Duggar Family News: Duggars Share Eldest Kids’ Throwback Photo, Josiah Posts First Instagram Update In 2 Years

The official Instagram account of the Duggars featured an interesting throwback to the days when the iconic reality TV family was much smaller. So much smaller, in fact, that the Duggars could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Also, one of the family’s most reclusive sons in social media, Josiah Duggar, finally updated his Instagram account after being gone for two whole years.

The Duggar family’s Throwback Thursday photo featured a much younger Jim Bob Duggar posing with his three eldest children. The photo, which was taken when JB and Michelle were only on Baby No. 3, featured Josh, Jana, and John-David. The picture was captioned as “TBT: When we were a little family of 5! ”

While the recently uploaded photo was undoubtedly cute, many Counting On fans have noticed that Josh, the eldest of the Duggar children, is a splitting image of Spurgeon, Jessa, and Ben Seewald’s eldest son.

“Josh is reminding me of how Spurgeon looks now!!” one commenter wrote.

“How adorable!! God bless ya’ll, Wow Josh resembled little Spurgeon for a minute there!” wrote another.

Other fans of the family also noted how Jim Bob, the Duggar patriarch, looks a lot like Jessa and Jill today. Jim Bob Duggar has pretty strong features now, but based on the recently uploaded image, he actually had a pretty soft profile and a slim face in the past, much like his daughters, Jill and Jessa. Overall, the recently uploaded TBT picture all but proves that the Duggar genes are robust, and they have been passed on well into the family’s succeeding generations.

Apart from the family’s throwback photo, a member of the Duggars who has mostly kept a low social media profile finally broke his silence on Instagram. After two years of inactivity, Josiah Duggar updated his more than 276,000 followers with a throwback picture of his own, sharing an image of his time in the International ALERT Academy back in 2014.

Josiah uploaded a photo of himself alongside his other ALERT colleagues. Playfully challenging his followers to search for him in the picture, Josiah also encouraged anyone who is interested in joining the upcoming ALERT Unit 58 Camp, which is scheduled to begin this coming September. Josiah further promoted the upcoming camp, telling his social media followers that the time he spent in ALERT was one of the best times in his life.

“Going through ALERT Unit 51 in 2014 was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Looking back, the most important lessons I learned there were how to make the most of every moment and to be ready for whatever opportunities God places in front of me next! Unit 58 is coming up soon! I’d encourage any young man 17+ who’s up to the challenge to check it out!”

Needless to say, Josiah’s Instagram followers reacted to his latest post in a very positive manner. Some even advised the Duggar son to start updating his social media accounts a lot more frequently. Others also stated that Josiah should try out for the US military.

“You should seriously post more often!!” one commenter wrote.

“You should join the US Army!” wrote another.

The Duggars are featured in the hit reality TV series Counting On, which is scheduled to start its latest season this coming September on TLC.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]