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Dorner Reward Loophole: Los Angeles May Not Have To Pay For Information


The city of Los Angeles offered a lot of money for information regarding the whereabouts of Christopher Dorner, but, after last night’s shootout, the city may be off the hook for their $1 million reward. According to the legalese in the offer, there are a few big loopholes that the LAPD may be able to crawl through.

According to TMZ, there were three major awards offered for information about Dorner. The LA City Council and the LA County Board of Supervisors both offered a $100,000 reward, and the Mayor of Los Angeles offered a $1 million reward.

All of those offers may be void, however, since Dorner was killed during the shootout last night and not captured.

According to CBS, hundreds of tips poured in after Los Angeles put up a $1 million reward, and many believe that those tips directly led police to the cabin in Big Bear. The police may have used citizen information to find Dorner but that doesn’t mean that they’ll have to pay up.

You see, the Mayor of Los Angeles offered $1 million for the “capture and conviction” of Christopher Dorner, but the former officer was presumably killed in the cabin fire last night. And, if Dorner is dead, then it’s going to be pretty hard to convict him. There’s the loophole: No conviction equals no money.

The LA City Council and the LA County Board of Supervisors may also be able to slip through a similar Dorner reward loophole. The City Council offered money for the “the identification, apprehension, and conviction” of Dorner while the Board of Supervisors offered a reward for Dorner’s capture.

But Dorner wasn’t captured, and he certainly wasn’t convicted.

The LAPD may have used citizen information to find Dorner, but, since they weren’t able to take him alive, they probably won’t have to pay a cent to anyone. That, of course, makes the cabin fire last night even more suspicious.

NY Mag reports that two maids are being credited with the tip that led police to Dorner. LAPD spokesperson Richard French said that the department is still talking about how (or if) they will hand out the reward.

French said:

“When there are rewards like this, they have to sit down with investigators and others, including the people who are offering the reward, the organizations who were offering the reward, and they have to kind of figure out how, or if, the reward is going to be distributed.”

Do you think the city of Los Angeles should pay out the reward money?

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145 Responses to “Dorner Reward Loophole: Los Angeles May Not Have To Pay For Information”

  1. Mike Watkins

    cant capture or convict someone when the lapd has been ordered to shoot said person on sight…

  2. Tom Carr

    if they don't pay, the next time they offer a reward will not be taken up by anyone. Fool us once, shame on you, but fool us twice, LOL.

  3. Chuck Thomas

    No surprise here. Consider the source. CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT – WORST IN THE NATION! I'm sure a lot of Dorners complaints were legitimate. Kill him and the complaints are covered up forever and die with him. Kill him and there's their loophole to not pay. This only proves what a bunch of scum are in California law enforcement. Maybe next time the citizen of California won't get involved – let law enforcement do it themselves and risk their own lives. This only adds to the corruption within California law enforcement all across the state.

  4. James Thomas

    That's sad.. and this guy was a cop killer.. they need to be careful because they are going to discourage people from calling in future tips.. the tips they got may have saved cops lives.. the next time the tips may not come in time to do so…

  5. George Boosh

    Next time don't bother helping. His cornering is synonymous with CAPTURE, and his KILLING was synonymous with CONVICTION sans trial, which is exactly what the police intended to do.

    I wonder if Janet Reno had suggested incendiary tear gas bombs or they came up with that on thier own.

  6. Dannon Green

    When is America and people of LA learn that the LAPD is corrupt even when paying a reward they sucker the people.. Those ladies should of never told the police where he was…

  7. Dave Byers

    The l.a police are a bunch of lying cheating dumb fucks. I will never spend any money in that state ever. Wish it would fall off into the ocean.

  8. Joe Richards

    LAPD killed him in cold blood to avoid paying the reward money – next time let the guy kill as many police as he wants and don't give any info that will lead them to him! FUCK THEM CHEAP COMMIE BASTARDS.

  9. Anonymous

    see how they are and what can you do. NOTHING WELCOME TO THE CLUB THAT's WHY THIS ALL HAPPENED!

  10. Anonymous

    If any lead led to the location of Mr. Dorner, which directly lead to ending something that could have gone on at the cost of more lives, then they should pay and do it quickly….

  11. Delores Johnson

    Gee what a surprise! NOT — OF COURSE there are loopholes to get out of paying the reward money. Anyone who actually thinks the reward would ever by paid is REALLY naive!

  12. Jeffrey Smith

    public union employees only know how to take, never would they give…heck, if the manhunt was conducted after the first shooting (mere civilians) this whole episode may have been prevented. Maybe they can use to reward money to pay for that spiffy public union employee funeral today.

  13. Anonymous

    They decided to kill him not the citizens ( I know they didn't have a choice that doesn't matter) and who knows who set the cabin on fire.

  14. Junk Nuggz

    Next time they'll just let the guy keep killing cops and won't say shit, all because they were screwed out of a reward they earned.

  15. Chris Anderson

    Cops get the man they wanted civilians got 4 dead by LA Cops shooting inocent people in there panic and no reward for people who help. Wake up America we are just a way for them to make money, they don't want to protect and serve us they want to protect there own. What do we do if the cops who dress like there in a combat zone on the streets of America with m16's full body armor get scared of one man, one of there own. And lie to whoever they have to to save there ass but you here nothing about the people they killed looking for that man. GIVE THE REWARD MONEY TO THE FAMILYS OF THE INOCENT PEOPLE YOU KILLED.

  16. Mark Bradley

    Why am I not surprised. If I were the maids I would sue the LAPD.

  17. Curtis Gilbert Jr.


  18. Tony Cortez

    If they don't pay the reward to the maids, they don't deserve the publics trust or help in the future!

  19. Daniel Blackman

    With out the information they would not know where he was this is not the first time getting out of paying it is done all the time all over the conutry PAY UP he could of killed more people what price do you put on that.

  20. Paul Calvert

    Sounds like CA I used to live and was born there. Bunch of liars as usual even though the tips still saved more cops from possibly being killed or citizens.

  21. Don McGurrin

    They had no intention on bringing him in alive. The bounty was nothing but bull.

  22. Anne K Johnsonn

    It would be a sad decision for the LAPD not to pay up. That would mean they are not to be trusted and now of their word. Isn't that where this case started…..

  23. Jeff Reed

    WAKE UP…LAPD Your "loopholes" are exactly why the public doesn't trust you. Did you not learn anything?

  24. Jackie Kersten

    I knew that was going to happen. I had a conversation with someone about this before yesterday's happening and I said that if he was killed, either by his own hand or theirs, they would pull that. I'm happy he's been stopped (hopefully), but I still think it's jacked up that they did it, although not surprised by it!

  25. Jackie Kersten

    I knew that was going to happen. I had a conversation with someone about this before yesterday's happening and I said that if he was killed, either by his own hand or theirs, they would pull that. I'm happy he's been stopped (hopefully), but I still think it's jacked up that they did it, although not surprised by it!

  26. Theresa Ann Carlson

    hey I live in Cali, don't hate; but our police are very very abusive and our out of control. I use to live in Fullerton and when the Kelly Thomas brutality happened I was not shocked. The police need to learn that they are suppose to protect the people who gave them their badge, not shoot or beat them to death… I doubt Cali is the only state with a serious case of Bad Cops…

  27. Edward Velazquez

    IF HE IS DEAD! I knew from the very begining that they were not going to take him alive. The swat team was ordered to burn it down, before knowing if anyone else was in the cabin. WAKE UP AMERICA, WE ARE LOOSING ALL OUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS

  28. Patti Watters

    It would appear to me that if they do not pay the reward to whoever it should be given to, it does put some validity to what Mr. Dorner has been saying about them. Doesn't make what he did right in any way – but LAPD is not so innocent either. If you can't believe them when they offer a reward – can you really believe anything else they say?

  29. Tom Smith

    this doesn't surprise me at all. I knew they were never let this guy out of that cabin alive. the police is a corrupt enity in itself.

  30. Edward Velazquez

    Part of the reward will be paid. The lapd is going to rebuild the cabin they burned down, and they are going to delay the settlement paid for shooting those two hispanic women until the interest matures on the rest of the money

  31. Deron Walker

    If you promise a reward and don't pay on a technicality, you lose credibility—plain and simple. Next time, citizens won't cooperate. They will watch more police get murdered because the politicians did not keep their word. That sounds greedy, right? Think of it another way. What if they ask you to testify against organized crime promising witness protection. Ah, now you can't trust them t okeep that promise either, can you? That's what happens when you lose credibility.

  32. Marv Smith

    … this will not be the last time the LAPD or some other Police Department will need help from Citizen's, but, if the LAPD breaches their promise no one will ever trust them or any other Police Department again… they will be on-their-own…

  33. Anonymous

    That's what you get for snitching. I would just kill the person myself and hold his body for ransom! HAHAHAHAHA!

  34. Anonymous

    The '18USC3071' Domestic Terrorist rewards' go to the two women who were tied up and the last vehicle was stolen, without that information they could not have tracked the spoiled crybaby to the cabin. Also I have have stated before ALL the money was given to these corrupt agencies by the President and Attorney General through 18USC3071. The money was not raised by anyone at all, that is all a LIE and I can prove this..

  35. Edward Velazquez

    Theresa Ann Carlson
    No they are not the only ones, but the worst of all. To correct you, they do protect the people that give them their badge. Unfortunately, it's not the people that know there rights or the minorities

  36. Anonymous

    I guess they are liars after all. Maybe there is some truth Dorner's accusations!

  37. Monica Elliot

    This shows on the "character" of the LAPD. That they don't have one. Goes to show why I feel that some (or most) of what Dorner said in his "manifesto" is true. No, I don't agree with what he did, but I agree he was telling the truth. This gives more than a little credence to Dorner's side of the story. Why? Because the LAPD was scared to death that Dorner would get to speak to the Media, or maybe some of Dorner's Navy buddies might testify how solid Dorner was when they knew him.

    Dorner was a blemish on the LAPD's "reputation," and they wanted that blemish wiped off. Dead bodies tell no tales.

  38. Mike Needle


  39. Steve Koch

    You have got to be kidding me! Trying to get out of paying the reward is total BS, but that is what this city is all about! Hide and watch what happens the next time you want the help of the citizens of this county! Shame on all of you! Give me a BREAK!

  40. Jami Boulanger

    The very least they should do, is build the owner a new cabin/home.

  41. Greg Canfield

    first they shoot at innocent civilians, then ask them for help, then turn their backs on them after they get what they want. ya, that sounds about right.

  42. Gary Fleming

    Those ladies would have better off helping Dorner he might have given them $10 bucks. Or should they have made a citizen arrest beat him up and held him for that cops! ya that's it that's the loop hole. You don't bring him in alive you get nadda.

  43. Steven Glen McVay

    The age of U.S. agencies posting "Wanted dead or alive" reward posters has long passed in the United States unless he is a foreign terrorist. Domestic terrorists require a trial by law to find guilt. Even though the LAPD and the City of Los Angeles knew full well Dorner intended not be taken alive, they offered a reward stated in the terms that was legal for them to offer. It should have stated "leads to the arrest, conviction or justice being served". They should pay up if it is determined that somone did provide information leading to "Justice being Served". The reward should be given only for receiving information from the public as to the whereabouts of his location and not be based the outcome when law enforcement engages the suspect.

  44. Daniel Thomas

    All of the reward money should be divided between the families that lost loved ones at the hands of the shooter.

  45. Kirsten Rivers

    Well Well Well, I knew this was coming. The city of LA, LA County, and the LAPD are all corrupt! There is a fine line between a criminal and a cop….there may be no line at all!

  46. Leeho Laaho

    Anyone who trusts cops to begin with is an idiot – I guess these people are learning.

  47. Ann Scuffins

    Have you ever ask yourself…. What is America? What are American Values? What/s really going on? I will try to explain it from a hillbilly point of view. I’m not racist because I don’t like anyone! I’m the American Realist.
    America was founded upon the concept of living free with untenable rights of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Pursuit being the key word.
    Over the past 60 years America has lost its core values. Parents were allowed to correct their children, the American flag was something we all stood up to salute in schools, Prayer was a every day thing we did and people respected each other.
    When the bill of rights was written, it was written with you and I in mind. We were allowed to express our feelings and thoughts without worrying about going to jail, we were allowed to form a well regulated militia to protect ourselves from tyranny and we had the right to a jury trial when charged with a crime. The idea was a good one.
    How does one pursue happiness in a country where all of our rights are being eroded away like sand from a beach. Am I the only one that sees it? Our government is trying to take away everything we and our forefathers fought and died for. We have become a nation of Police with corruption running wild, from coast to coast. No… It’s not Obama’s fault (but he plays a roll in it). The government wants our guns so that we can not protect ourselves when the tyrants knock upon our door. We have abolished Habeas Corpus, our only recourse to justice when we have been/are illegally detained. The police and government run the country and that’s Not the way it was suppose to be. The people OWN this country, not the politicians! We are taxed to death (even after death in some cases) and everyone is scared,. Yet, we will not take a stand to do anything about it! Are these the American Values we thought we would have? If this is happiness then my pursuit ends here. America the Brave? Not anymore! Saw what they did to one of their own in California yesterday when someone finally stood up and said this is enough. Sometimes people have to die to bring about change. Going to miss you Chris. You were the only, bravest cop I ever followed. Innocent until Proven Guilty? No… Guilty until Proven innocent!

  48. Rick Windrum

    How Chicken S–t LAPD. All this means to me is that someone needs to take a long hard look at what this ex-Cop was trying to tell everyone in his manifesto…it's probably all true, although he was obviously unstable and I'd never condone what he did, it deserves a long hard look with LAPD's history. When, not if, the next one goes on a rampage that million dollar reward may not go quite so far LAPD, then what are you going to do? You obviously wouldn't have caught him without the public's help, he was right across the street from the command post for the biggest manhunt in history for almost a week. Good Luck! You need it because skill obviously doesn't come in to play here!

  49. Bob Carroll

    Hey L.A. remember what liar's your mayor, you police chief, and the county sheriff are next election.And remember how much money this case is going to cost before it's over.

  50. Ann Scuffins

    They will lock you up for not paying a traffic ticket but when they owe someone…. well that's a different story? Wake up America!

  51. Ted Reisner

    Did anyone expect anything different from the LAPD? They knew there was a good chance that they could not catch Dorner on their own and desperatly needed the publics help. You put up a $1mil reward and some people would even sell their own mother, wife and kids. Now watch how fast the "Investigation" into the "Alledged" alergations get dropped.

  52. Terry Adley

    So lapd and mayor is really corrupt! They are wanting to take the money and split it amoung themselves.

  53. Anonymous

    You don't have any rights stupid there privileges your rights is a illusion there not real and the only choices you have is plastic or paper ! The American dream is over now you can wake up !

  54. Allen Heart

    "The best whistleblower is a dead whistleblower." emulating General Sheridan might be the finale for this exciting adventure. They intentionally ordered a "burn" scenario when Dorner was found. But then since his driver's license has already been found in San Diego nearly a week ago, somebody other than Dorner might have been murdered by law enforcement in the fire at Bear Lake. No reading Miranda rights, no arrest, no indictment, no trial, no due process. Another collateral damage, assassinating an innocent civilian. Maybe it WAS Dorner who burned in the cabin fire. But how would they know for sure? Even if it was, no due process…judge, jury, and executioner. It violates the Constitution as well as the Magna Carta.

  55. Penny Argroves Holmes

    You should be greatful they caught this lunatic…Reward are NOT…greedy aholes.

  56. Anonymous

    The next time the LAPD asks for help let them go find it in a pigs ass.

  57. Brent Wroten

    Just like we we going to capture Bin Laden. Not! Cops are trying to go home at night. They knew more of them were going down if they tried to get him. Burn baby burn!

  58. Tim Yearneau

    Yes, they should pay the reward. Conviction or no conviction, taken alive or not taken alive, the information they received was used to find him. Pay up.

  59. Anonymous

    I totally agree with the article. The reward clearly states for the "Apprehension that results in the Conviction" of the culprit. Not for a call telling the police you know where he is. The culprit was not captured and died in the fire. There is no way to convict him without a lawful court trial. Those who think otherwise need a course in "reading comprehension".

  60. Lori Crowe Specht

    Edward Velazquez plus the guy they shot and his truck(black honda truck).. they offered to pay for him a rental… they shot his truck up just as bad as the ladies truck.

  61. Lori Crowe Specht

    Daniel Adams sounds to me that they need to stress what taking the oath to serve the public alot more when hiring.

  62. Anonymous

    You need a course in reading comprehension. The reward is for "Capture resulting in a conviction of a crime". Well, the culprit is dead and he was not captured since he died in the fire. No reward should be paid to anyone since the requirements could not be met. The dead is not tried in a court of law. END OF STORY.

  63. Anonymous

    yes they should pay. if for no other reason except to let the general public know that they stand behind their offer of a reward and pay it. because if they try to get out of paying the reward, that sends a clear message to the public, don't bother trying to help the police or city to track down law breakers. Let them do their own tracking and infromation gathering. The cheap bastards anyway. remember this next time they want help. If you see a fleeing Felon run past you on the street and you know that he is wanted, look the other way and if the law enforcement ask you why you didn't report the felons where-abouts- tell them to remember chris dorner. Bastards.

  64. Karen Heineman Morrow

    They should give the money to the person who owned the house that burned down..he let the police know that they were not in the house, which allowed them to tear gas the place

  65. Anonymous

    Wait until the next time you need the help of the public if you do not keep your end of the bargain, or use a loophole. Good luck!

  66. Jennifer Thurston

    Win will ALL Humans just STOP cheating each other out Everything? Just use the Golden Rule & Treat others HOW YOU would Want to be Treated! no matter what it is…Guns, Rewards, Dems vs. Repubs, online dating, it just seems that Evil intent is Everywhere..on Resumes`, work , I don't want to be here any more…please jjust STOP Hurting each other.

  67. John Kemp

    That's OK ,those two women who were shot because the police said they looked like a big black man,haven't had their day in court. The nerve of the head cop to go to the women's home the next day and trying to temp these ladies is totally reprehensible . A new pick up he wish, those ladies are entitled to millions of dollars.

  68. John Kemp

    Edward Velazquez That retirement money by rites should be paid from the LAPD retirement fund..They must remember they work for the people.

  69. Talib Petaway

    The cops shouldn't bear the whole blame for bamboozling the public into thinking there was really a 1m reward for his capture. The media once again aided in the deceit. They knew there was more to getting the reward. They should have reported that he had to be captured and convicted for individuals to get the reward.

  70. Aaron Pickel

    because the american people are idiots? This shouldn't surprise anybody, it's what our government, politicians, police and lawyers do best.

  71. Michael Narasky

    Chris dorner was a man obviously hell bent on carrying out his vendetta and its sad that innocent people were the victims of his rage. The true innocents are miss quan and mr lawrence and while I grieve for the families of the fallen officers I don't so much for the officers themselves because they know what they do each and every day is dangerous, but once again the headline screams out that the riverside officer was a "good cop and a great guy"! Why is it that the ones that get killed were good guys? I would say that for every "good cop" there are 5 others who could give a crap and are corrupt to the core and yes some of them party hard and I'm not talking about just alcohol and lets just say they don't have to pay for their party supplies or "hos" for that matter and as far as the million dollar reward goes and the LAPD not following through on this, all I got to say on that to the people who provided his whereabouts: SUCKERS! The LAPD played you fools but I'm sure they gave you a pat on the back and a nice "atta boy"!

  72. DeeDee Narasky

    I almost posted the same thing earlier. WTF? Loophole because he was not convicted! soooooo Wrong!

  73. Michael Narasky

    You know mr byers, ive lived here all my life and used to be proud to be "livin in cali" Not anymore!! If it werent for my taking care of my elderly parents i would be outta here!!

  74. Michael Narasky

    What gets me about ol tony is the last name villaregosa is a combination of his last name and his ex-wifes. so since he is not with her any more he should go with villa and call himself pancho villa and run for governor. We all know that the good people at "la raza" are lining his pockets and he would have the illegals vote on the promise of giving cali back to mexico!

  75. Paul DeCroix

    If anyone should get the reward is the couple who was tied up and held hostage not the old guy car jacked after he left the hostages. All these people are greedy you can tell. It explains there reason and prompt response to turn on Chris so quickly. Chris spaired there lives. He could have slit the couple throat and probably got away since the Bear Big bear manhunt was just about gone at the mountain. I bet Chris wished he had killed the couple just before being burned to death? Just saying.

  76. Greg Williams

    lol I knew this was going to happen. the language used when the million duckett march was announced was instant crap. if they were so sure they were looking for him, why would they need the words "and conviction" at all? technically speaking the women he tied up no the man who's truck was taken led specifically to them capturing him. the game officer was more responsible for that. l.a.p.d gets bad publicity at every turn. it would be good publicity to let the 3 civilians split the reward money.

  77. Tony Rabun

    Theresa Ann Carlson
    Your second amendment right to bear arms is a good way to insure, as a last resort, JUSTICE FOR ALL. Californians have given up much of that right. Police in California have no reason to fear the citizens or respect their rights. Take your second amendment right back, and send a message to your Gestapo!

  78. Anonymous

    The police never intended to take him alive… he was KoS (Kill on Sight) to them. This "capture and conviction" reward…merely a ploy to get saps to spill their guts on his where-abouts. Boy you people that phoned in were gullible unless you were doing it for free.

  79. Jason Williams

    @mwm: Without the help of the public, they never would have caught him, hence spending more money to try and find him.

  80. Hubnik Michelle

    Hell, I called this days ago. The way I see, their not off the hook yet, they will definitely be paying millions to those 2 paper delivery women. Unless they find a loophole that states the shooting was justifyable because they were driving without their headlights on. Wouldn't that be something? I wouldn't put it past them to try that defense. lol

  81. Anonymous

    what a surprise that the law enforcement would squirm out of the reward money. It just shows how they can be trusted less then the person there hunting and of course killing. This man had a beef with certain police and the system and took the law into his hands and was not threatening the public in general only those who were responsible to ending his career and life. SO DOn't BE A SNITCH IS WHAT THEY ARE REALLY TELLING YOU.

  82. Johnny Andrews

    It is just really sad that America is becoming so corrupt. While I certainly don't agree with what this man did, I do believe that the LAPD was (and is) corrupt and when approached about corruption, got rid of a straight cop. When you experience corruption in the government, attempt to expose it, and the government does nothing about it–or worse ends your career in retaliation, you, in reality, don't have any rights. We've taken God out of this country, so is it really so surprising that any rights that were once available to most citizens are now only for those with the wealth/power to enforce them? And, like the article questions, you really have to wonder if it wasn't LAPD who burned the place.

  83. Anonymous

    How could anybody, in their wildest dreams, believe anything that comes out of the LAPD. Dorner knew something that THEY didn't want the rest of the world to know.

  84. Martha A. Farebrother

    Sounds about right; shoot two little old ladies delivering newspapers a 3am and then scam the kidnapped housekeepers out of thier reward. Everyone should give themselves a bonus and a huge pat on the back for such a stellar job done! (Sarcasm)

  85. Anonymous

    I see your point Mr. Dorner from the beginning til the end of your life. Your are RIGHT! LAPD and MAYOR are bunch of TOILETS! I'm still disappointed that you had to end your life because of these TOILETs.

  86. Yolonda Gregory

    I hope he is still alive.Like I said the LAPD hates blacks.the truth will come out it always do.they wanted that man dead for some they burned him alive.

  87. Steve Finley

    Oh. Brother. Seriously? A multiple murderer gets trapped in a cabin and (probably) kills himself, and you use it as an occasion to whine about "losing our rights as citizens"? Unreal.

  88. Steve Finley

    What a bunch of whiners. Unbelievable. If the reward said "capture and conviction," that's what it was. So nobody got rich off the cornering and death of a multiple murderer, and you guys act like a kid got her candy taken away from her or something. Ridiculous.

  89. Lucien Marquise

    Wow. That is so shady and messed up of even the MAYOR to be corrupt. I can see tt=he LAPD lying but the MAYOR? Up here trying to find loopholes, all a sudden it had to be the "capture" of him. Knowing damn well citizens cannot "Capture" and "convict" criminals normally. What a shady way to get help, if ANY tips lead them to the cabin, those tips should be paid out! This is why people don't help strangers anymore these days, like when postings of lost pets and items are put up with "rewards". All a scam. Fend for yourselves in the future, LAPD and Mr. Mayor. He'll definitely be getting a complaint from me.

  90. Steven Patterson

    This is exactly why there are Team Dorner FB pages & so many that say the LAPD got what they deserve. Guess what if they didn't call to report it, there would be more dead cops. stupid PR move.

  91. Anonymous

    I am so sorry to the family and friends that loss their love ones. I am sure the families feel some comfort that the supposed killer was captured. Not, saying that it makes it right, but just a little comfort. Nothing is better than having your love ones with you, I am truly sorry.

    To the promise maker, Did the reward say dead or alive? What difference does it make? He was captured one way or another. Give who ever had a hand in his disposal, they MONEY and stop with the crap about LOOPHOLES! U got to be kidding me. Should he have killed a few more people to make the reward BIGGER? Give me a freaking break! Give the person they money. Many agencies went on a man hunt and would still be on one if it wasn't for the person alerting law enforcement or who ever to Dorner! GIVE THE MONEY UP or this may make people turn the other way, the next time a person that is said to have killed people is out there! U made a promise and if you don't keep your word, I speak for a lot of people, Next time something like this happens, there will be some shut eyes and closed mouths!

  92. Anonymous

    Did the reward say dead or alive? What difference does it make? He was captured one way or another. Give who ever had a hand in his disposal, they MONEY and stop with the crap about LOOPHOLES! U got to be kidding me. Should he have killed a few more people to make the reward BIGGER? Give me a freaking break! Give the person they money. Many agencies went on a man hunt and would still be on one if it wasn't for the person alerting law enforcement or who ever to Dorner! GIVE THE MONEY UP or this may make people turn the other way, the next time a person that is said to have killed people is out there! U made a promise and if you don't keep your word, I speak for a lot of people, Next time something like this happens, there will be some shut eyes and closed mouths! I am truly sorry to the families.

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