‘Outdaughtered’ News: Danielle Busby Gives Update On Mimi After Hurricane

The fans of Outdaughtered have been worried about Danielle Busby’s mom Mimi ever since they learned that her house was destroyed in Hurricane Harvey. Danielle Busby went to the family blog It’s A Buzz World and shared an update on how her mom is doing and what all was damaged in her home. She even revealed that Mimi is back living with them once again for the time being.

She shared that Mimi and a lot of their friends lost everything. It took four days before they were able to get to Mimi’s house because of high water. She shared that they had to throw away pretty much everything including pictures from their childhood and a lot of memories.

Her brother-in-law Nick went with some other men to rescue people in the area who were stuck in their home. She shared that her husband Adam was also out there using his tools from the garage to help people out. Danielle said that she couldn’t help in the way that she wanted to because, of course, she had to be at home with her quints, but she was able to do a ton of laundry and help everyone in her own way.

Danielle also shared that she spent some time making their older daughter Blayke understand what happened to their city and didn’t just think she was getting another break from school. They made sack lunches and went out delivering them to people in need.

She also set up a PO Box for Mimi where people can send gift cards to help her. They will be needing to replace everything. Items can be sent to P.O. Box 1153, Kemah, TX 77565. For now, she will be living it up at Adam and Danielle’s house.

Are you surprised that Mimi decided to move back in with Danielle and Adam? Do you think she will be hurrying to get out? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered on Tuesdays on TLC. They haven’t shared yet if the TLC cameras were able to catch any of the Hurricane Harvey relief for the show Outdaughtered, but the fans would love to see the Busby family doing all of these great things.

[Featured Image by Danielle Busby/Instagram]