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‘BB19’ Nominations: Alex Reveals Week 7 HOH Nominees, Grows Frustrated With Alliance Member

BB19 nominations for Week 7 have been announced by HOH Alex Ow. It’s been a day packed with Big Brother 19 spoilers on the live feeds, and the action did not disappoint subscribers who were tuned in. Heading into Friday evening, August 11, Alex had to make some difficult choices, as she had to take into account both short-term and long-term plans for her alliance members and her own personal game.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Temptation Competition was played earlier in the day, setting the stage for how Alex would react at the Nomination Ceremony. That bit of BB19 news revealed that Mark Jansen had won the Temptation Competition, guaranteeing he was safe from being nominated or evicted this week. Coming in last was Matt Clines, automatically making him that “special” third nominee. It left Alex to choose two from the other eight houseguests to be join Matt on the block.

A report by fan site Joker’s Updates just revealed the critical Big Brother 19 spoilers, letting fans know who the three nominees for eviction are for Week 7. It all followed a steak dinner that the entire BB19 house got to enjoy before Alex Ow broke the bad news. The Week 7 eviction nominees are Elena Davies and Jason Dent. They will join Matt Clines and Alex Ow in the Veto Competition, with two additional houseguests likely joining in as well. Can Cody Nickson get his name drawn to receive a shot at avoiding the backdoor plan?

Alex Ow also made it pretty clear earlier in the day that she may not see Kevin Schlehuber in her long-term plans. Alex, while chatting with Jason Dent, stated that Kevin has become dead weight and that he is really beginning to irritate her this summer. One issue that Alex may have with Kevin is that he has been eating and drinking a lot of the treats she got in her HOH basket. When she stepped out of the room last night, Kevin and Paul Abrahamian quickly drank one of the Cokes she had just received from production.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of fighting taking place on the live feeds, as first Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez were arguing in the kitchen, and then it was Christmas Abbott and Mark going at it. The stress level of being in the BB19 house has gotten very high in the last 24 hours, especially with Jessica Graf evicted and Cody Nickson trying to lay low. This increased tension level is only going to get worse as the Veto Competition approaches on Saturday, August 12.

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