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Youngest Female Billionaire Is In-N-Out Burger Owner Lynsi Torres

Youngest Female Billionaire Is In-N-Out Burger Owner Lynsi Torres

The youngest female billionaire in the US is 30-year-old Lynsi Torres, president and owner of In-N-Out Burger. That’s according to a new report from Bloomberg, which has profiled Torres and her remarkable rise to colossal riches.

The intensely private Torres has never been listed on an international wealth ranking, and only came to control In-N-Out following a series of family deaths.

In-N-Out Burger was founded by her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, in 1948. When Harry died in 1976, control passed to his second son, Rich. When Rich was killed in a 1993 plane crash, the franchise was inherited by Torres’s father, Harry Guy Snyder. He passed away in 1999 after a prescription drugs overdose. His daughter was just 16 at the time.

Torres’s grandmother Esther kept control of the company until her death in 2006 at age 86. With her passing, Lynsi Torres was the sole family heir, and she now controls the company through a trust that gave her half ownership when she turned 30 last year. When she turns 35 in 2017, Torres will inherit full ownership. An Arizona state corporation commission filing reveals Torres is the sole owner.

The In-N-Out burger empire has close to 280 units in five states, and Bloomberg’s ranking values the franchise at about $1.1 billion.

Beyond her love for drag racing (she races herself) and the fact she has been married three times, little is known about America’s youngest female billionaire.

But thanks to a Detroit News Day report, we also know the heiress splashed out on a $17.4 million mansion in 2012, complete with seven bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. America’s youngest female billionaire reportedly purchased the property from former L.A. Dodgers player Adrian Beltre.

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14 Responses to “Youngest Female Billionaire Is In-N-Out Burger Owner Lynsi Torres”

  1. Jamie Osborn

    how nice to have no education, drag race, marry multiple times and do basically nothing but wait until granny and grampy die to leave you money so you can buy that gaudy mansion. Hope you do something good with that money. who ever said life was fair.

  2. Susan Thibault

    I'm sure she would rather have all her family members alive and in her life. She would probably give it all up to have them back.

  3. Tu Sene

    When God blesses you with wealth he will give it to you abundantly. No man can stop how He blesses people.

  4. Christopher Hulett

    all of those people dying. They were a blood sacrifice….

  5. Carole Williams

    If you think life is not fair , you are right…it never was and never will be….but sometimes the poorest people are the happiest..My grandparents were not wealthy but they were soul mates. loved each other and never said an unkind word to anyone…so they were loved and admired by many friends..thats worth more than all that money can buy…

  6. Jamie Osborn

    I am a die hard Republican; totally opposite from a liberal. Funny! Carole, I agree with you. It is not about money.

  7. Richard Dickson

    I hope Lynsi does well with her compay and expands it beyond 5 states. Lynsi is very good-looking and I hope she hires good executives to help her expand her business. Who knows, maybe someday she'll own 34,000 restaurants like McDonald's.

  8. Derick Ip

    Carole, I am sure there are exceptions. One person doesn't represent everyone, there are rich couples who are also soul mates, loved each other and never said an unkind word to anyone..

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