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Beyonce Reveals Baby Blue Ivy’s Face In HBO Special


Beyonce has decided to give a little update on how her daughter Blue Ivy has grown into her looks since releasing photos right after her birth. Blue Ivy, who celebrated her first birthday weeks ago, is truly a product of both Beyonce and Jay-Z.

In preparation for her first documentary Life is But A Dream, which is set to air on HBO on Saturday, Beyonce released a photo of her holding her daughter, Blue Ivy. In the documentary Blue Ivy’s journey into the world is recorded for the world to see. Beyonce also takes on the emotional task of shedding a light on her miscarriage in the documentary.

The private singer hasn’t been too open about her private life, and this documentary from the marketing, looks like it will open the lid up on Beyonce’s trials and tribulations. In the trailer for Life is But A Dream Beyonce ponders the troubles of keeping private, but being accessible and soulful to her millions of fans. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why she’s decided to let people have a glimpse into her world.

Leading up to the airing of the documentary is an exclusive interview with Oprah for OWN, which airs Saturday at 8, an hour before Beyonce debuts Blue Ivy. Sitting down with Oprah, Beyonce opened up about her normally private relationship with Jay-Z: “I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man/ It just gives me such a foundation.”

Will you be watching Beyonce’s HBO special? Who do you think Blue Ivy looks like?

Check out the trailer for Life is But A Dream:

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6 Responses to “Beyonce Reveals Baby Blue Ivy’s Face In HBO Special”

  1. Melissa Robinson

    She says she was pregnant the first time at the 2011 billboards but miscarried then how did she get pregnant again and give birth in January 2012 do the math something is not adding up

  2. Sandi Buckland

    Looking for a new conspiracy theory? She revealed her 2nd pregnancy at the Billboard Awards.

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