Christopher Dorner Shootout: Police Say Fugitive Could Be Watching News, Request Media Blackout

Christopher Dorner may be watching television news to keep tabs on police movements, authorities have revealed. As news of a shootout between Dorner and cops emerged this afternoon, police have asked TV stations to avoid broadcasting live helicopter coverage of the ongoing manhunt for Dorner.

With Dorner believed to be holed up in a Big Bear-area cabin and surrounded by dozens of LAPD officers, authorities have also requested viewers do not tweet about what they’re hearing on police scanners. Officials believe such information may help Dorner track police movements.

At around 2:15pm Tuesday, one officer was heard on the police scanner shouting:

“Cut the broadcast, tell them to cut their live broadcast.”

However, the owner of the cabin, Candy Martin, has told The Los Angeles Times that the cabin has no cable, telephone or Internet service.

At the time of writing, outlets such as CBS News have continued to provide live footage of the unfolding events (viewable below), including helicopter coverage of the area around the cabin where Dorner is believed to be hiding. An LAPD Swat team has reportedly surrounded the cabin occupied by Dorner.

Meanwhile, BBC News reports that one of two officers suspected shot by Dorner has died from his injuries. A police spokesman says a second officer has undergone surgery for his wounds and is expected to survive.

LAPD Commander Andy Smith has urged Dorner to turn himself in peacefully:

“Everyone is very hopeful that this thing can end without any further bloodshed. There is a tremendous sense of apprehension among our officers here.”

Christopher Dorner’s location was reportedly discovered on Tuesday morning, after the alleged killer left a home close to Big Bear that he had broken into days ago. The 33-year-old fugitive had allegedly tied up a couple inside and held them hostage.

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