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Rumor Claims Will Smith Dead In Car Accident

will smith car accident

Going two for two on the fake celebrity death circuit this weekend comes a new name with an old story: Will Smith dead in a car accident.

Perhaps showing that fake celebrity deaths seriously need some more compelling story lines, the alleged report claims that Will Smith “was driving his Porsche in the Hollywood Hills earlier today when he suddenly lost control and flipped his car.”

The report goes on to say “Paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes but were unable to revive Mr. Smith.”

0/10 for originality on this one. For the record though, Will Smith is not dead, Will Smith has not died in a car accident, and there’s nothing more to be said on the matter.

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24 Responses to “Rumor Claims Will Smith Dead In Car Accident”

  1. will smith

    i am realy not dead if i am dead i whould not be talking to yall

  2. m3h13&yhu13

    omqq. datz nt funny ppl fakinq deathz lik3 as if pplz lifez are nt valueable bt one morning they qoin 2 nt wake upp the next morninq …. itz juz crazy wat ppl kan doo juz 2 qet attention bt fakinq yhur death… datz sumthinq yhu dnt mezz wit!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gail Thompson

    I WISh I can wear a swim suit too, anyway that that, iam 62 yrs.ld and if I was in spare'll wear it too.hello..

  4. Gail Thompson

    onh, I wish I knewn who write that about my man will, that's jacj up. whoever done it is real lonely and hatefull I feel sorry for him or her..

  5. Millicent Forson

    @funmilola-u need not worry wen u hear abt the death of these hollywood stars.dey've all sold their souls to the devil for money and fame. wat more can u expect?

  6. Sandra Harrison

    weather they sold their soul or not, wats ur business. wat matters is dat dey r good in wat dey r doin, dont judge so dat u wld nt b judged, let God b d judge of us all.

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