Beyonce Stuns Super Bowl Stage

Beyoncé Burns Super Bowl Halftime Show: Takes Lights With Her [Video]

Beyoncé stepped out in front of a pumped Super Bowl XLVII crowd at the rebranded Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans — and time stopped.

With all thoughts of “Lip Sync Gate” gone, the Houston firebrand stormed her way through a 12 minute halftime show that would destroy all memory of Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, and a finger-wielding MIA.

Together with the superdome’s 76,468 capacity and the over 100 million tuning in, the Super Bowl is indisputably the biggest event in sport with advertisers prepared to pay $4 million plus for 30 second slots, and it’s certainly the biggest show of Beyoncé’s career.

It was high stakes for the singer tonight and, to some extent, included the redemption of her reputation, ridiculous as that might sound. Millions were watching to see if Beyoncé would keep her press conference promise and sing live, and with the fast and furious dancing she is known for, plus numerous pre-show teasers of something special — the world was ready for an event.

And that was exactly what it got.

After a poignant start with the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus and Jennifer Hudson, then Alicia Keys’ seriously long “Star Spangled Banner,” it was time for a break from the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens and on with the other big show.

Under a New Orleans evening sky, thousands of blue finger flashlights worn by the crowd transformed the superdome into “Close Encounters of the Beyoncé Kind.”

Beyonce Owns Super Bowl Stage