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Michael Moore: The NRA Is Doomed

michael moore

According to Michael Moore, the NRA is doomed.

The National Rifle Association has been at the center of the gun control controversy in the United States. Moore said that the Newtown school shooting was a “tipping point” in the United States and that the NRA was doomed because of it.

Moore told the Huffington Post:

“People did not forget about this over Christmas … In fact, after Christmas when parents started taking their kids back to school and dropping them off in the morning, they couldn’t get this out of their heads. That’s the thing … the NRA, they are doomed as a result of this.”

The group stirred up some criticism after the Newtown elementary school shooting when it said that it wanted to put armed guards into every school and blamed the violence on video games and movies. Moore believes that American parents had their eyes opened by the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut and that most of them want to get guns out of schools and off the streets.

Moore said:

“Any sensical person (is in favor of) eliminating as many of these guns and ammunition as possible … We’re never gonna get rid of crazy people. They’ve been around for thousands of years — they’ll continue to be around; they’ll continue to do horrible things. But why are we their enablers? That’s the crazy part.”

This isn’t the first time that Michael Moore has talked about gun control in the wake of the Newton School shooting. Moore, who is famous for his anti-gun documentary Bowling For Columbine, defended Piers Morgan after the talk show host made controversial comments about gun rights and has used Twitter to demand stricter gun control laws.

What do you think about Michael Moore’s argument about gun control? Do you think the NRA is doomed? Will taking guns off the streets eliminate gun violence?

You can watch Michael Moore’s full interview at the Huffington Post.

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189 Responses to “Michael Moore: The NRA Is Doomed”

  1. Anonymous

    The NRA ending would be good for all Aericans. They are nothing more then a front for the gun manufacturers. Whenever sales begin to dip, they just have the NRA stir up some right wing fear andsales go through the roof. Way to be constantly taken advantage of, gun nutz.

  2. Nick D'Antico

    Funny….I hear about the NRA getting over 250,000 new members in the month since the shooting, rifles are selling like hot cakes, and this is the first time I have heard of this guy in years. Just trying to get his spot in the limelight for a minute. Michael Moore is a douchebag that does NOT represent the average American.

  3. Zane Gard

    Does anyone with an IQ higher than Jello still listen to this guy?

  4. Zachary Lee Adamerovich

    That's a pretty thoughtful insight you have there.

  5. Doug Keily

    He absolutely right. In Connecticut a public establishment serving alcohol or a family allowing minors to have alcohol at their home are held legally accountable if the individual(s) served get into an automobile accident. But sellers of weapons and ammunition have no accountability. I don't see how the NRA can continue to defend this. And the 2nd Amendment? It does not say the entire civilian population can keep weapons. It says the Militia can. The Militias in 1790 were organized and led by the states and used with the permission of State Governors…whereas the Federal Army and Navy were know as the "Regular" Army and led by regular army officers. The Militias are in fact the State National Guard units. So if you belong to the National Guard the 2nd Amendment allows you to keep your weapon(s) at home. It's not giving that protection to anyone else.

  6. William Hennessey

    Surprised at all the 'hate' focused on you here Mike, I enjoyed all your documenteries immensly. But the next one should be done on how absolutely Stupid So many Americans are, it's sad, But that was the intention wasn't it? Dumb down the people, and it's working!

  7. Joe Reid

    Hey…somathus….you're an absolute reakin idiot…go look in the mirror and see for yourself….period….end of discussion. By the way…did your mother have any children that lived??? I didn;t think so…..

  8. Joe Reid

    Hey Doung….you're an idiot….no doubt about it….Why don't you crawl back under that rock that you and your slimy libtard buddies crawl out of and just go away….you have absolutely no concept of reality or patriotism…but of course you wouldn't….your a liberal communist socialist….

  9. Anonymous

    I guess this twit hasn't seen all of the gun purchases of lately and memberships the NRA has gotten. Michael Moore is talking, but he makes no sense what so ever.

  10. Anonymous

    What a fat piece of SHIT Michael Moore is exploiting the deaths of children.

  11. Michael Wilks

    I, a bleeding heart liberal, support the NRA. They do support our rights which are clearly spelled out in the Constitution and further defended by the Supreme Court. I don't get how some assault rifles are still legal but I'm not ready to outlaw them since almost all gun owners are very responsible with their guns. To close, I don't believe that outlawing these weapons will eliminate gun violence. Too simplistic of an answer for our country. The actions of a minute few should not eliminate the rights of the many.

  12. Norm Cardilli

    Doug you are wrong. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The US supreme court was clear in their 2008 Militia and people are separate. the comma then people is the definition, to be clear.

  13. Larry Jones

    Doug Doug
    Your "interpretation" of the second ammendment goes contrary to both the Supreme Court and the original Federalist Papers. ALL the creators of the Constitution wrote that it means any and all citizens who are law abiding can have firearms. In fact G.Washington, said it was imperative that civilians have military arms to insure a stable and free society.

  14. Evony Demon

    So, if I kill someone with a hammer, you think Craftsman should somehow be responsible? It's simply idiotic to blame the seller of a legal item for the illegal actions taken by the possessor.

  15. Anonymous

    The NRA doesn't have to stir up fear. Obama is doing a great job of that all by himself.

  16. Taylor Smith

    I didn't want to read the article, just take a second to say: To hell with Michael Moore. Someone should out law the all you can eat buffets.

  17. Eric Lowell

    The problem with Democrats is that they seem to think that creating tougher gun laws will stop criminals from having them. Criminals by definition don't care about laws, therefore the only people these laws will affect will be law abiding citizens. The truth is the Democratic party wants to disarm the citizenry of this great country in order to prevent any and all resistance when they attempt a complete takeover of the government.

  18. Christian Halas

    Ok there "Baghdad Bob" Moore. The NRA adds hundreds of thousands of members in mere weeks, the gun store walls are devoid of firearms, and people are laying down several hundred dollars to get on a waiting list, in a crappy economy. The shelves are emptied of many types of ammunition and the manufacturers are struggling to keep up, but the NRA is doomed? Maybe your bunk works on those that don't get out of the house much, but everyone else sees you for the fat clown that you are.

  19. Buce McLaughlin

    Look…I have an AR, shotgun and Baretta. The NRA is acting totally irresponsible about this.

    Obama IS NOT taking anyones weapons from them. They're just not going to allow the manufacturing of them for civilian use. 30 rd mags are also going to become extinct. I have two.
    This admin is also going to conduct tougher, more in depth background checks. THAT'S IT.

    NRA has spread malicious lies and rendered ridiculous statements, so that the simple minded up rise…WHY?

    Major manufacturers PAY large amounts of money to the NRA. Do the math!

  20. Anonymous

    You are so… WRONG! He has a deep pocket. He actually could be a Rep but he is the more intelligent rich man. He is right. NRA just like the Reps are blind as to what people actually want and are doomed to fail just as the Reps did in the election. It is not about pride (egos). It is about doing what is right and what is good for the greater majority and the Reps cannot comprehend that.

  21. Duane Savage

    Just another scapegoat for the real problem. The United States makes up 4 percent of the worlds population but consumes 70 percent of the worlds drugs. Lawmakers are in their back pocket, so the real issue of why we have so many "Crazies" will never really be addressed. A number of these drugs have been proven to cause psychotic behavior.
    Otherwise, why with the massive leverage the government has with Medicare/ Medicaid does the government not seek to save billions in taxpayer dollars negotiating lower drug costs.

  22. Anonymous

    get rid of all guns…then… baseball bats..knives…hammers…rope…cars…stairs….how's that war on drugs goin for ya.

  23. Derrick Taylor

    doing what is right? what country are you from? right like sneaking in a 2% social security increase in on American tax payers? all politician's are so out of touch from the American people it's just sad. Dont Tread on Me

  24. Gary Mendonca


  25. Anonymous

    WOW? A voice of reason, instead of something that "feels" good. Are your sure you're a liberal? Regardless, you sure sound like a proud American patriot to me. I’ll stand with you any day and I’m a far right conservative.

  26. Danny Evers

    the gun ban won't work for two reasons, 1 the 2nd ammenment. the democratic senate will never pass it. If they even bring it to a vote. there are more of U.S. than there are of you. We just like to work and take care of our families, rather than wine and fake protest because we are bored.

  27. Anonymous

    “Any sensical person (is in favor of) eliminating as many of these guns and ammunition as possible … " For all of you non-believers Moore has just stated the goal of the Democratic Party. So-called "assault weapons" are just the beginning. Next they will be coming after handguns when murders don't show a decline despite the banning of certain rifles which, by the way, are only involved in a very small amount of crimes in the first place. Their goal is to ban all firearms from private possession. Don't believe me? Just look at Diane Feinstein's history regarding gun control.

  28. Jim Wells

    Not to worry, everyone….Mr. Moore's evident lack of anything resembling gustatory self-control will probably result in his having cardiac arrest soon.

  29. Colin D. Garland

    Funny, he made his name fighting big corporations and the government on behalf of the little guy. He still does that. A guy who spends his own money on his own pictures because he believes what he's doing is for the good of the world. I don't care what side you are on, it's pretty admirable to stick by your principles like that. And BTW, he's not really making tons of money with his movies. After distribution costs he's lucky if he makes a profit at all.

  30. Rightwing Extremist

    I'm waiting for the day when somebody loses it an starts killing pukes like Michael Moore!!! I wouldn't shed a tear, I'd throw a party!!!! If your an anti American anti gun puke like Michael Moore you better watch yourself! Right now there's probably a few with there sights on you!!! You might want shut your puke faces while you've got a chance! You speak tyranny you put yourself in danger!!!

  31. James Humphrey III

    The only reason it is still fresh on everyone's mind is because Dictator Obama wants it to be. He went prime time to push his agenda using the lives of innocent little children as a backdrop to try promote his agenda. The US has become a nation controlled by Chicago style politics and HIS "MAINSTREAM" MEDIA keeps pushing his directives across their screens. HIS "MAINSTREAM" media continues to keep it front and center just likes the Dictator demands..Wake up Republicans. The new wave of communication is social media sites like this, late night talk shows and other alternative media that people are getting their news from. Either get on the bus or lets all get together and create a party that gets it.

  32. Jim Wells

    Doug, if you had actually READ the Constitution, you would know that in Article I, Section 8, the Congress is empowered to "call forth the militia". This portion comes AFTER the two parts that say that Congress can raise an army and maintain a navy. Evidently, the framers of the Constitution realized that it was very important for ALL citizens to be ready and able to defend the country should the need arise. The ratifying states wanted to make absolutely sure that arms ownership was protected, thus the Second Amendment which clarifies the reason for firearms ownership ("a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state") and the absolute right of the citizen to own a firearm ("the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."). The first clause of this one-sentence Amendment is the "why", the second is the "how". This topic has never, EVER been about so-called "accountability" by manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, or ammunition components. Your delightfully ignorant rant would have us believe that the maker of the plastic used in a gunstock or the steel used in a barrel could also be held "accountable". You, sir, are a bright and shining example of the phrase, "If ignorance is bliss, you must be one blissful m***** f*****". Make sure you dial 911 and ask the home invaders to kindly wait for just a few (30 or more) minutes for the police to come help you. I don't think I will.

  33. James Humphrey III

    LOL. He is making a fortune off of all the far leftwingers. He doesn't care about the issues. He uses the issues to make millions off of the controversy. Why do you think he makes statements like this. Gee, I see another documentary coming up soon.

  34. Christian Halas

    You had better re-read the second amendment, amigo. It says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, not the right of the militia to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The militia they refer to has nothing to do with an entity that is a branch of any government because it's the government that they may be called to keep in check. You seem to forget that these guys that wrote the constitution just got out from under an oppressive monarchy that unfairly taxed them and they just lost many men in a war to win their independence. The intent of the constitution was to make sure that they, or any subsequent generation never had to go through that again. It worked well up until 2008, when a foreign born socialist leader, supported by self absorbed and ignorant populace who didn't care about anything that didn't help them get more and more stuff which became their god, did an end around and won an election and re-election appealing to laziness and greed.

  35. Anonymous

    Yet I've seen them for free as did many others . He sure didn't get 1 cent out of me, and yet, noone has sued him if what he has shown on his documentaries were lies. Of course Reps would have another lie to answer that.

  36. Anonymous

    Obama is stirring up fear? On whom? Who are the ones who can't part with their guns using something noble sounding as being patriots and the constitution? You are only fooling noone but yourselves.

  37. Ignacio Arce

    This is how public opinion is formulated. Let some famous movie maker tell you what to think, and convince you that this is what the majority of the people in the country want.

  38. Lisa Pineau

    You are not a bleeding heart liberal if you support the NRA. Sorry. As you can see by these posts, they are a bunch of fake bullies with their panties in a wad.

  39. Lisa Pineau

    The NRA is a bunch of fake bullies with their panties in a wad.

  40. Lisa Pineau

    Joe Reid Oh, so DOUG (not DOUNG) doesn't have a right to free speech? I thought you believed in the constitution. Bunch of fake bullies.

  41. Lisa Pineau

    Larry Jones Learn how to spell amendment before you quote it, dumbass.

  42. Phillip Moya

    I wish he was feeling the pulse of America. Unfortunately many are buying guns and signing up to be members of the NRA. I do believe more then fifty percent do favor some type of change. It's in the hands of the NRA, Oops I mean it's in the hands of congress. It might take one more crazy to help them make a decision. It almost happened yesterday when someone form Colorado was arrested. It seems he had 18 grenades, uranium tipped armor piercing ammo, a dozen homemade bombs, C 4 and of coarse napalm. He was trying to sell some guns and grenades for cocaine. Who knows maybe he was trying to defend his home or maybe he's just plain crazy. You be the judge. Have a nice day.

  43. Thomas Mac Williams

    And how many people have joined the NRA since the ban was proposed?

  44. Eric Richardson

    Why, because your __________ a$$ would have been voted out of here years ago?

  45. Eric Richardson

    You are seriously too stupid to live unmonitored. Here's to hoping that a responsible gun owner puts one through your dome before the scumbag criminal that is illegally carrying the gun that you think is 'no problem' does. You're nothing more than a walking victim and you think that someone would miss you, assuredly they won't. p**y

  46. Anonymous

    Derrick Taylor

    Derrick — How uneducated are you? It was Obama who REDUCED the tax by 2% 2 years ago. That was a poorly thought out action that robbed Social Security of $$$ that funds it. It was supposed to be for one year only to stimulate the economy. Obama pushed it though a 2nd year. Bottom line … you've been getting a 2% "gift" the past 2 years. Now it's back to what it's supposed to be.

  47. John Mcglashen

    Moore can't possibly really be that stupid. He has to be faking it. "We're never going to get rid of crazy people, they've been around for thousands of years". So rather than put together a mental health program that makes sense, Michael is going to punish all the law abiding gun owners who have never broken a law. It's better, according to the great and intelligent Michael, to punish several million people who have done no wrong, than to create a program to actually help thousands of people who actually do need help.
    Great work Michael! That kind of thinking will lead all your Lib buddies to the trash heap of history.

  48. Anonymous

    too bad hes been wrong on like…. every thing. no one is coming for the bankers, or stock brokers or the hedge fund managers. the president he supports gave money to the car company he disposes for destroying Flint michigan (GM) (see MAC and me) most of us legal gun owner agree with keeping guns from the insane. but the NRA support is actually up… Gun purchases are through the roof… Mr. Moore do me a favor, Move to Russia or China if you want a lager uninhibited government. oh yea and tell your body guards to lay down their arms.

  49. Mike Mendoza

    You want to know who is held liable in a shooting, the gun owner even if they werent the shooter, when kids joyride, do we hold the car manafacture accountable or the parents? Alcohol doesnt drink itself, cars dont drive themselves and guns dont shoot themselves.

  50. Anonymous

    Michael Moore is irrelevant, he had his fame some time ago, and his opinion does not matter any more than any one else. The NRA will not and should not go away, and he'll certainly never wish it away. I'm sure he has his groupies, but people are plain tired of unsupported opinions. Go away Michael, enjoy the buffet.

  51. David James

    The NRA is a group of American Citizens that pool their rescources to protect their rights , you know like a Union for Gun owners

  52. Matthew J. Bozek

    Michael Moore is a hypocrite. He claims to be for socialism, yet "forgets" that brings in millions from his movies. Hypocrite.
    About gun control, prohibition will never work. It never has. In 1933, the prohibition of alcohol was repealed and people were still drinking before the repeal. After the repeal, Al Capone fell. Another example are drugs. The War on Drugs has failed because people are still using despite prohibition. Innocent people are thrown in jail everyday because of this and the taxpayers (us) pay for their incarceration. If we legalize drugs, gangs will fall.
    Point: Guns aren't going away and if we take them away, gangs will sell them =more crime.

  53. Adam Bergenn

    What we need to do is get rid of all these crazy liberal d-bags and get them off the street. Because it is crazy to keep enabling them to vote these crazy people that are running our government into the ground. How about that Michael Moore? You are a useless piece of crap!

  54. Ralph Kootz

    James Humphrey III You only say that because he disagrees with your view. Clear as day, if he was making a pro NRA stance, it would be quite the opposite. He's been holding this view for decades, you idiot.

  55. Martha Adkisson

    @Colin D. Garland…who do you think you are kidding? Michael Moore has a NET WORTH in excess of $50 million. The only person he helps is his big fat arse to the bank. YOU are a low information voter or a propagandist OR BOTH.

  56. Michael Hesson

    Don't worry the NRA will be around for centuries after this tub of crap talking lard is dead and gone. He gets rich off the uninformed lefty idiots. They are the only suckers here.

  57. Ben Harris

    The NRA will be around long after his fat a$$ is cold and in the ground.

  58. Patrick Joseph

    Fool, it's the same nuts buying the guns and the NRA is full of it that people are joining their crazy organization. Moore is absolutely speaking for most Americans. You must be one of the fringe we want to get rid of.

  59. Patrick Joseph

    Doug, you're right! The nut jobs commenting here are a bunch of idiots that most Americans see as the fringe in our country. Fortunately, we have a president standing up to these lying sacks of crap.

  60. Patrick Joseph

    The problem with you is that you're an extremist who is a part of what's wrong with our country today. I'm not a Democrat and I don't want you have assault guns and magazines. There is no reason for you or anyone to own these guns, NONE. You are a nothing but a nut job on the loose and the NRA is done!

  61. Patrick Joseph

    The NRA is full of shit. The same nut jobs who owned guns bought more guns, you idiot. The NRA is taking you to town with their bs – they only want your money fool.

  62. SG Baker

    Colin D. Garland
    Yes, Colin we all understand that only Republicans and Independents are wealthy. Between the liars masquerading as congress and the liar in chief Obama, there are no other people that lie is there. Other than you. Al Gore did not make one dime off his LIE about Global Warming, UH Climate Change, UH Now Cap and Trade. Of course he did not make a profit from his sale of his CURRENT (Socialism 505)TV to the OIL Shiekdom either die he? You Liberals are all alike. If you cannot qualify for a position that does not require any production on your part, you ask for all jobs to be eliminated to make it FAIR. This Fat Arse Liberal is another blood sucker that has no clue.

  63. SG Baker

    lihen44 YOU COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. CAPS ON INTENTIONALLY TO REGISTER MY FRUSTRATION. Why is the liberal media not reporting on the people that have saved theirs and other lives by taking out the bad arses with their handguns or other weapons of mass destruction. No one was in DC yesterday to report on the hundreds of thousands of anti-abortion/anti ROEvSWADE protesters either. You on the left are so far out in Saul Alinsky's camp that you cannot see the sky is above you.

  64. SG Baker

    lihen44 You would not know how to use it without the POTUS POS telling you who to vote for now would you. Admit it Liberal, Obama came into office with the attitude of destroying the constitution and bill of rights and instituting another Social Justice replacement. I am an independent, not rich, worked all my life to pay taxes for these WELFARE CHEATING FAMILIES and Social Security Disability Liars and what do I get for that? Democrats trying to tell the AMERICANS what they can and cannot say. If you do not agree with an Saul Alinsky worshipping Democrat, the Men in Black will visit you. They better come with a bull horn blasting if they touch my front door without announcing, I am armed to the maximum and am a deadly shot.

  65. SG Baker

    Stephen, he is not relevant but as he is a member of the Regime in DC that worships Saul Alinsky whose photo is displayed inside the White House, he is one of the anointed warriors. Did you ever think to investigate the low life's that elected this imposter twice to the highest office in the USA? They were totally inundated with propaganda by the Lame Stream Media about trash that basically bashed all opposition to the Socialist agenda. Check out "How Obama Won the Election" and you will see the base of the "Democratic" party in action. They did not know anyone on the ballot other than Obama and Sarah Palin due to her daughter being pregnant. Disgusting Chicago Style Politicking!!!

  66. Jeanne Kuennen

    Couldn't they use a SMALLER photo of him that is not so close up – I am going to have nightmares now.

  67. John Garnett

    The way I see it is that if anything is "doomed," it would be Moore. He's going to die from a heart attack when all that fat catches up with him.

  68. Anonymous

    No one cares what this idiot thinks…he is the old news…with nothing constructive to say. He is a prime example of what's wrong in America…a hypocrite…it's funny how Liberals hate the rich…unless your a rich Liberal. So Moore, go on "America's Biggest Loser"…that would be something constructive.

  69. Patricia Foht

    Now I am joining NRA for sure. This Man has such a BIG MOUTH, somebody should start a Michael Moore Movie Ban. I refuse to listen to this maniac. I actually am more afraid of his antics hurting our country than I am of the NRA. HE goes balliatic at every cause. BUT THE NEWTOWN SHOOTING WAS ABOMINABLE< HORRIBLE AND a huge problem for our MENTAL HEALTH care crisis. HE isn't addressing THAT issue. Maybe he is afraid HE will be one some people thing is C-R-A-Z-Y?

  70. Robert Mountford

    This country was basically founded on the 2nd amendement. Our forefathers fought the british to win our freedom, before this the british goverment tried to bad muskets so they had total control over the settlers. If we allow our guns to be taken away we will be back to where they were with our own goverment. The 2nd amendement has nothing to do with hunting and sport shooting, but it has everythig to do with keeping us free from our goverment.

  71. Dennis Rommelfanger

    Ya, the chances of people turning in the guns is about as good Mooooore losing weight! What meatpipe this clown is.

  72. Anonymous

    sorry doug, don't agree. the militia consisted of common men. they we're mostly farmers, smiths and the like. these common men provided thier own weapons and ammunition. they were considered traitors by the british and in many cases treated as such. common as those who are the nra now and trust me we are not going anywhere.

  73. Anonymous

    That's because selling weapons and ammunition is not illegal. Are you saying that auto manufacturers now need to be legally accountable when a drunk driver kills someone? Duh.

  74. Mark Gardner

    I'm renewing my membership to the NRA. If Michael Moore is is for something I am most likely against it. Move back to Canada you Moore-ron!

  75. Floyd Flowers

    I'm always amazed at just how "out of touch" some of these people are and they really are clueless.

  76. Floyd Flowers

    Principles? This guy. If the facts don't support his opinion he changes them.
    Principles my ass.

  77. Floyd Flowers

    First one needs to know what's right. Apparently you and Greg Turd have no clue.

  78. Dave Wall

    Really……lets see how many liberal democrat senators from "Red States" do whats right and support gun control. Bet it wont be too many.

  79. Lauren Shagam O'Keefe

    If we take all guns off the streets would it end gun violence is a "childish" question. If passing laws ended ALL crime we would have no Criminals on our streets today…..we still have law breakers so I do we stop passing laws? Why not allow the good law abiding citizens to arm themselves with hand grenedes and rocket launchers…why punish them with laws, regulations and controls. It should be their "right" right?

  80. Anonymous

    "Any sensical person (is in favor of) eliminating as many of these guns and ammunition as possible …".

    What the fu…

  81. Duffy Meister

    I don't see anywhere in this article the fact that Moore is a life member of the NRA, a hunter and sport shooter. Guess he doesn't want his rich hollywood friends to know…just sayin'.

  82. Anonymous

    Moore has more respect and tact than the NRA. He waited until the bodies were buried before he launched his campaign. NRA doesn't care about your rights they just want you to buy guns. Most don't even know which Amendment gives them this right to bear arms let alone any other Amendment rights. If you are hunting for fun a rifle is good enough. If you are hunting for sport you should try you bare hands or a knife sound more like sport and fair. If you need to defend your home first call 911 but a handgun , pistol, shotgun is cool but remember kids are nosy and will get into anything. also most of these mass killing were by people who had legally obtained guns. The NRA will lie to you about the government taking away all your guns, they are not. I am not gun person but I will fight to prevent the government from taking away your 2nd Amendment or any Amendment rights but these semi automatic rifles were created for wartime and there are no wars going on in the United States.

  83. John Clement

    You really believe that this will be a better world without private gun ownership? Good luck with that! Also I think you need to look at more than just your lefty polls, look to some independent polls and you will see that the run over 3 to 1 against any kind of new gun legislation

  84. Debbie Bartlett

    Doug…A hell of a lot more people are killed by automobiles, do you suggest banning them? By the way, the writers of the Constitution added the 2nd. amendment not just so the citizenry could own and bear guns but primarily to prevent TYRANNY!. Try reading the Constitution and you might learn something. By the way, the Militia you refer to consisted of REGULAR EVERYDAY CITIZENS, you know like you, me and every sane, non-criminal, non-gang member legal U.S. citizen!

  85. Debbie Bartlett

    Nick, you're right AND my husband a recent renewed member of the NRA has tried to buy an AR-15 or Mini-14 but find they're sold out everywhere. What Obama and his Liberal friends are creating is one hell of a boom for the gun industry. As you probably know should some type of ban be instituted, that would create one BIG BLACK-MARKET where the criminals and even some other entrepreneurs will really flourish, boy are Obama and his minions stupid or what!

  86. Guido Ambrosi


  87. Austin Van Horn

    "Roger and Me" was a good movie. Moore did his homework. Since then, however, he has been Elmer Fudd with a camera. The NRA doomed? Wake up.

  88. LLoyd Kinlow

    This reminds me to renew my membership to the NRA! Thanks Mike!

  89. Billy Stuy

    Colin, please tell me your not serious. Michael Moore left California because of high taxes and claims residency in a state where taxes are much much more reasonable but he claims to be pro tax hikes on the upper class as long as its not him. Have you ever seen this man's mansion? Your really not serious about this comment?

  90. Joe Johnson

    Lisa Pineau, sounds like you're the real deal bully with your panties in a wad. The mindset that another liberal cannot have an opinion that differs from your own speaks magnitudes about your lack of ability to coexist!

  91. Eric Montgomery

    I don't care much about the NRA, but I care less about Michael Moore. I am sure the NRA will be around long after they wrestle the movie camera from Moore's cold dead hands.

  92. John Tate

    Isn't this guy deceased yet? It's so "important" for him to get his skewed "message" out that the sheep don't realize that he's picking issues and going to one extreme end of the spectrum…critically thinking, he's an idiot. We need to think for ourselves and quit buying into others' opinions.

  93. Thomas Fortner

    Colin D. Garland: You obviously haven't seen his stock portfolio, as exposed in the book "Do As I Say, Not as I Do". It includes, amongst many other stocks, the much-maligned Haliburton. Michael Moore is a very wealthy man and a lying, sniveling hypocrite. There is nothing admirable about the pig.

  94. John W. Harris

    I am a republican and a member of the NRA.I also own several weapons people like him and others want to ban just cause they can.Well get this and I quote a real American,"you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands." Charleton Heston.The NRA will not fold like you libs want.Actually you folks are afraid of people like us cause we will not wait for the other shoe to drop,we will pick up the first one and give it back so you can try again.Maybe in some parts of the country they agree we need to surrender our rights for the perceived greater good,but where I live the legally armed man is the greater good.With police 45 minutes away at the best of times an intruder is more afraid of being shot by the homeowner than having to go to prison so they move to areas where people dont shoot.Places like California or D.C. where gun laws make it harder for people to defend their homes and families.

  95. Billy Stuy

    Lihen (or lying),

    Please tell me your not serious?

    Doing right for large majority would be to let the large majority decide individually.

    You are afraid to come to the realization that the large majority support the 2nd amendment and the few who don't have the biggest spotlight and get most media attention. This is not a republican democrat issue which most on the far left want to make it into. Many democrats are against this ban. The fact that you are not is fine but remember, you can take every gun away from people who register there guns and are responsible and all it will do is create a bigger black market and criminals will own guns regardless of any laws. So now you will have innocent people unable to defend against an increase in home invasions and the criminals will love this. Bleeding liberals will not increase jail time for those carrying guns illegally so what than? The answer is you have no answer but to be closed minded based on political points and refuse common sense.

    But heres a bit of advise, look up how Australia is doing since they removed guns from people. Crime has increased dramatically. Or rather look into the states that allow less strict gun laws and compare their crime rates to those that do not. Finally research the last 10 mass shootings and look at the trend in which party the crazed shooter was registered and supported.

    I'm sorry but I hate guns myself and wished we lived in a world that did not have or need them, this is not utopia, this is not a fair safe world, but we can try to increase the odds of our safety and existence by leaving honest responsible and sane members of society alone and not remove a means of protection. I will agree that stricter and more scrutinized laws should be in place to obtain a permit to buy a gun and that includes a mental health test by more than 1 health professional to ensure no corruption allows individuals to own guns that are not mentally culpable and I believe many in this country that support 2nd amendment rights will agree.

  96. Thomas Fortner

    lihen44: How do you know that the majority wants to ban guns? Because the MEDIA tells you that? What a laugh! The media puts a filtered "product" onto your tv, internet, and radio, and some folks slurp it up like a child slurps up a sugary cereal. I need a gun to protect my family from killers, thieves, and rapists who might decide MY house is up for game. Well, sorry to say, you Liberal, talking trash can, but anybody trying that stuff in my home will die. DESERVEDLY so. And I am still in the majority on this issue, despite what the Magic TV Box tells you.

  97. Thomas Fortner

    lihen44: Yeah, too bad there isn't, lihen. I'd love to unlike your sorry, liberal ass. Well, at least I can tell you that. 'twas guns that gave you and I the right to publicly post our comments. It will be the lack of guns that will allow it to be stripped from you. Go on living to spite yourself–it's truly a sign of mental illness.

  98. Thomas Fortner

    Doug: You'd better go back and read it again. You failed to understand the first time, either accidentally, or on purpose, like a lot of LIB idiots do.

  99. Bill Fox

    hey fatboy! you're going to have that coronary and be long gone before 40 million Americans are going to willingly give up their guns to the likes of you and your fellow marxist brainwashed cultists.

  100. Nathaniel Rice


    So if I'm a car dealer and sell you a car and you go mow down a group of children/pedestrians with it (has happened) am I (the car dealer) responsible for your irresponsibility? Heck should I make a law that states that all drivers over XYZ years of age need to be re-registered to drive a vehicle? I do believe that we TRIED that route after a few older drivers killed pedestrians. I do recall that both Democrats and Republicans backpedalled so fast over this issue because they knew a) that it wouldn't actually stick, b) that the older generations are registered voters and you'd be alienating a whole demographic by doing so and c) it was an election year so grandstanding and lip service about change were all they were going to do to get re-elected.

    As for your belief about militias, it's been intrepretted as a necessary evil to keep the government in check. Heck the "newest" assault weapon ban was hoping to make illegal ALL guns (handguns, shotguns, etc). You know the easiest group of people to control? An unarmed one

  101. John Schwartz

    moore you are pathetic. ruger has announced they are not taking any more firearms orders till may. oh its because they are backordered 1 million guns.

  102. Richard Root

    @joe reid, is that all you know how to say? Is libtard! You're really a piece of shit,long with the bunch of you red neck fags. i'm a liberal and own over 30 guns, and I cherish each one of them. No on is trying to take your guns aways idiots, just the fear mongering republiCONS. ai know if they do it will be from my cold hands.

  103. Richard Root

    that means about 97% of rush limpdick, and shawna hannit'ys audiance will be left out, since there IQ about a total of 6%

  104. Gldn Buoy

    1 thing for certain is Congress is in the Nra's back pocket, this is why they enter public service as paupers and leave multi millionaires. and most of the sheeple posting here do not have a clue. remember when cigarettes were not dangerous according to your leaders when the tobacco industry owned goverment.

  105. Frank Ravely

    Moore is a bloated moron, and his logic is all wrong. Give the health care industry a shot in the arm, and start locking up the crazy people that are a danger to society. You would be creating jobs by adding more staff to watch the crazies and gun and ammo companies can stay in business and won't have to put people out of work.

  106. Frank Ravely

    Not only are you an idiot,Richard Root, but it looks as though you are compensating for your short comings with that Corvette.

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