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Dollar General Clerk Arrested For Spanking Customer’s Unruly Child [Video]

dollar-general spanking video emilia bell logan ivey

A dollar store clerk in Georgia was arrested and later fired after allegedly spanking a customer’s unruly child with a belt.

According to KVUE News, Dollar General clerk, Emilia Bell, took off her belt and spanked 8-year-old Logan Ivey 25 times after he reportedly “terrorized” her store and threw a cookie at her.

The entire incident was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras.

Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling responded to the scene when Ivey’s father, who was not at the store during the spanking, called to say his son had been beat by a worker.

Bell was then arrested after she admitted she spanked the child, said Sterling.

“I wish everyone could see the video,” said Jody Ivey, Logan’s dad. “It shows how many times she really hit him and how bad it was.”

“It felt like five needles were sticking in me,” 8-year-old Logan told WMAZ after the ordeal. “I was screaming, ‘Momma.'”

Logan’s mother and sister, who were in the store at the time, did not witness the spanking, according to police reports.

Sterling said after consulting with other law enforcement leaders, they charged Bell with simple battery. She was taken to jail and released on bond Friday morning, he said.

On Monday, Bell was fired by Dollar General, who released the following statement:

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the reported incident at our store in Wrightsville, Georgia, and have expressed our sincere apologies to the child’s family. The type of behavior described in this incident is unacceptable, and the person responsible is no longer employed by Dollar General.”

More on the Dollar General store spanking incident in the videos below:

Readers: Do you think Dollar General clerk Emilia Bell was justified in her spanking of Logan Ivey? What would you do if a stranger disciplined your child?

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269 Responses to “Dollar General Clerk Arrested For Spanking Customer’s Unruly Child [Video]”

  1. Chris Rose

    Where was the mother that she didn't see her child getting spanked? Yeah, just let your kid roam around a store by himself. That is how kids get snatched.

  2. Doug Rickard

    I'm going to bet he doesn't throw too many more cookies at strangers!

  3. Linda Massara Galloway

    she went a bit overboard with the belt…but the parents have to tak responsibilty too….mother didn't even see what happened because she was just letting the kid run wild…happens all the time…

  4. Angie Dunn

    I agree with Chris Rose, where on earth was the mother? I am wondering if this wasn't a set up to earn some money from Dollar General! And yes, I think it is okay to talk to a child as I believe it takes the village to raise the child. I don't however, think it is okay to hit any child with a belt regardless of whose child it is.

  5. Darlene Baker

    No she shouldn't have used the belt but she should have found the mother and asked her to please restrain her child. People with kids like that should either control them or leave them home. It's not fair for store employees to have to put up with unruly children that parents just let run around the store.

  6. Katrina Smith

    Regardless of where the mother was or was not, this woman had no right to put her hands on a child that did not belong to her.

  7. Kim Bennett-Lansberry

    I don't think people have the right to spank other people children unless they babysit. A store clerk NO! I do feel they have the right to kick the family out of the store.

  8. Terra Hawkins Paille

    She's lucky that was not my child. It's up to me to spank my own child not a stores employees no matter how disruptive my child is. I don't think she had any right to hit another persons child irregardless of what the child has done. She is lucky that was not my child I would've used the belt to strangle her for hitting my boy.

  9. Angie Dunn

    Oh, and let me add that it does kind of sound like this kid NEEDED a spanking and so do the parents who were letting an 8 year old walk the store unsupervised!

  10. Leslie Williams

    1st the worker should never lays hands on the child but should have asked the adults to leave with the child.. second this child needs discipline and maybe the parents should employ other means of discipline than what they are using now.. its clear their style does NOT work…. set some boundaries parents children want and need it… this began with the parents…

  11. Cotha Prior

    It is not the place of strangers to discipline other peoples children. The child may have been rude obnoxious and bratty, but the parents of that child should have done something like take the child out of the store, make the child mind, don't let the child roam alone. Lots of parental skills lacking on their part. Bottom line, no business for the stranger to get involved in. The company was absolutly correct in the firing of that person. And the police were right in charging her with battery on a child.

  12. Dee Anderson

    Kids today have no respect for their parents or anybody. My kids never acted up in a store or they got their butt spanked. More kids need to have spankings instead of these stupid "time outs". I applaud the clerk for having the guts to spank an unruly kid!

  13. Wendella Wilcoxson

    WTF were was the mother oooo I no letting her child run around so she don't have to watch him while she shop. Should have left his bad ass at home with his father.

  14. Britt Fair

    She shoud have gone an got the mother and told her to either deal with her son or leave the store. Spanking someone else's child is not right. Unless you have permission from the parent's. Heck yeah that woman should have gotten her son under control, put him in a buggy and got onto him, and she definitely should not have let him be out of her sight. much less so far out of her sight that she couldn't get to him in time to actually witness the spanking while he was screaming. But a total stranger spanking a little kid is traumatizing and would make a kid feel violated. I know my kids and my neice and nephew, are all taught that no one needs to touch them in any way in those areas, unless the doctor needs to and only if mommy or daddy are there to say it's okay. That should have been handled a lot differently by the parent and the clerk.

  15. Sharon Kathan Christman

    Maybe if the mother and sister had kept the boy with THEM while in the store and had been SUPERVISING the little brat, this wouldn't have happened at all. Personally, I think she should NOT have touched him. I would have found the Mom and asked her to leave the store and take her brat with her. Those parents need to own their responsibility for raising a hellraiser…………but Good for her anyway for giving that little future hood a wake up call! This child will be in the news again in the future, when his picture is taken as he is arrested for God knows what down the line…………….obviously his parents don't have him under control!

  16. Alesha Schnotala

    Now a days you can't even stick your childs nose on the wall without it being abuse! Seriously? How do you prevent your child from growing up to think he/she can do anything they want, killing people or what not? True story my husband's kids were acting up at the court house so he had them stand in the corner, someone told on him and he got in trouble because of it for embarrassing the child….Well I'm sorry but a child needs to realize what they did is wrong and embarrassing them is sometimes the only way to go.

  17. Erin Claire Hillier

    This woman is a terror. Hopefully with no children of her own I would investigate that to. Not only is this excessive but unlawful. 25x? And I'm a defender of parental discipline but this would be considered abuse if you were the parent.

  18. Cristinia M. Paiz

    Most parents can see their kids acting out and still will not do anything!! I'm sure he deserved it but, it wasn't her place. She should have asked the family to leave the store. Had it been my child, I would have been going to jail for battery cuz I would have beat his ass and then tore her up for even laying a finger on my kid.

  19. Ellen Tough Ockert

    There is no reason for an 8 year old kid to misbehave period. You can teach a child all he needs to know by age 4, and after that it is reinforcement. This kid has bad parents who really don't care what he does and he probably rules the house, too. Darlene is right–the mother should have been located and asked to keep her kid in line. An unfortunate number of kids these days run the house, terrorize storekeepers, pitch hissy-fits to get what they want and end up problem teens. I told people years ago that I would rather have my children be unruly at home, but be respectful and controlled in public. I have three daughters who do not drink, smoke or do drugs that are in Managerial positions in three different businesses.

  20. Brittney Wald

    Spanking was over the top. Parents should not let their children roam stores unsupervised. I work in a grocery store and it's very rare that parents will take responsibilty for their kids breaking things or opening packages and eating stuff. I woud have found the parents and told them to warch their child or leave.

  21. Lorena Gunter Woodward

    First of all th clerk did not "spank" the little boy. She flat out whipped him. How do I know the difference. My mom used to whip me every day. She was on a medicine that made her very nervous & she took it out on me. "Spanking" is when you hit a child on the buttocks with an open hand. "Whipping" is when you use a belt, fly swatter, switch or any other object. Now, was the clerk wrong. Yes she was. She should have found the mother & asked her to either leave or to control her child. I have seen some kids in my day (my 2 little brothers in law when they were little) get away with running all over the store pushing shopping carts. They tried to get me to let my oldest son to do it too but I would not. My boys grew up knowing how to act in public & if the misbehaved I would punish them when I got home.

  22. Debbie Doutt-Finch Hoskins

    First of all this child should have been supervised in the store by his mother, not left to run around causing havoc. Regardless of this however, no one, and I mean no one has the right to discipline another's child. The clerk should have taken the child by the hand and taken him to his mother, failing that, she should have located the mother and asked her to take the child from the store because of his actions. I don't care who you are, you touch my child, and I will press charges.

  23. Sue Smith

    I don't care who you are. NO ONE will touch any of my kids for any reason at all. If my kids act up in a store and they are be loud I will take of my kids. My kids are older now in their 20's my kids knows if they showed their tails I will take them to the bathroom. I have an 8 year old god daughter and no one better touch her either. I am glad that she went to jail and got fired. She should have taken the child to his mother and talked to her. I would have taken my belt off to whip her with it 25 times like she did that young man. You have to stop and think is the child on meds. or is there something wrong with him for him to act like this.

  24. Diana Ohlig

    The clerk had no right to spank this child. I would have found the mother and told her to take control of the child or leave the store. The clerk is not the only one that should be punished in this incident. The mother should be arrested for letting their child run wild in the store without supervision! Had she had control of the child this would have never happened!

  25. Mariaelena Williamson

    did u see all the beer bottles in the background, he sounded like a dumb drunk, don't get me wrong i drink and i know others do as well but come on now, you should have cleaned up, i think that boy deserved it and you're right he didn't learn nada.

  26. Linda Marshall Estes

    A Judge ordered an 18 year old to jail yesterday for disrespect. If someone had spanked her when she was a child maybe she would have known how to act in public!

  27. Melinda Allen

    The worker was out of line for taking it upon herself to spank the child with a belt. With that being said, children today have no respect for anyone or anything. If the parents were doing their job with this kid at home, then a complete stranger wouldn't have had to spank him. The mother didn't even see the incident, because these days when a parent with kids walks into a store the mother goes in one direction and the kids in another. I've worked at a DG, and there's been plenty of times we've had to go behind kids and clean up huge messes they've made. All the toys in the toy aisle thrown in the floor (and I don't mean just a couple of toys, I mean all the toys), all the items in the stuff in office supplies thrown everywhere. Its insane!

  28. Rebecca Jones

    If the mother of the child had properly supervised him, that would not have happened. I get so sick of going into a store and being confronted by rowdy kids screaming and running up and down the isles, while mom blissfully shops and ignores them. It feels as though the mom thinks that the clerks and customers should watch the brats. No, the clerk shouldn't have spanked the kid. She should have paged the mother to the front of the store and told her to leave.

  29. Michelle Graham Emerson

    Obviously it was not in the store clerk's place to spank the child. Especially with a belt. However, someone needs to teach this kid how to behave in public. The clerk should have called the cops and reported a child running loose through the store with no parent. What kind of mom was she that this clerk was able to remove her belt and spank this kid 25 times before she got to him? No way. As a parent, I know where my kids are in the store at all times; even when my 4 year old tries to run around the isles. And when they get out of hand in the store, I spank them right there. It is inexcusable as parents to allow our children to think they are in control and that the behavior they exhibit is acceptable. We must instill in them the knowledge to respect others and to display proper manners. Shame on the parents for thinking their child's behavior is okay. Because if they felt he acted wrong then they should have corrected the situation before it got to the point of the clerk being assaulted by the child. Both parties are in the wrong. But the parents lack of action in teaching their child is what caused the actions of the clerk.

  30. Matthew Boros

    well what the bitch did is aggravated child abuse. at least she as arrested and fired which is what I would've done. when she gets out she'll never find work again especially with a felony on her record.

  31. Sue Smith

    Do you know the child? If not then you need to shut your mouth. How would like for me to call your children brats. There may have been something wrong with the child to act like this.

  32. Dawn Cincotti-Posner

    Shows the parent wasnt even around during the bad behavior! They didn't witness the beating because the mother wasnt being a parents. It is never ok to lay hands on another person's child but it also never ok to let your child run around a store being a monster either, but he is getting even more spoiled by his parents because of this.

  33. Patricia J Masterson

    25 lashes with a belt is not a spanking, especially from a stranger. that's aggravated assault on an adult, and so it is on a child, but worse. a spanking is a controlled disciplinary action given by rational adult. say what you want about the parents, there are some issues there for sure. for one, I want to strangle the mother for not being there to protect her son, much less control his behavior. the bottom line, however, is that no one has the right to beat a child like that, much less someone else's.

  34. Mark Bishop

    if you or someone else did that to my kids or grandkids I WOULD KICK YOUR ASS PUNK

  35. Danielle Whalen

    well Im sure there was some kind of action on the kids part that resulted in her calling him a demon. He probably was being a terror. And the store clerk was probably being majorly disrespected. The parents and the store clerk are both in the wrong, here. There is no good guy, or bad guy. Just lack of respect all around.

  36. Dawn Cincotti-Posner

    Sue Smith yea something is wrong with the child….his parents!

  37. Danielle Whalen

    I agree with everything except applauding the clerk. There is a difference between getting spanked, and getting whipped 25 times with a belt.

  38. Karen Weiler-Ortega

    Bull!!! If you are anyone raised a strap to my kid- I swear I'd raise a brick to your head! Find the kids mother and tell her she and her brat are unwelcome in the store- period!! She deseres to be arrested and if I were the kids Mom, she should consider leaving town because she will have to come out at night sometime!

  39. Lisa A Treacy

    I don't think the clerk had any right to beat the child. I do have to wonder, however, why the child was not with his mother and sister in the store. I have a child the same age. I do not allow her to go off by herself in a store. That only asks for trouble.

  40. Dawn Cincotti-Posner

    At least it wasnt the hands of a kidnapper which could have been just as easy since the mother obviously just let the kid run around and was not there to help him in either way!

  41. Mariaelena Williamson

    Honestly I don't care what someone might say about my comment, but I think he deserved it, If he is terrorizing the store to the point where the employee gets that upset, than what truly happened? I know while I worked retail we had some of the worse kids ever, I would always make comments, if I could I would whoop that little kids butt. too many kids these days are sooo damn disrespectful its ridiculous. If I did that ish, I would been beaten to the bone and leaving my mamas side, oh hell no, she'd kill me. By the way back in the day, some store keepers actually use to spank kids that did stuff like this, either with their hand or with a belt. These days you have dumbass parents who don't understand that a child needs punishments for their actions, or they are going to be the ones we see on tv just rob and kill someone. Judge me bad, so I'm wrong, idgaf, but people know what I'm sayin is true!

  42. Missa Mamatat

    No child ever deserves being beat with a belt. If it were your child, YOU would be facing child abuse charges instead. Beating the store clerk's ass would have been the least of your worries. Unbelievable.

  43. Dorothy Barnett

    Dennis Gene Bishop thats not the case at all, disapline is needed not unruly children that why the kids now adays think they can get away with everythinhg and tell there parents that " i will do what i want wen i want and there is nothing you can do about it.." and i am speeaking from experience. its not BEATING a child if you have a reason to spank like being disrespectful and absolute brats, i hope one day you have a out of control child so you can feel what we that have them feel. because we cant SPANK ANY MORE, grow up and get a life

  44. Trisha Angela Valdez

    Amen Chris… what about Children Services, obviously the mother was no where to be found. I agree wholeheartedly. ….

  45. Christine Princess Holloway

    I believe it was wrong of the clerk to handle the was she did. I think she should have located the "bad" parent or person that was supposed to be watching this brat, I mean child. But it all starts with the parent. These bad behavior kids don't come out this way, the way they act is a direct reflection on the parenting skills.

  46. Dawn Cincotti-Posner

    then the media would make it look like it was because he got "abused" by a store clerk when he was little,the parents new excuse everytime he act up

  47. Trisha Angela Valdez

    Your right in the general overall prespective. People need to view the whole picture, right or wrong!

  48. Karen Weiler-Ortega

    maybe he needed a spanking- but NEVER with a belt and not by a stranger- but BY YOU- no one but YOU or your relatives if you allow that should perform any sort of corporal punishment on your child, and if you disagree- you are not a good parent. By the way- I RARELY spanked and mostly used time out as punishment and I have loving and respectful adults for it.

  49. Cotha Prior

    It is up to the parents or guardians to discipline their children. Certainly not a stranger. Not enough parenting skills in this world today. Because they just don't know how to, or in most cases are afraid to. Parents today need some basic training in Biblical discipline. Read the book of Proverbs for starters.

  50. Patrice Jackson-Uqdah

    I agree with Patrick….and I wouldn't have to worry abt my kids being spanned by someone else because my kids wouldn't be acting like a wild animal in the store and I'm nowhere to be found

  51. Debbie Doutt-Finch Hoskins

    While I agree that kids today have no respect for anyone these days, I do not agree that it was okay for the clerk to take it upon herself to discipline this child. It was not her place and now she has been charged with aggravated assault for her actions and fired from her job. It is the jobs of parents to make sure that their children are respectful of others and that they behave when in public places. Unfortunately there are too many parents today who ignore their children and let them do what they want. They have no control over them. I raised both of my boys to have respect for others and am now raising my granddaughter the same way. None of my kids would behave the way that this child did. I still would not allow someone else to take it upon themselves to spank or otherwise discipline my child. NO ONE other than me will ever touch my child in anyway or they will find themselves sitting in a jail cell like this clerk is. She should have gone and located the mother of the child and told her to remove him from the store, not beat him 25 times with a belt for cripes sake! A bit much don't you think?

  52. Karen Weiler-Ortega

    I agree- what a terrible mother this poor boy has that did not even hear him crying out for her as he was being throttled by a stranger- imagine what else could have happened to that child.

  53. Shanna Ockert

    That whooping could be just humiliating enough to save his life!

  54. Jessica Butt-Burke

    ANYONE who put their hands on MY children without the consent of myself or my Husband, had better be prepared for the "spanking" they will get. NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances You DO NOT lay your hands/belt on a strangers child period. Clerk deserved what she recieved. BUT as a parent, YOU DOn't let your children run around in a store like wild heathens. The child got what he deserved as well, BUT it should have come from his mother!

  55. Jo Wade

    The parents are the ones who should get the spanking, then maybe they would teach the child more respect. I have been in stores where children were so wild and loud that I have left. The child should have been left with the dad if he could not be reasonably good. The clerk should not have spanked the child, the parents should have taken care of it more responsibly.

  56. Lisa Flanery

    bey that boy will wont do it again. maybe now his mom will keep an eye him. some of this kids out there need a belt to the butt one good time..

  57. Brandy Stahl Greenwalt

    Well I don't agree with spanking this kid but Aprentley the mother don't know how to control and watch her child either.. If you can't keep any better of a watch on your kids don't take them in the damn store with you I'm sure someone can watch them

  58. Christine Princess Holloway

    I definitely agree that NO ONE will touch my kid but then again my kid never ran rampid terrorizing other people & acting like a total brat!! Parents need to start at home & be parents instead on just having kids cause they can.

  59. Debbie Doutt-Finch Hoskins

    Regardless of the fact that he may have deserved it, the store clerk had no right to beat the child 25 times with a belt, or to even touch him in the first place!

  60. Karen Weiler-Ortega

    I agree with everything except punishing them when they get home- If my kid embarrasses me in public- he/she will be dealt with right then and there, and I will embarrass them in public.

  61. Dawn Cincotti-Posner

    not to mention the father sounded like a drunk and had beer bottles all over the background in the interview,they dont even have the sense to clean before bringing cameras into their home.

  62. Shirley Karns

    It is not acceptable for someone to use a belt in the first place by anyone. And no, the parents should be the one to discipline the child. She could have asked the parent to correct the child or ask them to leave the store if the child could not be controlled. If our children misbehaved in a store so badly I removed them myself without being asked.

  63. Shirley Karns

    It is not acceptable for someone to use a belt in the first place by anyone. And no, the parents should be the one to discipline the child. She could have asked the parent to correct the child or ask them to leave the store if the child could not be controlled. If our children misbehaved in a store so badly I removed them myself without being asked.

  64. Maria Neida Alvarado

    She is Soooooooooooooo lucky that the child wasn't MY child/g-child. The police would NOT have found her standing, I promise. Yes, the child may need discipline and to be taught good behavior, BUT there is NO REASON for ANYONE to touch another's child in ANY form or manner….I DON'T care what they've done. There is NO REASON to spank another's child unless you have permission and I doubt you'll get it. I think that store clerk is SICKER than that child might be! IS SHE NUTS?

  65. Mariaelena Williamson

    Cristinia, love the spelling of your name btw, you're right, i would have beaten my kids butt as well as the employees, idgaf who you are, if you thought my child deserved a whoopin than they probably did, altho it wasnt her position to do it, it happened bc the child was acting as a demon (as she said) and the so called parents were no where near the child as they should have been. If they were it would have never happened. I swear I wish my child would, im old school!

  66. Linda Jones McLean

    I think it's ok to verbally ask a child to stop doing something but NEVER hit another person's child! If you say something, the parent usually gets the hint. If not, ask them to leave.

  67. Mariaelena Williamson

    Dawn Cincotti-Posner exactly what i said to someone else lol, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE AND TEACH YOUR CHILDREN RESPECT!

  68. Valerie E Ponder

    Control your kids. the child's behavior shows an extreme lack of parental discipline and supervision.

  69. Maria Neida Alvarado

    My kids never acted up anywhere either AND they didn't get spanked. Dee Anderson, not ALL kids of today are disrespectful. There are good kids out there if you will look closely. You're in the same class as the clerk….lowdown.

  70. Mariaelena Williamson

    Shanna I agree but honestly it, doesnt look like it did anything to him, but probably get his parents some money in their pockets.

  71. Maria Neida Alvarado

    I reckon YOU can throw the first stone Ellen Tough Ockert?

  72. Debbie Doutt-Finch Hoskins

    Dorothy Barnett, this woman did not spank the child, she BEAT him 25 times with a belt. There is a difference. Kids need discipline, yes, but not at the hands of anyone other than the parents. And parent or not, you don't beat a child. I raised both of my boys and am raising my granddaughter and all know to respect others and to behave in public, and I did not have to beat them to get that point across.

  73. M Marie McVey

    Bet he never acts out in a public place again. Never know when some wild-woman with a belt might burst out of the blue….

  74. Lesley Lewis Tressler

    The clerk shouldn't have laid a hand on the child period. With that being said…..Where were his parents? He was spanked 25 times with a belt and she didn't witness any of it? Dollar general stores aren't that big. Not to mention that this kid isn't old enough to be running around the store by himself. People wonder why their kids get snatched or why they have no respect for others or other people's property when they are left alone to act like wild animals. Hello social workers this job is for you! Children act the way they are allowed to behave.

  75. Alesha Schnotala

    The problem today is that parents can't punish their children without the cops getting involved, That is why we have so many people shooting up schools…What happened to the old days when you could actually spank some sense into a child.

  76. Jacqueline Hanson

    I wouldn't let anyone hit my child, ever, but at the same time, where are the damn parents, why are they not paying attention to their child! the mother and sister didn't even know? Really? that only tells me the mother is a lazy, self absorbed bitch, who has no regard for HER OWN CHILD and I can only assume is to lazy to teach her child how to behave. Hitting a child WITH any thing is WRONG, I Do believe in spankings, but what this woman did was not right, to any child, she should have found the wondering mother and threw them out of the store and told her not to come back till her child acts like a child and not an animal. I'm am sick to death of hearing this stupid lazy parents being so self righteous about their horrible children, as if everyone in the world has to accep their horrid behavior because they are too lazy to teach the child, THEN KEEP THEM AT HOME AND DOn't INFLICT THEIR BEHAVIOR ON THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  77. Kat Taylor

    If the child was under control this would have never happened. Let my child through a cookie at someone or disrespect them, they won't have to spank them that would be my job. Was the clerk right probably not but obviously the parents aren't doing their job and now they think they will get money out of it so they are doing all they can. Maybe they need to look at their own issues before they try to claim its someone else's fault. This is how children grow into felons in the future.

  78. Jayne Ann Isbell

    The mom should have known where the kid was in the store to begin with.. and it should have been the mom spanking him for acting that way! That kid's going to end up in juvenile hall or prison…

  79. Vassiliki Sikolas

    Dont agree with the spanking but dont make excuses about the kid might have been on meds or something is wrong,e.t.c…….thats everybodys excuse now a days! yes something is wrong with him! he is a spoiled brat and thats the parents fault! simple as that!

  80. Komana Ripper

    Those of you who are talking about "respect": no one who is willing to beat up other people (esp children) deserves respect in any way!
    The child may be a spoiled little brat, but still a) it´s up to the parents to raise their child and b) beating is just plain wrong – no one would accept sb to walk around "disciplining" grown ups, so why accept this for children? In my country beating children is forbidden as it is against international human laws, and I´m very happy about this. How are you supposed to teach right from wrong by using violence? And even if you may happen to think this might be OK in some cases – this was a stranger. Do you really want to give that right to any unknown stranger out there?

  81. Holli Owsley

    No one should be putting their hands on someone else's child. However, if people didn't let their children run around, unruly and undisciplined, this sort of thing wouldn't happen!

  82. Jeannine F. Valentine

    The worker should of called the Mother over the loud speaker. The mom is lucky her child wasn't abducted! What is wrong with parents these days leaving your child roam around the store by themselves? That is probably how she treats him at home to no structure or guidance or anything. But you NEVER EVER hit someones child ever!

  83. Tammie Riepe

    The store clerk shouldn't have done what she did, but obviously mom wasn't watching her child well if the clerk could have done all that and mom not have seen it….

  84. Kalena Kenny

    She was wrong for using capital punishment on him, but he must have been a friggin brat. He's 8, why wasn't he with his mother? He'ssounds like a disrespectful, applied best who gets away with
    doing whatever he wants. He threw something at her for petes sake

  85. Bev Hodge Winn

    If the kid needed to be disciplined they should have found the Parent and then thrown them both out of the store. If someone would put their hands on my kids they would be carting me off to jail. Not too responsible of me, but hey, someones else is getting an ass whippin too…

  86. Jan Johnson

    It's a parents right to raise their kids as they see fit..HOWEVER..if you refuse to raise them to be a "member" of society.
    then you should keep them at home and not inflect them on the rest of us. IF you must bring them out in public.. keep them with you.. not that this type of parent will tell them not to open packages and throw things nor will tell them to shut up when they are screaming at the top of their lungs and causing other shoppers to leave the store (I have actually left for this reason). When I hear a parent say "I don't believe in spanking my child" I just think, oh great another one to keep up in prison. This my friends is the very reason this country is going down the drain.

  87. Jacqueline Hanson


  88. Carrie Stoner

    Gotta be frustrating watching little kids run around the store making a mess, that you will have to clean later. Something you can probably relate to being a store owner.

  89. Diana Cornwell

    I want to see the video before I believe anything. but I do believe the child should have been supervised. even without the video…25 hits with a belt? why didn't they take pictures or show the marks you know after 25 hits there would be.

  90. Holli Owsley

    I have had unattended kids rip veils, leave dirty finger marks on dresses, and even once, set off the fire extinguisher. Loads of fun!

  91. Cynthia Wilson Nash

    Sue Smith ….I agree with you…..but where was the mother. The little boy said he sreamed for his mother…..her child was not in her sight and she didn't hear him screaming…..those stores are not that big.

  92. Melinda Denise McCoy

    I am appalled that a complete stranger would even consider spanking a child…let alone BEATING one like that! I do have to wonder where in the world the mother was in such a small store that she didn't even know that someone was beating her child in such a manner? I try not to judge…but I really do find this hard to believe. Why was he running around the store with no parent? Don't people realize that it only takes a split second for someone to abduct thier child? I believe the clerk should DEFINITELY go to jail…but there should be inquiries as to why this was able to occur in the first place.

  93. Kalena Kenny

    Sue Smith: if there was something wrong with him, why was he allowed to wander away so that mom couldn't see or hear him?

  94. Diana Randolph Cain

    no thats not a spanking, thats a beating. I do not touch another persons child….. period.

  95. Melinda Denise McCoy

    Sue Smith I agree that the clerk was COMPLETELY out of line…but you have to realize that the mother didn't even know this was happening! How is that possible in such a small store? She obviously doesn't share your sense of responsibility towards her children as she didn't even know where he was or what was happening to him.

  96. Tiana Hodge

    regardless you don't touch another persons kid. Jeez talk about anger issues.

  97. Carrie Stoner

    and you don't dare say anything to the parent and risk a sale.

  98. Jr Lewis

    That's wonderful. Amen. It's about time a kid learns there are repercussions for terrorizing and back talking. You can't bust a kid's ass anymore, that's why we have kids taking guns to school, kids raping kids. Everybody has to learn there are repercussions for doing wrong and PARENTS aren't doing it! Time out? What a joke.

  99. Angela Pope

    Agreed the kid is a brat, he did need to be punished but the store clerk shouldn't have touched the child

  100. Wendy Johnson

    I don't think that other people should be disciplining your kids that's your job. I think everyone is at fault on this one. The employee shouldn't have hit the kid. I would have stopped him from terrorizing my store tho. detain him and call the mother to claim him over the intercom. The mother should have had the kud with her at all times though. iI work in retail and it's so annoying that parents just let their children do what they want.

  101. Diana Cornwell

    without the video or even proof that it happened as this kid says it did you cant make a judgment call. yes i agree kids need disapline like we did growing up but one that doesn't give anyone else the right to do so. an i still want evidence. if that were my kid i would have looked for marks and taken pics. i have seen no evidence. kids tend to exagerate and can be told by their parents to say anything now days for a quick buck

  102. Jackie Sissy Todd

    I hate when parents let there kids run wild in our Thrift Store but I would NEVER spank or hit another persons child..that should never happen..If the child is screaming and destoring the store, then the clerk should have found the parents and ask them to leave after they paid for the items destored..The parents and the clerk were both in the wrong and two wrongs does not make a right..this is only my opinion..

  103. Brigid Eldar

    No, she should not have spanked the kid, especially using her belt as she did. I agree though that the mother should have been called to the front of the store and told to leave.

  104. Nicole Easterby

    A parent using a belt on a child like that is unacceptable. The fact that the clerk thought she had the right to do it is appalling! She deserves to be in jail, and some serious therapy!

  105. Lorena Gunter Woodward

    Karen I was slapped in the face in public too many times & I swore if I ever had children they would not be slapped, whipped or spanked. I have 3 wonderful sons & I can honestly say that I only had to "spank" them each one time in their growing up years. Their ages are 51, 47 & 45. They respect me & always have & they grew up without being embarrassed of me or because of me. I have NEVER hit one of my boys in public. All I had to do was give them "the look" & they knew to behave.

  106. Diana Cornwell

    again I say. NO ONE has the right to put their hands on another persons kid but….there are too many components missing from this story. where was the mother, why has the video not been released, is this a case of bull to get money, why is their no other proof, why didn't parent take pictures of the marks, 25 hits their should be some, why in a busy place the dg did no one step in if this actually happened or call the police on the spot. why is the father so calm I would be livid. something doesn't add up. oh and are we going to outlaw belts now since one was used on a child?

  107. Kira Smith

    So no bashing the mother who let her kid roam around the store terrorizing people? Child protective services do your stuff.

  108. Paul Torrey Jr.

    Honestly..the parents should be arrested for dangerous neglect. Unfortunately a stranger had to be arrested for giving this kid some much needed disipline..don't question the problem eith the youth if you're part of the problem!

  109. Roy Dean

    the clerk should have called the police and filed assault charges against the kid. That would have been an awesome wake up call to those stupid parents.

  110. Alaina Duval

    Omg that is appalling I would of pressed more charges than that and anybody who hits a child that is not their own needs a beat down until they start screaming for mama! That is child abuse

  111. Susan Winters

    Danielle Whalen I would be willing to bet that this was is not the only child in that store that behaved so poorly. I am just guessing here but the store clerk may have been dealing with these types of kids all day and finally had enough.

  112. Stella Martinez

    Girl, u gotta be down here!!! Them parents will cuss u out and tell u DONT WORRY WHAT MY KIDS DOIN CAUSE U GET PAID TO WORK HERE AND MY MONEY IS GIVING U A CHECK!!! ( thats from being a casier at a super target)…..

  113. Ramona Mack Williamson

    why is it that this child's parents (nor his sister) were witness to the spanking? where were they?

  114. Tina Leonard

    Patrick are an idiot.noone has the right to put their hands on a child.they don't know.the clerk is lucky she didn't get her ass kicked

  115. Donna DeMuro

    The fact that this brat said "I'll show you bad" reinforces the fact that he'd been doing something in that store he shouldn't have been doing. It would have taken everything inside of me not to smack that monster. Like others have said, it all goes back to bad parenting. Kids aren't taught to respect others and their property. In my opinion, the mother should have been arrested for negelcting that punk. Had I done that when I was eight, my mother would have been the one smacking me, not the clerk.

  116. Penny Tickle

    I would love to see the video and hear the clerks side of the story. Where were the mother and sister that they did not hear his cries? Why wasn't the mother watching the child? Maybe if she tore his hind end up at home the clerk would not have felt the need to do it. Some suggested that the clerk find the mother but it was not her responsibility to police the mothers actions. It was the mothers responsibility to watch her son.

  117. Eric Sedillos

    To many parents are not parents today because they dont know how to discipline their children and show them to respect other people and their things….I'm so sorry that the woman got fired for doing the job of the parent that weren't there. My siblings dislike that I spank their kids when they are misbehaving but they know I dont beat the hell out of them…Parents suck today because they give their kids everything thinking that it will make them well-rounded a cell phone in the 3rd grade give me a fucking break, keep your kids away from me if they misbehave, otherwise you are at your own risk.

  118. Jane Strickland Bognar

    Sue Smith perhaps you watch your children.. no one was watching him throw crap at the casheir and run around the store loose.. the parents didn't know what happened cause they weren't watching their kids… Thats why kids do this crap and get away with it… Maybe her choices weren't good but someone needed to check him !

  119. Sheila Collins

    Lack of respect all around? Yes. But NO ONE has the right to take it upon themselves to spank someone's child. I don't leave my children running around by themselves in stores; the mother should answer for that. But if that were my child, and a store employee laid a hand on him, she'd be going to jail with a broken nose. I'd probably go to jail too, but I'm damned if some store clerk would hit my kid and get away with it.

  120. Jackie Sissy Todd

    most everyone that comes into our Thrift store is really great with there kids but there are a few that get alittle out of hand but all I have to do is ask them to be have or ask the parents to please watch their kids and most of them do. Really glad i do not work down there..

  121. Debbie Dodson

    bet he don't act a fool in public… 25 times way too much but who knows how long he tormented her.

  122. Karen Anderson Sporck

    Working with 20 1st graders everyday, I am certainly tempted to duct tape them! But I would never dream of spanking any of them! (totally kidding about the duct tape too!) :)

  123. Diana Cornwell

    what is her idea of terrorized and I still want proof. you all are ready to blame the child for being "bad". I want to know what exactly he did.

  124. Regina Taylor

    So this woman beats this child with a belt- 25 HITS – and she is arrested and charged with a simple battery……
    While if either of this boys parents had touched him with a belt 1 time – they would be charged with CHILD ABUSE – AND – the child would be removed from his home……
    Something is really wrong if they think this woman should only be charged with simple battery!
    She better thank the good lord up above it wasn't my child or grandchild, she wouldn't be charged with a thing….I would have!

  125. Diana Cornwell

    ummm that is the dumbest thing i ever heard. you never take your kids to the store with you? not as easy to leave your kid with the other parent especially if they are working. it is not a matter of leaving your kid at home. i take mine all the time. it is a matter of showing them how to behave and supervising them.

  126. Amy Savale Flinton

    Although it's not right to hit another person's child ever – if this kid was running around throwing things and making rude comments and his mother wasn't aware…shouldn't someone spank HER? Sounds like she abandoned her parental responsibilities as soon as she walked in. How about child neglect? If I had even thought of acting bad, I would've had my butt whacked, or not allowed to go. Time for parents to be parents! I would've been on the intercom requesting the parents pick up after their kid or police were being called…time for the old posters -children under 12 not to be left unattended.

  127. Adela Conde

    if a stranger were to hit my child with a belt, I would hit that stranger with the same belt. no one is allowed to spank another person's child. If the child is misbehaving, then approach the parent. If that does not work, ask them to leave the store and they cannot come back with the chi, d.

  128. Donna DeMuro

    That's really not your concern, is it? People are entitled to their opinions, dumbass.

  129. Beth Voss

    Heck, I wish I could hire that woman. People today let their kids run wild and act like heathens. People need to get a grip on their children. I've been in stores and told parents to watch their kids and they act like their little angels can do whatever they want. A good butt-busting was in order. If you aren't willing to control your snot nosed brats don't be shocked when someone with a little sense steps in.

  130. Phyllis Lawson Beatty

    The clerk should not have spanked the boy, but should have asked the parents to control his behavior and clean up the mess he made. If they didn't abide then she should have called the police to handle to situation. Watching the video the 8 year old boy has obviously been prompted as to what to say. That is not normal talk for an 8 year old. If they are going to show the pathetic video of the boy and his father then the other video should be made public also. I see children behaving very badly in stores on a regular basis and I have to wonder what kind of parents are letting this happen. They just walk in and turn their children loose. Obviously these parents were not watching or caring about what their son, whom they were responsible for, was doing.

  131. Opinionated, Outspoken & Often Outraged

    First off in general I'm not against physical discipline, that being said this would have been excessive even for a parent to do to this child. Now based on what is here, it looks like although the child suffered some consequences from his actions at the hands of a stranger, it almost appears that they are not even owning up to whatever behavior brought it on. That being said, shame on you for laying this solely on the employee while taking no responsibility to the lack of adult supervision, especially by the mom who was in the store when it happened nor the child's behavior that led up to it – so let's be honest you're child was most likely acting like an jack ass and his mother did nothing. None of this absolves the employee from what they did, just like any parent when you are that mad you better find somewhere to restrain yourself and figure out a proper method to handle the situation, some suggestions would include taking the child to his mother and then if that didn't help phoning the authorities to have them removed from the store. I've seen others mention a very important fact, you don't know a strangers circumstances, the child could have a condition that explains the behavior that maybe they ran out of meds for whatever – but you won't know any of that without talking with the adult who is responsible for the child. Now that being said, with exceptions of conditions that they don't know right from wrong – and most of them do, if you're kid can't act right leave them at home or at the very least take them out of the store when they act like that – no one else wants to deal with your child either when they are misbehaving anymore than you do.

    To answer the questions:

    Do you think Dollar General clerk Emilia Bell was justified in her spanking of Logan Ivey?

    Absolutely not! I don't care what the circumstances are there is no excuse for anybody to be that excessive with any child, whether they are the parents, a guardian, baby sitter or stranger. However, if the adult is someone who is known to the family, I do believe most of us would follow along with a parents discipline style when put in control, and would expect that most parents would ask that those in they put in charge of their child to follow their methods of discipline. Over the years I've watched many kids, and the first thing I tell parents before they leave their child with me, is that there is nothing wrong with a good old fashion spanking on their rear with my hand when a child will not behave. Additionally, I generally do not play favorites when kids, including my own, are acting up – as usually neither one are innocent so both are likely to get a spanking. Don't get me wrong, it's not my first go to, but I'm not afraid to do it, but even when I do I would never go to the extreme as this clerk, not even with my own.

    What would you do if a stranger disciplined your child?

    Lay a hand on my kid or grandkid and find out – I'll give you a clue you're probably not the only one getting arrested, but I bet I'm out sooner than you, regardless of how much force I use. Now that being said, store owners, regardless of your personal opinion on corporal punishment, unless the child is being beaten excessively by the adult or you hear something suggesting that the person who is with the child isn't legally supposed to have them (ie possible abduction) – it's better to just shut your mouth and let the adult with the child handle the situation when they are – because when strangers step in to "defend" a simple smack on the rear, even multiples, you aren't really doing the child any favors, because all you are doing is undermining the adult's authority in front of the child – and guess what if there were less of this kind of interference from others, there would be less children acting like asses in public…just saying.

  132. Susan Labuda

    The judge was the expert on Respect And the law in this case. I agree with his actions.

  133. Ed Scott

    Sue Smith.. Point is that that kids "mother" didn't take care of hers so someone else had to.. sort of like what our government does for lots of other people.

  134. Caren Stockton Fowler

    WoW! Really? These parents are going to complain because SOMEONE felt their rotten just being a boy needed some discipline? I would say Way to go DG Store employee for putting this kid in his place. Sounds like a little demon for sure. Maybe this is a lesson for momma to keep your own children close by or leave the little heathen home next time. Obviously hasn't been taught how to act in public. Little brat! I wish they would show the video too of when the brat was running wild in the store. Dad sounds like a true ignorant ass as well…

  135. Erika K Moureau

    Probably not the proper thing to do, spanking someone else's child, but let's face it folks, everyone who has EVER been in retail can sympathize with the clerk.Someone should take a belt to BOTH parents for raising such a brat! at 8 years old, he should have some manners.I see a prison in this kid's future.

  136. Ryan Chaney Habibuw

    I agree with you Maria. My 8 yr old son has ADHD & Autism and unfortunately as meds wear off he can misbehave whether in private or in public. But I never let him out of my sight in public and at the first sign of a misbehavin' coming on I either do my best to stop it in its tracks or I exit the building. We can't always control what our kids do or may do, they are little human beings. And for the record I'm a damn good parent & a single parent to boot. I do this all by myself. There are some trying times but again as I mentioned, I will leave a store when he's being unruly.

  137. Arlene Jacks

    I would like to know where the mother was in the store. If the child was being beat surly the mother heard him yell for her. I think all this was a scheme to sue someone. I do not believe a stranger are anyone should hit your child. I also believe parent's should have their child with them at all times. This child was coached well. Seems to me the mother should have charges put against her. I fully agree the clerk had no right doing what she did. But the mother is in the wrong too.

  138. Judy Conaway Dent

    the kid needed his butt whupped-the way he was acting and then his daddy said he was beaten–then- some man-should have taken the dad out and beat his butt also ~.

  139. Evangeline Valhalla

    While I would never leave my kid alone, that does not excuse the clerk in any way! And it doesn't matter if the father had beer bottles, you do NOT hit kids, much less 25 times!

  140. Evangeline Valhalla

    Umm sure, so it is ok if someone belts YOU 25 times! It is NOT ok to hit kids at any time! Hitting kids makes them worse; it makes them angry bullies and depresses them for life! Don't pass the ignorance on to another generation!

  141. Evangeline Valhalla

    "A bit overboard"??? She hit someone else's child TWENTY FIVE times! They put adults in jail if they do that to another adult! It is called battery!!

  142. Judy Conaway Dent

    I have learnt in almost 52 years–if you teach your child love and respect-and spank them-when they do wrong-they will grow up to love their parents and other people as well ~ the bible says–if you spare the rod–you SPOIL the chidl ~.

  143. Evangeline Valhalla

    Bad behavior? You ever hear of ADHD?? It is COMPLETE lack of respect to hit a child, to hit a child 25 times, to hit someone else's child 25 times!! Insane!

  144. Kim Kiley

    I don't have a problem with it. Sounded like he needed a good dose of discipline.

  145. Evangeline Valhalla

    Danielle Whalen what BS! I am sure you are ok with someone hitting YOU 25 times! Do you defend guys who beat up their wives too??

  146. Kim Kiley

    Sue Smith Not everyone takes care of their kids. And they don't teach them manners, values, etc.

  147. Evangeline Valhalla

    And of course discipline does not mean corporal punishment! A time out, taking away of privileges or giving medication would probably all work!

  148. Evangeline Valhalla

    The mom could have been in the bathroom. We don't know.You can't possibly say the mom was probably undermined at home! You have no shred of evidence.

  149. Evangeline Valhalla

    Ricci Logan no, you do NOT know that! Ever hear of ADHD?? It is a medical condition and I bet he has it. Read up on it please!

  150. Lori Stauffer

    I believe in spanking your own kids, a simple swat or two gets the message through. But not having someone else do it to my child! And most certainly not to that freakin degree!

    NOT defending this action, but WHERE THE HELL WERE THE PARENTS!

  151. Evangeline Valhalla

    Dawn Cincotti-Posner you don't know that! How about you know something about the situation before commenting??

  152. Ronda Kaufman

    then people need to make sure kids are brats. Being on meds is no excuse. soundsl like you are one of those coddling momma whose kids were alway right and everyone else was wrong. Grown up people and disipline your own kids society would be better off…

  153. Evangeline Valhalla

    Dee Anderson, blah blah blah…and I bet you walked on 35 miles of snow to get to school back in the day, eh?? Spanking is abuse, pure and simple. It DOESN'T even work! Sorry you have no patience to parent the proper way!

  154. Evangeline Valhalla

    Dee Anderson, blah blah blah…and I bet you walked on 35 miles of snow to get to school back in the day, eh?? Spanking is abuse, pure and simple. It DOESN'T even work! Sorry you have no patience to parent the proper way!

  155. Evangeline Valhalla

    Linda Marshall Estes BS! No, she probably would have been a bully! And how do you know they didn't spank her?? Maybe she is really angry now!

  156. Evangeline Valhalla

    Cotha Prior oh please…NO Biblical discipline. Kids have been killed that way! Read a parenting book, it has good ways not to mess up your kid!! No one is afraid to discipline their kids. They might be lazy but those parents have always existed.

  157. Evangeline Valhalla

    Really Shanna Ockert? Since when does being whipped 25 times in public make someone a better person? Sounds like a setup for lifelong depression to me! And I am backed up by the pros on this too! Humiliation is NOT good parenting!

  158. Evangeline Valhalla

    Mariaelena Williamson what the clerk did is a crime. Did you see the same video I did?? Change your cruel heart!!

  159. Evangeline Valhalla

    Posner, maybe she was in the bathroom?? So much better to say thing without knowing a damn thing!

  160. Evangeline Valhalla

    The clerk is ignorant and committed a crime! Bet SHE never does it again!

  161. Evangeline Valhalla

    Karen Weiler-Ortega and you would probably be arrested also! Do NOT hit your kids. That includes spanking!

  162. Evangeline Valhalla

    Lorena Gunter Woodward THANK YOU!! A voice of reason!!!

  163. Elizabeth Gibbs

    Where were the parents? Why didn't the mother have her eye I. Her child to begin with. Her child should have not been roaming the store alone anyways. She could have stopes her child if she was watching him. Not saying the lady should have spanked him but should have found mother and ask her to take child out of store. Mother was wrong to.

  164. Evangeline Valhalla

    And control does not mean whipping, spanking or hitting! And you do know some kids have a medical condition, right? It is called ADHD and it is real. It is no comment on the parents' lack of discipline!

  165. Evangeline Valhalla

    Really? You are inside his head? And gee, I thought hitting was supposed to work? Guess y'all were wrong. Maybe you will have to work harder and listen to your kids for a change. And read a book about parenting!

  166. Gloria Polis

    During my very long lifetime, I have seen children change from well-behaved (for the most part) child of the forties and fifties to totally out of control children these days who have outrageous behavior! The parents walk into a store and turn them loose to run, scream, tear things off shelves and bother employees and patrons. Children don't behave in church, in school, on a bus, at the post office….it's absolutely the parents' fault for not disciplining them early on and teaching them to be courteous, good citizens! The clerk was wrong to lay a hand on that boy but I can understand her frustration! I'm tired of trying to grocery shop with ear-piercing, screaming children running amok!

  167. Evangeline Valhalla

    Two of the dumbest comments ever. Getting whipped 25 times by a stranger IS a perfect way to screw a child up! You really don't know anything, do you?

  168. Ilse Dujmovic

    Sue Smith
    Yes there is something wrong with that kid. No discipline….the parents need to be spanked as well. Any blind person can see how well this kid was already coached. A clerk should not have to put up with an unruly nasty kid. Throwing a cookie at her if she wants to see BAD? Did you liten Sue?

  169. Evangeline Valhalla

    Kids who kill were almost ALWAYS abused. You do NOT make a child behave better by hitting them. No, embarrassing them is horrible and set them up for depression. Please read up on parenting skills. Now.

  170. Ilse Dujmovic

    Debbie Doutt-Finch Hoskins I would need to see the 25 times before I believed this kid. My kids also never misbehaved in any store or any where else and were welcome where ever we went.

  171. Evangeline Valhalla

    Stooopid comment. "People today…" comments are so superficial and generalized. Butt-busting, as you so nicely call it, is ignorant and wrong. The clerk was arrested for battery, as she should have been. If you have a good relationship with your kids and respect them, they turn out great. Try it!

  172. Evangeline Valhalla

    " A lazy self-absorbed bitch"?? Wow, that tells me how you good a parent you are. You know next to nothing about this situation and spew anger towards a mom with little comprehension of background info! How about you go to anger mgmt class??

  173. Ilse Dujmovic

    Evangeline Valhalla If that was the case he should have been with her. You do not leave an 8year old alone. Next thing you know you will see him on the back of a milk carton.

  174. Evangeline Valhalla

    She didn't "have" to whip him! Jeez, if I read another dumb comment like "children today…" I will puke! Stop with the "kids suck these days" mantra. Hitting a kid is never right and certainly not by a stranger. Good luck to the clerk when she looks for a new job! An arrest record will make it difficult!

  175. Evangeline Valhalla

    Really? You think it was a set-up?? What kid do you know takes 25 whippings for nothing? Do you have any idea how dumb you sound?

  176. Evangeline Valhalla

    Angie Dunn no one NEEDS a spanking. And that was NOT a spanking! You go whip someone 25 times and see if you get away with it. The clerk broke the law and was arrested. Remember that.

  177. Missy Gentry-Payne

    she should have called police on an abanded child. n then cps could get involved. they have carts. put your child in the cart. I see this alot. I ask the child, loudly, where is your mom! if the lady had time to take her belt off n spank. where was the mom. probly, he was a distraction while she was doin something else!

  178. Julie Marie Figueroa

    Horrible parenting! Its the parents fault – 1 for not having their child in their sight and 2 for not teaching him how to behave out in public and 3 for not teaching him respect for his elders. . As for he possibly has adhd ' – that would be even more reason to keep him with you not let him run amuck like a wild animal . Now with that said no its not OK for a total stranger to woop anyone's child. Its the parents responsibility to discipline their own child. You can say something to them if they're out of control but you never touch them.

  179. Becky Lomax Bariola

    This is NOT okay! What is the matter with you people commenting that she did the right thing? What if I whipped YOUR child with a belt TWENTY FIVE TIMES? I am glad she was arrested.

  180. Monica Counts

    If she was watching that brat this would have never happened

  181. Shana Campbell

    She shouldn't have touched the kid, no matter how much of a demon he was. She should've embarassed the absentee mom over the loudspeaker by requesting her presence at the front of the store to take control over her brat. OR she should've called the police and said there was an unruly child abandoned by his parents in her store.
    But, she overreacted, she's jobless and has a record , the child will go back to being a terror and probably eventually join her with a record, and mom will go back to being oblivious. Nothing was solved here!

  182. Betty Hardin Jones

    The sad thing is that sometimes the parents , are as bad as the kids!!Most kids that act horrible in public are that bad or worse at home because they more than likely have no discipline or manners taught to them. Just my opinion!

  183. Andy O'Connor

    My Pants were warm – lol. I bet the kid behaves in stores from now on and won't be throwing any more cookies. My ass was tanned a couple of times when I was a kid, I am not traumatized, just a little wiser. Parents should have been there.

  184. Carleene Ratliff

    I work in retail at times I woud love to disapile an unruly child I just grin and bear it. Parents need to do more disaplining of thier children and I don't mean beating them.

  185. Amber Gray

    A swat on the rear isn't going to kill anyone.. but as Kaleb has found out.. if he can't behave in the store that usually ends up with him sitting out in the car with either myself or Jason while the other adult finishes shopping

  186. Shastine Knight

    As a former employee of Dollar General I cannot believe that the clerk laid her hands on any cunstomer especially a child Dollar General has a no hands policy with the exception of helping a customer if they become incapacitated in the store, I hope they mother realizes that the problem was not Dollar General, it was the clerks own personal choice to lay her hands on the child and I how she sues the pants off of the clerk, I know Dollar General does not condone any type of vilolent behavior and reacted properly by imediatly fireing the person responsible for assalting a customer.

  187. Lorena Gunter Woodward

    My husband & I witnessed a woman shaking her crying son uncontroably & slapping him in the face at Wal-Mart. It made my husband so mad he confronted the woman & told her he was calling the police. She had a buggy full of groceries & clothes. She told him to mind his own business & he told her he was minding his business & from where he stood all he could see was child abuse. He pulled out his phone & called 911. The woman left her buggy in the middle of the isle & grabbed her sons hand & drug him out of the store. She knew she was in the wrong. I just worried about how bad she beat the poor kid when she got him in the car. He looked to be about 3 or 4. I can't tell you the times we have called the cops because we found children locked up in a hot car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It breaks my heart to see children abused.

  188. Angie Dunn

    Evangeline that child needed put in his place and yes, I do think sometimes a spanking is in order. One-HIS parents left him unsupervised-they should be arrested for neglect. I do not agree that a stranger needs to be touching anyone else's child. But what a little snot! He needs put in his place! BY HIS NEGLECTFUL PARENTS!

  189. Angie Dunn

    Insurance companies see things happen all the time. I rule nothing out until I know it is ruled out to be an untruth. It does not sound dumb. Think of how much money these parents are going to get from this. There are scammers all over this country who will use any means to gain monetarily.

  190. Joan Wilcox

    I agree with you o a point kids are brats, the police should have been called and charges should have been pressed against the parent for allowing thayt type of behavior. As for meds we aretoo quick to give a pill when good discipline would curb much of problem behavior in kids today, not necessarily spanking that is the last resort.

  191. Joan Wilcox

    why is everyone so quick to suggest a pill to fix everything those mind altering drugs are an experiment on our kids and we are now realizing how dangerous those drugs are

  192. Holly Equality Homan

    Patrick, if you're rude to a store employee can they take their belt and whip you with it? You NEVER EVER teach a child anything by beating him. EVER! What are you, stuck in 1853? Next question, if this child was whipped 25 times and the mom was unaware of it, where was she while her child screamed for her? Why was she letting her child run around the store unsupervised? The store employee should have made an announcement over the PA system that there was a child wandering around alone and would the parent please come retrieve him. I'd investigate that mother as well. Something is not adding up here. Kids this age will act up and I've seen incidents where kids wreak havoc and the parents ignore them, but beating a child is NEVER right. She should face a stiff penalty for assault and never, ever have a job working around kids.

  193. Holly Equality Homan

    Leonard, first of all, go back to school and learn to spell the English language. Secondly, you weren't there. You don't know if he was "terrorizing" the store. I agree the mom is highly at fault here. You don't let a six-year-old run around thte store alone. The worker could have made an announcement over the PA for the parent to retrieve the child. This mom is as culpable. How can you not hear your child yell for "momma" while he's beaten 25 times? There's something wrong with her parenting for sure, but the employee was extremely wrong and I hope she facees a stiff penalty and is never allowed to work or be around children ever!

  194. Holly Equality Homan

    These stores generally do not have bathrooms for customers. Further, if she was in the bathroom she should have taken the little boy in with her. At six, he's still considered young enough. The article states she was there with another child, the boy's sister, but it doesn't state how old the other child was. Was she a baby? An older child? We don't know. We don't know what the boy was dooing that was considered so terrible, but the worker could have made an announcement that there was a child wandering the store without supervision and requested the parent retrieve the child. Where were the other workers? Why didn't someone intervene after the first or second time she struck the boy?

  195. Joan Wilcox

    most dollar general stores do not have public bathrooms and even if they do the stores are small enough that she could still hear the child screaming. these are not large stores in any respect of the word.

  196. Sharon Kathan Christman

    Oh, I said I don't believe she should've touched him AT ALL…………..! never! Not in a million years…………………..but the kid obviously has lousy parents…………..did you see the pig sty of a house they interviewed him in? did you hear his Dad? He is going to be a *victim* from this and will use it as an excuse the rest of his life, right along with mommy and daddy's help…………right after they sue the pants off of the store!

  197. Holly Equality Homan

    How do you know he's a brat? The article doesn't specify what he did other than throw a cookie. Six-year-olds should not wander off unsupervised. Granted, kids can wander away in an instant when a parent isn't looking, but how could the mohter not have heard her child scream while he was whipped 25 timees? That doesn't make sense? Where were other workers, customers while this happened? Why didn't anyone intervene? Why didn't the worker simply make an announcement over the PA that a child was wandering around the store unsupervised? These are certainly questions I would ask in court.

  198. Holly Equality Homan

    I hate people who make blanket generalizations — kids today have no respect, blah, blah, blah. Kids are no different today than they ever were. My kids acted up in public places, but when they did, I took them out. When my son was three, we were out to breakfast. He got upset because after he put butter and jam on his scone, it wouldn't hold together. He got so mad he threw the scone across the room where it hit a wall near other diners. Butter, jam and scone oozed down the wall while threee-year-old was screaming his head off. Dad took screaming child from the restaurant while I cleaned up the mess and paid thte tab. This is why having two parents is so ideal. By the time I got outside, my son had calmed down. You don't let six-year-olds wander around unsupervised. What if someone snatched him? This mom should be investigated if she didn't hear her child scream while he was whipped 25 times. That's assault to the nth degree.

  199. Kristie D Reid

    All you do gooders can kiss my ass……. where was mom and sister and who was watching the brat………. the store clerk described it as terrorizing her…………….. I know 8 yr olds I have to grandsons…… they can terrorize a person in a quick hurry….. and this one IS a little shit you can tell by the look of the house they invited a camera crew into beer cans everywhere a mess… the child is a product of the adults in his life…………………………..they should be ashamed of themselves………………………..

  200. Leigh Shealy McGinest

    I don't even have to watch the video to know that he probably needed his ass beat. I've seen how these kids get out of hand at the stores, especially Walmart….And to throw a cookie at her is evidential that the boy has no respect for those older than him or proper home training. I ain't mad at her. #instantreplay

  201. Kristie D Reid

    shitty parenting leads to shitty kids………… and all you do gooders your the reason our kids act like monsters……………take the policing outta your homes and give it back to the parents………..

  202. Gracie Lopez Rodriguez

    Ok, first of all the clerk did not have the rite to call the child a demon. Thats wat made the lil boy react it. Im not saying he should have spoken that way. He just probably thght it was ok since the clerk was talkin to him like she new him. N secondly, to take it upon herself to spank someone elses child, thats where the clerk shld have called the parent. Regardless of where in the store the child was at. I just thank god that wasnt my child. Id be in jail myself.

  203. Leigh Shealy McGinest

    I'm with you on this one Patrick. These are the types of kids that go to school, bully, and beat up on other kids. I see folks screaming about touching their kids, but given the sh** I've seen kids do to other kids, I'll bet the farm one of them would put their hands on someone else kid if they hurt their own kid. This is why so many kids grow up terrorizing and disregarding the law.

  204. Sharon Kathan Christman

    sorry Evangeline, you ain't getting a rise out of me……….I totally disagree with the store clerk touching that boy! All I'm saying is, from his interview, he is already a *victim*………these ppl will milk this all the way to the bank…………….I smell a law suit

  205. Rebecca Bird Husnick

    ok mom how come your child can be screamin for you while some stranger is beatin him and you have no idea of what is lady sould have asked his family to leave or gotten a manger who does she think she is to touch someone kid even its its obvious the kid hasn't been tought discipline.

  206. Donna Wilson Smith

    I think that charges need to go on to the parent for neglect!
    All to aften we see these monster kids run and not being supervised. What if someone snatched up the kid?
    So sad all around.

  207. Tina Miller

    maybe this kid was being such a little bastard that the clerk snapped,,, and another thing who would let their 8 yr old be out of hearing range,, the mother said she didn't hear him and he was supposedly screaming,

  208. Jaclyn Hardy

    Depends on the circumstances…if u know me n my kid andu know my kid is acting in a way that u know damn well id whoop their butt for then by all means, not 25+ times tho…if u don't know me nor my kid, put your hands on my child and I will be the one to go to jail cuz it will take the police to get my hands off u…

  209. Eleanor Mitchell

    I was in a KMart once standing in line behind this woman and her son, who was around 8 years old. He was angry at his mom because she would not let him buy something. So he started taking items off the aisle racks and throwing them at will. He just missed the cashier's head, hit his mother with a pack of gum. She pretended not to notice. When I had to duck to avoid being hit with a package of batteries, I turned to the boy and said, "listen, you little brat. If you hit me with something, I am going to slap the shit out of you". His eyes got wide and he jumped behind his mother for protection. She turned to me as though she were about to say something, but one look at my face, she changed her mind. If you don't teach your children how to behave civilly in public places, then you should leave their rotten asses at home.

  210. Tiffany Eaton

    where do we send legal relief donations for the clerk to? lol

  211. Wendy Korak Carlston

    The clerk was wrong in her actions,..and so are the parents in their lack of action. When it comes to disciplining others kids, remember that old saying "it takes a village to raise a child"? Well, I believe it does take more than just the parents to teach our children how to behave in an acceptable manner. We all have a responsibility to apply discipline, within reason, when we see kids misbehaving.

  212. Carol Medeiros

    Sounds like both parties were at fault…. the boy's parent (or adult in charge) should have had control of him at all times instead of letting him run rampant in the store, and the clerk should not have touched him. Parents who do not control their children of elementary age or younger in a store/mall are negligent. Stores should have a holding place for unattended children like Disney does…. near customer service…. if they don't answer a page within a certain amount of time, the police are called, and they deal with it.

  213. Kathy Woodring

    I agree that the store clerk did not have the right to touch a hair on the child's head but… can you imagine how many times that same kid has been in there doing the same thing. I see it in the stores all the time, wicked little brats with no respect, discipline or fear run all over the place literally causing panic with no consequences. To the parents of these "little wicked brats," you might think it is cute, if so, keep them home and enjoy it, don't expect the rest of the world to give them a pass. All children need boundaries, limits, respect and manners to survive and become successful in life — give your children what they really need, not a free pass to disrespect society at large.

  214. Eleanor Mitchell

    I didn't see the spanking the woman gave the boy, and really don't condone hitting someone else's child, but I know how a person can be driven to wanting to hit an ill-mannered child. I am amazed at how some people will just let their kids do as they please, especially a male child. They have this boys-will-be-boys attitude. Boys with no upbringing more than likely will become criminals. Boys can break a parent's heart also

  215. Miki Worley

    NO she should Not have put her hands on the child. But the mother should have been watching her son better and it does not matter if she was in the bathroom or wherever else in the store. The clerk should hae gotten on the loudspeaker and announced " will the mother of a child that has been left unattended please come and get him? NOW!

  216. Caryn Brown Baker

    Well, I have seen plenty little monsters out running wild in public and the "parent"(S) r not watching them. While u cannot spank other people's kids, (unless they say you can) a verbal reprimand, and a report to the parent would be my choice. But, be prepared to be cussed and screamed at by the useless parents! I was a school nurse for 11 years-some parents these days r against any kind of authority, and believe every word their little darling says. This is how they end up in trouble early in life and possibly jail later on. I have seen it happen over & over! These parents are not usually your most upstanding citizens, but sometimes, they r just lazy parents! We didn't let our boys run wild in stores when we were out. I know kids get restless and tired, but some good sense by parents goes a long way.

  217. Terrilynn Porter

    I can assure you if one of my children were getting a whipping I would hear what was going on and go get him, well before the third or fourth lick..and 25 licks, poor child's backside must have been extremely sore… What parent needs to give anyone more than 2 or 3 licks ? Parents and only parents should be the one who spanks them !!!

  218. Caryn Brown Baker

    A few years ago, we were in a Sears located in a mall. As we were walking out we were on the opposite side of the store, so had a lttle walk. We noticed a mom dragging a kid with one hand and packages in the other. He was probably 5-6. With his free hand, he was going by the displays of things and just knocking them off as she dragged him. He finally noticed that we had been watching him. I said something like "You better be careful, your going to break something." He looked at me dead in the eye, and knocked another item on the floor as his oblivious mother kept pulling him along. He knoced something else off and my husband said very loudly "Stop knocking stuff off the shelves! The mother inally turned around and glared at my hubby I told her he had been knocking stuff off of displays and shelves as we had been behind her and the little demon for the past few minutes. She stopped and screamed at my husband, saying "I can disapline my own kid, I don't need your opinion, etc." Floyd looked at her and said "Well start doing it!" I told her we had followed him while he was doing it, and we quietly tried to get him to stop, but his little onery a$$ just defied us, He already obviously had issues and wasn't getting the right kind of attention.

  219. Gail Lee Lowery

    I have lost count of how many little brats have almost run into my cart as they chase each other all over the store. Who knows where the parents are. I have thought of whacking a few myself, but that is not my place. But what is this particular brat going to do when he ends up in prison as some inmate's "bitch"? Then he'll know what real torture is. This is exactly why our prisons are over-flowing. Children are not being taught to rsepect themselves, let alone anyone else. We live in a "me first" world.

  220. Amanda N Jerry McGill

    The clerk should have beat the parent's a**es for not teaching their child RESPECT!

  221. Nelle Rutherford

    This lady did something that needed to be done and if he tearing up this store u know he tearing uo the house anf the school. I think the mother should be arrested for neglect cause she in yhe store and it must not have been that bad if she didnt hear notbing going on or even hear it. Its a big difference between getting a whipping and being beat he got a whipping any of us that got them know how to act today those that haven't had one are the ones destroying stuff now

  222. Jan Johnson

    Ya know I've never wanted to spank someone else's kid in a store but I've sure wanted to smack the momma!

  223. Eddie Burden

    Well, I live near that area and I know how those country kids are. I'm not saying a child has to be beat, but sometimes you have show a little "tough" love to get a point across. To me the story seems vague seeing that the mother was no where around during the beating …. This is a Dollar General not a Walmart . How could she not hear? Honestly the story is not matching well, however, they have surveillance footage and that's pretty much all needed. However it's sad that people can't discipline a child with a little tough love , I was raised old school and although I cried then, I learned from it.

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