‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: ‘DOOL’ Casting Interesting New Role, Stefano DiMera Returning?

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that a brand new casting call recently went out looking for a very interesting new role. Jason 47, a longtime, and well known, DOOL blogger revealed this week that the NBC soap is looking for someone be an arm and hand double. The casting call is asking for a Caucasian actor over the age of 50 with tanned skin to play the part, and the speculation immediately began about which character the hands could be representing.

As many longtime viewers know, Days of our Lives has often used a set of hands in scenes where they want to keep the character a mystery, or portray a character without showing their face. In the past the soap has used a set of hands to represent the character of Stefano DiMera, and they could be doing it again.

Stefano DiMera is long gone from the Days of our Lives world. Hope Brady killed him off over a year ago, and the actor who played the beloved Salem villain, Joseph Mascolo, died in December of 2016. Many fans believed that Mascolo’s death meant the end of Stefano DiMera for good. However, as loyal viewers know, Stefano, or “The Phoenix” as he likes to call himself, has risen from the ashes more times than fans can count. Could the character be returning yet again, and if so, how would the soap bring him back without Mascolo in the role?

Some fans are connecting the casting call to another character return. It was previously reported that the character of Dr. Rolf was returning to Days of our Lives in the near future, and the wacky mad scientist may have found a way to bring Stefano back from the dead yet again. However, since Mascolo is gone, the role would either have to be recast, or the soap could go the super far-fetched route, as they’ve done with storylines in the past, and bring Stefano back in a brand new body.

If Stefano DiMera were to return in a new and younger body, this would mean the character could stick around Salem for many more years to come, and of course terrorize his enemies like the Brady and Horton families.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of our Lives spoilers? Do you think the show is bringing Stefano DiMera back, or will the hands belong to a different character entirely?

[Featured Image by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC]