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Rihanna Pot Photos: Star Hits Back At Critics

Rihanna Pot Photos - Star Hits Back At Critics

Rihanna appears to have hit back at those who criticized her for posting a photo of a pot nugget to her Instagram account.

The Barbadian star recently published a snap of a pot nugget (above) to her Instagram account, along with the caption, “This nug [nugget] look like a skull or am I just [hallucinating]….?”

The Rihanna pot photo seemed to outrage some of those who commented on the image, and not because it totally does not look like a skull. Some of the replies included:

“Wow wat a good influence you are on young girls… not”

“I dont understand what she tryin to prove through pics of drug everyday.”

The very next photo posted to the star’s Instagram account bluntly summed up Rihanna’s feelings on the matter: an image of herself with the caption, “I DON’T REALLY GIVE A F–K.”

The negative comments aside, the picture was liked by more than 113,000 people on the photo-sharing site.

This is hardly the first time the 24-year-old singer has caused a furore through posting about drugs on social media. Back in April, the singer tweeted pictures of herself on the shoulders of her bodyguard as she carefully arranges white powder on the man’s head.

Many quickly suggested the powder in the snaps was cocaine, prompting a fresh round of tut-tutting from many media outlets and pundits:

Rihanna Pot Photos - Star Hits Back At Critics 1

Do you think the Rihanna pot photos are harmless, or do those in positions of influence need to act more responsibly? Sound off in the comments!

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19 Responses to “Rihanna Pot Photos: Star Hits Back At Critics”

  1. Tammy-Joy Blair

    I just think she's a b!+ch. You come to my country and laugh at our laws after tis country has given you all you have? Go home and see if you would have had the same success.

  2. Albert Vogrinec

    Retired Drug Agent here (68 & still ticking). Young Lady U R living right on the cutting edge, but then that's what young people do. Do what UR heart & mind tell U 2 do but B careful & maybe keep it a little more private. I purchased tickets 4 my 2 G-sons (18) & (23) & myself 2 UR Las Vegas show. I enjoy UR music.

  3. Donnell Harris

    They smoke Pot in the Caribbean freely and do not suffer from an extreme conservatism. They are a relaxed people and this is the reason that many Americans like to go there, except for White men who also go to exploit their people and the economy.

  4. Patty Snider

    wow, an influence to young women everywhere and she pulld this shit… ban her! I think we should go "Dixie-chics: toby style on this bitch and watch he career diaappea..don't think it could happen huh RHI-RHI, think again!

  5. Ebony LadyBug Buggs

    When will people learn that they are WASTING there BREATH and TIME.. she will do WHAT she WANTS and WHO she WANTS no matter how much you disagree with it..So go ahead and keep leaving comments abt what you don't like, cause I bet you when she lays her head down at night, those comments or the last thing on her mind. What I don't understand is if what she does upsets u so much..then Y R U Following her..Things that make me go..WTF :}.

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