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Third Grader Brings Loaded Gun To School

Third Grader Loaded Gun School

An elementary school outside of Detroit, Michigan avoided a very dangerous situation when a third grader brought a loaded gun to school this morning. School administrators found the boy carrying the loaded gun after receiving an anonymous tip.

Principal Vickie Patterson received the call around 8:30 Friday morning and was able to stop the young boy as he entered the Daly Elementary School building. The principal escorted to boy to her office for questioning. The third grader eventually confessed that he had a loaded gun and the principal was able to secure it.

Local police arrived around 9:00, confiscating the gun and removing the child from the school grounds. As reported by USA Today, school administrators are thankful that the situation was dealt with quickly and that nobody was harmed.

Executive director of instruction for Westwood Community Schools, Val Hughes, commends the person who called in the tip:

“This is a very serious matter. I’m very proud someone told. That’s what we try to instill in our students. If someone has something that’s going to hurt someone, or yourself, or you see something that you consider wrong, share that with an adult.”

As reported by The Detroit News, Hughes noted that the other students were inside their classrooms and were not aware of the situation as it unfolded. She stressed that nobody was hurt and she wanted to the community to know that the students were kept safe.

The director had no further information other than the fact that the boy left with the police. It is not known why the third grader brought a loaded gun to school.

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3 Responses to “Third Grader Brings Loaded Gun To School”

  1. Linda Lenig

    How did this third grader get the gun? Why was it not locked up in a safe that only the parents could open? What is this world coming to with all these children being killed or showing up with a gun at a school? If he was being bullied, then you need to find out why and by who. Don't blame the gun.

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