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Gun Control: 15-Year-Old Defends Sister From Burglars With AR-15 Rifle

Teenage boy shoots intruder with father's AR 15 rifle.

Houston, TX — The teenaged son of a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy shot a home intruder Tuesday afternoon with his father’s AR-15 rifle, according to deputies.

The 15-year-old boy was home with his 12-year-old sister when a pair of burglars tried to come into the home through the front and back doors. When that failed, the intruders broke a back window. The teenager allegedly grabbed his father’s assault rifle and defended himself and his sister.

The intruders fled, and later showed up at a local hospital with gunshot wounds.

“We don’t try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,” Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said. “That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.”

One of the intruders, an adult, turned up at the hospital with at least three gunshot wounds. He was airlifted to Memorial Hermann hospital. The second suspect, a juvenille, was taken back to the crime scene, authorities reported.

Neighbors claim that burglars had recently robbed two houses in the neighborhood. According to reports, the deputy’s home had already been robbed once.

“They stole everything — what they have inside. They already did it one time,” Rafael Cortez said.

After the increasing number of public shootings this year, more and more stories are surfacing in which residents are using guns to protect themselves and their families. Breitbart News recently reported an incident in which a mother used a .38 revolver against an intruder, and another in which a man used a handgun to shoot a robber who was threatening his 2-month-old baby.

[The person in the featured image is not related to this story]

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44 Responses to “Gun Control: 15-Year-Old Defends Sister From Burglars With AR-15 Rifle”

  1. Gary Tateosian


    We all know, as the media is quick to point out, that there is no legitimate use for crowd killing bushwhacker assault rifles with high capacity "clips."

  2. Anonymous

    hell yea! take that obama and government what would they have to argue on this story and other stories where the people are protecting themselves1? we cant let them take away our guns! that day is coming! its going to turn nazi and all these cry baby people who do not believe in guns are going to let the government do it to us. well they just might do it with out our vote because just like the presidency a president is not I repeat not elected but selected! we think they let us vote on who gets in the white house but were wrong. how else could freakin obama have been reelected? what are we going to do when someone breaks in your home and you don't have your guns to protect you and your family and your property,……. wait for the police…. hell no!

  3. I'am Camino

    Way to go I have my gun ready to. I'm gonna shoot then call 911 in this order.

  4. Kathy Hager-Miller

    Congrats to him.. who knowa what would of happened if that kid had not had a gun…what a hero

  5. Hugo Du Bois

    Did you happen to see the disclaimer at the bottom: [The person in the featured image is not related to this story]

  6. Bob White

    Idiots! and not one report in the Huston papers! you idiots will believe anything and only what you want to believe!

  7. Alaina Duval

    He is a hero! If he were my son I would take him to any ice cream shop he wanted or buy him anything for protecting his sister

  8. Meredith Bova-Smith

    good job kid! Kudos to you and to your father for teaching you how to use the weapon wisely. We can not take away our right to own a weapon for protection.

  9. Kim Newcomer

    What is the purpose of posting a 21/2 year old story? Just to prove that AR15s are okay?

  10. James Schull

    now thier is gun control at its best! somone broke in he controled the weapon and took care of a threat to his family.good boy.

  11. David J Winters

    It would be safer for criminals if they only had a list of gun owners in the community, or just disarm law abiding citizens so crimunals are not wounded or possibly killed.

  12. Kendall Emerson

    I can imagine how this young man will see things later in life after almost killing somebody. Not sure if I want my child shooting somebody. But if its life and death I guess its okay.

  13. Michael Baconater Bright

    If you actually read what Fienstein is proposing, it is so broad that it will effect a very large number of guns. While it will effectively grandfather many of them, that is just confiscation done slowly over a period of time.

    So yes, when you actually know the facts you realize that people are trying to take the guns.

  14. Jessica Padilla

    The government is trying to ban assault rifles, not all weapons… A 12gauge shot gun with buck shot is Just as disabling as any other weapon. Assault weapons are designed to kill people, not game animals (though many people have a hard time separating the two). Weapons that are designed for hunting will not be banned and cannot be banned because too many people depend on game animals for food because they live off the land and cannot afford to go to the grocery store every other day.

  15. Carol Lynn Ward Staggers

    If he had not known how to use that gun and was able to use it, they both would probably be dead today. Good job. This is why we need our guns. The protection is needed because in economical times like these we are going to see more times like this and we must be able to defend ourselves. This is not a time to try to take the guns away. These are desperate times. Calls for desperate measures.

  16. Neni Mehrhoff

    Good job! Just always make sure that your warning shot is between their eyes. That way they get the message straight away.

  17. Serenity Smith

    BE SMART THINK FAST And ALWAYS BE THREE STEPS AHEAD. Ashame Lil one you have to go through this living in this Way Of The World it should be better and more safe for our young.

  18. Carmen Velasco

    Banning, taking, not being allowed to own, what's the difference. It's against the Second Amendment, what will they call an assault weapon later? They took the first amendment already, get the facts debbie.

  19. Autumn Huhman

    Are you stupid or just can't read? it says in the disclaimer: The person in the featured image is not related to this story.

  20. Graham Taylor

    Yes, we need more home alone 15 year old's with access to loaded automatic weapons.

  21. Jim Claybrook

    how is it that people think they are trying to take your guns, get the facts about assault rifles and big clips.They had muskets when this law was made.

  22. Anonymous

    Way to rock, young man. I'm certain that this is not how you wanted your day to go, but you were there and you were prepared….Many thanks to you & God….from a country boy who lives without cell service 50 miles from the nearest law enforcement.

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