Duck Survives Being Shot Through The Head With A Crossbow

An English duck has survived after being shot through its head with a crossbow, whilst in a quaint country park.

The RSPCA, the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, are currently investigating the incident, which took place in Barnsley, Yorkshire. The mallard was seen at the town’s Dearne Valley Country Park with the injury.

The organisation has stated that officers are currently attempting to catch the animal so that they can check on its medical status, but they have to yet succeed.

A spokeswoman said,”We have made attempts to catch the duck – but it is still very mobile and active and therefore flies off when we get near it.”

“Obviously as the duck is still able to fly and is quite mobile it has been difficult for our officers to catch it but we are continuing to monitor it and hope to catch it eventually.”

She also added that the animal is still able to feed itself, but that officers would like to treat it so that it doesn’t harm itself, or any other animals that come near it, further.

It is believed that the bolt may have entered the duck’s head through the ear canal. The spokeswoman also added, “One of our officers thinks that there is a chance that the arrow appears to have gone through its ear canal and missed the vital organs.”

Anyone who is found guilty of committing this atrocity faces up to a six-month prison sentence, as well as a $9,000 fine.