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Prof. Bans Fox News Because It Makes Her ‘Cringe’

Syllubus Bans Fox News

A professor has decided to ban Fox News as a research source for students, according to a West Virginia college syllabus. The professor is now drawing the criticism of some students and parents.

The West Liberty University syllabus allegedly contains instructions banning students from citing Fox News as a source during any research they conduct for their political science course. The document also singles out an openly fictional news organization called The Onion.

According to Fox News, the ban is the work of Stephanie Wolfe, a visiting assistant professor. Wolfe allegedly wrote the following guidelines for her students:


1) The Onion — this is not news this is literally a parody

2) Fox News — The tagline ‘Fox News‘ makes me cringe. Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from The Onion

An article by WTOV News writes that the entry sparked complaints from students and parents. Some feel that allowing the restrictions forces students to lean toward one side of the political fence. Fox News is considered to be politically conservative.

Robin Capehart, president of West Liberty University, spoke about the Fox News ban:

“One of our values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion. If students have concerns about these types of issues, they can approach their department chair, they can approach the dean.”

Do you think West Liberty University should allow a professor to ban Fox News from her curriculum?

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214 Responses to “Prof. Bans Fox News Because It Makes Her ‘Cringe’”

  1. Sergio Mendez

    bet she encourages msnbc………why does she not go teach in cuba, venezuela, china, north korea or any of those shit holes and let America be…..communist socialist marxist.

  2. Heather Johnson

    Or the students can just suck it up and realize that sometimes professors have rules that do not always make sense. That's life.

  3. Sergio Mendez

    bet she encourages msnbc…..why does she not go teach in cuba, venezuela, north korea, china or any of those shit holesand let America be…….communist, socialit, marxist $unt.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, The Onion is parody/satire (untrue and inaccurate reporting) and FOXNEWS is slander and intentional deception (untrue and inaccurate reporting). So The claim of "values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion" is spurious at best -in fact ridiculous.

    Should the students also interview mumbling derelicts on street corners wearing tin foil hats to keep the UFO and CIA rays out of their brains, as sources? Might as well if FOXNEWS is going to be considered 'source material'.

    The Professor not only did the only right thing here, she (it appears to transpire) did the brave thing.
    It is no longer a matter of getting factual information from all sides if biased sources are used to construct or back a paper on political science.

    Science is about the facts. FOXNEWS is about distorting the facts for political purposes. Plain and simple. Come on America, wake up. At least THE ONION knows what it sees in the mirror- and at least they are open, and honest about being political parody. So while they indeed DO serve a needed and useful purpose in a democratic society, they are not fit for research or background for study or gathering of facts -certainly for impressionable students.

    If FOXNEWS represented themselves as parody or satire, they would hold an equal (though still nauseous) place in our society. By representing themselves and their presentation -at least to simple-minded folks- as NEWS, they are a definite corroding factor to the fabric of a free society.

    Hats off to Professor Stephanie Wolfe! and my condolences, in advance, for all the misguided grief she will get from fools across the nation for trying to teach true American values and (universal) principles of truth and accuracy to our upcoming generation.

  5. Sergio Mendez

    bet she oreders msnbc, why does she not go teach her crap in cuba, venezuela, china, north korea or any oter of those shit holes and lets America be…….commuist, marxist, socialist $unt.

  6. Phillip Moya

    It could be worse she could require them to use nothing but Fox News. If that were the case Romney would be mentioned as winning the election.

  7. Matthew de Lellis

    And ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, NY Times and all the rest of the MSM are NOT biased? Is that the assumption? For a Political Science instructor to BAN ANY form of political thought is very short-sided. What she wants then is NOT discourse on the subject,….she wants agreement: Classic Hegelian thought process. This person should NOT be teaching Poly Sci to anyone.

  8. Michael Hiller

    …so what? there are a lot of professors that will fail you straight out if you get your info from Wikipedia since it basically just skims the information. Her class…let her teach the way she wants to…besides, she is correct. Fox News is ANYTHING but a news channel.

  9. Anonymous

    It's better than getting information from MSNBC left wing liberal bias!

  10. Kirk Vakey

    Another example of liberal intolerance…unable to be exposed to thoughts and views counter to their own they silence and attempt to ban.

  11. Michael Hiller

    MSNBC is a liberal leaning station..but at least they don't make things up out of thin air and then report them as a story with facts…

  12. Nathan Caldwell

    I think it is a professor's right to be able to ban a biased television program as source material for her students. I would, however, make it clear that it is okay for them still to watch Fox. This can be a lesson in learning how to think independently. News programs are supposed to be unbiased sources of information. Fox News should be honest and call themselves 'Fox News Commentary.' They editorialize every story they report. They are not an objective information source. Their practices are not against the law, but they are passing themselves off as a straight news source when they steer the viewer toward conservative viewpoints. They need a re-branding to be honest with consumers. If there is a liberal-leaning 'news source,' (possibly MSNBC), the professor should ban them as a source, as well. I think students are better served to watch a local TV station, and cite material from their national coverage. Local stations usually don't have any other agenda than straight reporting.

  13. Carl Thomas Natalina

    Typical Liberal response to Fox news. Unlike MSNBC Fox has both sides of the issue with guests debating both sides. You will never see that on MSNBC. Probably has never watched more that 15 minutes of Fox. Sean Hannity rules. This professor is a close minded hack. If my child had a class with her I would pull her out.

  14. Russell Young

    How about "The O'Rilley Factor", I know I will get "thats not a reputable news source" at least he won't shout down a guest becauce he dosen't like their views, only when they spout nonsense

  15. Michael Anderson

    The ratings for FOX have blown away CNN and MSNBC for years now. Just Google it. CNN's rating are at an all time low. MSNBC is only on the air because General Electric owns them, and we all know that GE's CEO is a big buddy of Obama. The Mainstream Media and the Left Wing Media are one in the same.

  16. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure this is covered in the Bill Of Rights according to CNN, something about Freedom Of Speech.

  17. Matthew de Lellis

    News reporting, by its very nature IS biased, especially in the current news environment. The POINT is that IF one uses a source as "research" then it is incumbent upon that person to support the research and back it up with fact. If it does not pass that test then it is false info. Charging students to do what they think is right and then allowing them to prove or disprove the hypothesis IS what education is supposed to be about,…..its called LEARNING. Just telling a prof what they want to hear is a waste of time and resources. THAT is not Learning. Let the "truths" that the students discover stand on their merit and be proved true or false on the same. Opinion, is NOT fact. Opinion IS biased.

  18. Pam Dart

    I am not a liberal, but Fox News is like watching something from Pravda. For those of you not old enough, Pravda back in the day was the Propaganda News for Soviet Union.

  19. Pete Marcello

    Both sides? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sean Hannity RULES? More like DROOLS!.. A liberal opinion on Faux News would be the first time ever… CNN has more balanced stuff….

  20. James Cox

    Why not compare FOXNEWS to MSNBC or other liberal propaganda sources? This is totally slanted according to politcal preference. Liberals see FOX as slander and intentional deception while conservatives see MSNBC in the same light. It's all perspective generated. At least FOXNEWS brings subjects and critiicism of the current administration that the Obama media lapdogs won't touch. What liberals hate about FOXNEWS is its popularity, beating MSNBC in the ratings hands down.

  21. Pete Marcello

    Scott.. remaxoverinflatedprices… yeah… okay… what, um… ever… Typical Faux News comment style so it could be understood by you.. note.. no words over 4 letters in the basic comment.

  22. Lanny Bailey

    So, everyone is saying that CNN is not biased in the other direction? I'm an independant and depending on your conservative or liberal views, one is no better than the other. If FOX is so powerful, how did the republicans lose to such a loser? I'll use that word instead of the truth. Call me FOX I guess.

  23. Anonymous

    Since students are free to attend West Liberty or not as well as deciding which classes to take, they can do as they please. As for me, I would not take her class. This appears to be more of a personal preference of a teacher vs an academic issue.

  24. Larry Austin

    Everything said about fox news, could be said in spades about msnbc, cnn, cbs, nbc, abc,—–It is only the liberals who think of themselves as far smarter than us low brow cave man conservitives.

  25. Carl Martin

    She has no right to prevent anyone from watching what ever they want to gather information.
    Everyone needs to here both sides of an issue.
    This is just another case of if the Democrats don't like something ban it!

  26. Anonymous

    Political science is a LIBERAL arts course, is it not? I am surprised her head does not spin around and she spews green-pea soup!

  27. Enrique Elizondo

    The Supreme Court said that Cable News did not have to tell the truth. What is actually to be used if all are biased? I believe it said Cable news and not Journalistic Discoveries, there is a difference.I do knoe the Supreme Crap said that though.

  28. Toni Terrell

    Seems that Stephanie's visitation should be up now. Oh, why does she not go on the O'Reilly show for a fair and balanced debate? Could it be that she is a coward? I thought so!

  29. Anonymous

    NUMBER ONE in the ratings,constantly. Yeah,you sure sound like you know what your talking about.

  30. Anonymous

    I say, ban Profs who use a lower case d when writing about their superiors. Idiot, for all kinds of reasons.

  31. Anonymous

    I say, ban Profs who use a lower case d when writing about their superiors. Idiot, for all kinds of reasons.

  32. Don Davis

    Let students be capable of seeing all sides of an issue. This liberal professor is no longer teaching. She is DICTATING!

  33. Kenneth Patrick Morrow

    What makes me cringe is an educator who forces students to be subject to propaganda from one side. Sure sounds like freedom to me.

  34. David Page

    must be A stupid black they are incapable of thought.. some one else has to tell me them so the little colored boy must had told the bitch what to do.

  35. Anonymous

    stevewrench And Fox news is on a regular basis blown away by reruns of NCIS and pro-wrestling. Popularity != legitimacy, in fact more often than not, by its very nature propoganda based sites, media, etc.. tend to be very "popular" because their views are so far outside of the mainstream, it becomes the opnly go to source for the fringe minority.

    For example if you are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job… your options are limited so the few popular "9/11 was an inside job" videos and websites get a ton of views, however when you're views are based on reality you have a wide variety of choices in which to get information.. thus you have a much wider array of viewing options and thus no single source dominates. Which is why yes, Fox has high ratings, but about 96% of the country gets their news from a non-Fox news source (mostly local news)

  36. Douglas Coval

    If Fox was Pavda it would only be regugitating what Obama said never anything agains him. Also Pravda was a purely left wing Communist pile of excerment.

  37. Anonymous

    Pete Marcello Looks like you never heard of Juan Williams, Bob beckel, Alan Combs, etc.

  38. John Teter

    This "educational" philosophy has been infiltrating our public school systems since the 60's, resulting in he election and re-election of a socialist President.

  39. Anonymous

    I think Fox News is nothing more then another voice of the conservative right. However I will defend to the deasth their right to be that and the students should be allowed to use them as a source a well as The Onion. This Prof needs to talk to their therapist regarding how they feel about either one of these sources.

  40. Anonymous


  41. Role Guy

    No Heather, if you want an education in polical science you drop the class and inform he dean and administration why you are changing instructorsl This visiting professor is not educating students she is indoctronating them. You must exame and research both sides of an issue objectively to learn and reach a conclusion you can support. "Instrutors" like this one do not belong on staff.

  42. Bob Hebee

    Liberals claim to be the all inclusive Party; unless, of course, you disagree with them. Then you are the ENEMY. No wonder our Government is broken.

  43. Eric Acosta

    This is my favorite argument. So because McDonalds has served billions, that makes their food "better" than a fancy steak house? It's sad that there are so many stupid people, but that doesn't make Fox News right, or even news.

  44. Mikaela Dodson

    Hah. Not quite. In a survey it was shown only 6% of scientists were Republicans. The Republicans at their own convention had people throwing peanuts to an African American reporter. Republicans as an average whole have a lower IQ, less traveled and less inclined to the arts (a indicator we use even to judge a society, past or present).

  45. Paul Crandall

    The antichrist or the false prophet Obama will use executive order to repeal the 2nd ammendment..He will empower a social police force ala Nazi Germany Brown shirts to turn in neighbors who violate his agenda and then he will make it a crime to speak out against the government… Fox News is a real threat to his supreme agenda as they use critical thinking and facts to report the news… God help the United States of America and help us wake up from our malaise and stop being a lukewarm nation… Help us please!

  46. Eric Acosta

    Not very high, but they don't seem to brag about how many people watch them. If that's the standard of excellence then Pro Wrestling has them all beat.

  47. Mark Henson

    If your child had a class with her I you would pull her out ? I feel sorry for your child to have you are their parent. FOX is a joke !

  48. Paul DeCroix

    I do not find Fox news to be bad at all. It's the other ones I have issue with. The media is so liberal that anytime anyone speaks a word of reality in America today they are accused of being SO bad. I can't bare to watch MSNBC because they distort the news and are so obviously in the Obama camp. Fox news on the other hand gives both sides a fair and balanced view. That's my opinion anyway. I say fire the professor as she is an idiot.

  49. Paul Crandall

    OReilly has owned it's time slot for 10 straight years you fool… CNN and MSNBC combined have less than 1/4 of the viewing audience of fox news… The rest of the fools watch prime time network garbage like The Bachelor and Survivor.. We are talking about NEWS… FOX has long since been the Number One Cable News Network.. And BTW.. The difference is, you have to buy Cable… The Others are provided by the government/state/advertisers.. Ask yourself why a company like PBS which profited over 350 million dollars in 2012 off of Sesame Street needs our tax dollars to support them… Wake up and join the fight for the good guys… We are trying to save a Nation.. Read 20th century history on Nazi Germany and The USSR….

  50. Mark Henson

    William Doak if fox was so powerfull with thier"number 1" rating then why did they not use that power to have their boy Romeny win ? Seems like being "number 1" means nothing to the american people .

  51. Anonymous

    Mikaela Dodson- In a survey it was shown that you are a complete lying fool as well. thankfully Liberals are breeding themselves out of existence… idiot.

  52. Anonymous

    I have always believed higher education bred Liberalism, now there can be no doubt.

  53. Anonymous

    Jon Stewart is a more reliable source.
    Fox News fails in its humor parody as a news station.

  54. James Cox

    Well Larry, Mikaela is a perfect example of what you posted. @ Mikaela, grow a brain and realize that you've been brain-washed by the liberal education system to believe things that are simply not true.

  55. Anonymous

    Republicans may be just a step ahead of cavemen and I think the Onion is a better source for "news" than Fox "news"! At least the writing is better.

  56. Anonymous

    Republicans are just a step ahead of cavemen and I do believe the Onion is a better source for "news" than Fox"news"! At least the writing is better!

  57. Debbie Cooper

    @Ellen, don't you know it isn't prejudice when it's the liberals who censor and forbid? They consider that type of thinking good sense. It's only biased when Republicans pull that kind of crap. Everyone jumped all over the moronic professor in Florida who voiced his opinions on the Sandy Hook massacre, but will stand in support of this left wing nut job. It's a bunch of hypocritical bulls**t. Her ideas make me "cringe."

  58. Glenn J. Conte

    Hey Larry these younger generations were brain washed from birth, they are part of the movement that has divided political parties and now NEWS to the point were we are now. Once the baby boom generation are all retired and gone, prosperity will come with us.

  59. Anonymous

    Canada will not license Fox News to broadcast in that nation because it is illegal to lie and label it as news.
    This is a very easily verifiable fact use any search engine, just don't ask Fox.

  60. Debbie Cooper

    Look at the big brain on obnoxious Pete, Mr "various colleges". Impressive… NOT!!!!

  61. Anonymous

    Know what makes me cringe? Liberal college professors, corrupting students with crap like this.

  62. Debbie Cooper

    Dennis, Freedom of Speech is just another of those bothersome amendments that the liberals like to trample on, & do away with.

  63. Kathleen Renn

    Fox News expresses the personal bias of Rupert Murdoch. Anyone who doubts this should watch the video "Outfoxed". Fair and unbiased? You've got to be kidding me. No one should use sources that are unreliable.

  64. Tony Helminger

    If you think this is the only professor out there that feels this way you are sadly mistaken. The colleges are full of these idiots and to think they are teaching the future leaders of our world. Heaven help us all.

  65. Anonymous

    Mikaela Dodson …You sound prejudiced and a bit stupid yourself. Where do you get your Republicans are less intelligent theory? Have to laugh at that one because the one indelible thing about intelligence that we have discovered over the last 50 years is that its definition and measures are subjective. Intelligence is a complex concept.

  66. Matt Feldbusch

    Mikaela Dodson you show the world that liberals are the arrogant snobs they hold republicans out to be…

  67. Gregory James Copeland

    Yes, anyone who understands college level research can understand why FoxNews should never be used as a reputable source. I'm surprised it is banned more places.

  68. Bonnie Szymanski

    Absolutely NOT! These professors in general have way too much power in all matters, polluting students minds, who are paying for and education.

  69. Craig Sherman

    Even I, an ignorant conservative, know that "a indicator" is grammatically incorrect. I guess an IQ of 128 might make me "AN" idiot republican, but I paid attention in school back in the day when trying to push a liberal agenda was unheard of. Learn English Mikaela, and check your facts while you're at it.

  70. Wade Sickler

    Intentional disninformtion and lies are not legitimate "alternate views" or thoughts, they're just intentional disinformation and lies.

  71. Chris Barnes

    If I was your parents I'd be ashamed of you, but then again, it's probably because of them that you're as you're as bigoted as you are.

  72. Buddy Wilkins

    this prof should be kept away from all studentsShe sounds like the President my way or the hi-way and we see what its doing to the country.

  73. Jim Ford

    Mr. Coval – FOX cannot get a license in Canada. Why? Canada claims FOX lies. I believe the Canadians have a good point. PS: The other major U.S. stations all have Canadian licenses.

  74. Steve Young

    Conservatives attack ideas they don't agree with.
    Liberals attack people they don't agree with.

  75. Stanton Kramer

    Mikela Dodson… You have no idea of the truth. As a working artist and active musician, I can tell you that most of my collegeagues and friends are conservative, if not republican. Most, are college educated with many having advanced degrees. Some come from other countries and cringe when they see how far left the United States is leaning. You illustrate the problems with most liberals… You like to feel and speak, rather than think first before speaking. Have a nice day.

  76. Chris Barnes

    They can also walk out and drop the damn course..No one has the right to censor anyone.

  77. Donald Maginnis

    NPR is being funded by the government they are supposed to be watching. Doesn't sound dangerous at all.

    And pointing to the intelligence level of radio listeners vs tv viewers is like comparing apples to oranges. Anyone who has followed studies on TV and radio marketing knows that radio listeners are more informed in general. Also, I have seen a lot of those studies rating the "intelligence" and "level of being informed" and a great deal of them base whether someone is "informed" if they agree with certain things that are not facts but opinions. A lot of those studies are completely bogus.

  78. Raymond Borghi

    Teachers actually accept science, some of my fellow relatives won't like this, how ever, we have 2 hemispheres in our brains for a reason, some of the antics, statements bogle common sense.

  79. Virgil Rochester

    So much for open thought and critical thinking. When you have professors telling students what they can read and research, the answers they are looking for are a foregone conclusion. That is one of the reasons that I studied math, because I got tired of the subjectivity and having to feed back what the professor said. On the other hand, those were easy As, once you figured out what the Prof wanted.

  80. Curtis Kendrick

    It is true that Fox News is biased in favor of conservatives. But I don't understand why it is ok for CNN and MSNBC to lean left but Fox News gets bashed for leaning right. If Mikaela Dodson is correct about this survey that she chose not to cite, I think it is safe to say that Republicans do much more with their "lower IQs" than Democrats do with their allegedly superior ones. I have a genius level IQ and I am a conservative and a Republican. It comes down to values not how smart I am when it comes to my politics, and it is an insult to say otherwise. Also, I didn't realize that the primary indicators of societies throughout history were IQ, propensity to travel, and inclination to the arts? But then I'm just a stupid, ignorant Republican right?

  81. Tony Helminger

    Laughing all the way to the bank eh Charlie? Obviously you haven't listened to the very Reverend Al Sharpton mumbling thru his dialogue? Or the spitter Chris Mathews spitting all over anyone that is stupid enough to stand within 10 feet of him? You are an idiot.

  82. Curtis Kendrick

    rihje852 There is always at least one mudslinger that jumps at an opportunity to call Fox News "propaganda." That is pure ignorance. One can't simply label views inconsistent with their own as propaganda.

  83. Curtis Kendrick

    Pete Marcello because Dennis Kucinich, Bob Beckel, and Alan Colmes aren't liberal contributors to Fox News? The moment you resort to insults and sarcasm is the exact moment in which you lose your credibility.

  84. Marie Wagenaar

    BANS it? So much for "choice" and "diversity" of thought and information. Can somebody tell this lady that she's a teacher, and not GOD?

  85. Curtis Kendrick

    The key word in your explanation would be "claims." Also, liberalism has been a driving force in Canadian politics since the 18th century. The same cannot be said for the United States. Why would Fox want to broadcast in Canada anyway, as it is obvious they don't share our passion for freedom of speech and expression.

  86. Marie Wagenaar

    Transfer out or get your money back! This professor is not giving her students their educational value for the money–proven by her attempts to dictate what sources are valid and which are not, to HER. If SHE can't think critically, or be objective, how can she teach others to?

  87. Marie Wagenaar

    If they did they might get an education… discerning facts vs opinion, that might be a good lesson. I admit Fox is abrasive as a news channel, but when I've researched from other sources what they report, they are right on the money. I can't say the same for the other news channels, there is always something they leave out that comes out later.

  88. Joe Burchard

    Smart Lady, I wish we had more professors like her then maybe the younger generation wouldn't be so brainwashed by the nuts at fox news.

  89. Joe Burchard

    You people who think you know what a Liberal thinks don't have a clue. You watch fox and and listen to Rush and live in your own uninformed world.

  90. Lanny Bailey

    Yes Mikaela, as FOX would say, just answer the question. The question is, "where are your stats" and keep to the facts, not what is here say"

  91. Curtis Kendrick

    Individuals get to choose what they watch in this country, and if it's Fox News then its Fox News. CNN and MSNBC are no better. They are no worse either. Where people overreact is by claiming that there is only bias from one side of the aisle. I'm a conservative but I have no qualms admitting that other conservatives distort the truth. However, I'm also no naive enough to believe that just one side "spins." I don't watch any news networks because I choose to interpret events as my own values and experiences lead me to. But please don't resort to insults and name-calling. Keep in mind some of those "nuts" at Fox News include Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, and Dennis Kucinich.

  92. Carol Near Schreck

    Wade Sickler — in a liberal mind anything they do not agree with is a lie. Funny before Fox the libs like you agreed with all the major networks. I wonder why?? LOL. Tell me who was the conservative network you hated before Fox Came on the scene. OOOH– tough question

  93. Kini AlohaGuy

    At least with Fox News you get news! The other pretend to be cable news stations are just Obama propaganda sycophants like this assistant prof. Ratings don't lie either, Fox consistently has a 3x audience over any of the other networks. It's a simple formula, Fair and Balanced reporting: Fox lets the viewer decide from an intellectual point of view. You don't get that from the other cable networks and even from the big 3, ABC, CBS and NBC. CNN is a joke and MSNBC is mostly racist and bigoted. I mean really, who can take Al Sharpton seriously? Or Piers Morgan? Wolf Blitzer? Get Real!

  94. Anonymous

    Liberals can't tolerate ONE network that is not liberal. Conservatives have been living with all liberal networks all the time for decades.

  95. Anonymous

    Liberals can't tolerate one network that's not liberal. Conservatives have been tolerating all liberal networks all the time for decades.

  96. Tom DeLafosse

    Wade Sickler Libs own the media and the only one to fight against the exact same thing you claim is Fox News. You brain wash the youth, buy the low income and minority vote with lies and dis-information. Open your ears, but that won't happen will it…

  97. Mike Waldrop

    If people would wake up and realize that what Fox news is, is just a propaganda arm of the Republican party then they would realize this makes perfect sense. Unfortunately for the extreme right wing liberal bashers like Kirk and others on here they are either too naive or racist to realize this. Before anyone jumps on my back and says I am just one of those liberals. Know this, I have seen alot of good common sense ideas from both the left and mainstream right wings But because the extreme right wing has taken over the Republican party and really trashed it I have no respect for most Republicans in congress or on the air waves.

  98. Anonymous

    Carol Near Schreck … Great answer! Nothing like a political science AP locked in academia to have a left-wing slant on everything.

  99. Vince Landolina

    Funny this should come up right now. I just tuned into the FOX show and saw that Juan Williams was the host for the for THE FACTOR. Having seen Juan many time I know he is a strong lefty. But what I thought was this: I WONDER HOW MANY LIB. SHOWS HAVE HAD A CONSERVATIVE HOST THEIR SHOW? Anyone know?

  100. Troy James

    This is exactly why this is not the "democratic" party anymore.
    Disagree with the democratic vote? Then take the to court.
    Make the worker join a union, then take their union dues from their pay check. Don't give them a choice.
    Un-timed pregnancy? Screw that kid. They don't get a vote, abort them. It's all about me!

  101. Jennifer Thurston

    FINALY….I have Been 'Cringing' for Years. Daily Show with Jon Stewart has more Truth. Its to the piont that I can't even Laugh because the Truth shows how Humanity seems to be falling apart! Please Jesus help us All! Amen!

  102. Ron Hughes

    Pete Marcello totally uninformed or misinformed……when i watch Fox, there's always some liberal spewing their thoughts on government taking form one person and giving to another……if you want to hear a liberal, Fox lets them speak……

  103. Ron Hughes

    Pete Marcello totally uninformed or misinformed……when i watch Fox, there's always some liberal spewing their thoughts on government taking form one person and giving to another……if you want to hear a liberal, Fox lets them speak……

  104. Jerry Schull

    It's probably best to look at both/most sides of a case. There is alot of false and misleading info out there. Frankly I don't like Fox news, but I do listen in time to time.

    She may not like Fox news, and I don't blame her, BUT I would look rather poorly at a paper that used only one left or right leaning news reference.

    A college course should teach looking at both sides and being open-minded… otherwise it's just an extension of a propaganda machine. Not good.

  105. Amelia Deluna

    This professor has to read these papers. As far as I'm concerned she can ban anything she likes because it's her curriculum. Plus these students can take stories from FOX news, find the research that FOX uses and use it in their paper. ( and release how much FOX miss represents the research they use).

  106. Bethany April Fourmy

    Mikaela, the citation of evidence that Republicans have a lower IQ as a whole is incorrect. There have not been any verified studies on that. Not that it's relevant in the grand scheme but my IQ is 146 and I'd never be illogical enough to vote Democrat. As for the scientists…their work often depends on GOVERNMENT GRANTS…of course they're not Republicans. Republicans generally don't thrive on HANDOUTS. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  107. Nadja Adolf

    MSNBC is even more biased and reports downright misinformation. Most news agencies are easily misled by bogus stories – remember the doggy bordello parody that attracted the national media and provoked outrage?

    There are even groups of people devoted to creating phony stories and having them reported in order to expose the absolute lack of story-checking in the news industry.

  108. Nadja Adolf

    Mikaela Dodson , not true. I find that liberals are less inclined to mathematics, which is an indicator of whether or not one is even capable of filtering and understanding information. Please post your source; there have been several bogus stories reporting the alleged "facts" that you report. Some of them were deliberate hoaxes done for the sole purpose of revealing the credulousness and lack of story checking done by reporters.

  109. Jennifer Tippit

    She's their professor and can "ban" whatever she likes/dislikes! She's not wrong in saying that FOX News is biased, because it most definitely is! It's Political "Science" and science cannot be biased, it must be open to all conclusions based upon proven facts. And to do research and search facts, one would be foolish to use any media outlet as reference since all media outlets have mixed up facts and fiction numerous amounts of time. And as for all of you people name calling and saying how much better you are from the other, grow the fuck up and realize that bitching like angry children won't change a damn thing! It is what it is and outraging onto people with beliefs contrary to yours makes you look foolish whether you be right or wrong. Force is never met with more than resistance.

  110. Nadja Adolf

    I learned many years ago that to obtain a good grade, mirror the biases of the professor in your work. Years ago a graduate school professor circulated a gun control petition during the first meeting of a class; another professor wanted us to read a book "exposing" the evils of the dreaded conservatives. Not only were these actions completely inappropriate; but they had nothing to do with the subject matter at hand.
    I did report the petition incident to the dean. I doubt any action was taken by the University of Washington. Then I found if I chose my professors carefully, I could actually express my own opinions without being punished. A few of those professors were actually liberals who actually believed in the tolerance most liberals profess, but do not practice.

  111. Gary Clevenger

    Eric Acosta I went over to that website link you listed and right off the bat it compared liberal versus conservative sources and said NPR is neither, it is unbiased. Well that tells me right off that this is a bogus article and your "ACTUAL EVIDENCE" needs to be viewed with much scrutiny. NPR while being public is certainly not conservative at all and is in fact way more biased than most other sources.

  112. Randy Huntington

    US doesn't have 'truth in journalism' laws that other nations such as Canada have. Those laws prohibit lying in the news by banning the broadcast of false or misleading information. The closest thing the US had to such laws – the Fairness Doctrine – was repealed by Republicans during the 1980s. Right around the same time a Republican was hired to start Fox News… Media lies by an unoffical count in 2012 – abc at 139, nbc at 231, cnn at 12, bbc at 42, and fox at 1362. I think it would be great to have that course and those students understand fully the role fox plays in society. It shouldn't be banned, it should be held up very high as an example of the poorest form of mainstream journalism used in the US. And we think they give the truth – we deserve the truth and fox is incapable of doing anything but spinning it to the detriment of all the conservatives who want and desire the truth.

  113. Anonymous

    This is another example of the liberals using their positions to impose only their political liberal views on students.

  114. Larry Austin

    MR. Hiller, bless you, what you dont understand is I used to be just like you know it alls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have finally stopped drinking the kool aid!! Try watching someone besides madow and the ed show!!!!! you may stop the kool aid one day yourself!! good luck!!

  115. Robert Jackson

    Wade SicklerIs disagreeing with someone who disagrees with you….lies and misinformation? Is that really the liberal point of view? Or is it a new version of a Mein Kampf philosophy expressing superiority of the liberal over the views of others.

  116. Fredi Avalos

    I am not surprised by the incivil tone of those who claim to be lovers of free speech and Fox News. Taking cues from Bill O'reilly as to what now passes as public discourse is not surprising in some community blogs, but on a blog for academic is it serves as yet another example of how the "Fox Effect" has permeated even those with advanced degrees.

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