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John McCain Claims ‘Massive Cover-Up’ On Benghazi

McCain Claims Massive Cover Up Benghazi

John McCain claimed a “massive cover-up” surrounds the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012. The Republican senator’s comments were made during an interview on Sunday’s Meet The Press.

McCain was on the show to speak about the contentious confirmation of defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel.

Yahoo! News reports that the Arizona senator told host David Gregory:

“There are so many answers we don’t know. We’ve had two movies about getting bin Laden and we don’t even know who the people who were evacuated from the consulate the day after the [Benghazi] attack.”

Gregory pressed McCain on the issue, asking what he meant by “a massive cover-up.” McCain responded by saying:

“[It is a cover-up of] the information concerning the deaths of four brave Americans. The information has not been forthcoming … I’ll be glad to send you a list of the questions that have not been answered.”

McCain’s claim of a massive cover-up on the Benghazi attacks is something the congressman has pushed for months. CNN notes that he has been very outspoken since the attack and has gone to great lengths to get answers from the Obama administration.

McCain and fellow Republican Senators Kelly Ayotte and Lindsey Graham called for answers from the White House last week about Benghazi before they were willing to vote for Chuck Hagle’s nomination.

While some of those answers were given, John McCain said he still will not vote for Hagel’s nomination. He explained:

“I don’t believe he’s qualified. But I don’t believe that we should hold up his nomination any further.”

Do you agree with Senator John McCain’s claim that there is a massive cover-up surrounding the Benghazi attacks last September?

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46 Responses to “John McCain Claims ‘Massive Cover-Up’ On Benghazi”

  1. Bobbie M. Green

    It sure appears to be a cover up. Rest assured that "things and dealings" will eventually surface. It always does.

  2. Anonymous

    Anything that has Obamas signature on it is a cover-up.
    Notice that all the people Obama selects are anti-Israel, anti-capitalists, anti-business, anti-warm anti-military & very liberal.
    Most somehow follow or have something close to his ideology… socialism.

    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the.
    gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill.

  3. Jim Campbell

    From prison in Hanoi all the way to today, John McCain has spent a lifetime serving his country, giving, not taking. I will stand by him any day over Obama.

  4. Frank Monahan

    suggesting that the commentator doesn't care that four Americans died is out of line Senator. He was merely trying to figure out what you had suggested by a cover up. By the way, you never answered.

  5. Joseph Bower

    Fact: We have four dead Americans and a President who wanted to blame it all on a video that no one saw. Ten hours during the attack on the consulate, the President did not bother to check in with his Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and even inquire on their safety. This all happen on 9-11 and all Judy can say is "sour grapes". How sad.

  6. Frank Monahan

    that Churchill quote is awesome. Especially considering the fact that he was partnered with FDR and the UK has its challenges with socialistic policies. The struggle to maintain freedoms of all sorts, including economic freedoms is very real in aging societies and struggling economies.

  7. Steve Allison

    I have always like john…thought he was a good man, so if chucks not the man for the job… tell me why hes not!

  8. Joan Putnam

    Wish someone would take him home and just forget him hes a nut case for sure don't no why they still have him there doesn't look to me like he has his head all there.

  9. Larry Fyne

    The fact the WH hasn't been forthcoming on why no support was given to these assasinated Americans is answer enough Mr. Monahan. You know it's speculated Stevens & the crew were there running guns, don't you? That's why no support was given. This administration wanted the link broken, IMO.

  10. Anita Henley Phillips

    And yet, most Jewish people support the president. Could it be that you and those of your ilk, twist and lie every time you try and make a point? Like it or not, libs are Americans too and we are sick of lies and corruption.

  11. Anita Henley Phillips

    To suggest that "no one" cared about 4 lives being lost, is total minipulating the situation, to inflame passions about the issue on the GOP side. Sad that we are still playing politics when our nation needs congress to step up, put their big panties on, and do something to get the countries economy going. I'm betting, Ambassador Stevens would have been the first to say he knew the risk of his job, he CHOSE to go to Benghazi and didn't expect his problems to be addressed personally by the white house! Nuts to think, the president, with all his responsiblilties, has adirect line to the hundreds of embassies or consulates around the world. Several other presidents have LOST Americans on their watch! Why is this different? Time for McCain and all those who want SOMETHING POLITICAL out of this terrible situation, to just shut up, retire, go home. Senator McCain, if you got proof of something, present it. If you got a valid reason for Chuck Hagel not to be Secretary of Defense, tell us. Otherwise, enjoy your endless days off, then get back to Washington and LEAD this congress to some solutions to our VERY REAL PROBLEMS! You and your ilk are wasting time and money, that according to you, we don't have.

  12. Anita Henley Phillips

    And Reagan, Bush 1 & 2, Johnson, Nixon, on & on. This is not an issolated inccident of Americans being killed on foriegn soil.

  13. Dale King

    Philip, your command of the English language, the way you can sum up the situation with one word, has inspired me to comment in the same vein on you and the rest of the Obama sycophants : "Bootlickers."

  14. Dale King

    Anita Henley Phillips Yet you voted for OBAMA, the most corrupt politician since Taft? And why did you drag Jewish people into this? Even Israelis think American Jews are more Marxist than Libertarian.

  15. Denise Machuta

    john is right! there has been an unbelievable amount of jibberish from obama and clinton and for anyone with a working brain to think otherwise is revolting to me. your democratic blinders are on too tight, maybe you people should look at FACTS and stop this name calling and asserting that anyonne that dosent swallow obamas excuses or lies is a raceist I'm really tired of that one. as for clinton, to refuse to answer questions from congress until SHE was good and ready is CRIMINAL. Then to come out with a massive contribution to her 2016 presidential run made by some annonimous GREEK billionaire, are you all blind? Look up Whitewater, look up clinton crimes in arkansas and study the facts and STOP being blindly obediant to these people and ask questions, we deserve the answers, what are these people doing in our NAME, around the world, to make everyone hate Americans so much or did john make that one up too?

  16. Dale King

    To paraphrase Hillary "Who do you trust with that 3:00 A.M. phone call?". It sure as hell shouldn't have been Obama. It didn't fit the narrative of "al-Queda has been decimated", so they were left to tough it out with no military intervention and four Americans died for Obama's re-election campaign talking point. My God, what a fearless leader you sheeple have elected! And you "libs" (Marxists) wonder why freedom- loving Americans have dug in our heels on so-called assault rifles? LOL

  17. Anita Henley Phillips

    Ignorrant rant. I'm an American too, to the horror of you paranoid "right"ousness. Suck on that. Dig in your heels, shoot your neighbor, seceede, it's your ass. We still have laws and you'll be the one who takes the consequences.

  18. Anita Henley Phillips

    @ Dale, the original post says he's "anti-Israel" not me! Maybe you would make more sense if you read what you're whinning about.

  19. Anita Henley Phillips

    She was hurt! Talk about having "blinders"!!! You "we hate Obama" people, have had those on since the president started campaigning. John hasn't been right about ANYTHING in 5 years. I HEARD the answers, apparently, you would too if you'd clean all that hate out of your head.

  20. Anita Henley Phillips

    You know personally what the president did? Wow. You know what he said? When he said or didn't say it? Why aren't they calling you to testify?

  21. Richard Wayne

    You're right Dale they ordered the onslaught, Repubs all about starting wars Dems have to clean up!

  22. Anita Henley Phillips

    BS. YOU do not know what they knew, or what came down then either. How come your not concerned that Sec. of State Condi Rice had been notified and warned that al quida was on the move and planning to strike the USA? Bush, being the president at that time, should have been notified and held responsible for those 3,000 + lives! You rep's always err on the side of "Lets say and do what we THINK went down, to make us look like we know what we are talking about." IE: "priority" MAKE THE PRESIDENT LOOK BAD. The GOP's priorities doesn't always work out the way the want, do they? The president was re-elected. Now, if we can just tolerate 4 more years of lies, distortion, comspiracies and the never ending HATE from the right, we'll start all over since you all will lose the next election too! Hug your gun if it makes you feel better. :)

  23. Anita Henley Phillips

    60 people were killed in consulates or embassies on W's watch world wide, but mostly in the middle east! Where's your outrage about that? We were already in the "war on terrorism", why that many security failures? Was there even one hearing on any of those? No. Didn't think so. Makes Benghazi pale in comparison.

  24. Dale King

    HaHa. Ignorant rant, eh? Pot calling the kettle black mean anything to you? Oh, wait, that's racist in Anita's PC worldview. When those rifles are needed there will not be any laws I have to worry about. And, since you didn't deny being a Marxist, you are really just the same kind of anti-American my family has fought against for over 300 years in and out of the US. We're still here and still willing to fight for freedom. Just remember, only 30% of the colonists wanted independence from England.

  25. Mike Price

    McCain is right. This is a massive cover-up. The facts don't match and it's all finger pointing. The fact is Penata knew it was an terrorist attack almost immediately per his testimoney so, why did Rice, Obama and Clinton spin this tale about a video and a protest? Can say election. The massive cover-up was about the election.

    I blame Obama for doing nothing, Rice for lying as well as Clinton. Peneta seems to be the only one telling the truth although, I question his statement that there wasn;t enough time to help our people. My sense is that you would only know this after the fact so, why didn't the President and Peneta oder air support? They would not have known how long this attack would last nor how long our people copuld have held the terrorist off. This is a cowards call here…if you wnated to help air supporty would have been in the air and on the way…this is what the President should have ordered immediately under these conditions. Failure to act is un-Ameircan.

  26. Anita Henley Phillips

    Dale, is a fascist better than a marxist? I've for AMERICA! My ancestors have been here probably just as long and fought, just as hard, for our country, so don't go trying to pull the "I'm more American than you" crap.

  27. William Fisher

    Say whatever you want, all of you who have no idea what the facts are (because remember there are only one set of facts, everything else is opinion and witch hunting), just please don't have the audacity to tell me you're bitching about Benghazi if you somehow managed to support the George W. Bush administration after about the middle of 2002. Dale you want to be a glorified history teacher in a comment room, go for it. But please turn off Faux News before you start your preachin' and remember, just like my 'comments' here, that's actually all you should be taking from Bill O'Reilly and the crew. The men you are regurgitating, often nearly verbatim, are not newsmen. They are commentators. As for John McCain, sorry, but until he comes up with something more than a grumpy face and a gut feeling, it seems a lot like sour grapes.

  28. Anonymous

    That McCain could not answer Gregory's question with anything remotely substantive says it all…. McCain continues to try to take a non-issue and turn it into a political bat. What a huge waste of time and energy – and a tragic disservice to the people who died.

  29. Anita Henley Phillips

    Dale King – I am confident that President Clinton would have OK'd the killing of bin Laden IF he knew he was plotting 9/11. You are right, I am emotional. That is something rep's can't understand because of their stone cold dead hearts. Thank God most Americans lean left or at least in the middle! I just had another die hard republican tea bagger to tell me I need to let go of the Bush years! So Dale, you need to let go of the Clinton years! Isn't that the stupidest thing ever? Why don't we just" let go" of history completely? William, I haven't heard one history FACT out of cowboy Dale yet! Only the constant drum of rep talking poiints and paranoid conspiracy. "Singing in the rain.

  30. Gary Breitigam

    Ambassador Stevens was left as a sacrifice by the Obama administration as to cover up the transport of weapons into Syria and the muslim brotherhood. It was all about weapons and Obama used Stevens to over see it then left him to whatever fate came his way. That's why the cover up.

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