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‘Big Bang Theory’ Brings In Record Number Of Viewers

Big Bang Theory record

After a three-week holiday break, CBS’ Thursday night line-up returned with The Big Bang Theory leading the charge – and the network’s hit sitcom started off the night by smashing ratings records.

The final ratings for Thursday night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory came in yesterday afternoon, and the numbers were big. The series hit a record viewership count with 19.25 million viewers and a 6.1 18-49 rating, Deadline reports.

The Big Bang Theory‘s previous viewer record came in at 17.63 million in November. The series also narrowly edged out its record in the 18-49 demographic – the previous record was 6.0.

The Big Bang Theory has been a fairly consistent performer for CBS in its sixth season, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down if Thursday night’s ratings are any indication.

All in all, Thursday was a big success for CBS. Following The Big Bang Theory was Two And A Half Men, which also saw an up in ratings with a 4.6/12 share, up by 12 percent. Viewership for the episode peaked at around 15.4 million.

Person of Interest also saw a considerable ratings boost; the show had a 17 percent gain with a 3.4/9 share and 16.1 million total viewers, The Wrap reports. Closing out the Thursday lineup, Elementary also saw a boost with a 2.5/7 and had 11.4 million total viewers, which was also a new high.

As HitFix notes in their report, other networks fell far behind CBS in ratings, which is due at least in part to the fact that several of the networks’ shows are still on break.

Did you catch The Big Bang Theory last Thursday? How have you been enjoying the sixth season?

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21 Responses to “‘Big Bang Theory’ Brings In Record Number Of Viewers”

  1. Elikem Dorbu

    One of the best shows on television, hands down. There aren't a lot of comedies on that can even compete with it!

  2. Christy Sim

    Just started watching the show after the insistent of a family member and have been watching it since. It's the only show I look forward to watching every week. GREAT show!

  3. Ahmed Elfatih

    ever understood why people like this show, I'd go in entire episodes without cracking a smile, I'm more of a Seinfeld fan.

  4. Charles P Sexton Jr

    Big Bang I have been watching and have not missed a show, indeed they are the best and when America needs to laugh they are there to make laughter possible. Parsons is brilliant!

  5. Mitch Schuller

    You should stick to commenting on subjects your knowledgeable in….which I imagine doesn't leave you with anything left.

  6. Mitch Schuller

    Well, that explains why you don't like real comedy then.

  7. Tim Verthein

    We watch every week, and always find it funny. Certainly the best comedy on TV presently. That being said, it's huge success is largely due to the fact that since the first couple seasons, they have dumbed down the show to make it more appealing to a mass audience. The first couple seasons it was much quirkier, contained many more scientific references, and relied much less on sex and romance for the laughs. Oh, sure the sexual tension was there between characters, but it wasn't the main story line as it is now. Rent the DVD's from seasons one and two, then compare to a current show. It's a dramatic difference when you can compare them next to each other. As usual, programming to the lowest common denominator has worked again, basically wrecking the original show concept. "Still on break"? Anyone else remember when a season consisted of 30 or more shows, there were NO in season reruns, and there was no such thing as a "break" during the season. Remember when shows were 26 minutes long instead of 17-20? The networks abuse and take advantage of us so bad it sometimes makes me want to scream.

  8. Pat Letts

    I love that show! Wouldn't miss it. Look for the bloopers on Youtube! Great! Excellent writing/producing and directing! Hardly a missed step on that show. The only ones I didn't care for were Raj's sister (Pria?) who didn't ring true, Sheldon's twin sister and Will Wheaton (not very good acting although he is getting better. Everyone else is just great. Lenoard's mother was a hoot. Sheldon's mother is sooooo good. She's throws off those lines perfectly. Raj's parents are really funny as is Howard's mom! Bernadette just cracks me up. Amy Farrah Fowler is simply the best! I like the comic book store owner, too. The more I see him the more I like him. Even the guy with the lisp is amazing! What talent in that program.

  9. Pat Letts

    They play in front of an audience!!! I guess I haven't noticed any laugh track because I'm laughing so loud.
    It CERTAINLY isn't the same episode every week. You must not understand the nuances of the program. Poor you.

  10. Dylan David

    Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Community, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Louie, Archer, Veep, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Venture Bros. That's a lot of comedies.

  11. Dylan David

    Yea, its pretty terrible. But, there is so many great shows on TV. Have you seen Parks & Recreation?

  12. Dylan David

    Mitch Schuller Heh, you called Big Bang Theory real Comedy.

  13. Alan Dean Foster

    Good analysis of the show's transformation/progression. Each week it relies more and more on blue humor and less on the quirkiness that originally got it noticed. Still the best out there, but starting to teeter dangerously on the edge of falling over into 2.5 men territory…and it doesn't have to to sustain its audience.

    Worst move was having Howard get married. Didn't work on Frasier with Niles, doesn't work on TBBT. So the writers are starting to give Raj, Howard's sex jokes/persona, and it's just creepy…not funny. Though he tries hard with what they're giving him, you can see that Kunnar is not comfortable with the switch. He's having to struggle with lines and situations that don't fit his character. The original Raj is still the best Raj.

    Episodic network TV consumes originality the way Homer downs doughnuts, but that's not an excuse for twisting with a successful formula simply because you can.

  14. Michael Burgess

    Sad sad sad. All this shows is the deplorable state of the next generations. WHAT A BUNCH OF WIMPS. NOT FUNNY. Its also a statement to how bad TV is today. If you don't speak out its going to get worse.

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