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50-Vehicle Crash Shuts Down I-75

50-vehicle crash

A 50-vehicle crash in Ohio has shut down I-75.

No fatalities have been reported. WCPO reports that 18 people were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

According to Local 12, the crash occurred at around 11:30 a.m. this morning at the Ohio 122 exit in Middletown. Officials don’t expect to reopen the south bound side of the highway until 3:30 this afternoon.

An Ohio driver reported on Facebook:

” We’ve been stopped on I-75S since noon. We are about 150 yards behind the accident. For those criticizing people driving in the snow, this was a freak situation. Conditions went from dry and light flurries, to blizzard-like conditions (very low visibility, slick, etc.) in seconds. I had seconds to adjust and slide. We missed the pile up by 10 seconds.”

The Dayton Daily News reports that the crash was likely caused by the “white out” conditions in Ohio.

Luke Stevens, a man involved in the crash, said:

“It was complete ice all over the highway. Cars were coming straight toward us at 60 miles per hour…. we ended up getting hit head-on by a truck. We got hit probably 10 other times by other cars banging into each other. We were in a Buick. All the airbags were deployed.”

Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant James Russell said that the crash was being investigated but he doesn’t expect that any citations will be issued.

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15 Responses to “50-Vehicle Crash Shuts Down I-75”

  1. Diane Thompson Dowland

    wow, it looks like everyone was pretty lucky. It could've been a lot worse. I hate to drive in snow. I'm from Chicago and I try not to drive in the stuff but sometimes the weather just changes so fast.
    Good luck everyone.

  2. Buce McLaughlin

    One jackass steps on the brake and THIS is the result! Another are the jagoffs that enjoy tailgating!
    I drove from Miami to North Carolina w/BLIZZARD conditions from Charlotte to Winston Salem. Assholes are passing me as if the road was clear. One asshole (speeding by me) lost control and flipped. I kept going! Fuck 'em!
    I wasn't about to stop to help and risk getting stuck and or hit by other assholes speeding during a blizzard.
    If you speed, tailgate, or endanger others, because you're in a "Hurry", you get what you deserve!

    I drove for over 30+ years and possess an accident free driving record and plan on keeping it that way!

  3. Lisa Oldham

    Exactly! I've seen people do crazy things in this kind of weather. Following to close…no headlights on…and trying to pass in bad conditions…A few years ago near Lansing, Michigan, I saw someone in a corvette doing this and also weaving in and out of traffic during a white out…no lights on…I exited the highway shortly after and then heard on the radio there was a 50 car pileup…I would not be surprised if it was this idiot that I saw that caused it!

  4. Rich Bishop

    Well it's time to only allow cars that cannot go over 30mph to be sold in this country.

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