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Evangelical Christians Among Immigration Reform’s Top Supporters

Evangelicals support immigration reform

With Hispanic attendance at their churches rising quickly, many Evangelical Christians are coming out in support of immigration reform, one of the Obama administration’s top priorities.

Though some publications find Christian support for immigration reform surprising, such advocacy is actually fairly in-step with Biblical principles. The Bible is full of stories of “immigrants” like Abraham and Moses, as well as passages like Matthew 25:35: “I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

“The scriptures command us to take care of the immigrant. It’s not just one verse here or there, it’s a repeated command throughout the Biblical text,” said Matt Soerens, a lecturer on immigration from the World Relief organization.

Support for immigration reform among Christian conservatives has grown over time. MSN reports that in 2011, the Southern Baptist Convention called for a “just and compassionate path to legal status” for illegal immigrants along with securing the US/Mexico border. The Southern Baptist Convention boast 16 million members, and is the country’s largest Protestant body.

Additionally, a Public Religion Research Institute poll in 2010 showed that white evangelicals support immigration reform that would allow illegals to become Americans by a margin of 2-1.

“Some of them don’t necessarily see or acknowledge the changing demographics or the electoral merits of passing immigration reform, but I do think that many of these religious leaders could push them in that direction by really referencing the humanitarian interest, or moral argument,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, one of the country’s most prominent Hispanic evangelicals, said that helping illegal immigrants is a Christian duty, reports Reuters.

Evangelical Christians who support immigration reform are being asked to write “I am a Christian, a conservative and I vote. I want you to support immigration reform this year,” to their local congressman.

Are you surprised that Evangelical Christians support immigration reform?

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3 Responses to “Evangelical Christians Among Immigration Reform’s Top Supporters”

  1. Dave Francis


    The Liberal Progressives, both pro illegal alien party legislators, open border, the less-enforcement zealots, congregational religious groups and the trade union bosses and focal intervention from the special interest organizations want assuredly an underestimated 11 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship? This is complicit with the oscillation of propaganda and misleading information from the mainstream media, to brain wash the general public. This has even more dismal consequences for the 20-23 million out-of-work, underemployed or just finally given up American labor market. There are no accurate records of the massive cost forced on states by years of pandering administrations. But last week I learned that New Mexico that keeps out of the conflicts over Illegal immigration, is weighed down by public benefits of $717 million annually for foreign nationals. Whatever you think about illegal immigration, whether it’s the huge numbers settled into the legal population, the Dreamer’s as they are called, the direct relationship after another blanket amnesty for mass Family Chain Migration or the criminals who are filling up our prisons. Therefore you can energize your own frustrated voice to prevent another fraudulent Comprehensive Immigration Reform as comparable that was forced upon us in 1986?

    There are numerous free fax petitions located at the Pro-Sovereignty organization NumbersUSA that you can send to every Senator or Congressional Representative, demanding initially to build the 2006 Secure DOUBLE LAYER fences, as enacted by President Bush and other strict enforcement laws. Read about the Lamar Smith “Legal Workforce Act” gathering dust thanks to Senator Harry Reid. Simply put, it detects illegal aliens from the working market using the innovative E-Verification system. Last but not Least “Rep. Steve King “Birthright Citizenship Bill” finally closing the loophole, that illegal alien Mothers to smuggle children into our country, intentionally to grab citizenship.

    There should be no Immigration talks tell the American people are protected. The primary Presidential duty: US Constitution; Article II, Section 3 —he shall take Care that the Laws be FAITHFULLY EXECUTED–Among the laws being the US Constitution and specifically U.S. Constitution; Article IV, Section 4—"The United States shall GUARANTEE TO EVERY STATE IN THIS UNION a Republican Form of Government, and SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THEM AGAINST INVASION;…"

    Millions of illegal aliens surging across our borders or permanently staying when they only have a visitor’s visa must come to an end? This is not immigration; it is invaders from other countries? Just the resonating fact that the commentaries, articles and blogs each and every day, including the honest Rasmussen poll Reports show that American are against a Path to Citizenship or any kind of Immigration Reform.

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