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Jenelle Evans: ‘I Am Getting A Divorce, ASAP’

Jenelle Evans files assault charges against husband

Jenelle Evans may be ending her less than two month old marriage to Courtland Rogers.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who was rushed to the hospital Tuesday for a miscarriage scare, has gotten fed up with her new husband’s selfish ways.

Evans and Rogers, who were married on December 4, have been fighting almost constantly since their winter wedding. Evans believed Rogers was talking to his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. She also accused him of cheating when he went out with friends over the weekend. Rogers said he did talk to a girl when he went out, but that nothing else happened.

Tuesday, when Evans was being sent to the hospital, Rogers was nowhere to be found. He had sent her a text earlier that morning saying that he had gone out of town and not to worry. Given the circumstances of her hospitalizations, Evans wasn’t too happy to hear that her husband had left.

She launched into a couple of very angry tweets saying that she wanted a divorce and was “going to chill with an old friend.” One follower advised her to “get an annulment, that’ll be like it never happened.”

Evans also posted on her personal Facebook page:

“If u guys only seen how many girls he tries to f*ck in a week, so sad. It’s like he’s a horny nasty dog, ew. Telling girls u love them and prove to u they love u and the girl gets mad when she finds out I’m pregnant? Wow yeah I have all the screen shots just haven’t posted them. I’m so sick of men ruining my life”

The tweet below contains strong language:

Do you think Jenelle Evans should file for divorce?

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14 Responses to “Jenelle Evans: ‘I Am Getting A Divorce, ASAP’”

  1. Anonymous

    Jenelle Evans is a drain on society, she uses everyone, and is accountable for nothing. I hope Barbara wants to raise another child because this kid she is carrying has no chance of remaining in her custody.

  2. Tina Corrente Bruno

    Um. You married him…you got knocked up by him…you should get yourself together and become a better mother to the child you have and stop fucking every guy out there.

  3. Matthew Cruz

    She is living proof why teenagers shouldn't have kids. That kid already has no chance in life for a healthy household.

  4. Kathy Pickett

    These people get addicted to the drama of being in the spotlight. They start thinking this is "living." Having your life be some totally public roller coaster. The panic when the idea that there might be a day or week when their name isn't in the tabloids happens. It's nuts.

  5. Michelle Freeman

    That child unfortunately was screwed the moment Janelle got pregnant she is so not mother material and teen mom just glorifies it

  6. Amy Smith

    She alone is the reason I can't watch that show. She makes me infinitely outraged!

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