is not too far fetched, but three, or more? someone had to have known, you would think?

  8. Kelly Moseley Eisen

    Leave her to die on the side of the road – with those handcuffs and feet bound, and aThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- style message on her forehead. What man would want to do anything with her that could result in pregnancy, anyway?

  9. Grissel Vega

    She could face a life sentence or the death penalty perhaps, however when it's time to face the real judge only He will give her the punishment she deserves.

  10. Lindsey Gatson

    60 years isn't enough, and if she left her baby to die in the cold on the side of the road, you have to know she's crazy enough to kill two more babies of her own by leaving them in the trunk!

  11. Patsy Kelly Bates

    to bad they didn't give her the death penalty what a waste of taxpayers money supporting her in jail.

  12. Sue Edwards

    I'm more and more amazed everyday about the judicial system's refusal to giving animals like this the death penalty!

  13. Carol Kirk

    i totaly agree she needs to have a hysterectomy so that she will will never have another child again ……………………………………………………………………….. and life in prison …………. ……

  14. Devine Heaven

    this woman as a disgusting animal life in prison is way to good for her I feel as a mother of five children that scum like this need to be given the death sentence for her crime not only for the child crystal but for the other two infants that never had a chance also we don't even know how many innocent angels she has killed its just a disgrace to humanity….

  15. Devine Heaven

    this woman as a disgusting animal life in prison is way to good for her I feel as a mother of five children that scum like this need to be given the death sentence for her crime not only for the child crystal but for the other two infants that never had a chance also we don't even know how many innocent angels she has killed its just a disgrace to humanity….

  16. Opinionated, Outspoken & Often Outraged

    There is no excuse for anyone to leave their infant to die anywhere – you don't want it, you give it up for someone else to adopt and give it an opportunity to have a life. She's a monster who deserves far more than what she will be probably be sentenced with, but hopefully karma delivers what she deserves. It's an inmate like this that I sympathize with guards who manage to control themselves while doing their job…I know I couldn't do it. My first run in would be followed by forgetting to feed the beast….oops don't know what happened guess I forgot to feed it.

  17. Venesa Winegardner

    i agree, there are so many couples out there would love a chance at new baby…but that would be too easy for her. we want someones attention. now that she has it, can she handle it? her thoughts are probably this…i don't want it, and damn sure i'll see to it no one else can have it. evil b—-!!

  18. Bobette Zibble

    Stuff her in the trunk of the same car she left them in and don't open it for a year! Save the tax payers lots of money!

  19. Jennifer Mccune

    NO cake walk when the other mothers find out what she did to those babies

  20. William Dean Luke

    The ladies in the prison system will soon find out there is a baby-killer in their midst and make short work of the fat waste of human excrement.

  21. Diane Hill Smith

    Actually they put all those kinds of people together. They have different sections in the prison. She will separated at the jail from others. Probably put in the hole until she can be charged. My husband is a cop and an ex corrections officer. Unfortunately, the only way these people pay for it is if they become their own worse nightmare. It is very sad.

  22. Jacqueline Harper

    So far i just see women commenting and a strong percent going for death penalty, i am curious how the men feel?

  23. Fay Thacker

    She made a deal,,, and if y'all keep up with what will be her sentence I will bet she get no more than 10 years in prison,,,and she will still be young enough to have more babies to kill,,

  24. Mary Jane Kelliher

    wow I think we just found the definition of monster! she is a prime example of a women that should never bare children. There are three innocent lives lost…..

  25. Cynthia Edwards

    The guards will make sure the inmates know who she is and what she has done. They will turn a deaf ear when the Ladies hold the welcome party

  26. Thomas Hannan

    Her AND the MEN who had sex with her to create these infants, right? All of you that are serving sentence upon her wish to include the men who provided the sperm RIGHT? I mean all of you judgmental christians understand that these were not immaculate conceptions, right? Step forward bitches… step forward bastards… ALL of you need to step forward to accept your portion of the blame………. hmmmmm…. I thought so.

  27. Aubrey Langlois

    Honestly, I find this reply to this story not only amusingly hilarious, but something that should be done in real life. Good show!

  28. Betty Sherlin Schueler

    I understand everyone's desire to see this woman suffer but she is already suffering from mental illness. Still, she needs to be locked up for her own good as well as the public's.

  29. Jamie Wilson

    It is hard to look at this woman and not have hate for her. How can someone be so evil. I am glad they were able to get DNA from this psycho. She needs to be executed.

  30. Beverly Clark

    I just think it is so horribly sad that she didn't think to give the babies to someone who would care for them. All she had to do was leave them at a hospital and walk away. I wish this information was something everyone knew. The loss of life is so very sad.

  31. Melody Conrad-Longest

    Those other 2 infants were in HER car trunk! WHY ELSE WOULD those poor angels be in there! WHERE is she going to get 2 deceased babies? You don't hide them in your car trunk! What an outrage of so called human excuse is she!? MONSTER!!!!!! DEATH SENTENCE!!!!!!!! ANIMALS take care of their young!!!!!!!

  32. Duane Steed-Harden

    Eye for an eye. Tie her fat a&& to th side of th road n put a heart monitor on her. When it says she's dead wait another month to go get whatever is left of her n put ythat mess in th trunk of a car. And not just any car – an ugly AMC Gremlin. Then crush it n make sure it's turned into urinals and crappers that are put in prisons for th mentally disturbed. And make sure they have intestinal issues so she gets used well.

  33. Sarah Prater

    Yeah, that's the Old Testament, God will deal with HER…Hell isn't hot enough for her. God have mercy on her soul, if she HAS one.

  34. Sarah Prater

    I think you are trying to say that we are responcable for what she did, as well as the ''dad''; that means you are too to blame. Isn't that stupid?! Aren't YOU stupid for trying to say anything against Christains? Yes, yes you are. ….and No, we are NOT to blame. She is!

  35. Sarah Prater

    Why not water-bord her ass? Tourcher is not something we tolerate;some one would cry about that! Blow her head off , nothing like a humane slow death shot where she sees colors, and is lifted gentaly from her body…just get her out of socity, and jail, that's to gOOd for her! Death to her -n- let GOd have His justice(vengious) on her. Suffer a wich unto Me, I think she is a WICH!! …among other things eveil!

  36. Erica Floyd

    She should absolutely be charged with the other two infants' deaths as well as baby crystal's….she should get the maxiumum sentence with no chance of parol…..or better yet a quick and speedy death sentence…SMFH…what is wrong with people now a days :(

  37. Shell Jones

    Animals take better care of their young far better than any of these so called humans do…. take the demon & put her in a trunk…let her starve & freeze to death!

  38. Irene Hall

    "Stockton was questioned in connection with Baby Crystal’s death in 2004, though she wasn’t arrested at the time. The Daily Mail notes that it is unlikely the 32-year-old will face charges for the other two infants’ deaths, because detectives have not been able to prove the babies were born alive."
    SERIOUSLY? I think the others who should be punished in this debacle are the investigators. But for their NON action, she would not have been able to attempt this yet again.
    That having been said….give her to me. I'll save the taxpayers some $$.

  39. Jennifer Mcgowan

    seriously people make me sick! how can a woman leave her child to die? you gave birth to that human being! I am just baffled.. I don't understand what is wrong with woman who do this! my heart breaks for those babies. :-(

  40. Karina Carper

    Animal takes care of their young.this thing didn't have the respect to do the right thing I'd put her ass in with a cell of women murderers they'll take care of her

  41. Nancy Groff

    This story is very sad but does not give enough evidence to give us all the details. Yes she guilty as she says n she should be punished but what led her to do theses things. Mental health is a scary thing and why didnt anyone els know she was pregnant then no child. Others are to blam as well. N the people who new shall be punished even one child lost is a sad thing but 3 children That's a Sereal killer.

  42. Marta Rodriguez Perez

    This woman should never see the light of day,, and to ensure she never has another child, she should be spayed and neutered like the animal that she is……I'd consider doing it without anesthesia.

  43. JoAnne Braley

    What I don't understand, is how people are so outraged with this, but not if she had an abortion just minutes before they were to be born, and if still alive, left quivering till they die? Clearly, she is of low intelligence, mentally ill, or radically messed up.

  44. Chantal Roberts

    This is not a woman. Women take care of their children. Doesn't matter what I think should be done, because those in prison do not care for people who harm or kill children… they will make sure she's dealt with.

  45. Rhonda Revell

    It's very sad when someone like that can get pregnant, give birth and then not want the baby enough to just let it die….while people like me can't have kids ans would LOVE the chance to be a mother! It just doesn't make sense! It's just so SAD!

  46. Teri Vassino

    So very sad. How could someone do this to a child? I say killing her is to easy for her, torture as she did to this baby! Animals are 100% better than this person!

  47. Deb Dryden

    She needs to be made to never be able to conceive another child. All the people in this world that try to have a baby and can never get pregnant and this animal has had one for sure one, which she discarded along a road to die and possiblley 2 others, which were discarded in a trunk. Jail is to good for her.

  48. Emily Graham

    this witch outta be put on her knees in the middle of the street at point blank…

  49. Mary Moraites


  50. Rudy Huaracha

    True, inmates hate people who kill children, will give their own brand of justice.

  51. Diane Guevara

    Toss her on the side of the cold road but that may be too good for her. 60 years in jail with no human contact and only bread and water.

  52. Brittney Overby

    There is a special place in hell for her. Even if the two babies found in the trunk were not born alive, she should be charged for the improper disposal of a human body.

  53. Casey Goodwin

    She IS a beast…however I don't think she should get the death penalty, she should be forced to stay alive(barely …bread and water and the least amount of it), and constantly look at pictures of all of the babies until she dies….what a horrible, horrible, person…she should be tortured…..

  54. Sue Rindflesch

    Why is SHE allowed to sit, alive in prison? WE are paying our tax dollars to sustain her life? Our system needs revision. No amount of time will punish her enough.

  55. Barbara Fox

    Given the choices women have today, it's pretty clear that this monster is nothing but a cold blooded murderer. Execution is the only appropriate sentence for such heinous acts as these; she needs to be sent straight to Hell, the sooner the better. Those poor innocent babies! :-(

  56. Mia Frederiksen

    She should be the poster child for why the death penalty is a fantastic idea!

  57. Amy Kochan Hemming

    I find it interesting that not one of the comments I read – have not read them all – even raises the question of her mental health. We are so quick to judge based on 2 paragraphs – I'd like to know more about her mental health and if she is suffering from any mental illness before I pull the trigger – not saying she should not be held accountable but I personally would like all the facts before I condemn someone – that sounds about right doesn't it.

  58. Elecia Laurell Tate

    She needs fixed so she can't ever have any more kids, then needs to be staked out by the side of a road & left to die herself, so she can feel what she put her poor innocent babies through. And leave her in an area where the temps hit 120 with no shade, food or water. An eye for an eye. She knows fully well what she's done & has no soul or remorse!

  59. Bruce Stephens

    But if she would have aborted these babies she could have killed her kids legally according to obama.

  60. April DeBoard

    She should have to have her tubes tied so she cannot give birth to anymore kids, and really should be a death penalty case. Probably won't be though. There is alot of problems with our justice systems. No baby deserves to die. There is a special place in hell for her….

  61. Erin Joyce Dunnagan

    I'm a firm believer in "an eye for an" and karma. I have no sympathy or compassion for somebody who could harm or kill their own babies. She left the baby in the elements to die, okay take her to a remote location handcuff her ass to something so she can't get away and let nature take its course, that's what she did when she left that baby to die. She may last a while longer since she looks like she hasn't met a food she didn't like, but eventually she would sucum to the elements.

  62. Kat Moyers

    How in the hell did she get anybody to "do" her? I say she be forced to have her tubes cut, sliced, diced, burned and then tie her vagina in a knot!

  63. Matthew Boros

    Life in front of a firing squad after having to tell high school girls about alternatives to murdering their babies whether born or unborn. Roy in hell skank

  64. Emili Owens

    String her up and beat every little bit of life out of the sick Bitch!

  65. John Grayson

    stake her out in the middle of the dessert pour honey all over her body an let the ants eat her! Just shooting her is to good.

  66. Judy Von Bernewitz


  67. Theresa Cavallaro

    I would leave her outside tied to a tree to suffer just like she did with the baby.

  68. Grace Marie McLaughlin

    this broad doesn't deserve a trial just give her the electic chair and not to sit in a jail somewhere and be taken care of by the taxpayers,,, just do it immediately…like she did to those babies…

  69. Kristy Watkins

    This right here is a case for why we need to institute forced sterilization in women or men who kill or severely abuse a child, they don't only stop at one.

  70. Holly Mae

    I am a mom of two boys I was adopted as well. I do not believe in abortion and I think this woman deserves the death penalty. how could someone do that to their own children? killing innocent babies it makes me sick. she could have given the babies up for adoption taken them to a hospital or even a church. this truely sickens me why do women have babies if they do not want them or just to abuse them and neglect them? she deserves to rot and burn!

  71. Dee Hendrickson

    i bet he looks just as bad as she does, there's someone for everyone….

  72. Shirley R. Barandiaran

    Yep, give her the rest of her life behind bars PLEASE! Never mind 60 yrs. Just give her LIFE! Make her a lifer!

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