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Lindsay Lohan: Mom Claims The Star Is ‘Screwed Up’ Because Of Abuse She Saw As A Child

dinah lohan abuse claims

Dina Lohan claims that Lindsay has experienced ongoing problems because she her dad abuse her mother. During a recent interview Lindsay Lohan’s mother went on the record about the alleged abuse that went on inside the home when the former Disney star was just a young girl.

During an interview with the New York Daily News Dina Lohan had this to say:

“I need to make the world aware that Lindsay is messed up because her father is messed up. Lindsay saw her ad abuse me, that’s why she’s so screwed up. Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse.”

Dina also alleges that Lindsay asked her to stay in the home and not to leave but ultimately apologized for “making” her mom stay with her supposedly abusive father. The elder Lohan also noted during the interview that she did not stay in the marriage for Lindsay, that she wanted all of her children to be happy.

The shocking Dina Lohan interview also included claims by Lindsay’s mom that she was raped by her husband. The movie star’s mother alleged that her husband beat her in 1986 and then raped her four years later.

When arriving for the interview Dinah Lohan reportedly came armed with medical and police reports which allegedly relate to domestic violence at the hands of Lindsay’s father. A photo depicting injuries from the supposed attack was also included in the documents shown to the New York Daily News journalist.

Lindsay Lohan’s mother made it clear that she wanted the entire world to know the “root” of the star’s problems, Radar Online notes. Dina Lohan believes that the “craziness” her daughter saw growing up has had a lasting impact on the actress.

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4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan: Mom Claims The Star Is ‘Screwed Up’ Because Of Abuse She Saw As A Child”

  1. Leslie Criswell

    Sadly-this is no excuse for the choices that the young Ms. Lohan continued to make and is somewhat suspect, given that the same person being quoted is the one who has all along denied ALL wrong doing on the part of her daughter. Regardless of what happened, the fact that it continues to be an issue should indicate to her Mother that help is needed. This is going to end badly for this young lady.

  2. Renee Freeman Herndon

    whatever the reason for her bad behavior doesn't matter. If she doesn't get professional help & isn't held accountable for her behavior, she will end up either dead, or on skid-row!

  3. Donna Everhart Wightman

    Both parents and the adult child need to take personal responsibility. As long as Lindsay's parents blame each other, they continue to roll model how to "pass the buck". Many of us are conditioned to blame others and it is difficult and painful to take personal responsibility for one's own reality. But ultimately the reward is empowerment and a leaving behind of victim mentality, which makes a person feel powerless. I really wish this family would seek professional help and be a positive example for other families in crisis. Unfortunately, it may take a traumatic event to wake them up, if that even does.

  4. Cheryl L Taylor

    Bull I don't believe that for 1 minute it is drugs and booze and the brat needs to grow up and quit blaming all her crap on anybody or anything. Mother should have taught her responsibility so Mother doesn't care neither..

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