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Britney Spears: Kevin Federline’s Brother Claims He Is Baby Daddy

britney spears restraining order

Britney Spears’ former brother-in-law Christopher Federline claims he had sex with the singer while she was married to his brother Kevin Federline. The former Spears’ in-law noted in recently filed court papers that his is the biological father of Sean Preston, the beleaguered pop star’s oldest son.

Christopher Federline reportedly requested a temporary restraining order against the X Factor judge on December 18, Radar Online notes. The restraining order documents were filed in the US District Court in Tampa. Britney Spears’ former brother-in-law reportedly claimed that the singer had harassed, blackmailed, and stolen from him.

The man claiming to be the biological father of Spears’ 7-year-old son had this to say in the court filing:

“She is out-of-control and a maniac. She also blackmailed me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card, that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin. I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know.”

The restraining order filing also reportedly notes that when Christopher went to Kevin Federline’s home to pick up both Sean Preston and Jayden James, that his credit card was in his wallet on his brother’s coffee table. Spears’ former brother-in-law also maintains that the pop singer got into his wallet and took his Capital One credit card, The Hollywood Gossip notes.

Britney Spears allegedly racked up $4,500 in charges on Christopher’s credit card. The alleged biological father of Sean Preston also had this to say in the court filing against the X Factor judge:

“Britney laughed at me and told me my brother Kevin ruined her life. Britney made fun of me and told me I have a small penis.”

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