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Latest Episode Of ‘Girls’ Labelled Implausible Because Lena Dunham Hooks Up With Patrick Wilson


The latest episode of HBO’s smash hit comedy, Girls, has been criticised by numerous television critics who have labeled it unrealistic, because Lena Dunham’s Hannah, has a tryst with the “exceedingly handsome” doctor, Joshua, played by Patrick Wilson.

Egan Morrisey of Jezebel, wrote, “Basically nobody thought that it was remotely plausible that a successful doctor who looked like Patrick Wilson would be into a girl who looked like Dunham.”

Dunham, who also wrote the episode which was directed by Richard Shepherd, had Wilson’s character call her “beautiful” throughout the episode, and at one point even made him beg for her to stay.

Daniel Engber of Slate, stated, ” The episode felt like … a double-dog dare for me to ask, ‘How can a girl like that get a guy like this?’ Am I small-minded if I’m stuck on how this fantasy is too much of a fantasy and remembering what Patrick Wilson’s real-life partner looks like?”

Engber also added”Narcissistic, childish men sleep with beautiful women all the time in movies and on TV, so why should this coupling be so difficult to fathom? I think it’s because Hannah is especially and assertively ugly in this episode.”

Peter Martin of Esquire called the episode entitled, Another Man’s Trash, a “fantastical, implausible story.”

The fifth episode of season two of Girls revolved around Dunham’s Hannah spending two days in the glorious house of Wilson’s Joshua, after she had originally gone to his adobe to apologise for placing trash bags in his trash can.

What did you think of the latest instalment of Girls?

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3 Responses to “Latest Episode Of ‘Girls’ Labelled Implausible Because Lena Dunham Hooks Up With Patrick Wilson”

  1. Anonymous

    I think it’s absolutely ludicrous that people are making such a hubbub about this apparently implausible hookup. It’s such a shame that Hollywood thinks it’s completely unthinkable that a girl like Dunham would ever land up with a hunk, especially since it is perfectly normal in the real world. Heck, I was just talking to a few friends from my office at DISH about this, and we all agree that it’s that sense of realism in the show that makes it so extraordinary in the first place! We’ve even grown quite a strong addiction to Girls, just because it’s so easily relatable to the every woman. In fact, I’ve begun to record every episode that I can find, so I can calm my Girls addiction whenever. It’s certainly lucky that I’m able to store this hefty collection of episodes without compromising on space for anything else I want to record, since my DISH Hopper DVR has 450 hours of HD recording space. I love this series way too much to be able to choose episodes to delete to make room for new stuff, so it’s a relief to not have to!

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