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Honey Boo Boo Ban: Crazy Tony Is Too Crazy For TLC Show

honey boo boo

Crazy Tony has been banned from appearing in future episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Why? Well, he’s too crazy.

According to TMZ, Mama June has banned Crazy Tony from the hit TLC show.

The Honey Boo Boo ban comes a few months after Crazy Tony was arrested after pulling a strange prank involving a giant gorilla suit and some scared highway drivers.

Deputy Rozier said at the time:

“I observed a white male dressed in a gorilla suit acting as if he was going to jump into my lane of travel. I swerved into the left lane to avoid an accident with the person.”

Mama June said that her family is still friends with Crazy Tony but that she’d rather not have him on the show.

Mama June said:

“We love him as a friend … but that was a crazy story. Not trying to be mean, but we want to keep it family oriented.”

Mama June also made sure to make it clear that Crazy Tony is not a member of the family. Honey Boo Boo and the rest of the Thompson family refer to Tony as a “cousin,” but Mama June insists that Crazy Tony is just a friend of the family.

crazy tony

What do you think about Crazy Tony’s Honey Boo Boo ban? Is Mama June making the right decision by keeping her “cousin” out of future episodes?

Crazy Tony said that he was upset about the ban, saying: “TV’s changed that family.”

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22 Responses to “Honey Boo Boo Ban: Crazy Tony Is Too Crazy For TLC Show”

  1. Ronald Marquis

    I hate that show! The family live like a bunch of pigs, and the so called Honey Boo Boo acts like a spoiled little snot rag. The Mother should be ashamed of herself.

  2. Anonymous

    You 3 obviously don't watch the show. The family is loving. The kids might be rambunctious, but they are well mannered and respectful when in public and among the community.

  3. Carole Ann Liscombe

    watched it a couple times. Once when the kids were joking about the dirty yellow brown ring around the mothers neck and then they took a closeup picture of it.. I would expect this if the show was about a family in a 6th world country, not in a country where soap & water is abundant. Give me a break!!! Come on people, this show should come with GAG warnings. Thank God for the remote. Do we really have to see poor hygene and pigs shitting on tables to be entertained?

  4. Michael Cooper

    I have a quick question…how much of a loser do you have to be to get kicked off of a loser freak show? At first, I thought the show was a jab at the industry, making fun of people but it's not! People actually watch this trash and wonder why the world laughs at us!

  5. Todd Finnelly

    When you have been banned from the Honey Boo Boo show you have officially hit bottom.

  6. Renee Tanguay-Griffin

    I agree that whole show is crazy!!! I watched it one time I was so shocked by it I couldn't change the channel but haven't watched it since!

  7. Joni's Bet

    If they're so great, why do I get this overwhelming urge to shake the snot out of the little brat?

  8. Jenni Smith

    I love it because i laugh my ass off . There funny and there family helps the needy so you all suck for saying thosecmean things. Yes there gross but so is all the other stuff u see on tv.

  9. Lady Skyy

    Colleen: I don't like your profile picture and believe that it should be taken off of Facebook. Your family looks nothing like mine, and I'm going to venture to say I don't believe they act the same way. So I think the right thing to do is ask you to remove the picture. If you don't well Ill start a petition and send it to Facebook to remove it…….. Or I can just simply not look at it now, and not visit your page. Its that simple love, get up and go turn the channel. 😉 BTW the picture is wonderful, this was just a way to help you see it from a personal stand point. I bet your first reaction was $&&#$ you who are you to say my pic should be banned……. 😉

  10. Lady Skyy

    Here is a question…… How many people have actually watched a show? How many of you are God? You must be if you feel you can command what people watch, say, or do. That family while very….different…. is not doing any harm to anyone. They are actually a breath of fresh air. This fake crap on TV is just that. Crap. I would much rather watch Miss Boo Boo and her family then the plastic scheming twits in the Kardashian clan. Come on Kris is now out PIMPING the younger girls now. Running around 1/2 naked. Leaking sex tapes! FFS. How would you like to have someone start a petition to get you fired from your job? For those of you that like to talk *^% about people not working, well here you go, this family is making money, letting strangers in their house laying bare to America how they live and frankly they crack me up. I'm not an avid watcher but every once in a while I check in. So seriously, iIf you don't like the show don't frigging watch it how about that? You are talking about taking someone's lively hood. NONE of use have a right to judge anyone. LEAVE BOO BOO ALONE! (LOL thanks Brit Brit.)

  11. Lady Skyy

    Joni's Bet 1) Because you are a judgmental child abuser. 2) Self-centered, you must think the world revolves around you to the point anything NOT like you or your world is wrong, and a child abuser. 3) You are a child abuser and someone might make the mistake of taking your words wrong and if you have kids may have a knee-jerk response and send CPS for your kids. (But Im guessing you don't have any) 4) All of thee above. Look don't get me wrong, NEVER ask a loaded question on face book! LOL I hope you are not any of those things, but you are talking about a little girl of 7! Yes she (and the rest) can use some fine tuning, but wow to actually have an urge to shake the snot out of a little girl you called a brat, that was just wrong on so many levels.

  12. Lady Skyy

    I don't think I would want any of you to run for any kind of office anywhere that has anything to do with where I am or ever will be even" remotely close" to. (see what I did thar?) I mean one wants to harm a 7 year old child. All of you save one as of 1/16/13 have called them names, debased them to animals. You have this self-righteous" Sunday Christian" tone to your posts. I mean they could be on welfare spending YOUR hard-earned money. But no someone offered them a show so they took it. There is nothing wrong with that family. As someone said, they are loving, law abiding, respectful family. They don't walk around talking sh*t about people they don't know, they help their community and the kids are not out drinking drugging and f…well you know. (Yes I know one has a child do not know her age.) Yes, they may not be very clean, prim and proper "cookie cutter" family, but they aren't fake either. What you see is what you get. I'm willing to bet if I knocked on the door and needed to use the phone (cringe) I would be told to come on in and be offered a beer. If I found tagged puppy from say the Kardashian's home, I wouldn't even have the door open, but the police would be called and before I know it I'm a Pup Poacher stealing Fido for ransom. Not an avid watcher but every once and then I do. Yes they CAN improve on A LOT of but only if THEY want to, not because YOU want them to.

  13. Lady Skyy

    Michael Cooper, they are not the reason the world laughs at us. They reason we are hated and mocked is because of the judgmental a$$hats. You just sat here and called them losers and freaks. People that sit around and do that are the reason we are mocked. Racist, Genderists, (yes my word) Homophobes, Wont follow a new President because he isn't like all the others, spend time bucking everything he tries to do for us then says its his fault… Those are some of the reasons why we are seen the way we are. FFS we hate each other and cant follow our Commander in Chief Michael. I'd love to debate your question more, but it would end up with you calling me names and cursing, but if you can hold your own, grab a beer and drop me a line sometime.

  14. Ronald Marquis

    Nice things to say to another person calling them a child abuser, self centred. So that person and myself can't stand the program. They just stated yesterday that one of the family members has HIV from his ex-boyfriend and now another family member is ban from being on the show. Nice programing to show the childern and family. I still think the child is a little snot rag.

  15. Lady Skyy

    Well since I am stuck in one spot due to a spinal injury I guess I do Marry Hicks Furrow Ellis. I like to write and lots of things upset me so I write, would much rather talk about oh well. Sorry hope this was short enough for you. (By the By only take 2 mins to write guess reading is slower?) 😉

  16. Michael Crimi

    I never watched the show, I wouldn't waste my time. I saw a commercial & get the gist of it, I can't believe anyone watches this junk!

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