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Adam Lanza Planned On Shooting Even More People, Police Say

Adam Lanza Planned On Shooting Even More People, Police Say

Adam Lanza may have planned on shooting even more than the 26 people he killed in Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hood Elementary School, police say.

Authorities are piecing together details of Lanza’s actions leading up to the massacre and have found that he had multiple 30-round magazines and hundreds of bullets with him at the school, the Detroit Free Press reported. Police said this indicates that Adam Lanza planned on shooting even more people had police not closed in on him in time. Lanza killed himself when he heard police coming.

The news that Lanza may have had an even bigger massacre planned comes as authorities learn more about his life and obsessions with guns. He and his mother, Nancy Lanza, had a cache of high-powered weapons in the home, and, over the weekend, investigators began fanning out to dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across Connecticut to find out more about the 20-year-old’s life.

Police said they found no diary or writings from Lanza on why he decided to attack Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children and six adults. They also found a hard drive to his personal computer, but it was smashed and data could not be recovered from it, police said.

The quick actions of police officers seemed to certainly curtail the killings, the Daily Mail reported.

“There was a lot of ammo, a lot of clips,” said state police Lt. Paul Vance. “Certainly a lot of lives were potentially saved.”

If Adam Lanza planned on shooting more people, he would have had enough ammunition to kill every person in the school if he hadn’t been stopped in time, police said.

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22 Responses to “Adam Lanza Planned On Shooting Even More People, Police Say”

  1. Anonymous

    You don't house automatic weapons with a disturbed person living w/ you. Plus, you only need a bullet or two to bring down a defenseless animal or burglar. c/s

  2. Janice Johnstone

    It looks like we will never know why Lanza wanted to kill young children. If that could be answered, it would explain his actions and hopefully educate us on what to look for to prevent similar tragedies from happening. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

  3. Anonymous

    Your headline reads "Adam Lanza planned on shooting even more people, police say" but your first line says, "Adam Lanza MAY have planned…… if the whole scenario weren't bad enough already, the inaccurate news writing has subtracted from the horror of reality and inserted stupidity. This is unfair to all those directly involved and another example of the harm that the media does on a day to day basis.

  4. Jeannette Ortiz

    Just when I think I am cried out about this horrible event I read more and cry again. I too like others feel a need to know why he would do this to defenseless children. It's so freaking sick. We need to figure out why so we can catch these sick bastards on time.

  5. Anonymous

    The gun used was a semi automatic rifle meaning one pull one bullet. Plus many people have begun to hoard ammo because our pathetic excuse of a government is making it harder and harder for the average citizen to buy ammunition while it still gets into the hands of criminals.

  6. Don Heath

    I must wonder if Adama ever watched a video Rampage by PitchBlack movies of this nature also should be badded just like assault weapons should. Another comment If I have a child with mental problems I am going to buy more guns? I am sorry his Mother was killed but guns and weapons in the house of a son who according to his Mother was"Getting Worse" Parents-If you have a child with these conditions. GET RID of your guns!

  7. Jeannette Ortiz

    really? I don't think anyone needs that amount of bullets for protection, the only people who need that amount of bullets are people at war. She is to blame as well as her son

  8. Anonymous

    To answer someone who posted earlier "why do people hate school children?" No one hates school children. Shooting kids is the easiest if one is to commit a massacre, because they are the easiest prey.
    What possesses the individual to commit something so awful is what the psychological community call "frozen ego states," or what we call residuals from traumas that are unresolved (usually from childhood).
    Say for instance a 9 year old is raped. The emotional wounds from that traumatic event are so severe she may disconnect from it in order to protect herself, but the unresolved emotions will continue to form it's own identity status and she may behave according to those lingering chords of unresolved issues through her everyday adult life without realizing that it's not her true identity. Many therapists (including those who specialize in EMDR PTSD training) then encourage the client to heal that status, and talk to the "little 9 year old girl" who is still trapped in that time/space of mind. It's equivalent to a soldier who is still in Vietnam holding a rifle and stressed out 30+ years after the war. He needs someone to tap him on the shoulder to let him know the war is over. Imagine the relief!
    Many clients talk to the traumatized girl at 9 years of age (or whenever the trauma occurred) to free themselves from that event.
    This society encourages competition, neurosis, and creates psychosocial stresses in ways that are unimaginable.
    As notable authors have put it:
    “One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water, since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.”
    –Marshall McLuhan, War and Peace in the Global Village

    Likewise, the most obvious and powerful realities of our human culture seem to also be the most unrecognized. And it is only when we take pause, often at the risk of social alienation, to question the foundational principles and ideas to which our lives are oriented, does a dark truth about our supposed normality become more clear.

  9. Anonymous

    We already have a ton of evidence in the neurology/psychology realm of study and experiments regarding the brain and human behavior, but we don't look at ourselves and implement what we know because if we did, we'd have to redesign and rethink our entire social structure/society. And that would illicit a lot of shame, where we would have to admit we were doing things in an outdated way and shame is the hardest and most painful emotion to deal with, and we'd rather play it off like the emperor's new clothes and not admit things….it's easier to look the other way and continue down our old path….it's actually ironically the same lack of willingness to accept responsibility for one's own actions and feelings as what Adam went through….look at the carnage and war and things we as humans do to each other on a global scale….

  10. Anonymous

    A hammer or any other tool can be used to build a house or kill someone. It's the behavior that results from our human development that should be of concern. What is causing that behavior? Much epigenetics and neurological studies have revealed genotype + environment = phenotype, and that the psychosocial stresses that result from our current society needs to be drastically reduced in order to produce healthier human beings (health = physical, emotional, psychological). Unfortunately, we will see more of these scenarios as everyone in the USA feels the pinch of unemployment, living costs, etc as our current social structure struggles/collapses.

  11. Sara Olsen

    all these school shootings need to stop before someone really important gets shot like the president. I think you should not be aloud to have a gun unless you have a clean background and haven't been introuble with the law at all or have mental or physical problem. kids need help but they should not be aloud to have or be around guns when are parents going to learn to not have a gun around their kids no matter how old they are I also believe that the more people have guns the more killings will happen. people please stop these shootings we have had enough massacers and if guns are taken care of there will be more shootings.

  12. Frederick Barton

    It would have been a good thing if a responsible person qualified and permitted to have a firearm on the premises would have been on site. There probably would have been far fewer fatalities.

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