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Khloe Kardashian Fired From ‘X Factor’

Khloe Kardashian booted from X Factor

Khloe Kardashian has been fired from her job as an X Factor host.

A source told The New York Post, “They are asking Mario [Lopez] to come back, but not Khloe.”

Aside from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the youngest Kardashian sister had very little camera experience before accepting the X Factor gig. Last month, Kardashian told Huffington Post Live:

“I’ve never done live TV before, and I was asked to not do any hosting lessons because they wanted me to be just myself. I found the day before because the stage was just built, that I couldn’t read the teleprompter without glasses, so I had to get contacts the day before.”

Kardashian said she felt she was getting better with each show, and that Simon Cowell helped her with her confidence by telling her, “I hired you for you, I could have hired any trained host, so be yourself.”

“I am sure there was a big percentage of Khloe’s fans who followed her to X Factor,” said L.A. hosting expert Marki Costello. “But at the end of the day, when she doesn’t know what she is doing, are you helping your show or hurting it?” Costello also said that watching Kardashian with Lopez made her feel uncomfortable as a viewer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kardashian became a finalist for the hosting job in September, facing competition from Stacy Keibler and Kelly Osbourne. Cowell said he wanted someone with no previous hosting experience for the job because watching someone like Ryan Seacrest say everything gets boring to the audience. She was officially given the job, along with Lopez, about a month later. Khloe Kardashian’s last appearance on the show was the December 20, 2012 finale.

Are you surprised Khloe Kardashian was fired from The X Factor?

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229 Responses to “Khloe Kardashian Fired From ‘X Factor’”

  1. Frank Matyger

    I am not surprised at all. The whole family is talentless, except for chasing black men and creating bull poopie stories.

  2. Ellen Flohberger Bonner

    I'm THRILLED she is gone from X-Factor. She was very unsure of herself from the first day; she has not "stage prescence" and the way she would rub a contestents back looked "odd". Plus, as my husband says "she's not easy to look at".

  3. Anonymous

    I have never watched the show and do not plan to start. These show are all tabloids.

  4. Anonymous

    No surprise here! Poor judgment was used hiring her in the first place!

  5. Janet Bomba

    No, not at all. There was no chemistry between her and Mario Lopez….and to imagine what she got paid for that little bit of work…..WOW… I am so in the wrong business.

  6. Elvis Borkey

    The whole family is a waste of space on this earth. Money and sex can't buy true love and friends. If they lost their money and ex organs who would want them? NO ONE!

  7. Anonymous

    not sure which one she is. It would help if I knew what black dude she is dating.

  8. Marianne Rowlands

    I thought she got better each week and in the end I thought she was handling herself quite well! It was obvious that we was not comfortable in the beginning but that did change and I was happy for her. This family living in front of cameras just can't be healthy though….

  9. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Khloe is the only Kartrashyin I like because she is the most real. No loss Khloe, you should be relieved. The X-factor SUCKS!

  10. Matt Butterworth

    Thanks Frank for having the guts to tell it like it is! I love it when the truth is racist or ignorant. More people need to be racist or ignorant if that is the case. If they don't agree or are too liberal in thought and can't express themselves with intelligence, name calling is all they know. HOOORAAAH for Frank!

  11. Sylvia Bu

    @Frank really how else did you think she was going to get someone to marry her, she could be chasing your older grandson/granddaugther now that would be a site to see

  12. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Your husband is no George Clooney, more like George of the Jungle !! And you dear wish you looked as good as Khloe Kardashian. You need to look in the mirror before you make comments about someone elses looks .. and practice pushing yourselves away from the table !!

  13. Pat Jones


  14. Denise Louise Newton

    she just seemed very uncomfortable and awkward but I feel bad for her as she doesn't seem to be keeping up with The Kardashians at all, pregnancy problems and all.

  15. Denny C Carmel

    Now do the right thing and hire Kelly Osborne, which you should have done to begin with.

  16. Barbara Sabey Jastrow

    Not surprised she was fired. Surprised she was offered job in first place and lasted as long as she did. Maybe the Powers That Be are waking up to the fact that the 'intelligent public' has no interest in Kardashian Krap (as well as feeling the same way about Katie Kreider).

  17. Dave Pavlatos

    So a crap show doesn't even want Chewbacca? Well there's always the new "Star Wars" movies coming up…..

  18. Anonymous

    K. Da Realest , They didn't mean anything by it, we all know it is totally disgusting. Besides they are all to fat for the white man anyhow.

  19. Cordetta Spells

    Frank, I think if writing ignorant race based, and overall STUPID comments could win a prize, YOU'D win the Pulitzer for that one! But, folks… consider the source before being too harsh. (He also wrote "poopie". (Hey, I'm jez sayin'!)

  20. Frank Matyger

    Mabie, just mabie, I didn't say it the right way. I have no problem with mixed marriages. My Daug and a fine outstanding black man are married. Great person and great family. What I meant to say is that, they (The K Hoes) chase high profile rich sportsman whom are black or not, not for love but publicity and money. As for the people whom still think I am what they think, I will sleep like a baby tonight, with the knowledge that I pissed you off. lmao

  21. Sean SJ Finn

    Pat Jones Calling it the way you see it? Isn't that all Frank was doing? Everyone gets so sensitive. If Lamar and previous boyfriends were white, and Frank said, "All she is good at is chasing white men and bull stories," would you be offended? I wouldn't. Frank's himself may very well be racist, but by him pointing out the simple fact that she enjoys black men, well that doesn't seem racist to me. It's just "calling it the way [he] sees it". No need to get all sensitive on the subject

  22. Sean SJ Finn

    Pat Jones Calling it the way you see it? Isn't that all Frank was doing? Everyone gets so sensitive. If Lamar and previous boyfriends were white, and Frank said, "All she is good at is chasing white men and bull stories," would you be offended? I wouldn't. Frank's himself may very well be racist, but by him pointing out the simple fact that she enjoys black men, well that doesn't seem racist to me. It's just "calling it the way [he] sees it". No need to get all sensitive on the subject

  23. Peggy Ann

    @Matt…Frank's comment is racist and ignorant!! If she was "chasing" white men, would he have said "white" or just men?! Undercover HOODS! Pathetic!

  24. Anonymous

    look at u all of you are skanks just like the waste of dna u are talking about" and for the chasing of black men they are better off because a white man will have nothing to do with them now they might as well date a cave man"

  25. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Frank and Matt .. A couple of Racist Old Geezers, your families must be so proud !!

  26. Jeffrey Parker

    Because, chasing after people who are 7 times more likely to commit a felony tends to be more about using it as a way to show that your against the masses or that you have past problems with family especially with dad and its your way of getting back. Women have just gotten alot of their freedoms and use dating black men as a way to show their inviduality. As for it being out of love Im sure theres a few but put all the P.C. crap to the side and really look at the statistics of how long those relationships last and its not out of some nest building, lets make a entire life together reason. Dont like my comment? Good, i dont like the fact blacks get to prey on whites, commit heinous acts against them but no "hate crime" moniker is given them, thats only used against whites, more double standards from the liberal left, handed to them by the "kings of the double standard and pity party while having genocide and mass murder on their hands" and we know who those people are without naming em.

  27. Pat Long

    Such negativity…. OK, so she comes from a family better known for their reality (?) series than anything else; does that mean WE have to be haters? We all need to find "our" special niche. I have always felt that Khloe was the over looked one, and quite frankly, the better grounded of the three sisters. I wish her ALL the luck in finding her special spot. I think once she does, she will be great in whatever she puts her mind to.

  28. Cleo Taylor Mobley

    Because that is what they do. It's their business but it's the truth. Would you be less incensed if it was stated they chased prof. ball players? Or men over 6' tall? White men? Asian men? Mexican or Indian? Black is a descriptive word. So many people take offense about the word-they look at it as a chance to yell racist!! And there are as many real racists among blacks or African-Americans as there is among white or caucasian.

  29. Jamie Sybula Gianfrancesco

    I'm not a fan at all of the Kardashians because as stated they all seem very highly paid to be slutty and that mother of theirs exploits them like crazy. However, Khloe was the best of them, not sad that she's leaving the show, rather glad to have one less Kardashian on tv, when is their 15 minutes of fame up?

  30. Cordetta Spells

    Enough of Frank M. for me… Back to the article and news. On the personal side, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, because it hurts them regardless of what anyone else thinks of them. I guess Simon and the powers that be thought she did NOT have the X-Factor of what it takes to host that show herself, and as a result was dismissed. On the Professional side… She can write a check and BUY the whole show if she wants, so I'm sure she'll get over it in no time, and hopefully we'll have 1 Host, who does his or her job well, and a complete set of well rounded, mature, intelligent, talented judges that will all last for more than 1 season! (Hey, miracles DO happen!)

  31. Cordetta Spells

    Enough of Frank M. for me… Back to the article and news. On the personal side, I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, because it hurts them regardless of what anyone else thinks of them. I guess Simon and the powers that be thought she did NOT have the X-Factor of what it takes to host that show herself, and as a result was dismissed. On the Professional side… She can write a check and BUY the whole show if she wants, so I'm sure she'll get over it in no time, and hopefully we'll have 1 Host, who does his or her job well, and a complete set of well rounded, mature, intelligent, talented judges that will all last for more than 1 season! (Hey, miracles DO happen!)

  32. Sean SJ Finn

    @Peggy. If Khloe only went after Italians, and Fran's comment was "all she is good at is chasing Italians," do you think the Italian community would be offended? I certainly don't think so. All the people getting offended are white. You are the ones who seem racist to me, since you assume there is some negative connotation Frank is implying by a simple comment.

  33. Anonymous

    Yes you could tell she was nervous the first couple of shows, but by the end she was doing fine. I thought she did a good job. It was a good balance between her and Mario who is very comfortable in hosting. Best of luck to her.

  34. Daniel Velez

    who the fuck cares! obviously yall are making it a racist remark… they do chase black men… Why is that comment racist… what's racist is Black Entertainment Television, and sites like Where Black people or grants like the united negro college fund. If there were such a thing with a diferent race the NAACP would be crying at the top of there lungs… What gets me is weve fought SOOOO hard to end segregation Yet What do you call Networks and websites delegated for a single race? WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!

  35. Dave Pavlatos

    Like I said…they're going to need Wookies for the upcoming Star Wars films….No need for make-up on her…..

  36. Anonymous

    K. Da Realest I think the poster was referring to the fact that Kim K. knows that an interracial relationship is bound to get more $$. She is all about making $$. What do YOU mean YOU people – take it easy dude, nobody posting here gives a special sh*t about your race.

  37. Anonymous

    Good. Can we just not have to hear about it–or anything Kardashian–from here on in?

  38. Robert Mastroianni

    wow………………big deal…………this is about the same as Donald Trump losing $1……….ask the average person about losing a job then we can talk.

  39. RT at SR 23

    thornejudy has it right…simon cowell was an idiot for hiring any of the kardashians in the first place…except for dad's long past accomplishments as an athlete the family shows no great talent and is completely media created…and the media shows its stupidity by constantly covering its own meaningless creation…the public is sick of them and not interested…Media – leave them and the public to themselves, PLEASE…

  40. Sandra Elrod Stephens

    Thank Goodness….I wish I never would see or hear this name again for the rest of my life. I see no talent either but its not always about that. I watch somethings for entertainment. I stay far away from anything that has any of the K's in it. They all think they are too hot, too better, too good, too talented? for the real world. In the real world they are none of the above. Just trashy gold chasers is all I see. Well I don't see anything usually unless they are announcing one of them getting FIRED YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…proves all I said…nothing to offer..not even a personality.

  41. Anonymous

    looks like we have a racist amongst us. Black men have nothing to with the fact she has no talent for the xfactor. I am appaulled someone is so arrogant to say something so stupid, and be so racist. Frank, you sound like a total bigot. You need some lessons in manners.

  42. Rose DiBiasi

    I loved her, and I love all the shows of the Kardashians. Even bought the DVD's. Sometimes I do an "eye roll" at what they buy and why and with Kourtneys attitude towards marriage, but I think Khloe was doing a great job. Ridiculous to fire her. Pffft at X-Factor. I liked her more than the show itself!

  43. Dean Martin

    Lets be honest here folks. The ball got rolling on the Kardashian empire was due to the fact that Kim Kardashian made a raunchy sex tape with a 2nd rate rapper, who also urinated on her in the video. Somehow that video became a internet hit and made her a celebrity, which she and her family were given a reality show, and according to the entertainment media, they're all now stars. No talent among them and they're all worthless, but they certainly know how make money pushing endorsements, cheap clothing, and getting paid to attend openings of clubs, etc. Sadly this is what now passes for entertainment today and talent takes a back seat to notoriety.

  44. RT at SR 23

    thornejudy has it right…simon cowell was an idiot for hiring any of the kardashians in the first place…except for the father's long past athletic accomplishments the family has no real talent and is pretty much media created, raised and bred…and the media shows its stupidity by constantly covering its own meaningless creation…the public is sick of them and not interested…Media – please let the kardashians and the public go their separate ways…

  45. Brooke Boydstun

    Unfortunately you are WRONG, Khloe can not write a check and buy the show because Simon has WAY more money than her. To the tune of about 300 million more. However, I do agree that is it sad whenever someone loses their job but she was a terrible host. Awkward and irrelevant really, Mario is great and should continue hosting.

  46. Anonymous

    this is the best news I've heard since Britney has left the show….Kloe was soooo hard to watch…a complete train wreck!

  47. Martha McConnell Looney

    She was in over her head. My husband and I said all season she was painful to watch. You don't HAVE to have experience but you do have to have talent. What did her audition loook like? My goodness.

  48. Anonymous

    elijahopp2001 – K Da Realeast didn't say "you people". Go back, re-read and you take it easy. If you read Frank and Matt's comments you'd see they started the subject of race.

  49. Anonymous

    best news I've heard since Britney left the show…Kloe was a complete train wreck…..sooo hard to watch!

  50. Linda Smith

    Thank God. I would stop watching the show over her being a host again. Mario Lopez is a pro, he doesn't need her help. No offense doll but not just anyone can do those kinds of gigs. This just wasn't your thing.

  51. Tami Williams

    She was the WORST. I felt awkward and uncomfortable watching her!

  52. Karen Hensel Pagel

    While they do think they are better than everybody else color has nothing to do with anything. Frank you screwed up on this one buddy. Not nice to say things like that.

  53. Glenn Marhefka

    How come Simon Cowell's shows are never in the news except for who is getting fired/hired/replaced etc. These shows are not relevant to getting any news otherwise. I accidentally viewed a few minutes of the show and the stars all came out and there was gold lights flashing everywhere and lots of screaming. It was embarrassing to the stars. It was like Madonna was going to fly out in a trapeze right afterward.

  54. Anonymous

    Frank you should probably just stay focused on lighting crosses and watching Hitler footage instead of posting your ignorance for the world to see. Her "chasing black men" has nothing to do with her inability as a tv hostess.

  55. Maria Victoria Estrada

    First off, them chasing black men should have nothing to do with it. Yes she may have not had any talent with hosting but that family has plenty of talent as business owners. Are you just mad because she made more monet from their DASH stores in 6 mo then you in your 80 years. I hate to bring myself to your level but YOU SUCK AS A HUMAN.

  56. Glenn Marhefka

    typo – there WERE gold lights flashing everywhere. I type very fast now and when online just post it and I need to get in the habit of editing it…

  57. Maria Victoria Estrada

    Frank the Kardashians do not need money from no man. Kim makes at least twice more then Kris H makes and you can always tells a racist when they say… I'm not racist I have a black friend.

  58. Craig Chavez

    Take that you bioootch!
    She should have NEVER been hired in the first place!
    today was a good day!

  59. Whitemenrdabest Dontaskwhy

    I so agree with you Frank!! Those women need to a life;-).

  60. Dana Heather Corey

    Seriously, just because she may not have been good at it does NOT warrant these evil bullying comments. You all need to grow up and remember this is a human being. Your derogatory remarks only reflect your own character.

  61. Kathy Kristy

    Maybe it's about time that the people that do the programming on TV should realize that most of the people in our country are not in love with the Kardashians and are fed up with most reality tv stars being shoved down our throats. I don't know about any one else, but this isn't the way I live.

  62. Maria Victoria Estrada

    Oh ^^^^^^^^^^^ You are so full of it… they have a better life then you and BTW DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is not a laguage !

  63. Maria Victoria Estrada

    Oh ^^^^^^^^^^^ You are so full of it… they have a better life then you and BTW DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is not a laguage !

  64. Barbra Porter

    Best thing Simon could do.. now if he would only get rid of Demi!

  65. Dre Reaves

    Hey guys don't be mad at Frank Matyger! He went to a community college, how could possibly expect him to be an intelligent human being?

  66. Joline Caron

    I don't know , I think Simon has to really look at the real problem here. Ratings are low, talent is low, and I think people are really sick of these talent or should I say talentless shows. Oh and Please Please stop and think of what the "Kardashians" are really famous for…. nothing.

  67. Cat Summers

    Goes to show you, unless mommy is writing the paycheck, these K- girls aren't worth one red cent.

  68. Ann Stough

    Thank goodness. I almost stoped watching the show even so it is one of my favorite shows. I don't know what these Kardashians contribute to the field of intertainment. They have no talent and certainly their livestyle is not a positive influence on anyone. So glad she is gone.I kove Mario.

  69. Scholars Primary Escuela

    I'll be honest. Of all the Kadashians, I really like khloe. She has always been herself and has a lot of values and morals and maybe this is something her sisters can emanate. So stop the bashing. Also, Khloe, you done right by marrying a blackman and who has a problem with it, its because they are just darn jealous. I love black men too. God they are soooooooo sweet. Hold on to Omar Khloe!

  70. Pat Jones

    @tunderwood21..who cares ?????????? you make it sound like the white man is so much superior than a black man…I don't think so…BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL..DON'T HATE …..cause you could never live up to a black man…

  71. Janet Thompson

    o boo hoo, you call that a REAL job. tell it to the people who are unemployed through no fault of their own!

  72. Barbarita Lopez

    I don't even know why she was there I never watch the show but the Kardashian girls are talentless she probably hurt the show.

  73. Ressurrection Graves

    That's sad. It's one thing to get fired, another for people to write about it. Oh well, she learned something amazing from this experience I am sure.

  74. Kris Roland

    How did I know that the comment about her chasing black men would be what is focused on. He didn't say he was concerned about it. He just stated fact and then he gets cracked on. Oh and how about learning to turn a fucking caps lock off. How do you assume he is a racist based on one statement. That would be like me saying you suck dick just from looking at your picture.

  75. Justin Antonetti

    what about KELLY CAPOSKIE, or JESSIE SPANNO, even LISA TURTLE.. then they would have chemistry. bring back the 80'S with STAR SERCH that all these shows are.

  76. Anonymous

    Wow, Khloe. It's almost like they woke up one day and said, "Oh my god! Who hired the talentless sasquatch?

  77. Jan Hayner

    No, this was a smart move for everyone. Khloe needs a lot more practice and rather for her to get the stabbing of many in the reviews, it is best she move on. X Factor neds someon likeLopez that is open, follows what is going on and can ad lib when necessary. Don't replace her, just let Lopez do his thing-he does it well.

  78. Billie Jean West

    Good News! Mario can carry the show on his own. She has no talent to add.

  79. Clifford Bartrum Jr

    K Da Realest- why are u concearned that frank is concearned ? just sayin you sound in secure .people are entitled to there opinion do you agree.just couse your black you take his comment personel.grow up dude .and pat lones are you educated at all?if so why do comments like theese upset you so much .i dont take it personal when black people say grap about white people .there entitled to there opinion are they not so who really gives a crap really?

  80. Keith Curtis

    They don't chase "black" men they chase "rich black men" key word being rich. They are only concerned with the size of the bank roll!! LOL!

  81. Marilyn Corrado

    I'm glad to hear shes leaving. I never knew anything about her but she was not a good host. Seems like a nice girl but she was always touching everybody and was definatley not a good host. Keep Mario all by himself. He is awesome.

  82. Marilyn Corrado

    And she is not very nice to look at. Not a very pretty girl and hosts of a show should be good looking, or at least I think so.

  83. Danny Szklanecki

    I wont say anything bad about the family they are doing what any family would do if they could. However I am glad they fired her as she was a terrible host. Mario was not all that much better. You can see thru that fake smile all day long.

  84. Clifford Bartrum Jr

    yea shiela ames leroy you don't look to spry yourself there should practice what you preach at least that's what my elders taught me growing like judging others .hypocrites do that so you must be one.

  85. Anonymous

    Yippie and good riddens. I just hope Smelly Osborne doesn't get the gig next.

  86. Jennifer Miller

    Couldn't sit thru one episode with her as the host. Khloe dear, a host you ARE NOT! Please keep your day job (such as it is) & stay in reality!

  87. Maurice Plumez

    Khloe had to go, but I am also surprised that Mario is coming back. Both Mario and Khloe stared at the teleprompter, and didn't really connect with the audience.

  88. Kimberly Gale-Hayden

    Why was she on to begin with? I thought only judges with proven , or so-called talent, were to be judges. What has she done that was considered "talent?" Only selling herself to the highest advertiser. Unholywood has gone to the dogs!

  89. Anonymous

    This is not a surprise…the X-Factor will probably just go to a one host format with Lopez, the way Idol went to a one host format with Seacrest. The X-Factor really did not do that well again this past season, so you know that Simon was going to throw some people under the bus to save face! Simon Cowell got lucky with American Idol, and then everyone thought he was a "genius"…well, Idol is still doing great without him, but X-Factor is struggling, so, we now realize that Simon, is not the genius people thought he was. The X-Factor will soon be cancelled…i'm sure Fox isn't going to keep paying that hefty production cost for a third rate show!

  90. Janice K Marshall

    Frank your a moron so what she likes men of color what's it to you if that isn't you in that photo look what you will look like and that's nothing to brag about at least she has taste.

  91. Corina Sanchez

    Thank GOD! She was so akward! I love her, but I don't think she has ANY TALENT beside being pretty.

  92. David Curtis

    I never did watch the show because it doesn't fit into my schedule. She was probably hired because they thought she'd do a good job AND she could draw an audience. It didn't work out, okay? Why do people need to bash the Kardashians? if you don't like them, don't watch them. I don't like watching the Sunday morning preacher shows so I don't watch them. It's so simple!

  93. Debra Lemke-Griffith

    after watching the first episode I Very, very bad.she would not last another season. VERY, VERY BAD!

  94. Debra Lemke-Griffith

    oops I knew she woudn't be back another season, bad very bad!

  95. Deana Magoon

    She looked awkward and like a fish out of water…it was uncomfortable to watch her.

  96. Annette Ellis

    Phenomenal= extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding and astounding…glad she is gone! Phenomenal is all see could say about each contestant. Mario was great, he can handle it all by himself.

  97. Marissa Dominguez

    I'm going to miss khloe and will still be watching your shows of kourtney and kim take miami.

  98. Kimberly Boyd

    Thank god someone is paying attention. She was horrible. So robotic…."so….Simon….what…do you think…..about that? Zzzzzz

  99. Anonymous

    I think she wasn't given much of a chance! Just needs some experience, Khloe is still growing up, my god you people must be perfect with all your criticism. Everyone is learning something new everyday of their life!

  100. Anonymous

    I don't think she had a chance, with little experience. Khloe is still learning like the rest of us, everyday we learn something new. My god people don't be so judgmental!

  101. Barry G. Martin

    Finally one Kardashian is removed from the camera! Now if the rest of this media attentive family can go the same route! No talent, no interest in anything they do or say. Does anyone else agree with me?

  102. Ange Ncali

    Yes! now if we can only ban Keep up with the Kardashians and get Kardashians off media, it would be so much better.She had no personality, so I am not sure what Simon saw in her other than her last name.

  103. Bob Heidbrink

    Great news…This obnoxious pig was excess baggae on the show and incredibly annoying every weeek. Good riddance. Only one host is needed not two and Mario is good at what he does. PLEASE no Kelly Osborne…OMG that would be like out of the frying pan and into the fire…And yes it certainly appears all the female Kardashian HOES heve a distinct affinity for black for whatever reason..But who can figure what makes any of those skanks tick anyway?

  104. Celia Ashton

    I love Khloe, but she was not a good judge on Xfactor. I mean she was just so awkward whenever she came out. I'm glad they decided to just stick with one host.

  105. Rusty Shackleford

    I am so happy! She was pushy at being MC and got tired of seeing that big a. poured in a dress. Glad she is gone, must have been a favor to Ryan Seacrest that she got there to begin with.

  106. Jeff S. Webb

    None of the Kar"trash"dians have any talent other than Kim making a porno movie. The media needs to stop reporting every move these trashy girl make or say.

  107. Bonnie Becnel Slaughter

    I am not surprised. She was not ready for a job like this.

  108. Pamela Smith

    So many of u have posted such mean comments to a story that really has no relevance to your existence. Please take time to open up your own closets and look in your own mirrors before belittling someone else s life.Most of you know that your closet is so full of skeletons that you have pushed out of sight that if you opened the door an avalanche would bury you so you keep them closed pretending to be perfect and project your hatred for your own failures out on complete strangers.Gods greatest commandments are to Love the Lord your God with all your might and to Love your neighbor as yourself….maybe we need to empty those closets so that we can love ourselves and our neighbors then America could get back to a country that other countries look up to and respect!

  109. Tonya Osier

    What tickles me is that she TRIES to look good, poor child. At least she don't have a face full of thick makeup so she can't stick to the wall.

  110. Doris Martin Wilburn

    Maybe I'm still asleep..but did I miss something in this story?

  111. Barbara Jurek

    the best and only celeb is mario on the x factor, poor khloe just doesn't have any stage presence.she needs to take acting lessons to help her seem more believeable in her reality show and more.

  112. Anonymous

    She was put on this show because she NEVER HAD EXPERIENCE AND SIMON WANTED THAT lol ok now she's gone, awesome, cool, and now someone will fill her spot and then you all have something else to bi*ch and complain about! haha don't any of you realize… you hate the Kardashians so much but the more everyone chats about them and tweets and Facebook, blogs etc. is just making them more popular…

  113. Julie Rock Chatellier

    THANK GOODNESS! She made me change the channels when she spoke! Hosting live TV shows is NOT good choice for her!

  114. Demetrious B

    Not surprised. But I don't think she was being herself either. She didn't bring that Khloe factor!

  115. John O'Connell

    I thought she wore unusual looking dresses that were 2 to 3 sizes too small. She tried but, it wasnt good enough, I'm sure she is laughing all the way to the bank…

  116. Shaunette Stephen

    You people are just so nasty… Anyways, I don't think she hurt the show in anyway possible besides the people who obvs couldn't get over themselves because the show is about the talent acts not the damn hosts… such a shame people focused on that..

  117. Anonymous

    See ya! She was brutal to watch on the show. The entire family is talentless and annoying.

  118. Dawn Jacobs

    She was just awful. First off, who is she and what is her claim to fame other than that stupid reality show her mother came up with? At least if she were talented or an asset to the show I could see it but she contributed nothing. I'm glad she's gone.

  119. Kathy Treanor

    Personally, I think Kloe is the most grounded Kardashian female. I'd like to see her have her own talk show. The others should just disappear.

  120. Lisa Alessi Plofker

    I like her, but she was not showing her personality on thbe X Factor and appeared very stiff. Just not her niche. She would probably be great at a talk show where she can just be herself. Unfortunately, it is her mom, Kris, who has gotten a talk show.

  121. Beverly Durant


  122. Beverly Durant

    Tunderwood, first of all a white man is with a Kardashian. Her name is Kourtney and secondly, the first cave man was a White man. Do your history. If you are 21. Pretty much you don't have a clue about life. Please stop making yourself look ignorant. Stay in a child's place. Just because you are 21 doesn't make you grown.

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