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Rev. Jesse Jackson To Dorner: ‘Please Stop’

Rev. Jesse Jackson To Dorner: 'Please Stop'

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has a plea to Christopher Dorner: “Please stop.”

Jackson has joined other public figures in calling on the accused cop killer to end his rampage of revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department that fired him. Jackson even offered to take in Dorner himself to ensure a safe surrender, CBS Los Angeles noted.

“Absolutely,” Jackson said. “I’ll do whatever I can do.”

Jackson’s message to Dorner to “please stop” came through a public statement made on Tuesday, but has gained more media attention as the manhunt for the accused cop killer intensified throughout the week.

Jackson said:

“Apparently you have been wounded by your past experiences of what you have stated in losing your job. I understand your feelings of being hurt.”

“I’m making a plea to you to stop spreading the pain, the hurt and the fear. Please stop (sic) don’t take anymore (sic) lives.”

Dorner is wanted for killing an Irvine couple on February 3 and shooting two Riverside police officers on Thursday, killing one. Before going on the alleged killing spree, Dorner posted a 27-page manifesto to Facebook outlining his reasons and promising to harm as many officers as possible.

Dorner believes he was unfairly fired after reporting one of his fellow officers who kicked a schizophrenic person.

Jackson’s plea to Dorner to “please stop” is partly a way to help save the man’s life, the reverend said.

“There’ll be a chance for him to make his case if he’s alive in the proper venue, but not somewhere holed up shooting and being shot,” Jackson said. “I understand what he’s saying, but I don’t want to address that now.”

You can read the entire letter from Jackson to Dorner and the plea to “please stop” here.

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33 Responses to “Rev. Jesse Jackson To Dorner: ‘Please Stop’”

  1. Anonymous

    I'M SO SURE that Jesse's plea will surely stop this rampage. What a joke that man (Jesse) is.

  2. John Smith

    "Rev. Jesse Jackson has a plea to Christopher Dorner".

    but why is jackson involved? is it because Dorner is black and jackson think he has some ability to that non-black people do not have in this case. jackson is forever a racist.

  3. Anonymous

    jesse's jackson cant believe he didn't get a nod in the manifesto.

  4. B Cayenne Bird

    Jesse, I wish that I could say that I share your optimism, but there is no way that these rogues will let Dorner live. He will have no chance to state a case. It is much worse now than when you and I spoke on the steps of the Pasadena City Hall in 1996. Law enforcement labor unions own the legislators and have been executing people in the streets. More than 100 in 2012 and more than 500 in the past few years. They will show Dorner no mercy.

  5. Anonymous

    Oh pleeeease… The right Reverend Jackie is probably secretly -thrilled- that this fat-boy is out there shooting non-blacks. Jackson needs to sleaze his closet-case ass back under his bridge and leave this to people who actually CONTRIBUTE to society instead of just rabble-rouse the ghetto riff-raff. And this fat piece of shit, barely 6 foot tall and over 300 pounds, how did this lard-ass make it into the police force and the naval reserve? Evidently you CAN pull a trigger with fat-guy fingers, they must make those trigger guards roomy these days. Once he's made it into the wilderness they'll never catch him, he's too well insulated and starvation resistant.

  6. Patrick McDonald

    B Cayenne Bird said:

    "There is no way these rogues will let Dorner live."

    Don't use the word 'rogue' like you have a clue what it means.

    "They will show Dorner no mercy."

    I'd say this undisciplined coward deserves exactly the same mercy he showed a lady baskeball coach sitting in a car minding her own business.

    And Jesse Jackson is a race-baiting social prostitute who never met a camera he didn't like.

    If Jackson woke up one morning to find that all the races were best friends, the clown would cry the biggest tears in town.

  7. B Cayenne Bird

    They took his dreams away and he exploded. We can all understand how that could happen to him, but when he killed the young girl and her fiance, who were innocents, he went too far.
    What happens to a dream deferred?

    Does it dry up

    like a raisin in the sun?

    Or fester like a sore—

    And then run?

    Does it stink like rotten meat?

    Or crust and sugar over—

    like a syrupy sweet?

    Maybe it just sags

    like a heavy load.

    Or does it explode?

    Langston Hughes, “Harlem”

  8. Frederick Mac Whitley


  9. B Cayenne Bird

    He will not be able to return and likely will never be allowed to testify. I see the lack of justice wiping out entire neighborhoods. Suffice it to say there is little, if any justice.

  10. Frederick Mac Whitley


  11. Dawn Klimas

    I disagree totally with Mr Whitley…….I beg to differ with you ..he did have all the right qualifications to be an officer…he was a good police officer….key words good…..what he did was step up and try to stop the practice of breaking the law to enforce the law by reporting illegal activiy by his fellow offiers (whom are the ones not qualified to be officers)……after that the man never had a chance…..This is not are only even aware of this because now he a 'rougue" cop shooting innocent people..which is wrong…mentally the man was pushed over the edge because he was telling the truth and those that want corruption to remain within their blue wall don't want to be exposed so they can continue to break the law and do what they do…….

  12. Dawn Klimas

    Like I said before..they will and are at this very moment HUNTING this man down and they will kill him…their will be no trial because he knows too much and the LAPD upper echelon can't risk being anymore exposed then the already are……..

  13. Wayne Horton

    Jesse used to spit in white people's food. He said so in a LIFE mag. interview in 1971. I'm sure he meant stop killing bro's and just kill whitey. Race-baiter! Too bad it pays well.

  14. B Cayenne Bird

    I will add Dawn, that I personally know prisoners who have been tortured in our State facilities who have been through much, much worse than Dorner and they didn't break. I personally have been through more than Dorner and so far have not acted on any impulses to kill the busters responsible. But I can certainly understand how people are routinely pushed over the edge. I happen to think using the pen and the vote is far more decisive than using a gun, and in many ways more brutal when it kills a career.

  15. B Cayenne Bird

    We understand it because those of us who must live with injustice have wanted to exact revenge ourselves, but Dorner did go too far and he became one of those whom he hated. Killing the two kids in the car in the parking garage is indefensible. We must teach others to draw and quarter with their pens, and to formally organize if we want to prevent further losses and get relief from the torment. Will the pain be enough for us actually organize and fund voting groups so that we can take out law enforcement from power and re-write our State Constitution? This remains to be seen, but until we do that, we are complicit in the problems. A militarized police force is dangerous and that's exactly what we've allowed to be in power locally, in Sacramento and in Washington. This is what it feels like….

  16. B Cayenne Bird

    At any point here, we can draw enough people together and put up a candidate for Governor that will work to re-try every case and take public employee labor unions out of the election process.

  17. B Cayenne Bird

    We can set up a voting group that will have a bigger emphasis on preventing and treating the mentally ill and take them out of the prisons and fix our horrible state mental hospitals.

  18. B Cayenne Bird

    If we are too lazy and dysfunctional to do these basics, then we can continued to be ruled by the punishers, the prison and war mongers. It's a choice.

  19. B Cayenne Bird

    We can harp on them all day long but the vote is force, in the same way that lawsuits are force. They are a mafia-like organization but there is no reason to just roll over and let them continue to put in all the lawmakers who are supposed to be doing oversight.

  20. David Haller

    he did at the inuageration simply said it wasnt him it was the uncle tom

  21. Rick Labarbera

    Wow all the P C Racisst are on Today, but wouldn, t say a word when some demented pale face KILLS 20 elementary kids or shoots up a movie theater.

  22. Tomasz Radzikowski

    Jackson's poll numbers are down… An impotant plea, like the United Nations letters of "strong condemation"… I would like to see Jackson lead the "posse" and first offer his services as a negotiator. Go ahead, Jesse; he won't shoot YOU…

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