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Samuel L. Jackson N-Word Controversy Interviewer Speaks After Django Unchained Viral Clip

Josh Hamilton, who was teased by actor Samuel L. Jackson during an interview about Django Unchained after refusing the say the n-word during the question and answer session, says that he has been waiting for the internet rehashing of the amusingly uncomfortable moment to die down — but it seems to be going in the other direction.

As we reported earlier, Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Hamilton sat down to discuss Django Unchained, but the interview became humorously tense when the interviewer broached the question of the controversial epithet and its prolific use in the film.

At first feigning lack of understanding (“No? Nobody? None? The word would be … “), Jackson then told Hamilton he would answer the question — if Hamilton himself uttered the word instead of its less-offensive stand in. (Comic Louis CK had a bit about the substitution, joking about how those who don’t say the actual word thrust the responsibility of its impact upon the listener and not the one saying it.)

What ensued was awkward and funny, and consequently, much of the internet was exposed to the clip of Jackson making Hamilton squirm relentlessly before the two agreed to move on to other subjects.

Now Hamilton has addressed the viral clip, and explains why he made the decision to drop the line of questioning rather than say the n-word. Of the clip’s popularity, the interviewer says:

“It has spurred an actual debate as to the legitimacy of this word. When or is there a way to use this word and what are the ‘rules’ of using it … You can make the argument that the word in Django is justified. The movie takes place in 1858, on a plantation in Mississippi — of course that word is going to be used. But Sam Jackson has been known — and has been criticized — for using that word in Quentin Tarantino films, specifically Jackie Brown, in the past.”

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