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Tim Tebow Plays One Drive For New York Jets, Fails To Provide Spark

Tim Tebow Plays One Drive For New York Jets, Fails To Provide Spark

Tim Tebow finally saw the field for an extended stretch for the New York Jets, and the hard-running quarterback didn’t have much to show for it.

Locked in a struggle with the Tennessee Titans in an outright ugly Monday Night Football game and fighting to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, the Jets turned to Tim Tebow in the second quarter. Though Mark Sanchez had moved the team in the previous two drives, for some reason the Jets decided that would be the time to let Tebow take over, USA Today noted.

He took the team on a five-play drive that included two rushes from Tebow, a sack, and a delay-of-game penalty that led to Tebow throwing it away on third-and-16, ESPN noted.

Many Jets fans have been clamoring for Tim Tebow to see playing time, especially as Sanchez has struggled. He has been used only sparingly so far, playing a couple of plays from the Wildcat formation and serving as the protector on the punt team.

The move to finally bring Tim Tebow in during Monday Night Football seemed curiously timed.

“I’m not sure what they wanted to accomplish there,” said Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden said. “Sanchez moved the team in his first two possessions, and they had good field position. That was a mystery to me. I’m just not quite sure what they want to accomplish with Tim Tebow as a quarterback in this offense. Clearly, they’re confused, I’m confused, and I think a lot of people at home are, as well.”

Of course, Sanchez didn’t look much better than Tim Tebow. He came in on the next drive and threw and interception, one of four he had on the night.

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58 Responses to “Tim Tebow Plays One Drive For New York Jets, Fails To Provide Spark”

  1. Johnny Pozdol

    doesn't matter Management going to clean house in the off season Ryan is gone and so will some of his coaching staff some personnell in the front line will be gone so this team will get a big overhaul.

  2. Jim Fedullo

    For 1 thing I went to Arkansas , 51 years ago when it was the SWC but have been an avid SEC fan for years, Steve Spurrier was my boss before he took over Florida & I am a big Tim Tebow fan. I think that Sanchez s/b ousted, he has failed to many times & its getting worse & that coach sb put on food stamps & fired. Tebow has been disrespected at every turn. He has heart, ability & the drive. He showed it w the Bronco's, he rallied the troops, several times. He is wasted w/ the Jets. Trade him to a team that will make him be what he can be, a very good QB.

  3. Anonymous

    and when did Mark sanchez provide this great spark to one of the saddest MNF games I have ever watched. He had the whole game to perform and did nothing.

  4. Jeff Blank

    Jets should have started Tebow. Putting him in for a couple plays proves nothing. Tebow may not be the best QB in the league, but surely he could do no worse than Sanchez. Gruden may not understand why they put Tebow in, but what I don't understand is their undying and misguided commitment to Sanchez. He may be a legend in his own mind, but on the field he sucks.

  5. Kayward Davis

    The commentary last night was pathetic…one said, "For those of you waiting for 'Tebow Time'…well, there it was!" With the total ineptness Sanchez demonstrated, I wonder what these bozo announcers would have said if number 15 was making those crazy throws…and dropping the ball when the game was on the line.

  6. Nathan Joel Andrews

    blame an entire season on one play by a christian…wow, these ass clowns will resort to nothing to demean Christ.

  7. Tim Stephens

    Listen, the reason that Tebow had a bad drive was because he hasn't played all season. How can you expect for someone to come off the bench and shine victoriously when he has barely seen the field all season?

  8. "by His grace"

    One drive? Please. How lame is the fact that such an offering would even be written. All the rhetoric about Tebow is all straight from 1 Peter chapter 3. Scripture never fails.

  9. Goonie Duran

    Blaming the loss of a game on the three minutes that Tim Tebow played is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. He made two rushes that looked real good. Nobody is perfect. The judgment is just UNFAIR!

  10. Kayward Davis

    They kept talking about how, bringing Tebow in messed up Sanchez's "rhythm". Aren't these 'professional' football players…paid milllions to do what they do? Messed up his "rhythm"? C'mon, man….!

  11. John W. Stafford

    One drive isn't enough to get in sinc with the offense. If the teammates don't like him, trade him. The S F 49ers would teach him teamwork, play action discipline, play any position when called upon, stay away from the social media. Always give 100% in practice, in the game, in the locker room, pay attention and stay focused! Never Quit!

  12. Jerome Johnson

    Eh Kirk Cousins did it for the Washington Redskins 2 weeks ago and this past weekend. He's had less playing time than Tim Tebow this season and he's a rookie. I don't get your point.

  13. Carl Potter

    Anyone expecting Timmy to make a difference at QB needs to have his head examined. You might as well be trying to sell ocean front property in AZ or ice to an Eskimo. Take a look at what you get when he comes in. He has no concept of the playbook as shown by how long he has to read his wristband.

  14. Anonymous

    I'm sick and tired of people playing the "anti-christian" card. Tebow doesn't suck because he's christian, he just sucks! All he can do is run the ball, he should be a fullback not a quarterback.

  15. Carl Potter

    The young QB's for the Redskins and 49er's have done it. The kid from the Eagles hasn't done half bad either. I'll give you an E for effort because at least your excuse for Timmy is half way original and more believable than those the Tebowites usually make for him.

  16. Carl Potter

    First of all I completely disagree with you. Up until Timmy hit the NFL (where he's not very good) he has been treated as he has a silver spoon.

    Secondly the Broncos had success in spite of Tebow who has never beat a team with a winning record since being in the NFL.

    And I defy you to name me one team that's willing to trade for him. There are many good coaches in the NFL but I don't know of one who is a miracle worker.

  17. Carl Potter

    GAWD!!!! You Tebowites are blind. Where does it say that anyone is blaming Timmy? What they are saying is that he isn't good enough to make a difference. SHEEZ it must be sad living your shelterd lives with your rose colored glasses.

  18. Frank Fusco

    He's still playing football? I thought he was retired and just kneeling full time now.

  19. Anonymous

    Nathan Joel Andrews If you criticize Tebow you demean Christ ? Wow !!!! Has he been promoted ??

  20. Taylor Graham

    In one drive, Carl???? I believe that the young QB's for the Redskins and 49'ers play EVERY snap….or are you blind to that fact? I have no excuse for Tim….I don't need one! Tim can play football…..unfortunately, the Jets have so much invested in Sanchez on a RIDICULOUS contract, that they HAVE to play him! Ane he's HORRIBLE! There's no way in the world, given an even chance, that Tim couldn't outplay that bum!

  21. Taylor Graham

    Tim has a Heisman Trophy, two National Championships, and led a poor Denver team to the playoffs! How do you figure the Broncos had success in spite of Tebow? They were 1-4 when he took over for Kyle Orton – and he took them to the playoffs! Why do people like you hate Tebow so much? I don't understand it. You sit on your couch and watch football, while feeling the need to bad mouth a good kid that happens to be religious….and that's where the hate stems from, his religion!! If he was taking drugs, drinking, and running with Ho's, you'd be all for him!

  22. Terry Young

    It was so obvious that the sorry ass lineman didn't block for him.They love that loser Sanchez. Tim needs to go where he is needed and play. The Jets suck. Tim has never got a real start to a season. Last year he saved the Broncos then Elway brings in the needed players for Manning. All these other QBs he competing against can't throw but Sitting on the bench is where Tim gets blasted. Just a lot of haters that will eat their words if he is given half the time QBs like Matt Ryan or the Raven's QB has been given.

  23. Taylor Graham

    So the commentators learned about Tebow's ability to replace Sanchez in 3 plays???? Trent Dilfer, Steve Young, and the rest of those idiots need to face it….Mark Sanchez stinks! Also, I remember when old Steve was floundering in Tampa….Bill Walsh, plus a great 49'ers team, made HIM what he turned out to be. I also remember when Tent Dilfer floundered with practically everyopne who tried him – except that one run with a great Ravens team. The team around them and their coaches made them what they were. Maybe they should remember that!

  24. Taylor Graham

    You're a stupid fool, Carl! My guess is that you'venever set foot on a football field as a PLAYER in your life! Talk about blind!!

  25. Dave West

    The reason he had a bad drive is because he isn't a good QB. When are some of you going to get this through your thick heads?

  26. Nathan Francis

    Tim, from what I had seen of Tebow in Denver and at Florida, he is effective because he wears down a defense over the course of the game. He's a strong runner, hard to take down and doesn't shy away from contact. By the end of a game he'll have a defense pretty worn down, which I think is why the Broncos had so many fourth quarter/comeback wins last year. Putting him in for short stretches or only a play at a time takes away from his biggest strength, in my opinion.

    That being said, I bet he regrets choosing New York over Jacksonville in the offseason.

  27. Ed Mulrenan

    Sanchez threw four interceptions and the last fumble was a comedy of errors. I guess Tebow will not get a realistic chance to play any minutes unless the coach(Ryan) and the GM of the team are dismissed. That is a real likelyhood after the Jets fiasco against Tenn. and The NE. Patriots.

  28. Ed Mulrenan

    Dave West Tebow played well with Denver leading them to the playoffs for the first time since Elway retired.Denver has a good team sadly the Jets do NOT. Do not blame Tebow, Blame Ryan and the GM-owners of the Jets solely for the Jets disgraceful display against Tenn. of all teams and the Patriots.

  29. Carl Potter

    I'm talking about Cousins and the kid (don't know how to spell his name ) who replaced Smith. They came and showed poise right off the bat or at least didn't have to stare at their wristband for 15 seconds.

    Look Taylor, I get that you guys want Tebow to succeed because he is such a great kid. If that's all there was to playing QB in the NFL he would be the best QB in the NFL hands down. The reality is that in order to be a starting QB in the NFL you have to have a certain skill set and be able to read defenses. Tebow has regressed in those departments since he came into the league. My guess is because he is so intent on being the most muscular QB in the league that he spends way to much time in the weight room and not nearly enough time in the film room or on the practice field.

    I don't care how much they're paying Sanchez, if you have someone who is a better QB you play that QB. I don't know what you guys see in Timmy other than he's a great kid and was successful at FU with a stacked team But the kid doesn't have a chance in the NFL and this isn't only coming from me who has been watching QB's come and go since the early 60's but from 32 NFL owners, coaches, and GM's. If anyone shows any interest in the kid after this season you'll be able to knock me over with a feather.

  30. Kurt Main

    No, what we are saying, is that we are tired of Tebow being judged on a play here and a play there. No matter what you think about Tebow as a typical NFL QB, he raises the level of those around him. Denver was going nowhere until Tebow came in and brought them to the playoffs and absolutely schooled the Steelers in that game.

  31. Dax Quatemaine

    Denver much improved with Tebow gone. The Jets experiment is over. No team will trade for his contrat. Jets will cut him. He may get another shot but doubtfull. Not being able to pass is a handicap for a QB

  32. Kurt Main

    And you think throwing any other quarterback in that situation would have done better with the talent – or lack thereof – that the Jets have? Give me a break! And no one said that he was "no better equipped than Sanchez"! Where did you read that? Sanchez had two drives where they were moving the ball? Really? What was the final score? Enough said….

  33. Carl Potter

    Timmy's religion doesn't mean a ratz azz to me. And I'd love to have him as a a son or a son-in-law. I'm just glad that he's not playing for my team anymore. Most people who point out what Timmy did in Denver have only seen the highlight reels. I have seen every snap that he took in the NFL and for your information Denver was not a poor team, they had a QB with no confidence and hadn't played together very long with a new coaching staff. The kid is one dimensional and that doesn't work in the NFL.

    Tebow took over for a team that had a QB who crumbled to Tebowmania just like this year's Jets QB is doing. The team that Timmy started for last year was a team who had a completely new coaching staff without the benefit of a training camp and were just starting to gel when he was given (not earned) the starting job. IMHO opinion I believe that if they would have stuck with Orton they might have even done better than they did with Timmy as long as he stopped looking over his shoulder all the time.

    The only reason that Timmy was in the conversation last year and this year was because he was on team with mediocre QB's. Had he been sitting behind even a decent QB his name wouldn't even be mentioned to start a game.

    Steve Spurrier won a Heisman and I believe a National title, there were other FU QB's over the year who were Heisman and national champion contenders. How did that go for them? Name one FU QB who has ever made a mark in the NFL. Name me more than a handful of Heisman winners whoever excelled in the NFL. Name me more than one or two Heisman winners who are in the NFL HOF. Once you leave college none of those titles mean squat in the NFL.

    So Taylor think what you want but I don't even use the word "hate" on my vocabulary. I do however have a strong dislike for Timmy out of touch followers though. And I honestly can't tell you what is going to get him drubbed out of the NFL first his lack of skills or his fans who bring the circus to town with them where ever he goes.

    Your opinion is that he'll still make it in the NFL. My opinion is that he won't. Apparently I have 32 NFL teams that agree with me. Wouldn't you agree to that?

  34. Kurt Main

    Really Carl? Silver Spoon? This is why you hate – because you are ignorant. Tebow graduated early from the University of Florida – EARLY! Tim Tebow was always the first one in the weight room and last one out. He studied film more than anyone in that locker room. Who are your favorite athletes Carl? I promise you that if it's Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan or RGIII, you'll see that they all come from similar backgrounds and social circles that Tim Tebow did. Don't judge lest you be judged.

  35. Kurt Main

    Young QB's for the Redskins and 49ers have done it? While I love watching RGIII play football, he hasn't won a playoff game yet and neither has Kaeparnick. If it weren't for the 49er defense, we wouldn't even be discussing him. The kid from the Eagles? Really? If it weren't for Vick getting hurt, that "kid" would still be carrying a clipboard, and that's not saying much about Michael Vick either!

  36. Carl Potter

    This is what I love more than anything about Tebowlogic. Anyone who believes that he isn't an NFL QB is an idiot. Well I guess there are at minimum 32 idiots out there.

    Mark Sanchez DOES stink. That doesn't mean that Timmy is any better. Steve Young WAS floundering in TB and was a winner in SF. It's true that you can have all the talent in the world and never be a winner in the NFL. Even a Trent Dilfer proved that a mediocre QB can win a SB with the right time but that happens about once a decade. Young and Dilfer could pass and Tebow can't. Young and Dilfer had a good grasp on the playbook. Tebow doesn't. Young and Dilfer at some point won their starting positions in practice. I doubt that Timmy ever will. Tebowites believe that Timmy is entitled a starting job because of what he did in college. College football is equivalent of going from YAFL to HS Varsity. Not everyone who played in YAFL makes the varsity team. If Timmy is ever going to make it he needs to quit pumping iron and spend time on the practice filed and an the film room. And by all means stay off the Red Carpet rubbing elbows with the stars or shooting underwear commercials.

  37. Rodney Rosin

    Tebow was a band-aid for Orton, how many rookie qb's start and do well until defenses figure them out? many. the winning touchdown against Pittsburgh was a missed assignment and a lucky throw, since then he hasn't demonstrated the capability to do it again. even Denver saw the deficiencies, hence the trade,any team would want Peyton, i know, but, Tebow was on the block before Peyton was a possibility. NFL coaches see the deficiencies, why is it so hard for fans too? could it be because fans see with emotion? i do believe

  38. Mike Caterino

    GET rid of rex he is a bum.I would say the for same for sanchez but the fools in the JEts front office just gave him a big raise.What team in their right mind would want sanchez.HE will forever be remembered for his butt fumble.HOPE tebow goes to ateam that really wants him an spends time helping him.He is a better than sanchez.

  39. Mike Caterino

    at least tim is a good role model.hes not out there raping young girls, not killing dogs not shooting himself in the leg an then asking his teammates to cover for himand last he is not out there driving drunk an killing his friends.

  40. Carl Potter

    That's not very Tebow-like of you Taylor. Timmy would say 'ppreciate it but he'd never call anyone a stupid fool. What does my ever playing football or not have to do with the fact that you're blind if you think that Tebow will make it in the NFL as a QB? I guess the 32 football owners who won't touch him or his lunatic fan base are stupid fools too? Right Taylor?

  41. Carl Potter

    What does that have to do with the capability of playing QB in the NFL? I'm sure John Elway, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady have ever raped, killed dogs or used drugs. The difference is that they can throw a football and are revelant to the NFL.

  42. Carl Potter

    The anti-Christian thin IS getting pretty mundane. Along with the "all he does is win" 7-9 in the NFL isn't exactly anything to brag about especially when he never beat a winning team in the regular season and was on a 3 game losing skid at the end of the season.

    Another one that's wear very thin is how everyone is jealous of him including John Elway and Peyton Manning.

    Don't forget the "all he needs is someone to take him under his wings and teach him how to throw." Don't you think that the guys at FU should have done that and at the age of 25 it's a little late for someone to be teaching you how to throw?

    And the all time bit of Tebow-logic that just completely rubs me the wrong way is how he led a terrible Denver Bronco team to the playoffs with a 43% passing completion and a 15 point per game scoring average.

  43. Anonymous

    Kurt Main I don't know if you'll agree, but I think the worst thing to happen to Tebow was being taken by the Jets. He has had a season taken from him, no chance to develop: wasted. We may never get to see him achieve his potential. The only thing you can say for the Jets is, at least they gave him a paycheck. By the way, I am a Colts, Luck, and Peyton M. fan.

  44. Carl Potter

    First of Kurt I'll tell you the same thing that I tell all the Tebowites. The word hate does not reside in my vocabulary. Although Tebowites do try my patience. I was responding to a poster who was exaggerating (like all Tebowites do) how harshly Timmy gets treated.

    I have great respect for all the QB's you mentioned because they ARE from the same mode as Timmy is. Off the field I admire Timmy as much as I do any of those QB's. They all do their community service just like Timmy does without all the cameramen following them around.

    Here is my contention is with Timmy. And if you read my posts the only negative thing that I have ever said about Timmy (excluding his minions) is that he is a terrible NFL QB. Whether you agree with me is your choice. The fact that I think he is plain lousy does not make me a hater and no one has proved me wrong so far because lo and behold he IS sitting the bench. If anyone can name me one of the 32 NFL franchise knocking down the Jets front door trying to trade for Timmy Tebow I would love to know who it is.

    The bottom line that you Tebowites need to learn is that what he did in HS and at FU has nothing to do with what he does in the NFL. All the good karma that he posses does not entitle him to be a starter in the NFL. That has to be earned first on the practice field and then on the playing field. There's not a coach in the NFL that' going to hold an elite QB back because he's Christian, he's jealous of Timmy, or he was a Heisman winner. I understand because of the type of person he is that you would like him to succeed. Heck if that was the only criteria there was to being a starter in the NFL I would be leading the bandwagon.

    What the Tebowites need to understand that no matter how nice you are, how many games you threaten to boycott, how many billboards you buy, no matter how vocal you are, no matter how much you pray for Tebow or how much you wish injury or even death (yes there have been a number of Tebowites who have) to the guy playing in front of hi. He is not going to start until he learns to throw and make good decisions. Those are the things that you do and learn in practice. You are not entitled to those things because someone believes in you or because you have potential.

    BTW I hate to burst your bubbles but it was just announced that McElroy has been named the Jets starter the next 2 games. What does that say about what Timmy has been showing in practice?

  45. Carl Potter

    Kurt as a Bronco fan don't know how sick I am of hearing how Timmy saved the Bronco season. He never beat a team with a winning record during the season. Most of his wins were because the Denver D held the opposing teams to 15 points a game. During those wins he had his fair share of 50 + yard FG's from Prater , missed FG's by the opposing teams and had a RB stop the clock by going out of bounds when they could have sealed the game by running out the clock. I don't know if you're going by the highlights you saw on TV or if you watched every snap he took as a starter in Denver like I did. But it was very obvious that he didn't have a carreer in place for him in Denver.

  46. Kayward Davis

    Denver is certainly NOT a college team…and he took them to the playoffs last year. I'm not saying he's Tim the Greatest either, but he deserves a chance to show what he can or cannot do. Throwing him in for a play here and there…or even a series…talking about messin' with someone's rhythm! How is he supposed to prove himself if he doesn't get the opportunity to…prove himself? WHY THE HECK DID THE JETS ACQUIRE HIM?!?

  47. Chuck Shull

    He brought a lot of excitement to our Denver games last yea when he became our starter. What they have done to him in NY is criminal. Tim is a great guy and he deserves better.

  48. Ben Fitzgerald

    I watched virtually every snap as well, I don't see how any head coach would have traded for him. Well, except for Rex Ryan…he's a special kind of guy it seems.

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