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Boy In Coma After Bully Attack [Video]

Boy In Coma After Bully Attack

An 11-year-old boy is in a coma after a bully attack. The 6th grade student from Darby Township, Pennsylvania suffered a concussion and is now in a coma as a result of being beaten by a classmate.

Bailey O’Neill was reportedly being bullied by two other young boys, one of whom eventually beat him in the face until his nose was fractured. Bailey was taken to Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children for treatment. Bailey’s condition continued to decline as his parents noticed that he displayed unusual behavior and was not interested in eating.

As reported by ABC 6, Bailey’s doctors made the decision to put Bailey into a medically induced coma when he began having “violent seizures.”

The Southeast Delco School District reportedly suspended one of the bullies for two days. Superintendent Stephen Butz issued a statement concerning the boy that physically assaulted Bailey:

“We have requested that the local police assist us in the investigation of this incident and are fully cooperating with their investigation of this incident. We are very concerned about the medical condition of this student. And our thoughts and prayers are with him. Due to the age of the students involved and the ongoing police investigation, I am unable to make any additional comments.”

Bailey’s father, Rob O’Neill has experienced the pain of seeing his child in a coma cause by a bully attack and cautions other parents to look for warning signs. He urges parents to “keep an eye out” and to understand that some children might be reluctant to discuss the issue.

Bullying has become an epidemic in the US. As reported by San Ramon Express, according to national statistics, 3 million students miss school every year due to bullying.

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359 Responses to “Boy In Coma After Bully Attack [Video]”

  1. Myra Stachler

    2 day suspension – isn't that too severe a punishment – the victim is only in the hospital in a coma. I guess a slap on the wrist is sufficient. Public schools – let's not damage the fragile ego of the bully!

  2. Chad Frenton

    Parent's need to be held accountable for there kids actions! Maybe if the law would stop protecting these so called under aged kids who are doing adult crimes and start treating them as such we wouldn't have such an epidemic in the US!

  3. David Bunch Jr.

    how messed up do you have to be in the head at that age do to something like that?

  4. Matthew Hill

    We got 3 days for smoking. Fighting was 5-10 days. If it was really bad you could get expelled 180 days. This kid would have been kicked out for a year.

  5. James Goulding

    I was thinking the exact thing! ridiculous! school administrators often do not want to take action in these cases lest it reflect poorly on the school…what a bunch of crap. throw that kid in juvenile hall.

  6. Anonymous

    I promise to leave and never go on the internet again if anyone can logically explain why the attackers should not be arrested.

  7. Dave Daniels

    The kids a Pussy and his Dad should have manned up and threatened the kids before it came to this.

  8. Kristel Santelli

    Little child is beating another little child into the face until he breaks his nose? And let me not even start with the coma!

  9. Cynthia G Doughten

    I want to know when the cops and these school idiots are going to get off their lazy butts and start treating this as a crime. 30 days in juvy for first offence and then prosceution for assult and battery 2nd time. This is a crime not chiildish behavior.

  10. Melanie Wilder

    Hey parents of the bully, yeah you! Learn how to be a parent…really 2 days? I bet he tortures your pets too. I guess you are glad he only got 2 days, but it's okay – he will get way more when he goes into prison later on for murdering someone… Bunch of Jerks! I will pray for you still.

    To the boy in a coma, I am so sorry! You are brave and awesome! I am praying for you! Life get's better I promise! <3

  11. Phil Andrews

    The boy who did most of the beating should be sent to a North Korean gulag. It's obvious at this point that he doesn't play well with others.

  12. Anonymous

    I'll bet the bully was a black kid, that's why he got off so light. Maybe a nudge from Eric on this one.

  13. Jason Tate

    Don't worry. If the bullied victim would have made a gun with his fingers he'd be banned from public school for life.

  14. Jeff Ellis

    these two bastards and their bitch fathers need their asses beat severely.i'll start first with the punk fathers.

  15. Rose Scarborough

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever read. Parents need to get off their butts and teach children proper way to treat each other. Unfortunately most adults don't know how to act properly.

  16. Princess Dnt

    I honestly think that we should get ALL the bullies together and give it right back to them, let them see how they feel afterwards…. My prayers go out to this family.

  17. Anonymous

    I hope he will make a full and speedy recovery. The 2 children in question should be locked up before they kill some one.

  18. David Fennie

    bully attack? kids fight after school! & how do we know who started it? a few years ago a person started a fight with me & I won the fight but I was arrested because I won the fight!

  19. Fred Alexander

    The most logical reason we, as a country, continue to allow bullying seems to be that this country is all about bullying. So if we hi-lite bullying in any aspect of life then the lifestyle of bullying gets torn apart. And god knows, we can't have that!

  20. Anonymous

    I hope he makes a complete and speedy recovery. The 2 children in question should be locked up before they kill some one.

  21. Dee Jay Andtown

    yeah another sad case of someone hating someone that's not lke them to make themselves feel better. and wouldn't be shocked if this school happened to get shot up next just how it goes they bully kids to the point that they feel like they have no other way to end the suffering cause they obviously smaller than the bully to fight back or they wouldn't be getting bullied but the way I see it you shouldn't bully or pick on someone just because they are different just because they may not have money like you, may dress a different way, may be a geek, etc. you should judge them by how they act and if u don't like the way they act then so be it leave em alone no need to pick on em. me I got along with everybody hung out with everybody as long as they was cool I'd hang out with em didn't care what other people thought and if you sat down and actually got to know em you may learn a thing or to and later on in life when they grow up 9 times outta 10 the people they picked on will be more successful than them if they have do to much damage to the person self esteem and cause em to lose it and shoot up the school or something serious.

  22. Kelly Evans Lewis

    You what I don't get? Why are kids being expelled for pointing their fingers like a gun and going "bang" or bringing a Hello Kitty bubble squirt gun to school, but these little a-holes can put a child in coma and only get 2 days! Where is the logic in that? Thinking more and more of homeschooling because if someone did this to one of my little sweethearts I would go postal on that kid.

  23. Anonymous

    They found nothing criminal? Who are these idiot cops?

    There is a bullying problem in every school. Lets be realistic.

  24. Mary Grace Takemura

    The bully should be suspended forever! Then, together w/ the other bullies, they should be tried in a famly court. These bullies should not be tolerated, otherwise, you'll be sending a wrong message to the effect that bullying is alright. They should be taught that tormenting weaker kids is not only bad, but is not being tolerated in a civilized society. My heart is aching for the parents of the victim…you are not alone. We should stand-up against all forms of bullying!

  25. Dee Jay Andtown

    and if you see somebody getting bullied you should step and take up for the person getting bullied instead of laughing at them. all the bully is doing is picking on someone smaller and weaker than them to make themselves feel better and try make people think they big and bad not to be messed with etc. and it'll be alot better if you happen to be one of the popular kids step up and tell everybody it ain't cool to pick on somebody and eventually it will work cause the bully isn't getting the attention that he wants no more.

  26. Chuck Smith

    Oh for Christ Sakes! A two day suspension, really? Seriously? This is a prime example of why our government schools in the USA, well, SUCK! Get real, dumb the politically correct, liberal nonsense and TEACH, INSTRUCT and in this case, PUNISH by sending a message. These bully attacks are getting out of control. I remember growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, two moronic assclown dirtbags named Chris Dalton and Ricky Suttbery who needed to be taught a lesson, a painful one for doing crap like this. I hope they received the beating in which, they deserved in life. This is insane. Two day suspension, REALLY?

  27. Paul Allen

    someone needs to create a buisness where students who are bullied can call or visit explain the problem and then have someone from the companywho is the same age or younger than the bully all being really really badasses go and knock the piss out off the bully because sometimes you have to fight ire with fire to either solve the problemormak the bully maloe or female walk on eggshells and think twice before acting like there is no repocosions for thiere actions.

  28. Diane Ribbentrop

    Schools MUST stand firm against BULLIES! 2 day suspension! JUST a slap on the wrist.
    Get tough Schools / Protect our kids.

  29. Dee Jay Andtown

    yeah I use to get into fights alot esp in middle school and elementary school. but I was never a bully lol I just didn't like the people I fault with and it was always people that could and would fight back not no one that wouldn't. it was mainly people who thought they was big and bad and better than everybody else and had to put em in they place that's one thing I can't stand is people who think they are better than everybody else and can get away with anything just because they or they parents got money. no body is better than anybody else I treat everybody the same rather ya rich poor white black asian, chinese, etc.

  30. Allen Gottsch

    I was bullied to the extent that I ended up in the hospital wit 16 stab wounds, a broken nose , and a broken eye socket. I was beat by 11 black kids, none of which got any disapline actions even though I id'ed better than half of them!(A couple were my supposed friends!) After I got better my dad took me back to school to talk to the princepal. He asked what the school had done to protect me from any more attacks. Nothing was the reply! My dad called me over to where he sat and said I want you to be safe, this only comes out if your fear for your life. All the while he's strapping on a 45 revolver on me. I wore that gun for 6 nomths and never even got bumped in the halls! I had been shooting for 10 years and knew what guns were about! That is how I developed my attitude for blacks!

  31. Anonymous

    I have never killed anybody in my life. I said I'd never kill anybody but how am I sure I'd never do it to anybody for abusing me. If I bullied anybody, I could have been killed. You could kill people for bullying you. Institutions worldwide are very annoying. They wait for trouble. Consequences happen, yet bullying still occurs that it drives victims and others insane. Shootings result from that. Yet, idiots would then say, "that's wrong", "that's no excuse", "it's wrong to kill" etc. The world has a lot of jerks.

  32. Kathy Livingston

    2 days is all Those Bullies Got…. come on This BS has got to stop. Till children are taught that they shouldn't Hurt others it will keep going on Those Kids need their asses wiped. Bring back spanking.

  33. Kathy Livingston

    2 days is all Those Bullies Got…. come on This BS has got to stop. Till children are taught that they shouldn't Hurt others it will keep going on Those Kids need their asses wiped. Bring back spanking.

  34. Mandy Farthing

    And they wonder why bullied kids take guns to school when they finally SNAP! How about we go back to letting the schools actually punish these kids! Give the Gym Teachers back the good old paddle and let these bullies get their @sses whipped a few times before they get the chance to beat a child so bad that they have to put into a coma. No discipline, no punishment, no accountability because they are too young? They weren't too young to beat the h*ll out of another kid, lock them up before they kill somebody!

  35. Anonymous

    You are stupid, Myra. You are an idiot. The coma is a big deal. 2-day suspension is too small.

  36. Paul Mcnemar

    The police said they could find nothing criminal? The child is in a comma what about assault charges, makes you wonder who his dad is.

  37. Tim Arvizu

    James Goulding The sad thing is, If the parents of the bullies have access to a good lawyer, you can bet they'd be sueing the school for misstreating their little boy, Which ends up costing the school, right or wrong.

  38. Patricia Napolitano

    High school kids who had a food fight and threw food all over got a longer suspension than that…they are suspended until the end of the term. This boy should be made to have a child psychologist speak with him and suspened until the end of the term and if the condition of the boy continues to worsen..this boy should not be allowed back in that school. If we don't let a young person understand how wrong it is to beat up on someone when they are young….they become adults who beat up on wives and children. The other two boys deserve a two week suspension and a consultation also.

  39. Anonymous

    2 days how sad let's hope the police getting involved gets a stiffer penalty! Thought and prayers to the victim and his family.

  40. Michael J Gross

    THe problem in the public schools is that they have a duty by state law to provide education until the kid is 19. Yes, 19. So what they do in the larger cities is transfer the student. But in the townships, where there is usually only one school, they don't have that option…….and they cant expel them.
    This bullying is widespread. It's heartbreaking. The rules have to be changed. They keep on tap dancing around this problem with b.s. counseling. There is no freaking way that kids this violent should be in any conventional school.

  41. Anonymous

    What needs to be done to the punk-a$$ burlier is to have his bare_a$$ caned hard with 29 strokes by the principal. Maybe that would learn him not to do it again!

  42. Matt Yep

    someone should go to this kids house and beat the shit out of him and his parents….we need justice for bullied and pain for the bullies….i urge anyone that knows where the bully lives to go there and give his family what they deserve.

  43. Matt Yep

    someone needs to beat the shit out of the bully….we need justice for the bullied and pain for the bullies….I URGE ANYONE THAT KNOWS WHERE THIS BULLY LIVES TO GO TO HIS HOUSE AND KICK THE SHIT OUR OF EVERYONE IN HIS HOUSE… if u was there this kids head wud be laying on the ground 20 ft from his body….FUCK BULLIES THEY SHOULD DIE!

  44. Libertarian

    You know what is causing this sharp increase in bullying? Anti-bullying efforts. The Govt usually screws up whatever they try to "solve" and it becomes worse. Here is a good solution: Encourage students to get their aggressions out in sports like boxing and football and tolerate a little bit of razzing amongst students because kids are learning the social ladder in school and some bullying does occur in a normal and healthy enviroment. Having said that, the student that beat that other kid to death probably learned that trick from his dad (or lack thereof,) and is now probably a dangerous psycho. Or was he defending himself from bullying because now we'll never know the full story because sometimes it's the kid getting bullied that flips out and sends the other kid to the hospital. My advice to the "victims" GET A LIFE AND TOUGHEN UP! because I was a "victim" myself when I was a kid and I learned the hard way to stop being bullied was to stop being a victim. (Alphas are always looking for Betas to dominate, it's quite natural and quite common).

  45. Angi Andrews

    Fire the staff that gave them two days suspension! Put these brats in juvenile hall and let them get a taste of their own medicine. This poor kid is in a coma for nothing, grrrrrrr….

  46. Christa Unger

    2 days suspension? That is unfathomable to me! Those kids need to be held accountable for their actions! Two day suspension is just a slap on the wrist. I wish Bailey a speedy recovery.

  47. Christa Unger

    2 days suspension? That is unfathomable to me! Those kids need to be held accountable for their actions! Two day suspension is just a slap on the wrist. I wish Bailey a speedy recovery.

  48. Rick St Dennis Mfa

    Bullies often learn to bully from their parents and its not just Macho Dad-I know moms who want their boys to be BOYS and threaten them with beatings if they don't stand up to other kids–as much as we hate to admit it we have encouraged football. cage fighting. guns, ice hockey and other brutal sports as "manly pursuits" -we have forbidden parents to swat kids and we protect children from being responsible for their actions-angry people out of control parent angry kids out of control.

  49. Rick St Dennis Mfa

    Bullies often learn to bully from their parents and its not just Macho Dad-I know moms who want their boys to be BOYS and threaten them with beatings if they don't stand up to other kids–as much as we hate to admit it we have encouraged football. cage fighting. guns, ice hockey and other brutal sports as "manly pursuits" -we have forbidden parents to swat kids and we protect children from being responsible for their actions-angry people out of control parent angry kids out of control.

  50. Gary McDowell

    When I was a kid if someone got the idea they were going to start bullying someone three of four of us would take that idea out of their head quickly. Now days the cops would arrest the defenders and let the bully go free. Pathetic society these progressives have pushed down our throats. The sad thing is I wholly blame my generation for that. When we were off fighting in Vietnam those progressives were running to Canada, Europe, Mexico, burning their draft cards, protesting & spitting on American soldiers when they returned stateside. Many of them were of the Kent State type who enlisted in the guard to avoid active duty. They wouldn't shoot the enemy but had no problems shooting their fellow Americans.

  51. Gary McDowell

    When I was a kid if someone got the idea they were going to start bullying someone three of four of us would take that idea out of their head quickly. Now days the cops would arrest the defenders and let the bully go free. Pathetic society these progressives have pushed down our throats. The sad thing is I wholly blame my generation for that. When we were off fighting in Vietnam those progressives were running to Canada, Europe, Mexico, burning their draft cards, protesting & spitting on American soldiers when they returned stateside. Many of them were of the Kent State type who enlisted in the guard to avoid active duty. They wouldn't shoot the enemy but had no problems shooting their fellow Americans.

  52. Kimberly Ann

    Nothing criminal! The child is in a coma! Seriously? Ok even if the other child is going to claim self-defense, he beat this boy so badly it broke his nose, and caused an obviously serious concussion that forced the doctors to put him in a drug induced COMA! Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have read in a while. This world baffles me…..

  53. Libertarian

    To the poor kid in a coma: Get out of that coma and learn how to defend yourself with your fists and the next time that bully tries to hit you, give him "one to remember" and guess what? He won't go after you again. (Because if you run crying to your parents, the principal or anyone else, no-one will respect you and I learned that the hard way myself when I was a kid!)

  54. Bobbie Trowbridge

    please do not blame teachers. we try hard, but we are told to USE INSTRUCTIONAL TIME….i hate this stuff. I think the bullies need to be put in prison.

  55. Tom Linder

    They've found "nothing criminal" so far? And then we all wonder when bullied kids show up with weapons at school.

  56. Anonymous

    Yeah but God forbid some kid bring a plastic toy gun to school! They get expelled for that!

  57. Nicole Houston

    That's complete and utterly BS! If that was my daughter and she ended up in a coma, I will sue the school and the parents of the bully.. I don't give a s*** if they are 'sorry' or whatever.. 'sorry' does not do anything but get annoying after it is said too many times.. the bully should get kicked out of school, and into juvenile hall for a year or longer depending on if he will change his act or not.. the bully's parents should do something about their kid before someone else does.. and before they get sued.

  58. Anonymous

    Yeah but God forbid some kid bring a plastic toy gun to school! They get expelled for that!

  59. Joseph Whitley

    So the kid is beaten so bad that he has to be put into a coma, and only 1 of the bullies gets suspended? The kids if they even get in trouble by the police they won't even get that big of a punishment because they are youths. Yet they were old enough to mercislessly beat up a defencless kid.

    If the courts were smart they would put both bullies in juvie for atleast 3 years, because had this been with adults they would have been charged with assault or maybe a harsher punishment.

  60. Libertarian

    Parents, train your children how to defend themselves because it's becoming VERY clear that anti-bullying efforts don't work and they actually make the problem worse.

  61. Anonymous

    Man, take a look around. The people having the most kids are the ones who should be the last to have any. We're experiencing Darwinism in reverse, but it would be nice to see the parents held accountable for how they raised their child.

  62. Frank Rhoades

    Eye for an eye, maybe two eyes for eye. Maybe the Dad and Superintent need to have thier a#$ slammed, cop wouldn't find cause.

  63. Harold Kurz

    Unfortunately this happens all to often. My daughter is going thru this now since entering H.S she deals ever day with being threatened, shoved, sexual harrasment, emotional stress, deformation of character and numerous other difficulties, she is currently seeing a psycologist to help.She has gone from a 80's 90's student to a 50's student.She literally pleads not to go to school everyday, but we send her with the only words a parent can share with their child, we are trying everything, and maybe today will be better, remember we love you. We can get nowhere with school officials as they tell us they don't know the answers and perhaps it is things my daughter is doing to cause this. We have met with the principle, asst. principle, dean, counslers and contacted the superintendent all without any success. We have even turned to the ACLU who will not help unless it is a group being bullied. We have contacted private attorneys who say they can try to help but at a cost of 250.00 an hour. Parents of bullied children really have no where to turn for help, this must change and something must be done.

  64. Shawn DeBoi

    The kid should have armed himself with an AR15 and taken out the bullies. I am sure that the adults new this was happening yet did nothing. Now when its to late they act. Pathetic. The bullies should have their strong arms surgically removed and the adults at the school should have their tongues, ears and eyes removed (hear, speak and see no evil then removed the body parts that do that. This is why our country is in the crapper. Your not a rat unless you get caught for something and then talk. If you haven't done anything wrong and you reveal the truth then you are a savior.

  65. Tim Hendrickson

    They give a 5yr old a 10 day suspension for threatening to bring her BUBBLE GUN to school, but the bully only gets 2 days for bashing this kids face in? Now he's in a coma? Are you Fn kidding? I know the gun thing is bad, but the bully thing happens 8,200 times a day every frickin day of the year on average. Maybe schools should be banned not guns. I'm just sayin the problems run way deeper than gun control. How about punishing the parents. Holds the parents accountable and maybe things will change because they have to play a more active role in their kids lives. Where are the teachers that get paid to watch and protect and educate the kids? Where the hell are they when this crap happens? They want to give teachers guns to take on armed assailants, when they won't even respond to a damn fist fight! I'm just sayin. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  66. Nadja Adolf

    Juvenile Hall seems more appropriate than a two day suspension. A two day suspension is basically a vacation for the budding psychopaths involved in this attack.

  67. Doris Huntley Burnett

    2 days for beating someone is crazy a first grader got suspened for 3 weeks for bring a as in 1 jolly rancher to school good lord what's wrong with this picture?

  68. Joseph Smithers

    maybe some time in juvinile deliquent center and the victims dad suing for the cost of medical bills and pain and suffering will teach this bully a lesson . he just wanted to be cool and did not think of the consenquences of his action. I was bullied by somemean students and it taught me to stick up for myself and want to be different. My mom would have suied and made sure justicewas served if that happened to me and if anyone ever hurt my daughter my husband and I would make sure the bully got his punishment and if the boy dies the bully should be charged with murder. I dont care how young he is. right is right in jesus and Gods eyes!

  69. Melisa Mode

    This story is beyond heartbreaking. A little kid in a coma because parents as usual don't know how to teach their children decent behavior. Disgusting

  70. Ruth Fowler Maynor

    Sorry Kenneth but my kids knew that was unacceptable behaviour at that age and they are now 21 and 17. It all comes from the home. Too many kid are led to believe that they are more special than other kids and they should be able to do what they want with no consequences.

  71. Karla Mirazol Maranan

    That is very sad :( , I don't live in the U.S. but also see this thing here in my country. I think you should consider home schooling(if you can) since in my opinion sending her continuously to school will do her more damage. I hope your kid will be able to move forward from here on in. I hope the principals and other people of authority be able to wake up and help than turning a blind eye on this.

    Sorry for my English – and best wishes to you and your daughter.

  72. Anonymous

    I agree with what chad F said, the parents should be held accountable their childs/childrens actions…Punsih the parents of the bullys….period!

  73. Lisa Ottaviano Marks

    It's time we put the parents of bullying children behind bars because ultimately it's their fault because in order for another child to hurt a classmate that severely, SOMETHING has got to be wrong at home!

  74. Andrew Cunningham

    If my son gets bullied in school I'm not going to the school to deal with the problem. I'm going to visit the kid's father and his parents and I'm going to very nicely let them know that the bullying better end or I'm going to show them what it really means to be bullied!

  75. David Mulder

    Where was the supervision, and I think they should plaster the bullies faces all across the world as bullies. Prayers for you Bailey!

  76. Kathy Moreland

    The school needs to give the bullies a strong talking to and make them miss recess for at least 3 days. That will learn 'em.

  77. Andrew Cunningham

    If my son gets bullied in school I'm not going to the school to deal with the problem! I'm going to the other kid's father and parents and I'm going to teach their whole family what it means to be bullied!

  78. Miseducation Nation

    Yeah…that'll help. Let's brutalize children if they brutalize other children. That has the "added education benefit" of teaching our kids that the appropriate way to deal with conflict or disagreements is to beat the other person, especially if he or she is a small child.

    I'd argue that it's just the opposite, Mandy. It's the asinine, bizarre views of people like yourself—advocating for MORE violence "as a way to lessen violence"!?!?!—that cause kids to act out like this to begin with.

  79. Tommy Gunn Garcia

    Parents have alot to do with this but It's the teachers who let these bullies get away with crap! This happened at SCHOOL not at home! This was on the teachers watch. If the TEACHERS would stop the bullies from running their mouths BEFORE things got physical, this probably wouldn't have happened. Anybody that's been teaching for even a few days can already tell you who the problem children might be.

  80. Linda Fenslage

    Why do principals look the other way? Why did the superintendent suspend the bully two days. He might as will say who cares. I hope the superintendent and principal lose a lot of sleep. I hope they get fired. That animal needs to be cage like a wild animal and never ever let out of its cage. I feel for the parents. I hope he comes out of it with flying color.

  81. Robert Bartlett

    Let me understand this, a kid could point at another kid with their finger like a gun and risk expulsion but a kid could beat up another kid, but them in the hospital and then get suspended for just 2 days?

  82. JosephnSara Abood

    James Goulding
    I agree with you sir, the kid want to act like a punk- thug throw him in juvie n let him be somebody's bubba!! As for the school district good thing it wasnt my daughter I would sue the HELL out of them. It is their job to protect our kids once we hand them over for the day!!! Schools do not do enough for bullying problem….. I was bullied all through school…… Someone needs to be held accountable including the bully's parents.

  83. Miseducation Nation

    I'm so glad to see all of these "experts" on here, decrying the way "other people" are doing such an "awful job" raising their children. If only they were like us—superb, exceptional parents, who consequently have close to perfect kids.

    Yes, it's always "the other person" who is a "lazy, irresponsible, apathetic, substance-dependent, worthless drain on the rest of us"—just as it's "all those other public schools that are miserable, crappy failures".

    MY child, MY child's public school, MY obviously superior parenting skills, as opposed to those (usually nameless, faceless, anonymous) scum that have "ruined" everything in our country.

    Isn't that right? So, even in the face of some horrific, disgusting tragedy, like child on child violence, you stand confidently analyzing the situation, denouncing the "lousy" parents and blaming their "lack of discipline" for this sad and sick incident.

    Hey, are any of you available for a paid, private consultation. I obviously need the benefit of your intellectually superior vision and your absolutely flawless execution as a parent. Me…I'm doing my very best with my kids, but I just can't seem to mold them into my preconceived image of The Perfect Child. Perhaps you can help me get that right?

  84. Christine Borneman

    He should be expelled not suspended for 2 days. He put a boy in a coma. Do you think that boy is going to feel safe going back to school there. Why is it the victim is victimized again. Disgusting. If I were other parents that had children going there I'd be pissed. he'll do it again with a proper punishment.

  85. Francene Stamp Herr

    When parents bring these little horrors into the world they should be held accountable. Does the bullying come from the parents treatment of them? Although it's a pipe dream the parents of these little monsters should help pay for the healthcare and the same should apply to parents of taggers. Where are your little darlings when you should be aware of them? Where are the teachings that you treat people like you want to be treated? Oh crap, what was I thinking? Isn't that something called the Golden Rule and too close to religion????

  86. Francene Stamp Herr

    No way, Kenneth. They know right from wrong and hide behind their age. A good reverse bullying experience will surely help them know the pain they inflict. Where can I sign up?

  87. Danielle J Leslie

    Wow… what are these parents doing to their kids to turn them into these bullies? Seriously, learn2parent…

  88. Danielle J Leslie

    And seriously… 2 days? They deserve to be expelled. No one else should have to suffer by these kids ridiculous actions. Little assholes.

  89. Shanna Coy Smith

    They only give the serious punishments for kids who throw markers. Lol

  90. My Bully and Me

    This makes us sooooo sad! We are working to get our book into ALL elementary schools, unfortunately it is a county by county, state by state process. We have been successful so far and it has been added to the elementary school anti-bullying curriculum for grades K-6 but again, its a slow process with soooo many schools to reach! PARENTS! BUY THIS BOOK! It is for the bullied AND the bully! We need to save these kids lives, and keep them safe!

  91. Peggy Reuss

    Unfortunately, I agree with you. They would have said it was racially motivated, or a hate crime. These 2 kids must have families in some kind of "power" in this town.

  92. Sandra Cadwell

    I think this incident is beyond bullying. This child has some serious anger issues that need to be dealt with. The child that was hurt may die and this kids is just getting a 2 day suspension. People wake up!

  93. Susan Michelle Kirkland

    This makes me want to cry. An 11 year old child who was tortured at school and received a broke nose. I have lost all faith in the system and people. First, it takes a monster of a human being called a child, to do that. He learned it from somewhere. Ergo, look to the parents. Second, one bully got 2 days. Really. A child may die or lose his life and that's all you have. My 17 year old is homeschooled. I have traveled this country far and wide and its the same thing over and over. Inadequate education, inadequate people and inadequate supervision. God bless this young man. Prayers son.

  94. Karen Henry

    Its inexcusable that the kid only got 2 days suspension. My friend's son got five times that for wearing a tshirt to school with a small cartoon character pushing a detonator on a cartoony TNT pack a la Road Runner.

  95. John Luchi

    Problem with bullying today is parents remember bullying from their school days….it is much more violent and hurtful today….anyone caught bullying need to be put in a position to be bullied themselves….maybe then it will stop…these kids being bullied need a big brother….so get out there and help bully some bullies!

  96. Jan Pensa

    I was having problems with one of my sons when he was in junior high…I took time off from work and went to school with him. I observed him being antagonized, mostly but not inclusive, because I was there. When I told his classmate I wasn't there watching just my son, but knew who he was and his mother, the kid shut up quickly. Did it change any thing, I don't know, but the kids knew who I was and $h1t wasn't going to be tolerated, Prayers for the young man who was bullied and the bully, that he gets the help he needs as well.

  97. Jeff Widick

    The parents of the bully should make their child take care of the kid he beat up. I'm sure after a day of changing bed pans and sponge baths, he'd see the error of his ways, and if it were video taped and showed in schools to other bullies, they might have a change in heart as well.

  98. Anonymous

    My son is getting bullied by 8yr, if he stop him to stop the bus driver tells my 12 yr to leave the kid alone. This kid moved in my son seat to start things up, my son tells him to fuck off or he is going to hurt him. My son got in trouble for pushing a kid punching my son. both kids are black messing with my son. I told him never to beat up the weak, but maybe I am wrong?

  99. Gwendolene Loehlein

    Our grand-daughter was in kindergarten and was being bullied by two little girls that were african american, now you may think I'm using a "race issue", however it is an important part of the bully story, our grand-daughter is polite, smart, does her homework, and listens to the teacher at all times, she does not want to break any rules because she said, and I quote: " Grandma, so many kids are mean to the teacher, they don't listen, they talk when she is talking, and they never, ever listen or follow the class room rules. When the two little girls were put into timeout, their first reply to the teacher was, and I quote: I'm telling my mom that you're always picking on me just because I'm black, and she's gonna be really mad at you, and I hate you!, I cannot imagine how this teacher must have been feeling. Sure enough, we reported the girls bulling our grand daughter, pulling her hair, tripping her on purpose, calling her fatty, stupid, * she is not stupid she gets straight "A's", and always turns in her homework each day on time.
    Long story short, each girl got two days in school suspension, due to the Mom raising s fit in the Office for all to hear, loud obnoxious, cursing etc. Unbelievable behavior the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    When the girls were told they had to apologize , they wanted to know why????
    The story does not stop here, the following year, they began their terror on her again, by this time our grand- daughter began having headaches, vomiting, and not wanting to attend school she loved so dearly, we took her to the doctor whom said she was having PTSD, due to her problems from the previous year, and recommended the school remove these two girls from the class room ,separate them and have them supervised at all times. One girl thankfully moved,away, and the other one was finally expelled from school after chasing down a teacher with a pair of scissors and eventually ended up cutting the teachers forearm.
    Once again the parent raised a fuss, using the "F" word, and getting so out of hand the police had to be called to remove her and her daughter from the school premises. What is this world coming too? What is wrong with parents that ignore such serious actions on the part of their kids, IMHO, this parent should go to jail, spend time in anger management classes, along with parenting classes, this or both of these young girls will end up in jail.Sadly, they have not been given a fair chance being raised by a poor excuse for a mom,
    The up side, our grand daughter is getting all "A"s in school, never misses a day, and has learned through classes we signed her up for on how to deal with bullies. She said to me, I will not let them ruin my life, I want to be someone special one day, and people like this are not going to stop me from getting an education, and i want to specialize in something that helps kids that are bullied, and get help the like I got .
    God Bless those parents whom teach their children the right way to treat others, and shame on those that think the world owes them.

  100. Katrina Siekierka

    Where was anyone to stop this? Those boys need to be scared straight and expelled. The parents need to be held accountable. I bet the 2 days were handed out before this turned in a coma situation. Police asked to step in and they will handle it.

  101. Lori Rundle

    But they are not too young to face severe consequences for their actions and thus maybe not make a poor decision like this again!

  102. Lori Rundle

    But they are not too young to face severe consequences for their actions and thus maybe not make a poor decision like this again!

  103. Andrew Bourdeau

    police are looking into wether bullying is a problem? heres your sign dumbasses and people wonder y kids go to school with guns and kill well duh, u get kicked around made fun of or that and trust me u'll want to snap too.

  104. Andrew Bourdeau

    police are looking into wether bullying is a problem? heres your sign dumbasses and people wonder y kids go to school with guns and kill well duh, u get kicked around made fun of or that and trust me u'll want to snap too.

  105. Anonymous

    Bullying in school doesn't just last until the school day is over, or after the high school graduation and there's no more contact with the bully. I personally helped 2 other girls put together a class reunion 10 years after we graduated high school (we didn't have a 5th year reunion). I had been picked on ruthlessly by a girl and her "gang of evil fools" since grade school, and no matter how many times I went to the principle and even had my mom come to the school, nothing was ever done and the bullying got worse. Then came graduation and I never saw her or them again. But 10 years later 3 of us sent out nearly 400 invitations to our high school class for a reunion. What a shock we got when one by one the students called and the first question they asked was, "is that girl coming". (She was one of the first to rsvp that she'd be coming) and one by one we were told, "I'm not coming, I don't want to be anywhere near her or her crew because I still have horrid memories of what she did to me all through high school". The night of the reunion they showed up, and as I was fixing my make-up in the ladies room she came in talking to me as if we were the best of friends. Finally I had the guts to tell her off. I told her if it was up to me she wouldn't be here and if u notice 75% of the class isn't here because they all declined the invitation after hearing you were coming". I then told her I hope she's proud of herself and what an awesome thing to go home and tell her kids. I then asked her what she would do if one of her kids came home crying that someone was doing to them what you did to nearly an entire high school class of over 390 kids. She stood there in shock staring at me as I promptly picked up my purse and left her standing in the ladies room with my head held high.

  106. Katrina Siekierka

    Why does someone always need to add 'race' to everything. It doesn't matter. You perpetuate the issue.

  107. Anonymous

    The parents of this kid need to be responsible for all medical bills for this young boy. Maybe that will get through to them on how serious this. Better yet make it a law, your kid beats up another you pay the bill.

  108. Trevor Campbell

    Bad kids get away with stuff at school= thinks it's ok to do= criminals with guns= killings of innocent people.

  109. Trevor Campbell

    there is a VERY big difference between a fight and bullying.

  110. Anonymous

    The parents of this kid need to pay for this young boys medical bills. Maybe that will get through to them on how serious this is. Better yet make it law that if your kid beats up another you pay the bill.

  111. Dave Daniels

    Of course they had to emphasize the word of the decade "Bully" instead of a typical school yard fight where the victim was simply a pussy who didn't defend himself. If his dad any testes whatsoever he would hire some crackhead to beat his kids attacker into a similar COMA. Parents are so fucking clueless these days.

  112. Gary Morrow

    what's the parents say its all fun my boy is good throw him in jail along with the school board they new it was going on.

  113. Frank Troia

    ….I would like to know what that child who bullies others thinks about his home life…. I bet he hates something about it.

  114. Thomas Steven

    they better do more than give the punk 2 dys off, and they better stop hideing all of these incidents when the turn 18 and clear the record. they had better send this punk to jail.

  115. Willie Grissom

    another violent out burst in our non-violent society it is the selfish way in which we raise our kids today they are desensitized to anyone elses pain or feelings its all about them and what they want.

  116. Patty Lounder

    What kind of upbringing do these 'bullies' have? Kindness, empathy, caring, manners etc have to be taught in the home…I'll also bet that they don't have consequences for bad behavior at home….probably have NO respect for their parents…

  117. Anonymous

    If that was my child that was hurt like that, the family of that punk would think about moving real soon after some type of punishment.

  118. Tom Slick

    I LOVE THIS..a SCK PRESIDENT who is SO concerned about GIVING JETS to EGYPT and the BROTHA-HOOD. Shoving Obama Care down YOUR throats, Taking OUR GUNS and litterly LIEING to American and he CANT stop BULLYING..because he cares about other GOING to a BLACK FUERAL…or HELPING Mexicans and Immigrants OVERFILL OUR Country….he ain't MY PRESIDENT! IMPEACH!

  119. Tom Slick

    I really NEVER REALIZED how many Charlie Manon like FOLLOWERS we have in this COUNTRY..grow up…be LEADERS….Hank was RIGHT….

  120. Christopher Wright

    there is simple solution, the boy's father should hire aboy acouple years older to just beat this punks ass to nothing put him in acoma.sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

  121. Tom Slick

    I DO hope if the Mental Health thing goes..that Obama will be the FIRST to TRY to pass it…MANY I talk to in the MALL think HE is CRAZY…

  122. Anonymous

    Yes this all starts at home with the parents , most of the time there is no consequence for behavior, maybe parents not around , maybe live with grandma or grandpa cause parents are unfit , Second they are a product of society , look at how people treat one another nowadays everyone seems to be only concerned about themselves , also there's violence everywhere you look seems every tv show is a csi style or every movie is about attitude and killing and even when you try to keep young children from seeing this a commercial for a movie with killing or shooting comes on. its we as a society as a whole that are at fault not one person , there's to much negative in our world everywhere you look everything on tv and if you turn the tv off there's always the families that don't and those kids are at your childs school and influence your children. Moral of this story start treating people better, spend more time with your children , turn off those stupid shows about murder and killing and attitude problems there all the same you wont miss them! we are all to blame for these problems! yea and I'm sure I will get a lot of bad replys , but just take a look around our world is falling apart , our family values are being shattered daily and society just rolls along like nothing is wrong and wants to hold everybody accountable or sue everyone , take a look at our world , look at who we idolize, even look at yourself we are the problem!

  123. Scott Cooper

    The strong will always prey upon the weak. The big kids will always prey upon the smaller ones. That's the way it was when I was in school and that's the way it still is today. Whenever a kid gets hurt like this, alot of talking goes on, but no action is taken. Talk is cheap.

  124. Stanley Humphries

    So, a small kid makes a paper gun and gets expelled and another kid beats a kid into a coma and receives virtually no punishment/ strange, very strange.

  125. Ruby Courson

    Poor Poor bully. I guess hes scarred for life spending 2 days watching cartoons. If his behavior continues he can make lots of new friends in jail. The victim may be scarred for life too. And the schools wonder why these kids commit suicide or pick up a gun.

  126. Kristina Nicole Choi

    If the son survives this attack, the family should do whatever they can to try to homeschool their kids. I myself am taking this action because my son was starting to bully kids. I'm not having that behavior. With Mom, you're not bullying no one. I refuse to have my child grow up and become a deviant.

    But anyway, the strategy works the other way around. If kids are being bullied, get them out of school. Teach them at home and tell them they are worth something. Then, when you are ready to socialize them, put them in environments where the kids are not only supervised but also having fun.

    Why do kids not bully each other when they're at museums or Chuck e. Cheese? Because not only are they having fun, but there is also a lot of adult supervision.

    A growth of mental illness and a lack of discipline has caused today's children to become ridiculous. They think they are entitled to something.

  127. Anonymous

    The kid(s) who are guilty of bullying are probably underage and can't technically be tried as adults, so I say put the parents on trial! Hit them right in the pocketbook with a HUGE fine, put the bullies on probation for a long time and raise the fine on the parents every time their kid steps out of line. What kind of bums are these bullies? Maybe put them in military school, since their parents have failed so miserably at teaching them discipline. If the bullies don't have a conscience, the parents probably don't either. And the victim's parents ought to be able to sue with impunity! This lack of decency in young kids makes me sick.

  128. Dan Kvasnicka

    have a picture of a gun with the American flag and they wanted the boy in prison,,,,, say a cristian prayer under your breath in school and you will go to prison, but beat up and bully someone younger and smaller than you whom is white and the bully a nigger and they will give the nigger a medal,,, what's wqrong with this picture.

  129. Katherine Mathiowetz

    I am sorry that little fucker would be behind bars or I woudl be for kicking the sht out of him if it were my kid he bullied. thatis bull shit two days? I was sue the parents of the brat and the school.

  130. Katherine Mathiowetz

    I am sorry that little fucker would be behind bars or I woudl be for kicking the sht out of him if it were my kid he bullied. thatis bull shit two days? I was sue the parents of the brat and the school.

  131. Tamara Staples Meyer

    How pathetic…2 whole days…are you serious? Really lucky it wasn't one of my grandkids…..I'd have taken him to task….

  132. Tamara Staples Meyer

    How pathetic…2 whole days…are you serious? Really lucky it wasn't one of my grandkids…..I'd have taken him to task….

  133. Katherine Mathiowetz

    excuse my lanugage but this jsut pisses me off… some boy was bulling my son, I put a halt to it in a heart beat. andI warned teh school if that kid so much as looked in my son's direction I would sue them for reckless indangerment of my kid……. they kept the brat away from my son for two years until the tornatoe distroryed their house and they had to move………………. Karma… that mother was a sick bitch too….

  134. Stephanie Cautious Comalander

    My daughter has been a victim of bullying since she ENTERED the school system for kindergarten. We are actually suffering a situation right now that has required multiple levels of intervention. Yet, the bullies that did this to her and created this mess have not been punished at all. It is absolutely amazing that when parents DO speak up, the administrators seem very unsure of what to do despite our tax dollars being spent on their training to handle just such a situation. I say if the child has been proven to be a bully (and specific criteria needs to be established to separate simple teasing that CAN be corrected versus actual bullying), the child who is deemed the bully needs to be placed in 'alternative school' and forced to go through sensitivity training. PLUS, the children and family services needs to at least check in on the child's family situation to determine that the child is not enduring undue circumstances such as abuse at home that would make him/her lash out.

    I know that I am in the process of writing my congressman and trying to do what I can to change the system and maybe prevent this from happening to other parents, but unless we all stick together—-nothing will change.

  135. Anonymous

    Bullies have always been around but for some reason they don't seem to get singled out like they did when I was in school. Corporal punishment was still administered for things like failing a class, talking out of turn or being a class clown / bully but you could tell things were already on a downward spiral with the next generation of children. I graduated in 89' and watched schools do away with harsh punishment for serious offenses. Kids today, it's like they run the household and tell their parents what they will and won't do. I would never step to my mom or dad like that…out of respect and the fact I knew either would knock me on my butt for being out of line. Basic manners and lack of respect are no longer taught in homes today. I made sure I had money to put my kids through private school and they are far better for it.

  136. Debbie Whetstone-Papantonakis

    where in fuck were the teachers, put those other two kids in a room with me and let me beat them and then let the stupid parents in so I can fuckin beat them too.

  137. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    Criminal charges, are in order; also, the parents of the child in the coma, should file a civil law suit. Where were the teacher's/school personnel that were suppose to be supervising these children?

  138. Mia DeMille

    Where was the teacher when this beating was going on? The parents need to file charges against those children, file a lawsuit against the parents and the school.

  139. Denise George Rhodes

    Punishment expulsion from school, 15-20 years in juvenile hall.

  140. Tammie Carlson-Kendust

    Kids are getting suspended for imaginary grenades and Hello Kitty bubble guns and this kid beats another kid so badly they have to put him in a coma and he gets 2 days suspension? WTF is wrong with the school systems?

  141. Johana Gilbertson

    I feel so sad that kids do this, i think kid that bully should be put in some sort of juvenile detention center where they can rehabilitate them and find out why they act this way, why they do it..Parents should be responsible as well…Both parents and kids should go thru therapy and should not be allowed back to the school till there ready..Maybe be home schooled atleast for the safety of other kids.

  142. Alicia Honn

    If something happens to that child, somebody better pay the maximum consequence. Parents and the school. Regardless and in addition to being charged (kid or adult on behalf of their kid) I personally think these bullies should be sent off to a military school while the parents get counseling on how to properly raise and discipline their children. This is disgusting.

  143. Justin DeRosa

    Of course it's real. They can't put anything on the internet that isn't real! I read that on the internet so it must be true!

  144. Adria Bruneio

    Wow! A 2 day suspension? That's intense for what schools normally dish out, I'm super impressed. I bet the parents of the bully didn't do a single thing about it. "Oh, golly gosh! MY dear, angelic child wouldn't do such a horrible thing. Come on, honey, let's buy you a new iPhone."
    Trust me… I've been bullied for a loooong, long time. The bullies usually get off scott free.

  145. John Quinn

    These comments make more sense to me, as solutions to school violence, than what Mr. Obama is proposing. I was shocked to learn about a teenage girl, who I am close to, who was bullied and harrassed by wretched punks to the point of an emotional breakdown all because she was talented, kind and pretty.

  146. James Hartt

    It is time to fight back against the obvious offenders and their families. Good families need to band together and fight back against the uncivilized among us. Lawsuits against the bullies' parents, criminal prosecution, retaliation/vigilante justice (if needed)…it's all on the table. And to this boy's parents: we are all with you. God bless you and may your sweet son improve to 100%. I am truly sickened by this trend. SICKENED.

  147. Loyalty Respect

    if it was up to me I would change the law to where if a minor does a severe crime or gets a felony before he or she is an adult.the felony or crime would be saved and documented so when they turn 18 they would have to serve it I bet that will get the parents up off their butts and start doing some good parenting.

  148. Anonymous

    How can teachers allow that kind of behavior to escalate to this level? Where were they when this was going on?

  149. Bailey Rinehart

    They don't know what kind of punishment should stem from this fight? I know what kind of punishment should stem from this fight. This kid should be expelled, and then he should put in a juvenile detention center so he can learn something valuable. He probably also needs some counseling, because any child that can do this to another child definitely needs to talk to someone!

  150. Morgan Collins

    First, the bullies parents should be sued if the child is a minor. I would have sued the parents….maybe even the school because they are not doing much about the incident. I mean, two days? that's bs! I would even call social services on the bullies parents and make sure they are monitored in how they are raising their child. who knows, that kids could be abused as well. If not, then the kid has issues and should be put away for psychological evaluation.

  151. Douglas Hartt

    Parents need to be hyper vigilant, and kick ass when they find that their kid has been bullied. But I also think parents should be harsh on their own kids if it is discovered they've bullied another.

  152. Mechele Nelson-Byrd

    I would sue the students, parents, school and who ever else I could think of….why? Just because…Isn't that why they bullied him..Just because… I hope he is allright.

  153. Richard Gotschall

    The 7 year old boy got kicked out of school for PLAYING, and if that wasn't good enough the southeast delco school district mr. but (fitting) says two days for the attempted murder of this child? Are you shocked that people can not deal with the stupid school systems. I have so much more to say but only this,…What in the world is wrong with all of this, please someone explain the reasoning behind this type of thiking?

  154. Anonymous

    I hope the parents of this little boy sue the crap out of the bullies parents…looks like that's the only way they will get any justice for their kid. Hit the the brats parents in their wallet. I don't see why the bully wasn't taken to juvenile hall..I mean he committed a crime..its called assault. Just because he's in 6th grade doesn't mean he shouldn't be given some kind of punishment, or at least scare the hell out of him.

  155. Mary Frances

    Does anyone know if there is a fund set up for this child and his expenses?

  156. Lynn Tapella Kersting

    #1 The school is liable for not keeping the child safe. #2 The parents of the bully are liable for the actions of their minor child. #3 The bully should be placed in a facility until 17. # 4 Children need to be taught "Actions have consequences".

  157. Buddy Alsup

    When my kids were 5 and 7 a neighborhood bully was slapping them around. I came home from work to find my 7 year old with a huge hand print on his face. He told me who did it and I went to talk to the boys mother, his father wasn't in the picture. The boys mother told me to go F#$% myself. So I paid a 13 year old boy $20.00 to beat the hell out of this kid! He was a real hard head, it took 3 times for him to get the message. But the last beating did the job. Afterward I called the boy up and said, it's a simple thing, just leave my kids alone and you'll stop gettin your ass kicked. Just leave them alone, that's all you gotta do! Best money I ever spent.

  158. Anonymous

    The DA has so far found nothing criminal. Perhaps this is parental abuse and they used the popular "bullying" as an excuse?

  159. Anonymous

    VERY simple solution…apply adult penalties to the ADULT parents of these children. I can promise, this action would warrant something stronger than a 2 day suspension. Let ADULT parents be incarcerated…not simply "sent home." Let them pay full restitution…let them engage in the necessary 500+ hours of community service, on top of whatever fine is imposed.

    Impose these penalties on BOTH parents, equally, whether they be married, divorced, joint custody, etc. If one is MIA, TRACK HIM OR HER DOWN…in the meantime, the available parent must fulfill any findings of punishment imposed on BOTH. (e.g. 500 hours community service would multiply to 1000, etc.)

    Extreme and unreasonable? Not nearly as much so as I would be if someone bullied my kid, and I was left to administer due punishment. Trust me.

  160. Debi Harwood

    Should never be allowed back into at least that school ever again. Should make the parents pay the medical bills, then take that child before a judge and make him/her sign a restitution agreement to repay their parents. And if it was a voilent attack criminal charges against both parents/child. Just might be enough for both parties to learn the most important lesson, TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, I was taught that by the time I was 5.

  161. Suzie Laughlin

    2 day suspension! Are they nuts? This kid belongs behind bars! And I don't mean tried as a juvenile, no matter what the age…this demon knew what he was doing and intended to severly harm this poor kid! Prayers go out to his family and for Bailey.

  162. Anonymous

    The School District, as usual, is more worried about getting sued by the Bully's parents than about the kid in a coma.
    2 days? They gave him 2 days to sharpen up video game skills. How about scrubbing the bathrooms every day after school for 2 MONTHS? This will never end until the schools stop being afraid of the parents.

  163. Ray Trezza

    I would personaly Potato Sack every parent of the kids involved if that were my kid in the coma, I drive my kid to and from school because of bullies, The Parents and Education system should be held criminaly and financialy responsible, you drop your kid off at school its required by law, so they should figure out how to stop the BS.

    This is how Columbine and Sandy Hook happened — bullied kids snap.

  164. Robert Medina

    Two day suspension! Absured. How about Expulsion! This sort of thing needs to be nipped in the bud. A slap on the wrist is not going to have any impact on this punk(s). Send them a message and the parents a well. I was bullied as well in CATHOIC School. Their rsponse: Well they are just playing rough! "B.S"——> not bird seed either!

  165. Jeremiah Maker

    If anyone wants to know the real reason's kids take guns to schools then here it is, video games have nothing to do with it. Bullying is the problem, these kids should be expelled for an entire year and the only way to get back in is have their parents along with the little shit take a class on behavior and parenting.

  166. Anonymous

    The only way to stop this is to get the kid's name out in public so he can see what his family will have to go through becuase of him. If you commit a CRIME on school property – you're out! That should be the law.

  167. Wendy Maddy

    quit calling assault and battery "bullying." call it what it is and call the police to make arrests and prosecutions of these little felons! this boy could very well die from this. everyone who injures another person is assaulting them and battering them. if the person dies, it is murder or manslaughter. because the hitting was intentional, it should be found by the jury to be murder. the kids who did this don't belong in any school other than reform school inside a juvenile hall for underaged felons. mental health counseling and transfers to adult prisons when old enough if they are not deemed reformed or mentally fit to be among others yet should be their fate. where were all the teacher in all this? the principal? the superintendent? both assailants belong in prison right now, and permanently banned from any public school. let the parents pay somebody to educate their little felons! obviously they weren't brought up right!

  168. Jonathan GoneWild

    stop being a pansy and fight. Psh kids these days with the cutting, the suicide and the comas.

  169. Kyle Nevins

    Ok look people im a kid and i say the bully should be on house arrest until he turns 40 or so but the is a kid not an adult if he was an adult he would go to prison for life because its against the law abuse children but I agree that kid is about to have a whole lot of karma slaped in his face

  170. Joe Morgan

    send the medical bills to the bully's parent and slap a civil lawsuit against them too. that is what truly hurts people. put a tax lien on the bully's income in the future when he starts to work. to make the punishment work, u have got to hurt em in the pocketbook. I hope the child recovers quickly.

  171. Cheryl Jane Bean

    I was bullied and virtually destroyed by those careless words, harassment and indifference of school staff. I never thought of suicide – just getting away. Being young – I didn't realize moving away physically would not solve the problem. The evil virus was inside me and created great havoc. Now years later I can look back and realize how lethal bullying is. Of those who harmed me – two are dead, one has shown minimal regrets and the others none. The main one I contacted on fb and he flippantly brushed me off and then defriended me. Gee – wonder if I will ever get over that one? With God's help I survive and help others whose brush with dead began so young.

  172. Mary Curry

    In second grad my grandson was bullied to the point they broke his glasses. He was told that if he hit the bullies he would be suspended and lose his recess for the year. He waited until the last full day of school to get even. Two of the boys were in the lunchline behind him and making comments. Right before he got is tray he turned to the boys and flipped their trays into their faces. Then he turned to his teacher and told her that she can now take away his recess. He is now learning karate as is his sister, although she has been known to head butt a tormenter and putting him on the ground.

  173. Cija Foster

    the boys who did this to him NEED TO BE CHARGED WITH A FELONY. My sons school is amazing at handling bullying and because of his autism he has been bullied but the next day after our email to the school, IT STOPPED.

  174. Cija Foster

    the boy across the street was hit and kicked by a girl on the bus down the street to where he had bruises on his face, his parents called the cops and the girl is ONLY 9yrs old will be charged, guess where she learned to hit? yes found out that the mother has a few assualt charges on her husband.

  175. Scotty Andrew Gustafski

    What that father, of the son in a coma, needs to do is confront the superintendent and punch him in the face to show him that his lack of discipline and supervising may just have cost him his son's life. What is so difficult about taking bullies out of the school system to prevent future bullying. I'm sure the school doesn't want to get sued by the parents of the bully. Now, I'm sure they'll be sued by the parents of the coma child. In addition to being sued, the superintendent needs to be fired and have all of his pension and benefits taken away for life. He needs to be punished as well because the insurance company is really going to foot the money from the lawsuit anyway. How very sad for the parents!

  176. Tina Stevens

    As usual the school and the staff want to look the other way and slap the two criminals on the wrist! Really! 2 days suspension? Totally UNACCEPTABLE! a student gets expelled for less! I 'd start sending my child to school with pepper spray or a taser when those two hoodlums come back! because as soon as they figure out all their going to get is 2 days of layin on their ass watchin tv for what they did they WILL find another victim. SHAME on THOSE Teachers and Staff!

  177. Jim Ripple

    And, everyone will Flip Out, when this boy gets better–Goes back to school with a gun, and smokes this piece of Shit!

  178. Clinton McCool

    The parents AND the little subhuman vermin who did this should all be thrown in jail – regardless of age. These bullies aren't human – they're animals. I guess we'll have to wait for some poor kid to get beat to death before something is done.

    And somehow I can't help but believe the ACLU will likely find a way to protect the bully.

  179. Anita Kulvinskas

    Gee, one gets in trouble in kindergarden for having a Hello Kitty Bubble gun than the bully that beats a kid into a coma. I substitute and if I EVER saw a kid doing what the one in the picture above is doing to the three behind those bars, I would have him by the back of his neck so fast. I do not tolerate any bullying in the classroom or on the playground, and I have substituted for 4 years now. I am one of the few teachers if on the playground that is not busy talking, I am watching with my eyes and listening with ears.

  180. Anonymous

    I'm beginning to think that there should be some kind of test that can be performed to determine if people should be allowed to have children. There are far too many of these stories coming out nowadays. I know there has always been some type of bullying happening and now with cyber-bullying, physical bullying, etc. it is getting out of hand. In this case, I say put both parents of both the bullies in jail for a minimum of 90 days WITHOUT a work release, so that when they are terminated from their job(s), plus absolutely no welfare will be awarded to these people either, maybe they will wake up and teach their damn kids how to behave. If they the live in squallor or do not have food to eat and pass from this Earth, well then that will just remove them from the gene pool. Plus, if they actually had any hand in the bullying, i.e. driving their kid to the fight, holding the other kid while they are being pummeled, filming the event, etc then it should be a minimum of a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. No exceptions! Then when the "bully" comes of age, they are then enlisted in the Marine Corp. so that if they truly want to fight, well they can fight for the country – again no exceptions! There have to be consequences for putting a kid in the hospital in a coma.

  181. Melissa Pruitt

    WHY did the bully not get arrested. That sounds like assault to me. The kid is in a freakin COMA. 2 days? Come on. If these bullies only get slaps on the wrists they are not going to stop bullying because they will know there are no real consequences. Put his ass in juvie and straighten him out.

  182. Anonymous

    I truly hope it goes beyond two day suspension; I hope the parents of the boy who inflicted the injuries are also held accountable, they are just as guilty for allowing their son to be what he is….

  183. Anonymous

    I surely hope it goes beyond a two day suspension; I hope the authorities step in and the parents of the victim pursue it for all it takes to hold the boy accountable as well as his parents for their child's actions; the parents are the ones that allowed the child to become the bully he is today.

  184. Jl Reinhart

    Wow, that's all they got? 2 days with no school, way to show them that its OK to do this..As a father I would NOT let this go if it was my son..

  185. Jeffrey Walker

    The kid is going to like being out of school, I think he should have to have in school suspension for the rest of this school year and the next, saturday schools as well. Also it would be good to take away any other school related activities. This kid is getting a free pass with OSS and that is crap. I remember when I was in school, I wasn't a bully, but I did get in trouble a lot and OSS was something I looked forward too. Kids don't like school, so make them go and punish them with ISS not this crap.

  186. Roel Alamidw

    far too long have we let a certain group go. The children being bullied are told to toughen up. To let it go. Sticks and stones etc. Reality is this is only going to stop when adults show bullying is not to be tolerated or done as well. We cannot tell kids to stop doing what we do sometimes daily. Sometimes just because a child is more sensative or different or quieter they are being allowed to be bullied. People perceive it will make them stronger. This is rediculous. These poor parents. Accountability. If my child hurts another I am very much responsible. Hurting someone just because they are different. What gives people the right to believe they deserve more space on this earth and have the right to do this to others.

  187. Tim Reid

    I like how at the end of the news coverage the newscaster says that the authorities are still investigating and haven't found anything criminal yet. These kids get bullied, nothing happens and then the authorities later wonder why little Johnny comes back to school with a gun.

  188. Jess Demarce

    nd about the bullies, I think these boys deserve more than 2 day suspension. This should never happened, that is no excuse. I been bullied before, & I can relate to that. Partly I blame, the parents. They don't disapline them, teaching them from right & wrong. Letting them, do what they want. Bullying does exsist, for many years. These problems should of been taken care of, along time ago. It's going to get worst, if nothing is done about it.
    I hope the boy recovers very soon. And I want his parents to know, that they have my supportallthe way. I am against BULLYS!

  189. Sandra M Johnson

    Take the bullies parents and feed them to the victims parents 2 day suspension piffle take them to juvie hall and let them deal with the junior inmates there. I guarantee they'll be whipped puppies.

  190. Anonymous

    Those kids need to be taught a harsher lesson. How about standing in a corner with a big sign saying "I am a bully," and see if they like that! Being bullied themselves. Two days of suspension is not going to cut it. They should be in juvenile receiving therapy for having stupid parents that don't give a crap about them. Therefore, take their anger on innocent children.

  191. Jeff Kristof

    Nothing criminal huh? The kid's in a freaking coma! The parents are paying his medical bills and from what his dad said this has happened more than once. WAKE UP!

  192. Trey Wheeler

    Hi everyone My name is Trey Wheeler President and Founder of Bullying Prevention Team. The Prevention Team is a community organization dedicated to building confidence, integrity, and to address one of our country's biggest issues in the school system today, bullying.Bullying has become a tidal wave of epic proportions. Although bullying was once considered a rite of passage, parents, educators, and community leaders now see bullying as a devastating form of abuse that can have long-term effects on youthful victims, robbing them of self-esteem, isolating them from their peers, causing them to drop out of school, and even prompting health problems and suicide. Children who are bullied are often singled out because of a perceived difference between them and others, whether because of appearance (size, weight, or clothes), intellect, or, increasingly, ethnic or religious affiliation and sexual orientation. In my eyes this could have been prevented. I am heard broken.If you would like me to speak in your school email me. IF ANYONE NEEDS ANYTHING. ADVICE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME: Legal action needs to be taken or I will take legal action for them.

  193. Dennis Button

    I don't want to sound like a dick, Because I feel so bad for the young kid. But what is it? Was it a school fight? That was the initial indication I got. Or was it a case of Bullying? You cant say there was a School fight where the kid was bullied. It makes no sense. It was either just a fight or there was some kind of long term bullying that led to the fight. People are going way too far with this Bully shit! You can not call every altercation a case of Bullying!

  194. Justin Yarbrough

    So the parents should be held responsible if their kid is some closet asshole? Maybe it's beaver cleaver style at home and he's a dick when he goes out. You are a fucking idiot

  195. Breyana Anderson

    2 day suspension… seriously what the heck is with schools when they don't take things like this seriously. Id kick both bullies out of school and id def get the police involved this is ridiculous… kids need to be able to go to school and be safe and learn. They shouldn't have to worry about bullies, or getting beaten!

  196. Lamar McDonald

    I guess since the police and the school have found nothing criminal, it will be okay to bring in a 12 year old and let him bash in the face of the bully that put this poor kid in the hospital. I guess the police and the school are saying this kind of behavior is okay, so lets go to war on the bullies then. Maybe when kids start dying the school and the police will give a suspension or maybe a couple of days of community service. It's ridiculous that this kid put a child in the hospital, where he could still have complications and not make it out of the coma, gets a slap on the wrist… RIDICULOUS! you know this bully is just laughing his way back to school, knowing he's not going to be punished….

  197. Greg Stell

    wow the bully gets 2 DAY SUSPENSION if that was my kid in the coma it would take an act of god to keep me from beating those bullies till there eyes bleed then maybe I would stop after there brains show through their nose.

  198. Morgan Collins

    wow Justin you really you need to read what i said.again. did i not mention if the bully is abused as well? you took what i said out of context . i am no idiot. but i can see how you do not know how to have a discussion without name calling. you do not know me and you have no room to say im a idiot.

  199. Elizabeth Lyman

    So if this child dies, do these assholes face stiffer penalties or are they just going to be suspended for the rest of the year? Maybe someone should put their asses in a coma. This is EXACTLY why bullies do what they do, they don't receive a harsher punishment for their sick acts!

  200. Niki Hart

    WoW this is not like me 2 say this because Ive actually been told in my life that I show 2 much mercy I remember thinking WoW how can a person show 2 much mercy where mercy is needed…with all the crime going on and mere children harming killing others etc thinking we need to get biblical in action no second chances 2 anyone anymore eye 4 eye life 4 life if this grieves me how much it must b grieving God. Gods tears falling all the time so r mine! Bailey I pray u heal. Pray 4 the right changes as God sees fit 2 make this world and its people a better place 4 all!

  201. Jae Caskey

    Bullying has been an epidemic in this country for as long as I can remember. I was the victim of bullies when I went to school.

    My son was bullied in school also, when we went to the school principle, nothing was done about it. We took it to the school board and the problem just got worse. Standing outside the doors of the school, waiting for my son to come out of the building to go home, 4 boys were gathered and waiting for him. When I saw my son come out, I walked toward him and the boys ran. I immediately went to the principals office and explained what I had seen and heard. but because the boys hadn't actually done anything, "there was nothing they could do". Shortly after this incident my son game home with a huge bruise on the backside of his arm, and a bruise on his neck at the area you can feel the windpipe. A girl had taken the end of an umbrella and hit him in the neck, then pinched the back of his arm while twisting. Once again, no one saw it, nothing was done.

    It has gotten to the point that no one wants to discipline children for fear that they will be sued by the parents. The parents don't want to discipline for fear that child' protective services will come and take their child away.

    At some point, some child that was living in a strict home, grew up and swore his children wouldn't have to live like that. So they threw discipline out the window and then was in a position to create laws.. etc… and the story goes on.

    These children are our future. I shudder to think what life is going to be like when they become our leaders and law makers,

    DISCLAIMER – This is purely my opinion and nothing more. It is your right to disagree with my opinion. Please do not call me names or try to associate me some political party that I do not with to be associated with. I am an AMERICAN and that's all anyone needs to know. I claim no specific political affiliation. My opinion is in no way directed toward any specific person so don't take it personal and get all bent out of shape. I refuse to lower myself to name calling and belligerence because I don't agree..I agree to disagree. Just the fact that I feel I need to post this disclaimer shows how our society has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  202. Debbi Finley

    I don't get how Darby Township cannot have already taken steps to have this bully – OMGoodness – when an adult gets beat – the law is called by many people – now here's a school that does nothing but ask for an investigation – what the >>>> does this school fear being in the news as some "bad" school just because one of their freak students assaults another individual – here in Arizona that child beater would either be in juvenile detention awaiting a hearing, or in the mental health division being evaluated or perhaps even just allowed to….no way – this is what people are questioning every day – what is wrong with people. In my school there was one memorable bully who was mean to both the boys and the girls, he needed help because he was also in a way treated badly by school kids stating you're ugly, your hair is always messy, your breath is on and so on. I'm ready for some kind of change – and I am hoping for the best.

  203. Junk Nuggz

    Ridiculous! They need to expel the two kids so they make sure they never even think about doing that shit again. The parents of the boy in the coma should sue the hell out of the bullies' families and probably the school if they're not going to punish them any more severely than that.

  204. Gary Rehfeldt

    I saw one comment that said that the teachers should be held accountable for letting this happen. Teachers don't run their classrooms anymore, it is the school district attorney's and beaurcrats that do. If teachers were in control half of what goes on wouldn't be allowed. It's time to take the lawyers and the lawsuit kings out education and let the people who are trained to do the job, do it. Our society is deteriorating because of every idiot in America who sues because they can't raise their own child properly and want to blame the problems elsewhere.

  205. Jim Broome-Blanchard

    Until ALL schools adopt a NO TOLERANCE policy for this sort of thing expect to hear more of these sad situations take place. The school system dropped the ball on this one. The JOKE of a punishment the perpetrators got for this crime, sends an alarming message to other bully victims out there. There are still people in authority who don't take this seriously…. The parents of these bullies along with the INACTION of the school system should be held accountable…..

  206. Jennifer Jordan Lindsey

    Wow. I live in a small, rural town of Burnsville NC. The elementary school where my granddaughter goes has a "No Bullying" campaign for the whole school that begins the first day of kindergarten. All children are told what bullying looks like, and to report anyone they see bullying anyone else. I believe it is working. The nation needs to take a lesson from this school district.

  207. Anonymous

    Something similar happened to a friend of mine and his kid. his kid was constantly bullied, being of small stature there was no way to defend himself. My friend told the boys father of the ongoing problem. Not only did he not care he thought it was fine. He actually said survival of the fittest. The following week the kid was picking on my friends kid again. My friend knew were the little shit's father worked. And yes he went there and beat the daylights out of that piece of crap. Not only did his colleagues not help, my friend said he heard them say to the beaten piece of crap that "what did he expect?"

  208. Anonymous

    Something similar happened to a friend of mine and his kid. his kid was constantly bullied, being of small stature there was no way to defend himself. My friend told the boys father of the ongoing problem. Not only did he not care he thought it was fine. He actually said survival of the fittest. The following week the kid was picking on my friends kid again. My friend knew were the little shit's father worked. And yes he went there and beat the daylights out of that piece of crap. Not only did his colleagues not help, my friend said he heard them say to the beaten piece of crap that "what did he expect?"

  209. Anonymous

    This is just sick. My thoughts and prayers are with the little boy and his parents. As for the bullies, their parents, and the teachers, Shame on you. I worked for the Texas Criminal Justice for twelve years and most of the serial killers in prison started out bullying other children, torturing and murdering pets, and then advance to murdering people as adults. The problem is that some of these social paths have a lot of charisma and charm, that they can fool anyone. Charles Manson is an example of this; he convinced teenaged and young adults who were troubled and from broken homes to murder several people. He brainwashed them into believing that he is God. But even if it isn't to that extent, still the bully probably knows how to lay on the charm to get away with murder. He knows that the spineless teachers aren't going to do anything about it. If a bully tells others, "I'm in the mood to hurt someone or to kill," you better take it seriously before someone actually loses their life to this monster.

  210. Anonymous

    This is just sick. My thoughts and prayers are with the little boy and his parents. As for the bullies, their parents, and the teachers, Shame on you. I worked for the Texas Criminal Justice for twelve years and most of the serial killers in prison started out bullying other children, torturing and murdering pets, and then advance to murdering people as adults. The problem is that some of these social paths have a lot of charisma and charm, that they can fool anyone. Charles Manson is an example of this; he convinced teenaged and young adults who were troubled and from broken homes to murder several people. He brainwashed them into believing that he is God. But even if it isn't to that extent, still the bully probably knows how to lay on the charm to get away with murder. He knows that the spineless teachers aren't going to do anything about it. If a bully tells others, "I'm in the mood to hurt someone or to kill," you better take it seriously before someone actually loses their life to this monster.

  211. Herbert Hodge

    I'm sorry. This is not bullying. Anyone that calls this bullying is either pushing an agenda or an idiot. Bullying is calling names, shoving a little maybe. This is a felony assault. Judging from the way this was presented, It appears a black kid did this. The two day suspension tells me the school is run by blacks that hoped to sweep this under the rug.

  212. Anonymous

    This is sickening. My prayers go out to the victim and his family. I really hope that he recovers. As for the bullies, the bullies parents, and the administration, shame on all of you. I worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, as a secretary, not a CO, but I've learned that most of the inmates that were "serial killers" started out bullying others as children, then they tortured and killed innocent animals (sometimes their own pets), and then they advanced to first-degree or capitol murder. Many of them are on death row awaiting execution, or they are serving life in prison without parole. It is time for the schools and the parents of bullies to pay attention to the red flags before it is too late. If you have to institutionalize your child in an insane asylum for a while, do it; it is not okay for your child to wield a butcher knife and it is not acceptable behavior. And teachers and Principals out there, you need to do your job and actually step in if you notice a person bullying other people. I don't care if his parents start hollering; since when are they in control, when they can't even control their monster child. I don't care if the bully is popular jock, cheerleader, or just a hooligan, they need to be expelled and sent to Juvenile Detention Center before they fill the adult prisons.

  213. Anonymous

    Lawsuit. Lawsuit. Lawsuit. It's the only thing that will make school officials do something.

  214. Anonymous

    Lawsuit. It's the only way something will get done about bullying.

  215. Anonymous

    these kids that assult other children so violently need to get help and be in an environment where they cannot harm other childern nobody deserves this kind of cruelty especially at such a young age. Idk wtf is up with those 2 kids but that should be completely unacceptable and should be tried like an adult.

  216. Cheryl Gentry-Chafin

    My son was bullied at school and assaulted. It took me 2 months to get my complaint heard and I filed a police report. The police heard my sons side and interrogated him!, Only when I forced my ex-husband to meet us at the Juvenile Detention Center for my son to give his statement did the police actually ask what I wanted them to do! Apparently the police and the school did not know what to do. I told them I wanted the parents and kid to attend behavior classes and at least the father attend each class with his child. I found out the father was a cop and the kid told me in front of the principal I would be getting pulled over and ticketed. I asked the kid if he thought he was threatening me and that I was not afraid of being pulled over but I bet his daddy was afraid to attend classes with him. His parents pulled him out of that school and the teachers Thanked me for years because he had be a big "problem child" from day one and they were NOT allowed to administer any form of punishment. From that point onward there was PEACE and Harmony in that school! It starts at HOME people. Make the parents accountable in EVERY way…I say sue their butts for pain, hospital bills and future counselling for that poor kid in a coma and force the Parents and Bully into Behavioral Modification classes or make them Home School the brat!

  217. Felicia Provance

    It's stories like this that make me seriously want to consider homeschooling if I have children one day. Unbelievable. :( Poor kid, I hope he pulls through. I'll be praying for him.

  218. Doreathea Albin

    2 day suspension? Are you serious? I'm so angry I can't even think straight! Those children need to be arrested and sent to Juvenile! And I really have to question these children's parents. I know that some kids are just mean despite the best efforts of the parents but what kind of child beats another until his nose is fractured. What kind of home life does this child come from? And where on earth were school officials? This is the type of mess that made it difficult for me when I was raising my two older kids. I taught them that fighting was always a last resort and that if you can talk things out and/or just walk away then do it. But at the same time I also had to teach my kids that sometimes folks won't let you be civil and that you had to beat that behind because some people didn't understand anything other than a tail whipping. My daughter never got into a fight and my son did the best that he could to honor my wishes. But now I have a young 7 year old and times are even tougher for him because of the world we live in. How the heck do I teach him to be civil when you have crap like this going on? And I agree with Jason and Mandy. There is a reason why kids are taking guns to school.

  219. Donna Burke

    That bully should be brought to the hospital to see the damage he has caused then straight to jail where they are a whole lot tougher then him. I suspect you would only have to leave him for a few days before he realized what he did….

  220. Vanessa Callahan

    Those kids need to be suspended from school for more than 2 days, and they shouldn't be allowed to just watch TV and play video games with their time. They should be made to work in a community project, maybe an abused woman shelter or a homeless shelter? They also need to fine their parents and sue them for hospital bills.

  221. Rhonda Ferguson

    2 days is all he should have been arrested and put in jail, no wonder kids take guns or knives to school they have to protect themselves I sure hope this bully goes to jail.

  222. Anonymous

    they should beat the bully's with in an inch of there lives and send them off to reform school these kids can't function in normal enviroment so they need to be with outhers of there mental equals!

  223. Erica Davis Gonzalez

    I went through some severe bullying when I was 10. All from boys! After not getting the support I needed from my peers , parents and teacher…I SNAPPED. Found a 2X4 with a rusty nail attached and tried to clobber the ring leader w/it. I'm not saying every kid should try this method, but this is what happens when adults do not step in to control bullies.

  224. Anonymous

    Children display what they see adults do globally. They are following their country's lead. AMERICA THE BULLY.

  225. Martha Barton Lisauckis

    Want to bet investigation found rich parents, popular kids, so the boy in the hospital was an accident. No further problem, investigation closed…lift rug, bring on the broom.

  226. Anonymous

    and this people is a prime example of the mental state of our country, these stories involve younger ages all the time..forget gun control issues and help the mental state of the mind first and all other things will work out with intelligence and proper learnings…this country has is becoming more desensitized every day…sad.

  227. Sunday Taylor

    True JM, but it hurts me as a person who loves children to know that the "pocketbook hypothesis" is most likely the one that would be most effective.

  228. Mona C Aflague

    I think the best punishment for these boys would be to put them in front of a large group of people who will tell them what they think of their behavior and then proceed to do to them what they did to this boy. Bet they don't do it again. I also believe they need to check on these parents. This is a learned behavior. Hold the parents responsible for their kids behavior. Let them pay the medical bills.

  229. Carissa Cole Croy

    Are you stinking kidding me? Only one gets 2 days? Here in AL it's automatic 5 day suspension or alternative school for bullying/fighting! I'm outraged at how little this school system thinks of the severity of bullying/fighting! They ought to be ashamed and the victims parents should press charges against the boys and the school system! What a crock!

  230. Robin Pretty Bird Brogdon

    something more has really got to be done about the bullying situation in schools. make penalties for the parents of the kids that are bullying cause obviously the schools aren't being stiffer on their punishments.i think they need to take into consideration how badly this child was hurt. not severe punishment enough. let alone they had to gang up on him.

  231. Celeste A. Nieves

    Praying for this poor boy. Praying for his family. These "boys" should be prosecuted for the crime they committed willingly, inhumanely and without any thought of the consequences. They parents, should be held accountable for their actions, and they should be tried as adults. But ultimately and irregardless of what happens to THEM, this boy is in a coma…I pray for his recovery.

  232. Linda Marie Sanchez

    More like prison time if u ask me and were DA HELL ARE BOTH PARENTS DAM SHIT LIKE THIS MAKES ME MAD AND SAD were the justice system AND THE SCHOOL NEEDS TO HOLD ACCOUNTABL FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN SAD PART OS THIS LITTLE BOY MITE NOT EVER BE DA SAME AGAIN SO SOMEONE shuld pay for this ot should be Capital murdere on the billies

  233. Trisha Parrish Storey

    On the news, "the cops say they have found nothing criminal". Well the boy didn't do this to himself. It's a good thing I am not the mother of the two that did the beating. They would pay for what they did to teach them a lesson. This is only the beginning to prison. I was bullied when I was in 4th grade & I remember what it was like. It wasn't fun. A 2 day suspension? Both boys should be out until it is resolved or better still in a youth development center. My thoughts & prayers are with Bailey & his parents. I hope they will keep us posted as how he is doing. Some of us on FB are praying for kids of all sorts of problems & keep up with them everyday.

  234. Lorraine Surie-Lumzer

    I beleive bulling starts at home, a child miss treated, abused or such, then this so called child will bully somene younger and weaker then him/her. If there are no morals, respect, and faith taught at home then this is the result..and the thing about racisium there wouldn't be any if people would just relise that we all bleed the same color blood, we all put our pants on one leg at a time, we all work to support our families, some of usneed help and get it when needed, stop the racisium you stop the bulling. Teach respect, morals and faith and we and our children just might have a chance a desent life..

  235. Frank Lopez

    2 days suspension? That will teach the child NOTHING. I say, SUE the parents for their poor child-rearing skills, put the boy in juvenile detention for 5 years and let the bullied child beat the crap out of him… This is SO outrageous I cannot breathe right. The parents are just as much to blame. That child will now have these terrible emotional scars to deal with the rest of his life. I experienced the same bullying in school but am now STRONGER as a result. They got theirs…

  236. Cooki Lewis O'connor


  237. Laura Peloso Smith

    Disgusting. Shame on the school administrstors for not sending a clear message of zero tolerance for bullying. Parents should absolutely be held accountable for minor children's actions. Prayers for Bailey.

  238. WhateverHappenedto MaryJane

    the punishment doesn't fit the crime. And Jason is right….just recently a younger kid was suspended longer for pretending to throw a hand grenade to "save the world'. O_x What is this world coming to?

  239. Kathy Spencer-Brockway

    I don't think a two day suspension is severe enough. The kid is in a coma from violent seizures. Who knows what damage has been done from that. I think those boys who did that should b sitting in jail thinking about what they did to that boy.

  240. Donald Mast

    This makes me cry. Unbelievable! Angry, frustrated, sad. Picking on anyone IS WRONG! I hope karma visits his tormentors! Please parents look into cyber school if this is happening.It is free and the quality of the education and teachers must meet state requirements, just like a public brick and mortar school. Angelina Mast

  241. Sharon Quayle

    well it shows you people who should be watching students are not doing their job. and a school should have suspension till further notice the student shouldn't have any freedom for what he has done the boy in a coma don't have a choice to be where he is at. the parents of the bully should be counted for their son actions to.

  242. Dawn Simmons

    What the hell is that 2 day suspension…. Sounds like assault an battery with intent, the little shitheads should be in a juvenile lockup

  243. Christy Ausdemore Tanner

    Really a suspension? What about having those two bullies arrested? This is horrible, why must adults not take the seriousness of bullying as a big problem. This just goes to show how bad it can be one more time in the history of this problem. Arrest them, no matter what age they are and teach them a lesson once and for all.

  244. Brian Nash

    Also, I think not only should the kid get his butt beat, but also the parents should get their butts beat as well, we should have a public punishment system like the old days. Public humiliation, as well as flogging or tar and feathering. Lock them wrists and head in a block right next to their kid on display in front of downtown and broadcast the whole thing on the internet/news.

  245. Lisa Waldman

    I think the Bullies along with their parents should be Charged with ASSAULT! Maybe these Bullies need to be made an example of. Lock them up with HARD Criminals and maybe that will give them a wake up call. Our Judicial System is way to lax on Bullies…

  246. Andy O'Connor

    When a family dog attacks or bites somene else, the owners are held accountable. Sometimes even given jail time or stiff fines for the actions of the animal. I think the same should apply to the parents of kids. If parents can't handle discipline at home, then let the school handle it. AND if it becomes an issue for the kid at home, let the juvenile officer get involved. These kids need to be expelled and repeat the same grade over – hopefully with a different outlook. Ultimately though, parents are responsible for their chidrens actions.
    Prayers for the boy in the hospital.

  247. Brian Nash

    Another good way to deal with violent offenders, apply some of the older policies. Like in Arabia, if you got caught stealing, it cost you your hand. So we don't have to go that severe right away, but, say you get caught bullying, it costs you your pinky finger for the first offense, your index finger for the second offense, a thumb for your third offense, not to mention counselling and guidance courses as well, and if it doesn't work… well its hard to bully with no hands. If this offends your poor senses, or you think its too severe or gruesome, tell that to the kid who has been permanently damaged by the bully.

  248. Brian Nash

    Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in Christ, and I believe in His policy of infinite forgiveness, which means I tend to not hold a grudge, but I believe in taking steps to ensure that evil does not run rampant as well. This means, I will forgive you many times before I take more severe measures. I will not hate you as I cut off your hand. I will hope and pray that it persuades you to think about your actions and not be a horrible person. You can live without a hand.

  249. Teri Winge

    The parents should be held accountable and the kids should be sent to "prison" or a "juvenile" set up (like the teens) to see what it is like to bullied, let them get a taste of what they give out and let them see how it feels, and/or kicked out of school period! If they can dish it out they can take it, and if they can't they shouldn't dish it out! Cops should investigate each kid that bullies, in their homes and their parents. If the parents bully them at home, then kids take it out on the other kids. They should get family counseling or anger management classes…COURT ORDERED, or they must deal with the consequences! AND WHERE AND WHERE ARE THE SO CALLED "RESPONSIBLE TEACHERS, THE RECESS TEACHERS, THE PRINCIPAL WHEN ALL THESE TERRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN? One day I went to my sons elementary school to pick up him up early…this is what I saw, ALL the recess teachers were huddled in a circle talking with each other, while taking periodic looks at the kids. How many times does this happen, I don't, but it should never happen. No child should ever have to suffer any kind of treatment as this little one did. This may sound harsh to some…but remember what has happened to this little one and many others! I bet many parents are beginning to rethink taking their kids to school. Too much violence is in our schools!

  250. Veronica Ronnie Gnida Taylor

    The parents should have to pay for everything…kids are the product of their parents…The administration are fools.. They should have been suspended for the rest of the year…that would get the parents attention…back in the 60's you would have been more afraid of your parents whopping your ass then the school! No respect anymore…

  251. Donald Mast

    I guess if he killed him he would have gotten a 3 day suspension! SO WRONG!

  252. Brian Nash

    oh sorry Mom, you're right, It should be the councelling and guidance first and then maybe start taking fingers after the 3rd or 4th offense =p

  253. Jay Sorenson

    Fire the principal, sue the parents, publicly break the bully's knee caps: PROBLEM SOLVED! except for the poor kid in the coma. Something more really needs to be done in such situations. Swift and fierce retaliation ought to be had. Drive abject FEAR into the hearts of the bullies and they would stop. If all the kids would rise up against the bullies and beat them within an inch of their lives that might be sufficient. You say violence won't solve anything? The bullies don't care about committing violence against those who did nothing to deserve it. They're not scared by words, paper, or suspensions. They don't even care about being expelled. But they sure don't like to get whooped on. Let them receive what they've dished out. Let them fear the tool they've misused and abused. When did the people of this country become a bunch of sissy-lala pansies who are afraid of hurting the "delicate sensibilities" of would-be criminals and tyrants, even when they're school age children? I was bullied as a child, and I literally fought back when enough was enough. The bullies weren't quite as willing to bully when they knew they'd get a fist to the face!

  254. Jesse Moak

    Only potential problem with that, is that then you run the risk of bullied kids becoming bullies themselves.

  255. Jay Sorenson

    I think it's a risk worth taking. I never became a bully. I don't think most victims of bullies would become bullies. But regardless, kids who bully to the point of putting other kids in the hospital need to experience much more severe consequences than simply a two day suspension. Suspension = free days off school.

  256. Rebecca Driskill

    Myra Stachler- too SEVERE of punishment? The boy actually died from being in a coma. 2 day suspension is not severe enough for a child being beaten so badly that results in him going to the hospital and being put in a coma. Those bullies seriously have some issues that a 2 day suspension will not fix.

  257. Ginger Howland

    I wonder how many parents would be willing to volunteer time at their child's school to monitor the halls, playgrounds, bathrooms? If I had children today ( thankfully mine are all grown and I don't have this to worry about) I would be walking the halls regularly! Something has to change, when my first grandson is old enough for school you better believe I am going to make a suggestion that parents and grandparents be allowed to volunteer as monitors!

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