soldier's warning to Americans video

Soldier’s Video Warning About Forced Swine Flu Shots Goes Viral

A soldier’s “Message to all Americans” video about forced swine flu vaccines and quarantine drills has gone viral. There is no way to currently verify the soldier’s claims, but many online viewers are reacting quite strongly about the video comments. The person in the video is referred to as a soldier, but her military status has not been verified.

The soldier’s warning video was first published last fall, but only recently garnered viral status online. The young woman notes in the video that she is breaking protocol by sharing the information, but felt it was her duty to tell others about forced swine flu shots and increased government control.

The soldier’s account of weekend drills include practicing containment procedures such as barricades and quarantine stations. She also notes that some of the individuals involved in the drills are Los Angeles law enforcement officials. The soldier also talks about “shackles” which are attached to the hand and indicate whether or not a person has taken the swine flu vaccine.

Those who do not have the “shackle” will allegedly be given the chance to get the vaccine at checkpoints. If a person refused to take the vaccine, they will allegedly be “boarded onto a bus” and taken to “concentration camps.” During the video the soldier also states that guns will be taken away from Americans before the forced swine flu vaccinations.

A form is shown in the video which was allegedly given out during the weekend swine flu drills. The soldier states in the “Message to Americans” video that she will email to photos from the drill to anyone who asks to see them.

The soldier in the “Message to all Americans” video references the oath she took when she joined the military to defend the country from enemies both foreign and domestic. The soldier also references her faith and duty to God as one of the reasons she broke Army rules and released details and documents to the public.