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Dick Clark To Be Honored With Special Segment On ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’

Dick Clark To Be Honored With Special Segment On 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

Dick Clark is credited with popularizing the live New Year’s Eve television special, and now, eight months after his death, the famous host will be honored on New Year’s Eve one last time.

Clark, the music and television mogul who died in April, spent more than a half century on television, and a big part of his legacy is Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Clark started hosting in the 1970s and, even after suffering a stroke in 2004, was still able to come on to the show for brief segments.

Though he is now gone, Dick Clark will not be forgotten on New Year’s Eve. This show will still be called Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, and Clark will be featured on other parts of the programming.

A two-hour special, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Celebrates Dick Clark, airs at 7 pm Monday on ABC, followed by the actual countdown show at 9 pm.

From ABC:

“The special celebrates, through clips and reminiscences, the legendary television personality and producer who rang in the New Year for four decades and launched and nurtured the careers of countless artists. Ryan Seacrest makes a special appearance.”

Though the show features a number of performers including Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Flo Rida, many still see Dick Clark as the main attraction. Akron Beacon Journal writer Rich Heldenfels, for example, said:

“I am of the generation that remembers when New Year’s Eve was Lombardo on CBS and Ben Grauer announcing from Times Square on The Tonight Show — and what a change it was when Clark began putting rock and contemporary pop on that night. I admired Clark’s indomitable determination to come back to Rockin’ Eve after his stroke; his presence was a reminder that a stroke may slow you down, but it doesn’t necessarily stop you. And even if he had trouble speaking, you could see the enthusiasm in Clark’s eyes. I checked in with him every subsequent year, and I will visit the tribute special on Monday — if only for a last goodbye.”

The famous host leaves another stamp on the New Year’s Eve programming — his company, Dick Clark productions, is responsible for putting the show together.

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14 Responses to “Dick Clark To Be Honored With Special Segment On ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’”

  1. Elizabeth Rupe

    Yes he was a fun man who will be greatly missed cause he made the new year eve show. No one will ever be ever to fill his shoes and he was such a genuine guy who always included his lovely wife towards the launching of the ball.

  2. Chuck Clark

    No matter how one looks at it, when New Years Eve night comes…. The First person to come to mind will be Dick Clark it will be almost impossible not to think about him on that night as we enter the year 2013!

  3. Sherri Long

    No one made New Years Eve like Dick Clark. I was lucky to see him in person in 1979 as he emceed an oldies show at Knotts Berry Farm. My Dad took a picture on my old disc camera and after Dick passed on I had the original photo blown up and framed. It is now in my living room. My memories of him are awesome, Saturdays watching American Bandstand. I feel blessed to grow up with him and to enjoy the entertainment he gave us. I sure miss him and will always remember him quite fondly.

  4. Darlene West

    He was an awsome man. He will be dearly miss. I grew up listen to Dick Clark he was the reason for Saturday morning getting up and listening to music and danceing in the living room haveing myself a real good time. We will miss u Dick Clark. God Bless his family

  5. Anonymous

    I’m excited to see Dick Clark honored tomorrow night. I used to watch this special every year. It will also be great to see performances by Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. In addition, I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan Seacrest appear on the show. My DISH coworker first told me about this special tribute to Clark, I’ll definitely be tuning in. I’m having a New Year’s Eve party at my house tomorrow, so we’ll be watching this countdown on my DISH Hopper. We’ll be able to watch in every room, starting on my living room TV and then continuing on my family room TV right where we left off. This will help us all watch the ball drop.

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