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Photo Shows Couple Inches Away From Rhinoceros Just Moments Before They Are Gored

Rhinoceros attack

A 24-year-old woman has been seriously injured after a rhino gored her only moments after she posed for a photograph with the animal alongside her husband.

Chantal Beyer suffered injuries to her lungs, shoulder, and ribs after being attacked at the Aloe Ridge Hotel and Game Reserve, 40km from Johannesburg. Ms. Beyer, who is a student from West Rand, was traveling with a party of several other people when the incident occurred.

Beyer is believed to be in a serious, but stable, condition in hospital. The Daily Mail has reported that she was allegedly urged to stand closer to the rhino by a wildlife expert, Alex Richter.

Richter is rumored to have advised the group to get out of the vehicle to take photos of the rhino and then used food to entice the animals closer before recommending Beyer to stand closer to the beast just seconds before it then gored her from behind.

The Mail then added, “Just after the picture was taken a huge bull rhino attacked, and its horn penetrated Ms. Beyers’ chest from behind, resulting in a collapsed lung and broken ribs.”

Thom Peeters, Ms. Beyer’s Uncle and family spokesman, told the Beeld, “There were quite a few young people on the vehicle and they probably felt they could trust Richter, who was an adult.”

South Africa’s Aloe Ridge Hotel and Natural Reserve have yet to comment on the incident, but the resort’s website does state that visitors can see the rhinos “at close range.”

Would you have trusted your wildlife expert and exited the vehicle?

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12 Responses to “Photo Shows Couple Inches Away From Rhinoceros Just Moments Before They Are Gored”

  1. Sharon Lyn Wheeler

    you got to be kidding , did you think that this was a little dog or cat? where is your common sense.

  2. Linda Simeone

    Thanks in part to wonderful programs on TV like National Geo Wild, Discovery, Animal Planet, who afford us an up close view of these beautiful animals, we've assumed it is ok to pose in front of a Rhino, Leopard, Lion, etc. so cool and like nothing can ever go wrong. Unfortunately, we are wrong on that assumption. I once got to pose with a beautiful tiger and his handler at a local wild life animal park, but now realized, if the tiger was having a bad day, with one swap of his paw, I could have been seriously injured or killed. The guide was wrong in allowing an amateur tourist that close. The liability is theirs. I hope the student recovers from her injuries. She'll definitely have some great tales to tell her grandchildren some day.

  3. Zenthia Rocque

    Hellllllllllllll no I would not trust someone that told me to get out of the car lol.

  4. Daniel Covington

    Thanks in part to wonderful programs on TV like National Geo Wild, Discovery, and Animal Planet, programs that I actually PAID ATTENTION TO, I realized that many wild animals are incredibly dangerous and I should never do something stupid like stand next to them in the wild to take a picture. Guess you missed those informative parts in the shows…. I am willing to bet the gored lady signed a release form as well, so she is probably liable.

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