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Jessica Simpson Pregnant? Singer Eats Whatever She Wants

Jessica Simpson

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant? That’s been the question for some time now since rumors started to spread that the singer was expecting another baby. Although Simpson didn’t confirm or deny the reports, hinting that she may not be ready to confirm her pregnancy, it seems as though her eating habits do the talking for her.

According to US Weekly, who had no problem with dishing out the details of what Jessica consumes, the singer is reportedly eating a bit of greasy food as of late. While at an eatery in Beverly Hills, an onlooker told the magazine that Simpson, “ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with onion rings.” Which on a normal day wouldn’t be too bad, but Simpson is currently still in a deal with Weight Watchers as their spokesperson. That doesn’t sound like the most healthiest thing around, but instead a really big craving. In addition, the singer avoided alcohol completely at the eatery/lounge.

Simpson staying away from alcohol wouldn’t be too strange, but according to sources, friends were toasting to her dear friend Cacee Cobb. Instead of her “usual white sangria” Simpson told the waiter, “Guess what? I’m drinking ginger ale!” In addition the singer’s eating habits and staying sober for an occasion, Weight Watchers hasn’t spoken out about the pregnancy. When asked about Simpson’s position as a spokesperson now that she might be pregnant with baby number two, Weight Watchers said, “There have been no changes to our contract with Jessica and we have a great relationship with her. There have been no changes to our contract with Jessica and we have a great relationship with her.”

Do you think Jessica Simpson is pregnant?

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