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Student Banned From School For ‘Unnatural’ Hair Color Is Allowed Back

Student Banned From School For 'Unnatural' Hair Color Is Allowed Back

Hurricane, UT – A student who was banned from school for having dyed red hair has been allowed to return.

Fifteen-year-old Rylee MacKay was asked to leave her class at Hurricane Middle School on Wednesday after the school disapproved of her hair color. MacKay was told she could not return until she had obtained a hair color that belonged “on the spectrum of natural color.”

The ninth grader was warned by the school she must change her hair by Monday, but her mother, Amy MacKay, pleaded with the school to give her a few more days to “let the old dye fade.”

Despite Rylee returning to school on Monday with her hair entirely unchanged, school administrators allowed the student back to class. A puzzled Amy, who defended her daughter throughout the dispute, said Rylee had barely touched her hair since being ordered off school grounds:

“All she did was wash her hair every day, like she always would.”

Rylee’s mom also pointed out that she and her daughter had taken a copy of the school’s dress code, which says “hair color should be within the spectrum of color that hair grows naturally,” to the hairdresser. The shade that was settled on was a mixture of natural brown and red, but school officials sent Rylee home for having “pink and purple” in her hair.

On Monday, Hurricane Middle School principal Dr. Ron Hoyt told Rylee had “complied” with the school’s instructions, adding:

“Apparently, she’s washed it several times and it’s toned down.”

School or district officials seem reluctant to discuss the matter with Amy MacKay, who says she has been unable to contact Dr. Hoyt about the matter. However, she hopes this slightly farcical affair will encourage Rylee’s school and the Washington County School District to review its dress code. She said:

“There is absolutely ambiguity there that needs to be addressed. And they didn’t tell her not to dye it again … what’s going to happen six weeks from now? We don’t know what’s going to happen moving forward.”

What do you think of Rylee’s hair? Too wild for school or perfectly tame? Is hair color an issue schools should be overtly concerned by?

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64 Responses to “Student Banned From School For ‘Unnatural’ Hair Color Is Allowed Back”

  1. Gary Fleming

    I guess you can get kicked out of school for dyeing your hair. However it's OK to be a gang banger and carry a gun that is as long as you don't dye your hair.

  2. Mitch Schuller

    These stupid fucks in Utah. Try worrying about educating the kids. Hey Hurricane Middle School, my opinion is you are all a bunch of cock-sucking morons. The school should be sued. Who gives a fuck what color hair is? Try spending more time TEACHING!

  3. Ila Sue Russell

    Who cares about her damn hair? What are her grades like? That should be the school's concern. If her mother is cool with her hair it is none of their business.

  4. Rana Adamchick

    When you ban all forms of self expression, the kid will turn into a hoodlum. The problem with the school system is they don't understand kids, and they understand even less about adults (which is what the kids grow into,) They forbid parents to parent, but put the kids away into jails for stupid stuff like this. Then, when the kid comes knockling on their doors, gun in hand, they are shocked. Can they get any stupider? Another place I will never send my kids or live.

  5. Jo-Etta Harvey

    What in the hell does hair color have to do with an education. I wonder if the teachers' hair color is natural!

  6. Kris Morisen

    I think the hair color is very becoming on her! Its up to the parents to parent, not the school. Seriously?

  7. Barb Gonzalez

    Is this all the school has to worry about? I would be more concerned with grades and student safety then what color the hair is on the students. Are the teachers not allowed to dye there hair either? When I was in school we could wear t-shirts with any slogan we wanted, have hair in any shade, style and in the spring we could wear shorts, mini skirts, and tank tops and halters no one got bent out of shape at all!

  8. Wendy Nguyen

    school system just plain stupid! Get a life! If college people don't care, why should high school!

  9. Krystal Kimbrough

    How stupid…….Was she being disruptive? School officials are always trying to piss someone off…and they usually get away with it…. Leave the child alone…. Her hair is fine.

  10. Sara Julessa Dunn

    This is absurd! Then again what do you expect from people in Utah? Polygamy is completely normal in certain areas of the state. Talk about bizarre.

  11. Sarah Downs

    Hell when I was in school people dyed their hair all sorts of colors, had dreds, mohawks, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Didn't distract us.

  12. Pamela Fetters-Leon

    We moved from S Cal to Salt Lake City area, 7 years ago, but my son was in a different middle school in Utah. He was into dirtbiking and actually had a motorcycle. Most of his clothes consisited of the dirtbike 'labels' but the school called and said his shirts were inappropriate because it was 'gang' related. It was only a dirtbiking scene, or just a label from FOX, Stars n Stripes. I laughed at the teacher who turned him in AND at the principal. I had to let them know this was in NO WAY gang related and what it was affiliated with…his hobby of dirtbiking. They were over-paranoid with his style (coming from Cali), shocked and had no clue…duh! I felt the school system, in itself, was very ignorant and uneducated to the kids and the STYLE they choose. Everything to the schools in Utah were gang-related…ridiculous!

  13. Dolly Ward Paice

    Her hair is fine, especially considering the way teens dress anymore. I find this rule hilarious coming from that state as well….

  14. Anonymous

    If you have ever lived in Utah with that arrogant group of Mormons this is not surprising. Armpit of the US!

  15. Robin Quinn

    Yes, there is a certain segment of the population in Utah that takes a more…..conservative….view of things.

  16. Taylor McCadney

    I am not sure why that matters. A lot of kids that age get their hair dyed. Its not like its neon green or anything so I am not sure what the issue is. A principal at my younger sisters school tried to pull that mess once and my mother was not having it. Ridiculous.

  17. Taylor McCadney

    I am not sure why that matters. A lot of kids that age get their hair dyed. Its not like its neon green or anything so I am not sure what the issue is. A principal at my younger sisters school tried to pull that mess once and my mother was not having it. Ridiculous.

  18. Maryann Hartman

    So now the schools are trying to take away your right to have the hair color you want? What is wrong with our world today? It is an infrigment on your basic human rights and the school has no business dictating how you wear your hair or what color it is. Aren't schools suppose to be teaching children, not telling them how to dress or what to wear? Crazy, school administrators.

  19. Maryann Hartman

    I agree with you 100%. I told my oldest daughter the other day that I was glad her and her sisters were out of school. If they were going to school these days I would home school them instead. Boy how times have changed and NOT for the better!!!!!

  20. Maryann Hartman

    I agree with you 100%. I told my oldest daughter the other day that I was glad her and her sisters were out of school. If they were going to school these days I would home school them instead. Boy how times have changed and NOT for the better!!!!!

  21. Rhonda Sue

    It looks like a medium Auburn. I like her hair color, it's close to mine

  22. Kelly-Ann Rowe

    Her hair is absoulty fine. I aggre with sue what are her grades like. I went to school woth a friend who dyed her hair way way more off that what this young lady has. I mean cherry red purple, orange at halloween. The school had other thngs to worry about. did I mention she had a solid A/B average. really hair. that's her mothe'r's problem.

  23. Anonymous

    I bet the same teachers and the principal look the other way, when they see bullying. Dyeing hair isn't hurting anything or anybody. People need to focus on REAL issues.

  24. Candy Crusher

    Wonder if they do the same thing with the 16 yr olds getting boob jobs for their birthday?

  25. Kim Higginson

    We've got our fair share of crazies, but that's unusual even here in Utah.

  26. Kristen Slater

    I got in trouble in high school for my hair color because some girl who had cotton candy pink hair said my hair was blue, when in fact I had black streaks that had a blue tint in the sunlight in my blonde hair. The assistant teacher told me I had to bleach it out so I dyed the back black and kept my bangs blonde. The assistant principle got so pissed at me and I took it to the school board that my hair was "distracting," but the cheer leaders who had their panties showing were still allowed to wear extreamly short skirts.

  27. Margaret Bland

    Next thing you know the school system's will be making the rules like boobs no bigger than a b cup or you can't weigh but such amount of weight. I mean really here people. This is so stupid. I could understand the rules like if someone came to school with some wild hair color like purple or green, but this is really ridiculous. It's crap like this that encourages teenagers to drop out.

  28. Anonymous

    The school jailers have too much time on her hands. I expected to see finger-paint red and instead it looks just fine and you wouldn't know it was dyed unless she said so. They have no right to undermine her parent's permission in this case. I am so glad I have no children. I would hate to have to subject them to such idiots.

  29. Jamee Huey

    Give me a fuckin break since when does the school have the right to tell you what color you can have your hair do we have more things to worry about.

  30. Anonymous

    I thought they did not allow bullying in schools…..and yet the schools themselves are doing the bullying.

  31. Anonymous

    I love her hair. School systems should encourage young people to be individuals instead of the robots they want them to be. When my son was in school he had a NATURAL white man afro and loved it. He was known for it by his peers…but the school teachers and staff raised Cain about it every single day and ultimately made what should have been some of the best years of of learning and growing the absolute worst.

  32. Gail Lane

    Really this is about hair. Don't school have other things to worry about like teaching are children. I bet is was a distraction for the teacher not the kids. Wow

  33. Anonymous

    I think the hair color choice is up to the individual. The school should stick to more important issues, such as, trying to improve the education system. I think utah ranks about 47 out of 50.

  34. Deidre Tucci

    yes by all means, let's focus on hair color and not putting a stop to bullying

  35. Stephanie Lorenzini Coleman

    Wow. Of all the matters that need attention in this world, they kick a student out of school for dyed hair? Way to teach diversity and keep up on what's most important in school : EDUCATION! They should be proud that the girl is AT school! And green or purple hair (as noted by another post) would be just as acceptable in my kids hair if her grades were kept up. If a school ever considered removing my child due to a HAOR color, dress code or not, they would have me showing up with rainbow hair and a damn good argument. For the sake of education and punctuality, pick your battles!!!

  36. Stephanie Lorenzini Coleman

    Purple or green would be uunacceptable? So if your child was an A/B or even C student, went to school everyday, you would really put up a fight? What more ridiculous? The fact that they sent the child home or that they took time to actually add this into the "rules". These people would crack in California! Lol

  37. Danielle Biondo

    Adeline Mikka Are you really concerned about people's hair color?????? What if I told you I didn't like your face and it was unacceptable? Would it be banned from everyone having to look at it? It's people like you who have such an intolerance of what others look like that cause a problem. My 15 yr old son had rainbow hair over the summer and he is intelligent and gets good grades. No one should have to hide their individual expression because of people like you. Hair color doesn't make punks, bad parenting does. Stop being judgemental and people won't judge you. And mind your own damn business. Teachers are there to teach not judge.

  38. Danielle Biondo

    I agree Rana! Who are they to tell us how to parent anyway? In my family we are very artistic and hair color and tattoos are a way of self expression. Do they really believe that these things corrupt kids? What causes rebellion in children is NOT being allowed to express themselves. It causes anger because the child feels singled out and judged. It's not right. I would like to know who gave these people the thought that they can be judge, jury and executioner?!!!! This world is becoming ridiculous!

  39. Danielle Biondo

    That's because our country wasn't the corrupt socialist Marxist craphole it is now becoming. I thought this was the land of the free???

  40. Danielle Biondo

    I live in New York State and my 15 yr old son goes to a charter high school. This is his last yr there, we're pulling him out. The fact that he has been singled out for wearing those rubber bracelets, given detention for having a different colored belt, not the right colored socks, his collar of his "naughty" band t-shirt showing under his uniform shirt and for wearing the wrong color cardigan because he was cold in class has caused many more problems and mental anguish then if they would have just let him be. Not to mention the black hair color we used to cover his rainbow colors I allowed him to have over the summer. He was sent home because the black started to fade and you could see blue in the back which he didn't notice because it as on the back of his head. We were told he couldn't return until he had covered it with an appropriate color. They are more concerned with telling children what they can and can't do then educating them and this has made for more problems then I can shake a stick at. I have watched his good grades suffer over the school year going from good to almost failing because he is tired of being made an example of and has told me no one likes him there anymore. That's because my son has a strong sense of his individualism and isn't afraid to be himself in the face of conformity while the other students view him as different and rebellious. This isn't fair to these children who are singled out for being individualistic. They are in turn picked on by the other students. Now you ask me what or who caused the problem to begin with? Certainly not my son who was just minding his business and being himself! Have any of you heard rumors of the impending call for martial law????????? This is how it begins, single out the ones who don't back down and make them seem like rebels and misfits, while all the others conform out of fear. Mark my words, its not just in Utah, its everywhere and its going to get worse if we don't speak out and defend our God given Constitutional rights. Remember DON'T TREAD ON ME?!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Danielle Biondo

    Also one of the teachers at my sons high school has VERY red hair. But it's ok for her have a non natural color right? Hypocrisy at it's best!

  42. Danielle Biondo

    That's how the back of my son's hair was, a bit of bluish black showing only in the light. I know people who have natural bluish black hair. Maybe your assistant pricipals behavior is distracting by making a big deal out of nothing. See it's ok to let young girls look like sluts with their panties showing but it isn't ok to have blue in your hair. I bet you have better things on your mind also then trying to get boys attention by showing your butt. :)

  43. Danielle Biondo

    My son also has shoulder length hair. What's next, he has to cut his hair to conform? It's all BS if you ask me.

  44. Danielle Biondo

    Charlie Bryan what does that even mean, your comment to Sue? I think she meant exactly what she said… that the color of someone's hair should be of no concern. "It's not about the color of one's skin, but the content of their character"- MLK Jr said it right there, you might as well add hair along with skin color so the idiots can reference it next time they want to act like they are the supreme authority.

  45. Danielle Biondo

    Looks pretty natural to me too. Some people have very red natural hair. Look at Nicole Kidman circa 1995….

  46. Danielle Biondo

    Nope, cause mommy and daddy are rich and prolly paid for those boob jobs!

  47. Danielle Biondo

    I don't see why that matters either. Why not? My parents allowed me to color my hair at 15. And she isn't a middle-schooler, you are in high school at age 15. Also what does it matter if it's purple, green or blue? What is wrong with self expression? Like I said above, it's about the content of your character. Period. Those who HARM others should be punished, those who don't should be left alone.

  48. Danielle Biondo

    Yeah, polygamy, pedophilia, Miley Cyrus-Skank, Beyoncé flaunting her body and Lady Gag-me are deemed perfectly normal, but hair color, oh shit! It may eat your brain and make you a delinquent!

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