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Beyoncé Burns Super Bowl Halftime Show: Takes Lights With Her [Video]

Beyonce Stuns Super Bowl Stage

Beyoncé stepped out in front of a pumped Super Bowl XLVII crowd at the rebranded Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans — and time stopped.

With all thoughts of “Lip Sync Gate” gone, the Houston firebrand stormed her way through a 12 minute halftime show that would destroy all memory of Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, and a finger-wielding MIA.

Together with the superdome’s 76,468 capacity and the over 100 million tuning in, the Super Bowl is indisputably the biggest event in sport with advertisers prepared to pay $4 million plus for 30 second slots, and it’s certainly the biggest show of Beyoncé’s career.

It was high stakes for the singer tonight and, to some extent, included the redemption of her reputation, ridiculous as that might sound. Millions were watching to see if Beyoncé would keep her press conference promise and sing live, and with the fast and furious dancing she is known for, plus numerous pre-show teasers of something special — the world was ready for an event.

And that was exactly what it got.

After a poignant start with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus and Jennifer Hudson, then Alicia Keys’ seriously long “Star Spangled Banner,” it was time for a break from the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens and on with the other big show.

Under a New Orleans evening sky, thousands of blue finger flashlights worn by the crowd transformed the superdome into “Close Encounters of the Beyoncé Kind.”

Beyonce Owns Super Bowl Stage

Arising as a silhouette from white smoke, clad in black leather, with dominatrix boots and heels to match (courtesy of designer Rubin Singer), the 31-year-old launched into the most difficult key changes of “Love on Top” a capella before the familiar horn intro kicked off an edited, jazz infused “Crazy in Love.”

Dancers flooded the stage amid kaleidoscope imagery and a music segue into “End of Time,” followed by a “dutty wine Baby-Boy” replete with video doubles and pyrotechnics. Throughout all of this, the lights are going crazy. That will become important later, but for now the show continues.

Kelly and Michelle aka Destiny’s Child arrive via under-stage jumpers, and the trio belt the middle 8 harmonies of “Bootylicious,” followed by “Independent Women” and “Single Ladies.”

Beyonce and Destiny'c Child At Super Bowl Halftime Show

Then, it was time for the show closer. Rowland and Williams depart, leaving Beyoncé alone with her dancers as her “Halo” anthem begins.

Without question one of the most polarizing singers alive today, who, ABC augured would “break the Internet” today, Beyoncé is one of the few pop stars around who generates insane levels of hateand adoration.

But, in the end it wasn’t the internet that broke, but the power.

Superdome Lights Up During Beyonce Halftime Show

For at least 30 to 40 minutes, a power outage stopped the third quarter of play from resuming, and a tsunami of hilarious online reasons as to why the power surge was happening. Best tweet: “Superdome Into Darkness.”

Power outages aside (an outside power feed died), the real power tonight was the soul and pop perfection Beyoncé brought to an electrifying, adrenalin-filled, halftime show stopper.

Her last words to the packed stadium and the virtual millions, ” Thank you for this moment. God bless y’all,” The Guardian notes.

On Thursday, the singer pledged, “I will absolutely be singing live. I am well rehearsed. This is what I was born to do. What I was born for.”

Turns out she was absolutely right.

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55 Responses to “Beyoncé Burns Super Bowl Halftime Show: Takes Lights With Her [Video]”

  1. Judy McGee Ellis

    reminds me of back in the day ….. Tina Turner….gives a great show……

  2. David P. Turnbole

    I'm all for storyteller singers. But when you look this good who cares?

  3. Susan Wheaton

    Here it is 9:29 AM (CST) the day after the Super Bowl and The NFL has taken rights to this video and will no longer let be aired on the internet. WT*******!

  4. Gigi Bratton

    Beautiful, gorgeous, game stopping, electricity stopping. Half time will never be the same.

  5. Curtis Bandy

    the only good part of the show was destiny child singers beyonce sucks!

  6. Meg Loven

    She has more talent. Last night she proved she relies on her body to sell herself.

  7. Terry Fitch Wooten

    This is a family event whether you want to believe it or not. That is the nastiest performance done with the whole ring around the dance stage with her private parts in their face.

  8. Cherie Lowe

    Absolutely trashy! If you are going to perform in front of millions wear something classy not trashy. As far as the performance it was not the best I ever saw in a super bowl. It would have been nice if she actually sang an entire song not trashed it up.

  9. Bonnie Brown England

    I have to agree with some of the others. This is a family event. I thought it was trashy. She should be boycotted for have dressed like this in front of all those children. How disrespectful.

  10. Doris Doherty

    The only place that disgusting performance should be shown is in a blinking store front on Federal highway in.
    Ft Lauderdale Fl. I am no critic but I know soft porn when I see it and now all the little kids who watched know also.
    What the hell was the NFL thinking (NOT).

  11. Corey Black


  12. Cynthia Terry Spenst

    I have a hard time believing that she should be the voice for the women's equality movement. She has worked in the entertainment industry her entire life and doesn't seem to have other exposure to really be fully aware of the situation.

  13. Joyce Lamky

    I'm going with the other peopole here what they are saying , it was trashy.

  14. Tavia Murray

    My opinion is that the entire halftime show was awful. Sorry Beyonce but I think you just went down in history for the worst super bowl halftime ever!

  15. Joyce Lamky

    I loved the Budwiser Cldysdale's horses and the horse at the end, now, that may brought tears to my eyes.

  16. Heather De Haan

    was not impressed with the halftime show in the least. I didn't understand a word of it, let alone how she was dressed…Personally, I would like to see some COUNTRY music played during the halftime show of the super bowl, at least I know then it would be a real family based production and you can actually understand what they are singing, even if it would be a mash up of songs….the NFL needs to get a clue that even if people can sing, they need to actually do it during a live performance(if that's what you called it last night).

  17. Valerie Robinson Stammitti

    I'm sure the half time show was as obscene as the amount of money and endorsements these clowns get for what amounts to MINUTES of "work". Everybody involved in these productions should be ashamed, but I'm sure they are not. I love the game of football, I loath the business of it. Too bad the half time shows can't be skipped and get ALL the nonsense done and over with faster. None of it is of value to our children.

  18. Eleanor Demarzo

    this is a family thing no a trashy madonna did why better last yr could not understand her singing she is all about herself and her and needs to lose a few bounds after looking like that.

  19. Stephanie Maria Snook


  20. Susan Rodriguez

    …she needs to lose a few pounds? people like you are the reason girls have distorted body images.

  21. Mike Stroud

    My opinion is that the entire halftime show was awful. Sorry Beyonce but I think you just went down in history for the worst super bowl halftime ever! agreed agreed agreed all dance little singing…………………

  22. Georgia Anderson Shook


  23. Beverly Hatcher

    It seems that my thoughts are similar to many others. There was more booty shaking than anything entertaining….could not understand the words she did sing…..sound wasn't,t good.

  24. Tom Bills

    I guess I just too old , I like music I can understand , and women dressed that leaves a little to the imagination.

  25. Amanda Otto

    I'm really not sure what the rest of you were watching? This woman is absolutely amazing. Stunningly beautiful, she can sing, dance and rock the house down. She must be so freakin fit to move like that and still sound amazing. I think some of you need to get that big stick from up yer nether regions! Worst Superbowl half time show ever? I think not. I understood every word she said – no problem there. I've seen some very bad ones and this was entertaining from start to finish. Mind-blowing energy! And btw, this wasn't a kid's show, its the Superbowl. Get over yourselves. If you found it offensive, take your kids and leave the room, problem solved.

  26. Judith Lockwood

    I am so with you on this! Beyonce put on the best half-time Super Bowl show in years!
    Who aRe these people that are posting such negative comments?!
    Super Bowl, as you say, is not a kid's show; it's a corporate money-maker.
    I'm pretty sure the negative comments posted here are Tea Party related, i.e., racist.

  27. Nathan Wedrick

    Maybe if she sang more than about 20 words you could say she sang. All she did was dance around while the backup singers did all the work. Time for some real performers. Get KISS to do a show and I bet it will be talked about in a good way for decades.

  28. Lilly Lopata

    I normally do not watch half time but did decide to see if I would have liked it. Nope. It was vulgar and offensive to my beliefs and morals. I had to shut it off.

  29. Aaliyah Junelle Salim

    First off all u negative asshole Beyonce haters fuck off !!! She was fuckin fabulous period. Get a life football ain't been a young family sport unless its pee wee!! This grown sports grown entertainment wtf r y'all mad at that she black rich an looks better than all of you?!?! I'm with Beyonce the rest of up tight racist ass haters can lick me where the good lord split me!

  30. Aaliyah Junelle Salim

    U people r sad an pathetic she did the songs her FANS love obviously none of I uptight ugly body having people r her fans get a life an fuck a country music halftime show !!!!

  31. Sally Renner

    She has a beautiful voice but that's not what she was using. Barely singing but surely writhing on stage. Way….too sexual for a football halftime show! Disappoinating for sure!

  32. Donatus Kelch

    This half time show was an insult to women and the entertainment industry as a whole. It is time that I will never recover and the singing was at best dismal. If I wanted a porn show as part of the Super Bowl I would not watch the Super Bowl. The NFL should be ashamed of ever being involved with a horrible display as witnessed last Sunday. What a waste of time and effort.

  33. Linda Parrinello Hilt

    Nothing spectacular. Don't really care for her They definitely could have found someone better.

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