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Vigil Held For Elk Killed By Cop In Boulder, Colorado

Vigil Held For Elk Killed By Cop

Boulder, CO — A vigil was held for an elk killed by a cop in Boulder last week. The vigil was held on Mapleton Hill on Sunday evening, where neighborhood residents mourned the loss of the majestic animal.

The elk was shot fatally by an on-duty police officer and a second off-duty officer is suspected of helping to load the animal into a pickup truck, taking it away to be processed for meat.

The Daily Camera reports that Nancy Platt, of Boulder, stated of the bull elk:

“He was a beautiful animal. He was hurting nobody. He didn’t deserve what he got.”

The Boulder cop accused of shooting the elk has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the matter. The off-duty officer was also placed on leave.

Jim Riemersma organized the vigil for the elk killed last week to give his neighborhood the opportunity to grieve for their beloved animal, celebrate his life and, hopefully, find “a little bit of closure.” Riemersma stated:

“I know a lot of us have had a lot of anger, a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty. Tonight’s a celebration, a celebration of the elk. We loved him. But I think he loved us, too, because he returned to this neighborhood.”

CBS Local notes that several neighbors are outraged at the cops who killed the elk, Sam Carter and Brent Curnow. They believe that there was no reason to kill the elk and think that anti-poaching laws should be applied to the case. Resident Marcus O’Bryon spoke at the elk’s vigil, saying:

“I cried; outraged; I lost a very dear friend. I know that’s hard for some people to believe, but he was an incredible, magnificent creature.”

Carter, who delivered the fatal blow with a single bullet, killed the elk on Tuesday because he felt the animal needed to be “humanely euthanized” because it was injured. Neither officer reported the shooting until neighbors began to ask questions.

Carter posed for a photo with the elk, then Curnow “took the elk in his own vehicle to process the meat for personal use.” Residents contend that the elk was not injured in the hours before it was killed.

Do you think it is silly to hold a vigil for the elk killed by a cop in Boulder, Colorado, or are the residents right to mourn the loss of the animal?

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71 Responses to “Vigil Held For Elk Killed By Cop In Boulder, Colorado”

  1. Aaron Romanko

    This is horrible.. The cops should be charged like anyone else…..Rip Mr. Elk…..

  2. Anonymous

    That is a disgusting picture of the cop posing with the animal!

  3. Aaron Romanko

    If it was so called injured, why not show someone else or take pictures of proof.. Instead just pose with the animal and in secret take it away… They know they are wrong…. Charge Them…

  4. Richard Travis

    that's called poaching and hunting in the city of boulder.

  5. Stan Boor

    Sounds like a variety of Fish & Game, as well as firearms violations here. What's going on in the Peoples' Republic of Boulder?

  6. Jeremy Snyder

    Lol. Thanks Bob for posting this. I needed a laugh. Wow… a vigil for an Elk? Sounds like the people in that neighborhood have lost their minds. "I lost a dear friend"… Really? Hahaha I guess statements like this should be expected from citizens legalizing marijuana.

  7. Aaron Romanko

    ok,, well then how would you feel if someone shot your animal,. I hoping you don't have any…

  8. Cindy Wygant

    If Joe Blow citizen had killed the elk, they would be prosecuted. I think too that dear and elk season is over, it also appears that the elk was shot in the city, also illegal. Several years ago there was a big bull elk that lived in Estes Park I think. He was very loved by everyone. Some POS shot him with a bow just because. I think he did some jail time along with a fine. I am not opposed to hunting, but this was NOT hunting. PROSECUTE them!

  9. Anonymous

    US Fish & Wildlife and FBI should charge both of them since they have jurisdiction over migratory animals. This is against hunting laws anyway!

  10. Anonymous

    If it was injured, you shoot it. If not, he's done what a lot of cops do while on duty, especially back in New Jersey, where deer are shot off the turnpike by state troopers, then picked up by friends. A regular hunter does this, it's called poaching. If the animal was in an area surrounded by homes, along with other animals. they need to be hunted to keep the population in check with the available range, and hunting is the only way to do this.If the population isn't kept in check, the animals overpopulate, reducing their available range until they have to look elsewhere for food, getting hit by cars, doing untold thousands of dollars of damage and sometimes killing people. This is a problem in every state, and some have the logic and intelligence to have a season or hunt to control the population.Others don't have the knowledge or understanding of just what happens when you let deer overpopulate without being hunted. Starvation, disease spreading and car collisions and death. But, you have a lottery bow drawing, and the meat should be given to the homeless. In any event, he was poaching until laws are changed to allow hunting all deer wherever they are. I say, prosecute.

  11. Buck Holloway

    Up front, I'm a hunting guide in New Mexico. Love to hunt these animals but if this bull was shot in the city limits and out of season, the law must be brought to bear on these officers. There are a number of charges these two could face. The DNR is the only agency that can make the determination as to what needs to be done with an animal of this size that has lost it's natural fear of humans. The meat should be confiscated and delivered to the nearest homeless shelter if it is determined that the elk was taken illegally.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Orlando Fla. What do they do to gaters that make their way into park lakes where people treat them like ducks and feed them…There is nothing more dangerous than a wild animal adopted by a public. Ever see a bull Elk kill a Bull Mastiff dog? Heaven forbid if the bull had charged grade schoolers walking to or from school. …Remember my post and wait for the outcome on this one.

  13. Howard Brickner

    rebellender What a stupid comment. By your asinine reasoning we should kill ANY animal on the loose, including someone's lost pet.

  14. Jan McAndrew Henry

    This is disgusting and reprehensible. They should both be severely reprimanded, fines even to the point of being fired. It sounds as though the elk was known around town and loved. People familiar with the animal say it was not injured and surely they are saying that now to cover their butt. I just don't understand why they did it. Did they need food that badly?

  15. Rex Anderson

    If I were a good cop I would be so mad at these two Imbeciles giving all cops a bad name. Hang those two assholes….

  16. Heather Smith-Hillman

    I hope that they get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This beautiful creature was a common visitor to this neighborhood throughout the years and the residents grew to love him. I don't think it is silly, at least it shows that not all humans are idiots, that we do have hearts and we do care about other beings besides ourselves.

  17. Mike Ferguson

    Howard Brickner ….had that happen here in Texas. Constable shot a dog and threw into a river. When found out, he said that he thought it was sick. Seems to be a common police reply !

  18. Anonymous

    my best friend was a squirrel and was tragically shot by racist cops in 2003.

  19. Lisa Nowak Spataro

    Why not hold a vigil for a neighborhood mascot of sorts? Whether or not it was killed by a trophy hunter or by a policeman euthanizing it shouldn't matter. As for the two policemen, they obviously didn't follow protocol. I would reserve judgment until the inquiry is concluded, but posing with the animal you just killed is what hunter's usually do, it is not what police officers euthanizing an injured animal usually do. Also, I believe police are also required to call in before shooting any injured animal, since discharging your weapon is never taken lightly.

  20. Jerry Nowak

    gimme a break, he was putting th animal out of it's misery!

  21. Dave W Loy

    I don't think so Jerry! I, also am a state licenced big game hunting guide in Wyoming. I had a bull moose walk through my yard just today. This elk was known to be in good health before the shooting.I know what a sick or injured elk looks like. They become emmaciated very quickly, this bull looks in great shape!I can only speak for around here, but a cop, trooper or game warden will let nature take it's course unless it is injured so bad that there's no chance of survival! I kill an elk every year, I do know the difference. This was a horn hunter that took the meat!

  22. Dave W Loy

    This would be the state Game and Fish Dept's. jurisdiction.Not the FBI, or the US Fish & Wildlife's. Possibly Internal Affairs of this police dept. for the officers conduct.

  23. John James

    Obviously, Howard, they live in trailers, because the disagree with you. Sounds like more incredible liberal "logic" to me.

    Have anything constructive, or intelligent, for that matter, to actually add? Didn't think so.

  24. John James

    Aaronn, this isn't someone's pet. This is a wild animal, supposedly shot to end it's suffering. You know as much as we do, and if the story is true, I find it more humane to stop the animals suffering, than to let it continue in pain.

    Just curious Howard, are you mad at your parents for not teaching you what logic is?

    To equate humans, and animals, is ridiculous. Obviously, you have never interacted enough with either, if you believe so.

  25. John James

    I don't see a problem wanting to save an animal from pain. I think it's way more humane, to end an animals suffering, than tot continue to exist in a state of torture.

    But c'mon, a vigil? The elk didn't care about the community. When will the tree huggers get that these wild animals care more about their next meal, than the people that would die for them? Just like the guy who was killed while living with the grizzlies (who apparently though the were best friends), these are wild animals and do not care about humans. To them, it's survival of the fittest, and humans, and the most fit.

  26. John James

    Where do you see that "People familiar with the animal say it was not injured ," because, in the story I'm reading, it doesn't say that at all.

    Have you ever seen a suffering animal? It's really tough to watch. I commend these men, if they really killed it for that reason, for doing so. And I have no reason to believe they killed it for any other reason.

  27. Tamara Smith

    Really? You wouldn't see this many people gathered around consoling each other over a human being… this is like some kind of SNL skit.

  28. John James

    "Licensed big game hunting guide?" And? I'm a licensed hunter as well, and have hunted all of my life, and I would much rather see an animal die instantly, than watch it suffer for weeks, and get torn apart by wild animals. An animal that recently broke it's back, was shot by a bullet would not be "emaciated."

    I have seen Sheriffs where I live, shoot whitetail that have been hit by cars.

    Dave, how can you want an animal to suffer? How is that humane at all?

  29. Cheeto Sareus

    Two charges there. Animal cruelty and improperly disposing of a dead animal.

  30. Ken Kirkham

    Well dang, it looks to me like the cop was injured…perhaps the neighborhood should put him down to keep him from suffering? Seriously, there is nothing like hunting in a park or place where the animals are used to humans. It eliminates all that pesky work to walk into the wilderness and actually hunt. I wonder if his elk last year was in Yellowstone or maybe the zoo?

  31. John James

    Leave it to someone to compare the life of a human, to that of a wild animal.

    So, using your "logic," I should care for a fly on a pile of shit as much as I do people in your family? Thankfully, not all people in the world are as moronic as you are.

    I wasn't there, and have no evidence to believe otherwise, so I can only assume his story is true. Euthanization of animals? Ever heard of it? People do it all the time to end animals suffering. Ever done it? If so, you're a hypocrite.

  32. Ken Kirkham

    You make a giant leap to believe the cops were actually putting down an injured animal. Just for a moment, what if the animal was healthy and they just were hunting out of season? Would you feel differently?

  33. Ken Kirkham

    If you are a hunter then would you not be upset if some bonehead shot the elk out of season? If a bonehead cop does it the punishment should be much greater. If have deer, elk and moose that visit my ranch on a regular basis. If a cop shot one out of season I would hope that other hunters would be outraged. The cops sure would punish me if I shot an animal out of season, without a LICENSE, IN AN AREA WHERE HUNTING IS ILLEGAL and they hid the process.

  34. Jacob Martin

    There is a BIG difference. Most areas where these elk enter cities and towns are along their winter migration routes and the public lives in harmony with them. In fact many of the municipalities have laws strictly preventing hunting or killing them. As a native Floridian who has removed nuisance gators, gators don't just pass though but tend to establish residence, besides gators are a predator and elk are not.

  35. Jacob Martin

    This was an elk, not a deer. Elk travel yearly migration routes in the winter to lower ranges which take them through towns and cities. The public, in these areas, known how to coincide with them as they "pass through", and there are usually city and state laws preventing them from being killed in these areas, unless directed by the State Wildlife Dept. The fact is that these two cops broke several laws, but feel they are above those laws. It's up to the citizens in that city and state to FORCE enforcement and prosecution.

  36. Jacob Martin

    Has nothing to do with wanting to kill everything. But has everything to do with greed and selfishness. Elk are a game animal and require management, it is no different than you eating meat from the grocery store other than someone else did YOUR killing! But poaching for personal gain is wrong.

  37. Jacob Martin

    FBI? Really? What planet are you from, @goldenoakleaves? This is a game animal, it's management is controlled by the state wildlife department. Don't comment on subjects you have no understanding of.

  38. Jacob Martin

    Fact is @John James, this was nothing but poaching by two cops with there own gain in mind. Any law enforcement officer knows that only the State Wildlife Department can make the decision whether to destroy or relocate this animal. Most people making comments on this article show their total lack of knowledge on the subject that these elk migrate yearly through these municipalities and the public coincides with them. Additionally, these towns, cities, and states have strict laws preventing hunting them in these areas, even during the hunting seasons. This was nothing but poaching by two cops who feel they are above the law and did it for personal (meat) gain.

  39. Jacob Martin

    As an avid hunter, I can still appreciate the way these people think about this animal. When I lived in Washington, we had elk that came through Packwood every year. You could recognize many of them year after year. These people do not feed them, but have a love and respect for them as the "pass though" during their winter migration. Here in NC, I have several deer that come into my backyard (that I recognize by sight) that would piss-me-off if some cop decided he wanted to shoot it, claiming it was injured. State Wildlife officers are the only ones who are responsible for the decision to euthanize wildlife!

  40. William Mdcannold Jr.

    This post seems lacking of very definitive info. As written, it does seem that the cop(s) were interested mostly in elk steaks for the freezer? I'm a retired Fish and Wildlife professional. For what it may be worth, the following is a review of protocol to be applied in such situations. Parhaps a few folks will take note and pass it along appropriately? Every little bit helps.

    We (in my day) had no elk or moose problems but a fair number with deer and assorted other critters. Other critters were invariably smaller and could be dealt with by use of (mostly) humane traps – even large dip nets. In some cases a blanket would do the job. We had deer in malls, deer that had jumped through window glass and were thrashing about in homes and apartments, etc.

    In "witnessed" situations in particular deer were never shot. They were disabled by air gun darts loaded with appropriate drugs. Animals that had no apparent and significant wounds caused by their plight were disabled, loaded and transported to suitable surroundings. Should examination of disabled animals reveal smaller cuts, for example, topical antiobotics were administered. Animals that suffered from serious wounds which we knew were un-recoverable were sometimes given an "enhanced" dose of drug. Those were transported away limp – but as alive. Some transported and found to have un-recoverable injuries upon further examination were dispatched. All was done humanely regardless of situation. In all cases where possible, carcasses were delivered for processing – to be used at available food pantries. It sounds that Boulder (and likely many PD's) could use some additional educating and training in dealing with critter matters. And, yeah, if the facts prove the Boulder cops to be on a "freezer" quest, there should be an effort to prosecute appropriately.

  41. William Mdcannold Jr.

    An additional thought: The "vigil" held for the elk "friend" is illustrative of just how far the majority of our citizens are removed from the reality of the "real' world. But we can't really blame them. The majority of born and bread urban troglodites have never had the chance to learn otherwise. There really are those folks who couldn't – nay wouldn't feed themselves were their very lives dependent upon it. All is a part of our "modern", "sophisticated " civilization. Those remaining of us who know about, understand and accept reality will need to double down for the future sake of the wildlife resource.

  42. John James

    What do you mean "claiming" it was injured? Were you there? Do you have evidence to suggest otherwise? I know I don't. I have personally seen a Sheriffs deputy shoot a deer that was suffering, after being hit by a car. So I know they do it.

    Sorry, we all have a responsibility to end animals suffering. You don't have to be a state official to have a heart.

    You don't sound like any hunter I have ever talked to. I have hunted all of my life, and the hunters I know, hate to see animals suffer. But they're not going to worship the d@mn things if one dies. That's just ludicrous.

  43. Betty Masters Campbell

    Lots of "rush to judgement" (by both sides) here.

    The only clear fact is that the elk was a wild animal and therefore very dangerous (particularly if injured or threatened).

    Please let saner (and better informed) minds pass the final judgement on this act.

  44. John James

    Sorry, you don't know what the "facts" are in this case, more than I do. The cops were the only ones there, that we know of. You actually have no idea what you are talking about, when it comes to "destroying" animals. The State Wildlife Dept are NOT the only officials who are legally allowed to make decisions about animals in this situation.

    Please keep your ignorance to yourself.

  45. John James

    I'm actually making no "leap" whatsoever. Perhaps you didn't read the story, but it says "Carter, who delivered the fatal blow with a single bullet, killed the elk on Tuesday because he felt the animal needed to be “humanely euthanized” because it was injured."

    I wasn't there, so we can only take the officers word for it. He is a servant to the community, and until he proves himself to be untrustworthy, or if the story is just completely outrageous, I have no reason to doubt it.

  46. Richard Eigenbrode

    Elk same thing happened here.Fairfield PA..officers posed with their big " kill".was tame,got loose from a Preserve. Would have walked back to enclosure ,with bucket of ,corn/ oats ! Said Elks nose,was IN wife's jeep window ! By covered Bridge.1/4mi.from Ski liberty.If U ski here,visit (yrs.ago)

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