Former Senator Scott Brown

Scott Brown Faces Hater Flash Mob On Twitter, Replies ‘Whatever’

Remember Scott Brown, the 2010 mid-term election Republican Senator from Massachusetts who lost to Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in 2012? What has he been up to lately? Leading a mundane (and possibly drunken) lifestyle, at least according to his Twitter account.

MSN notes that Brown’s Twitter “appeared to be taken over by a middle school girl Friday night” when the ex-senator sent a ton of “whatever” tweets to what appeared to be a flash mob of trolls that descended upon his account.

Instead of engaging his online trolls in substantive debate (or even substantive hate) Brown replied to each of them with “whatever,” “Bqhatevwr,” and “Your [sic] brilliant Matt” to nobody in particular before he signed off for the evening.

This led Gawker to probe a bit deeper into the Twitter habits of former Senator Brown since losing to acceptable, but all-around-pretty-mediocre-challenger Elizabeth Warren in the 2012 elections.

Though many of Brown’s “valley girl” tweets have since been deleted, as well as the tweets sent him by his flash mob of haters, there are other humorous gems to be had on Brown’s Twitter account.

Though he was once one of our nation’s highest elected officials, he has since turned into a mundane Twitter everyman who enjoys Japanese cuisine, goes for runs, and has a beer (or ten) every now and again.

Fun fact: Brown’s Twitter background is still a pre-2012 election relic. His recent images are even better. Just check it out, already!

Oh, and before we forget, here’s a screen-cap of Scott Brown’s “whatever” hater battle, courtesy of Gawker:

Scott Brown Twitter