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‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Shares Advice For Fellow ‘Underdogs’ And Would-Be Moms

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff sees herself as an underdog of sorts. But that’s actually a good thing, as she explained in a new Instagram post where she also offered some advice to soon-to-be mothers such as herself.

In an Instagram post shared late Saturday night, 26-year-old Audrey talked about how her journey to first-time motherhood hasn’t always been the easiest thing for her. She admitted that there are times when she feels “unequipped (and) underqualified,” or in other words, an “underdog” as far as her pregnancy is concerned. She also asked if there are would-be moms out there who feel like other mothers are far more prepared than they are.

Following this admission, Audrey Roloff explained to Little People, Big World fans that being an underdog may be part of God’s broader plans, and that God doesn’t exactly look for people with the most experience or the most impressive credentials.

“Thank goodness God loves using underdogs to carry out his plans and purposes. Thank goodness becoming a mom isn’t like applying for a job at a large corporation or competing on a contestant show.”

Audrey then stressed the importance of rising above one’s underdog status through their faith in God, instead becoming an “overcomer” despite any evident weaknesses or shortage of resources.

“As I approach my due date I have been feeling more nervous, unprepared, and unequipped. I’ve been feeling like an underdog. But recently, God pressed on my heart that I need to stop thinking like an underdog and start living like an overcomer. So to all to all you underdogs out there, just remember you are MORE than conquerors!”

We are getting down to the wire… I'm 37 weeks!!! We finally started packing our hospital bags today just in case baby girl decides to come early… but we are hoping to have a little more time to get life in order before her big debut???? I feel like pregnancy just flew by and I can't believe we are already at the end!???? I'd love to hear some of your advice for labor and delivery, songs or scriptures that got you through those tough contractions, what to pack in your hospital bag, and/or what you wish you knew before becoming a first time momma?! Comment below 🙂 ps that rad essential oils rack was my birthday gift made by my talented husband @jeremyroloff ????#journeyofjerandauj #alwaysmore #morethanoils

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We live in an age where commitment is resisted. Marriage and it's fruit is frowned upon because it demands sacrifice – but nothing worth having doesn't require sacrifice. Men, there are a million beautiful, smart and strong women out there waiting for a man, not a boy. Often the distinction is pursuit and commitment. If you find a women worth marrying, make her feel worth marrying! Culture promotes men cowering in corners because they find more pleasure in pride than pursuit. The women of your dreams is often on the other side of a long, sometimes hard and difficult pursuit. Denial is apart of life, but a woman worth marrying is worth patiently and purposefully pursuing – and she's likely waiting for that man to show up. "For he who finds a wife finds a good thing." Proverbs 18:22. #beating50percent #stayingido

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff is now in the 37th week of her pregnancy, and as the birth of her daughter draws closer, she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, have been making preparations well in advance of the big day. These preparations have included a bit of crowdsourcing, as Audrey recently asked her followers for labor and delivery advice, as well as religious songs or Bible verses that helped them get through when they were first-time moms.

Meanwhile, reactions to Audrey Roloff’s new post on Instagram have been mostly positive, with a lot of fans thanking her for the post and agreeing with what she had to say. However, one follower was critical of Audrey’s belief that God uses underdogs for his greater plans, pointing out in a comment that she believes God created everyone equal.

“I’m not so sure about God using underdogs cus I feel he sees us all equal but I understand how your [sic] are expressing your emotions.”

Little People, Big World fans, what are your thoughts on Audrey Roloff’s latest Instagram post? Do you also feel like an underdog in one way or another, and do you have your own advice for overcoming the odds? Let your voices be heard in the comments section below.

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