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‘Mass Effect’ Video Game Wrongfully Attacked By Facebook Group Following Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting [Op-Ed]

Mass Effect and School Shooting

Commentary | The minute Ryan Lanza was wrongfully named as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, internet users quickly scoured his Facebook profile and learned that he was a fan of the Bioware hit Mass Effect. Immediately, thousands of users took to the game’s Facebook page to place blame for the Newtown shootings on the violent RPG.

Even hours after Ryan Lanza was cleared of the shooting Facebook, users continued to attack Bioware. In one post, a user named “Stanley Esposito” wrote:

“How about they drop their weapons and teach kids the value of life? [In] the game the lives are unlimited in reality we only get one.”

Mario Lee echoed Esposito’s statement, writing that the game was:

“Motivation to go and shoot up malls, schools, jobs, movie theaters.”

Mass Effect is hugely popular on Facebook with more than 1,350,000 fan page likes.

It didn’t help that the social conscious sharing website Reddit also picked up the story and directed its users to the Mass Effect page, asking for a “call to action” against the deadly first person shooter.

While it has been learned that Ryan’s brother Adam Lanza was mentally ill and had easy access to his mother’s weapons, users have still been quick to blame the popular video game for the massacre.

The video game argument has been made many times in the past, often with more realistic game titles. Mass Effect isn’t exactly a Grand Theft Auto type game. Instead, it is based in a fictitious world where gamers take on aliens and not a defenseless school full of children.

Whenever I see people place blame on video games for violent acts, I am reminded of a lyric from rapper Eminem:

“And last week, I seen this Schwarzenegger movie
Where he’s shooting all sorts of these mothaf***ers with an uzi
I see three little kids, up in the front row
Screaming go, with their 17-year-old Uncle
I’m like, “Guidance.. ain’t they got the same moms and dads
Who got mad when I asked if they liked violence?”

That’s not to say that video games don’t glorify violence. However, in the case of Adam Lanza, he was known to be mentally ill, and he was known to have had access to his mother’s weapons.

Our culture is one based on instant gratification, and, for internet users, that often means finding the easiest point of attack and jumping at the chance to act as comment trolls. Users focused their anger at Mass Effect with all of their blame waving fingers despite knowing Adam Lanza was mentally ill. Take a look at some of the comments from a recently acquired screen capture:

Mass Effect Wrongfully Attacked for Shooting

Back to the instant gratification point: None (or most) of these angered internet users were not attacking Mass Effect before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Shocked by the events, angry commenters found something to blame immediately for the massacre and took out their anger on Bioware in order to expel their own bottled up emotions as quickly and ineffectively as possible.

The saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” comes to mind in this instance. Video games don’t kill people; people kill people. In fact, the most deadly school massacre in the United States occurred in 1927 at the Bath School in Bath Township, Michigan. No video games were available in 1927, yet 45 children aged 7 to 14 lost their lives.

Less we forget, hundreds of millions of people play video games and a very small minority go on shooting rampages; if games were as violence-inducing as critics would have us believe, we would be reporting on a new school shooting every few hours.

The biggest problem with the Mass Effect attack is simply that blame is placed on a single game. Forget that Adam Lanza needed mental health care or that other variable may have led to his decision to massacre Sandy Hook children. Instead, let us simply blame a game and move on. What we need in the United States is open dialogue, not finger pointing with absolution.

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23 Responses to “‘Mass Effect’ Video Game Wrongfully Attacked By Facebook Group Following Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting [Op-Ed]”

  1. Suzi Satterfield Simola

    This is absolutely stupid. I actually loved Mass Effect, myself. The first one wasn't FPS. It was a true RPG. I could actually play it. The last two, I couldn't play because the FPS perspective gives me motion sickness. Still, though, most people who play Mass Effect games play for the same reason that I did: the storyline. To blame a video game (or Marilyn Manson) for the actions of a deranged individual is… well, deranged.

  2. John Bowman

    It's slightly disturbing how such a situation brings out all of this misdirected anger. Almost as if some are trigged to start metaphorically punching at something without even knowing even the slightest facts. I wonder if there's a an age group that is reactive and gullible at the same time. I suspect most hating on ME are ignorant children with the attention span of gnats but it's makes me concerned for the future when social media responses become par for the course.

  3. Monica Draudt

    if mass effect caused this guy to kill innocent children then how come he's the only one who did it? People are so quick to blame that they never look at the big picture. The last thing I was thinking of doing after playing any of the ME games was shooting up a school. He could have been a fan of 'The Rolling Stones' or Pope Benedict as well, does that mean we should blame them too? The only fault here is Lanza's and maybe his parents for not getting him proper care…but until we know the whole story blaming a video game is no way to help the situation.

  4. James Johnson

    Cam Muylaert FPS is first person shooter. Suzi absolutely used the term correctly. A lot of people get motion sickness when they are playing from the perspective of the shooter.

  5. Sherman Pang

    If anyone had any inkling about the game they would have known about a part in series third installment whereby you actually save a school from a interstellar terrorist organization.

  6. Marco Palma

    None of the Mass Effect games featured a first person perspective. They were all TPS (third person shooter), so no unfortunately she did not use the correct term. Not a big deal, it's becoming more common for people to use the terms interchangeably, but if you wanted to argue semantics…well, TPS is a TPS is a TPS…

  7. Robert Esparza

    Yeah that was a great mission, about to play it actually as soon as I hop on. Not sure why the general populous is so stupid but the facts will always beat them down to their rightful place. Now if only we could get those people out of government positions…

  8. Joe Eley

    so nobody mentions how in all three (yes even in 3 with its limited dialogue) you spend more time walking around talking to people and doing fetch quests like goddamned zelda in space? You walk around your ship talking to people, and same in hubs, and even during most missions. You spend way more time learning about that particular sci fi universe than you do shooting at anything. In fact if anyone plays the mass effect series just to shoot this.than they've severely missed the point. When will people stop being foolish witch hunting zealots? Sherman pang you bring up an excellent point also. Im so tired of these "useful idiots"

  9. Joe Eley

    Jeez, autocorrect and its horrible butchering. There should be no *this* after he word shoot and *than* replaced with then

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